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  1. Missed this one. Cruising. Probably 2-4 peeps. Done a couple of summers with ‘Capitàn’ on a 47 from Panama to Mexico. Combined age of the two of us is 143 and I’m 57... Yes, the loads are big, but with care and forethought, you can anticipate and be ahead of the game. All told, we’ve done about 10,000 miles together on the 47. It’s up high on my list. S&S design 2201 if I’m not mistaken.
  2. I have spent many a mile on a Swan 47. I'd love to have her and keep the legacy of that fine yacht and the times bonded together into perpetuity.
  3. Caca Cabeza


    I watched all the way to the end, because that one chick had the cleavage going on. No other reason to watch. Producer? +1
  4. Caca Cabeza

    Stoopid garbage disposal install mistake

    I had an uncle who lived in Sausalito, CA. The local sewage district *encouraged* people to put vegetative matter in the disposal. For about 9 months a year they sold mulch, and for the other 3, they sold "next year's tomato garden - complete with seeds".Win-win. They could do it on an industrial scale without the constant worry of feral pigs and Sasquach going in to neighbor's yards.
  5. Caca Cabeza

    How to stop block from scrathing deck

    Greenpeace is having a Holiday special. They are giving a free one-year membership for every baby harp seal pelt that you send them. I'm giving them out for gifts.
  6. Caca Cabeza

    Hollow sheave axle removal, before I screw it up

    I've had fairly good results with these when the budget is tight although YMMV.
  7. Caca Cabeza


    That's above his pay grade. Lefty loosey, righty tighty.
  8. Caca Cabeza

    Land Speed Record Car for Sale

    And it needs another $30 mil. Imagine what you could do if you started from scratch with a budget of $10 mil.
  9. Caca Cabeza


    Somebody's got to be the guy in the pit that changes my oil.
  10. Caca Cabeza

    Land Speed Record Car for Sale

    Years ago I was walking down the street of a sleepy California Delta town and looked in a storefront window only to see Craig Breedlove’s Spirit of America in a shop. Brought back memories from childhood.
  11. Caca Cabeza

    More Teachers Behaving Badly

    Itpopped up. Just notte heare
  12. Caca Cabeza

    Stoopid garbage disposal install mistake

    I'm going to "George's" house in a few minutes. I'll let him know how fucked he is. Probably the hardest part will be looking into his eyes.
  13. So, a friend of mine, we'll call him, er, George, installed a new insinkerator 2-stage garbage disposal. Forgetting to knock out the dishwasher plug, "George" did it after the disposal was installed. "George" subsequently forgot to retrieve the little plastic plug, which subsequently got ground up in the 1st stage, and is now making a holy Hell of a racket in the 2nd stage. "George's" wide isn't really happy, but "George" thinks that it will eventually be ground to bits and pass. Can I tell "George" that he's correct?
  14. Caca Cabeza

    Ancestry DNA

    Why pay them any $$$at all, when they sell your DNA footprint for way more?
  15. Caca Cabeza

    Catalina is sinnking

    Guam!?! Sinking!?! Oh my! I hope and pray it won't tip over.