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  1. Pretty sure it was Optis, Lasers and Hobir 24s
  2. I did look under them, but all i found were trailers. I guess I didn't realize that Big Boats could be trailered. Oh for the good old days of IOR Maxis like Kialoa and Windward Passage showing up. Now its Melges 24s.
  3. Remember to call Geraldo before you open it up. They can hype that it is back in the environment for ratings.
  4. Furring strips epoxied to the overhead then screw the headliner in place.
  5. ¡nice spanglish!
  6. Didn't see the results for El Toros and Lasers. Damn.
  7. Jethro Bodine?
  8. Doesn't look so much like getting owned as getting dead. At least this leaves more oxygen for the rest of us.
  9. Wow. Didn't know they made specialized ones. I thought they were all-purpose.
  10. Well, it's not like they are Martha Stewart or anything. Given the SEC's record, they probably don't read any financial news.
  11. Pressure goes up by the square.
  12. They'll let you have free credit monitoring but in exchange you give up all of your legal rights to sue or be in any class action lawsuits. nice gesture
  13. Do it. Put the kite up in 25-30 knots. Wipe out a few times. If the rig stay up you're fine. If not, have the sparmaker do the right calculations. Just make sure sure to get the smallest deductible you can.
  14. That's always been the problem with one size fits all laws/rules/regulations. No need for common sense or judgement.
  15. Look how well it's working for the Navy with about 300 sets of eyeballs and a radar that can track 100+ targets.