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  1. I received th 6 digit code as a text message - I'm just not sure what to do with it.
  2. AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaargh! Somehow my iPhone 'forgot' its logon to itunes/icloud So, I follow the directions and am sent a 6 digit code to put in after my "new" password? How the $^%&^ does that work? I entered my "new" password, and then my other iDevices bow up with the 6 digit code to enter. Where!?! How!?! I really don't want to drive to an Apple store. What's up?
  3. General rule of thumb: 100 - your age = % equities. You can never predict the next bear market and they can be as nasty as -50% (sometimes more) over 12 - 24 months. The bitch is a 50% decline means a 100% increase to get back to even. If you are sawing off limbs to stay warm instead of eating the fruit, you'll never get back. Watch fixed income. Keep durations short and stay convex. Real estate is a good idea, but some consider your home not of the portfolio - how do monetize it and still live there? Reverse mortgage? No. Renters? Where do you live? Roommates? Seriously - st retirement? REITs are highly liquid, but make sure you know what they are backed by. Regional? Sector specific? Management history? In short, seems a bit steep on equities, unless you have other cashflow and the portfolio is a boost for days further over the horizon. EDIT: Forgot to mention: never, ever, ever chase yield. A wide old man once said "risk and reward ride the same elevator." Same goes for hihj yield vs. low yield - especially going into the 10th year of near zero rates. Sounds like the Japan of the late 1980s (which is still pretty stagnant still).
  4. I was trying to stay away from the salt so I don't kill the trees that the weeds are under. My first venture with 5% vinegar was so-so, and the Ag. vinegar is pretty spendy. Just looking for a way to boost the acidity on the cheap. Maybe I will have to spend for roundup. I agree with 2,4-D. Used to have a farmer friend who.... I mean I have a friend who used to have a farmer friend.
  5. OK, The internets are full of blogs promoting killing weeds with vinegar and dish soap (and salt if you like the scorched earth deal). Tried the US 5% and dish soap deal to minimal effect. Other blogs say get the 20% stuff it's great! seems the 20% stuff (agricultural vinegar) is pricey and regulated in the US (and I'm in Cali, to make it maddeningly worse). Well... a 1 gallon container of 5% stuff is ~$2 and a 1 gallon container of the 20% stuff is ~$30. What's the best way to reduce? I have read boiling and freezing, but the temperature ranges don't suit a lazy guy like me. Is there a simple solution?
  6. You're asking for a friend, right?
  7. Can they get anything right? A United Airlines passenger boarded a plane in Newark believing that she was headed to Paris. Hours later, the plane touched down at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). Lucie Bahetoukilae, a French woman who does not speak English, carried a boarding pass that read, "Newark to Charles de Gaulle," reports ABC 7. She approached the gate listed on the pass, where a flight attendant scanned her ticket before she boarded the plane. With her niece acting as translator, Bahetoukilae recalled approaching her seat – 22C – only to find it already occupied. Bahetoukilae said the flight attendant came over to look at her boarding pass before assigning her a new seat. Three thousand miles later, Bahetoukilae disembarked at SFO, where she reportedly waited an additional 11 hours before boarding a flight back to Paris. In total, she claims to have been traveling for 28 hours. http://www.sfgate.com/travel/article/United-Airlines-passenger-flight-paris-travel-sfo-11122917.php
  8. True story, but I would think the agent I spoke with would be empowered - especially after the UAL (actually Continental Airlines, buying UAL's goodwill...) debacle.
  9. OK, Wife ordered something that requires a signature. Delivery emailed was Tuesday 4/18. Wife is a principal whose school is on spring break this week. She goes in on Tuesday to wait for the package and get some things done, because at 5:45 AM Tues, the FedEx website says out for delivery. At 3:00, she checks the websiite - "Delivery Exception" headed back to distribution center. Called, FedEx promised delivery between 8 - 8 on Wednesday. No Joy. Called FedEx - again. Was promised delivery by 10:00AM today. No Joy. At 10:15 called to see what was up. Still in warehouse. Promised delivery between 3:00 and 8:00 today. At 4:30 website still showed in warehouse since yesterday. Called again. Their apology script is really good. I was told the best they could do is MONDAY between 8-8!?!!? And that was to the local office, not an address! What?!? If I was at the local FedEx office when i placed the call, I could have had it in NYC (I'm in CA), by 10 tomorrow morning guaranteed! /rant PS - thanks for listening
  10. Good point about the guys with tattoos and guns. The Klein is pretty small, so maybe I'll just keep it in my pocket to alleviate 50% of the potential problems. My Sheriff is pretty hard to get a CCW permit from - and he's my friend! I'll just stay out of biker bars for now. Sooooo, about that disconnecting the main breaker and making the house dead (or the array) thingy...
  11. Figured it out with google as my friend. Non contact circuit tester from Klein. Out the door under $20 at the local big box store. No more hunt n pick. Prob solved.
  12. Just moved into a new to me house. PO had an electric (220V) hot tub on the patio. the wires come down from the eave and are on the patio. PO just cut and taped the wires and left them. I want to cut them under the eave, put wire nuts on each lead in a junction box. There was one 30A dual pole breaker that was off. Just for safety's sake, i thought it best to verify off with my multimeter. Must had bad aim... Pow! big spark. Rather than do that again while checking each breaker, Can I shut off the main service breaker? Will the solar output still energize the house? Will it damage the solar system? Kinda thinking about having an electrician do it, but if I can safely de-energize the house, I'm in. Thanks! Oh yeah, I'm in California. EDIT: Alternatively, is there an electrical meter (those with a clamp?) that I can use so I don't have to get near the cut off leads?
  13. And what would a whole new rig and sails be if it fails?! $250, $500, or $1,000 depending on your deductible. That's what sucks about insurance and risk transfer on boats.
  14. Better than the carbon tube batteries. go to O'rielly auto parts and search for part 121G. Sounds like it will solve your quandary. No thanks needed.
  15. Flew United over the Christmas Holiday from California to the Caribbean. NEVER AGAIN. 30" seat pitch?!? two 5+ hour legs? Family of 4 with a special needs child initially is 4 seats in 4 different rows? 12 year old seated in emergence exit row? Show up at the gate and the flight waitress says "That's against the law! He cant sit there." Shoewd the United generated boarding pass that assigned it to him. You practically have to give DNA to get on a plane these days. How did their computer not know his birthdate? I'm old enough to remember when United was what all the others strived to be. Now, it's in the dictionary of how not to be a good airline. Did they hire some executives from Ryanair?