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  1. Caca Cabeza

    Your (US) tax dollars at play

    Here's a text from a colleague: "My brother’s neighbor was scheduled to take the COVID test last week but they never went to the appointment and yesterday they both got letters in the mail saying they were positive for COVID. Lol" Where? California, of course!
  2. Caca Cabeza

    MBZ Museum

    Another friend wants to know if they have a plain slide show, or does my friend need to figure out their interface?
  3. Caca Cabeza

    Oh, my gosh. It's a tornado.

    Total overreaction.
  4. But then, There's the olde fashioned way: Honor system. If it's that important for some club racer to win the pickle dish, they will soon be ratted out. Yep. Happened at my club a long time ago. If it's that important to have in your office/home, it's easy to buy one and tell the 'there I was...' stories.
  5. Caca Cabeza

    Engine control anarchy

    Hey, I am looking to find a direct replacement for one of these engine controls. I believe that it is Morse, but I am out of ideas to find a DIRECT replacement, because it needs t fit inside this recessed spot. Here is the control: FYI, it is rotated 90 degrees to the left for some reason (not in the original...). Why does it need to be replaced? It's about 40 years old and the throttle slips. It needs to be held with a short piece of line. Many thanks!
  6. Caca Cabeza

    Newport Beach Sailboat Destroyed

    Looks like a bit more than the front fell off.
  7. Caca Cabeza

    Backyard theater anarchy

    Here is what I have: Hitachi projector, retired from school use, probably 649 x 480 resolution. It has a VGA input, one has HDMI. We have a killer 12 foot diagonal inflatable screen (think bounce house, but moovee screen). A macbook air to drive the A/V output. Here is what I want: to be able to send video from my macbook air to the projector (straight forward with the proper adaptors), BUT, what I want is some decent sound to do a moovee night in the backyard. Need pretty good volume, not like a Stones concert, but I'd like a decent amount of sound. It doesn't need to be killer hit the notes with a 52 slider mixer, just send some nice sound out to the yard. Oh, yeah, I don't want to spend a ton. Let's say $300 USD. Am I in any ballpark? To summarize, just need sound. I think I can send the video to the projector, or, it has an audio output (AUX) that could go to the speakers. Thanks!
  8. Caca Cabeza

    Aluminum Tube vs. Carbon Tube for Mast

    Basic chemistry: C = carbon; Roman Numeral C = 100. Figure 100x carbon vs. Aluminium.
  9. Caca Cabeza

    1970s lake boat construction

    I live in the San Joaquin River Delta. looks pretty typical of delta houseboats. Someone had the sense to figure out that the bottom has to be tougher than the top. Inboard engines? I'd look for the farthest aft, under the engine, most inaccessible place for the bilge pump. Ditto for access. Remover the head and the waste pipe, temporarily slide the holding tank to one side and under the sludge you'll find the corroded penta-bolt heads that are impossible to remove. Bob's your uncle!
  10. Caca Cabeza

    Sailcloth: All things unequal..

    Back in the day, there were two big lofts; North and Hood. Hood pushed 'we make our own cloth so we KNOW it is goof' and North pushed 'we shop around to different cloth manufacturers so you won't get sloppy seconds of a questionable batch'. Funny how times change!
  11. Caca Cabeza

    Taming a nervous NKE auto pilot

    It seems to me that the underlying problem is to build a design (software) team that has never sailed, and told them what the machine should do: keep the boat within 0.5 degrees in all conditions, make sure you never deviate from that standard, make the interface like the iPhone that has 335 levels of submenus that are cryptically labeled and counter-intuitive (i.e. 1 is higher than 10, but it goes to 14), and make sure that "sensitivity" is buried in the "power settings" sub menu underneath "alarms".
  12. Caca Cabeza

    Whoop straps

    Why is their logo a set of oversized testicles and an exploding penis? Is there something about covid that they have been hiding?
  13. Caca Cabeza

    Help me out with some MORC History

    Cal T-4, Cal-25, Cal-27, Cal2-27
  14. I disagree. One of the cool benefits is that you don't have to have those ugly numbers/letters and stickers on the bow. Just a nicer look. Oh yeah and think of the cool places you can go. It's like a boat passport.
  15. Caca Cabeza

    Will Kevlar Edge be here tomorrow?

    Or "Fennt A'Noll" if you are Scottish.