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  1. Clothes Dryer anarchy

    It actually looked like a way for GE to save $0.003 per unit with a resale value in repairs of $150, plus the labor, for a $0.003 part. I wonder which was the driver... hint: not the customer.
  2. Sailor Killed in Clipper RTW

    Yesse. It is very fixed. Very. Shit.
  3. Sailor Killed in Clipper RTW

    Didn't see it posted yet. So sad. And reported to be clipped on. Linky
  4. charles manson-dts

    If you're looking for a humane way to put there creatures down, use inert gas asphyxiation. If you're looking for vengeance, use the Iraqi way: Once sentenced to death they will come and get you sometime in the next 30 days. So, every time you hear footsteps, it might be your time. Did I mention it takes place in 30 days or less?
  5. Clothes Dryer anarchy

    @^#^&*%&%()* GE! Got it opened up, and looked at the control board. It was a literal $0.05 sonic welded plastic button that broke off its mount. GE only sells the entire front panel $150. A couple of globs of gel super glue and its back in action.
  6. Clothes Dryer anarchy

    Thanks! Got it open. This place is awesome!
  7. Clothes Dryer anarchy

    Here's a pic.
  8. Clothes Dryer anarchy

    The power button of my GE gas dryer (GFD350GL1WW) broke and needs to be replaced. I only found 1 screw in the top of the front panel. Not sure what to do next. I tried pulling the selector knob off, but it is a bit stiff and I didn't want to beak it. Thoughts?
  9. Why don't more people race?

    I got tired of getting beaten by guys with bigger checkbooks.
  10. Barn Find Cal 40

  11. Navy stunt in the sky

    If I was his CO it’d be super difficult to keep a straight face while I chewed his ass out.
  12. Small crack in aluminum mast

    Bueller? Anyone? Anyone? [crickets...]
  13. Small crack in aluminum mast

    How do you say “more turbation” in Spanish?
  14. Woman sentenced for marrying her biological mother.

    Sounds like the land of ‘uncle dad’