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  1. Caca Cabeza

    Electrical Issues

    Big, red, switch with words on it... "Hey skipper, is it OK to turn this knob I found way under here?"
  2. Caca Cabeza

    65- by 32-foot catamaran 3200sqft of living space

    He must have studied 10,000 motor home designs...
  3. Caca Cabeza


    In the US, warfarin is easily available.... if you are old and have a doctor. Then, test weekly.
  4. Caca Cabeza

    Volcano anarchy on Big Island

    On a positive note, the lawn looks great (except for the part that is covered with lava). Next spring, remember to order a *lot* of topsoil, and watch for erosion.
  5. Caca Cabeza

    Darwin strikes again

    Man tries to take selfie with bear. Predictably gets eaten.
  6. Caca Cabeza

    Volcano anarchy on Big Island

    ... I don't know where I'm a gonna go when the volcano blows...
  7. Caca Cabeza

    Box turtle fence anarchy

    Since the perimeter is concrete landscaping blocks digging isn’t an issue. It the 3 foot fall
  8. Caca Cabeza

    Box turtle fence anarchy

    My wife’s school has a circular planter made from interlocking concrete blocks. She wants to let the school’s box turtle live there this summer. She needs some kind of fence or barrier about 3 or 4 inches high to keep it in. Thr big requirement is it must look good. What’s out there? If I knew what to google I would. Thanks!
  9. Caca Cabeza

    More Teachers Behaving Badly

    Nope. 5 minutes, max.
  10. Caca Cabeza

    When did No. 6 get banned, and why?

    Too many warning points. I have NONE. You?
  11. Caca Cabeza

    Gas cooktop igniter anarchy

    Thanks all. Running the burners on low for 45+ minutes, letting them sit, and giving a sacrifice to the rum god did the trick. All is well. I agree that it is time to upgrade, but with braces and college coming up... Yeah. Right! That's why this place is awesome
  12. Caca Cabeza

    Gas cooktop igniter anarchy

    I have a GE Profile gas cooktop. Don't have the model number or age (I'd guess 5 years as that's when the PO remodeled). Here's the setup: Cleaning lady comes every 2 weeks (today). I usually can't get the igniters to light the burners until I manually light them and let them run a few minutes (residual moisture). Today, I came home and they are firing every 3 seconds. Won't light the burners, but click 1-2-3 click 1-2-3 click 1-2-3 click, etc. I have the burners on low, hoping to evaporate whatever the problem is away. They are *NOT* the self relighting type. It's old fashioned kind. Thoughts? PS - I'd really like to upgrade to GE Monogram, but I literally just paid that much today for my daughter's braces...
  13. Caca Cabeza

    Barbara Bush DTS

    Let’s hope that somehow there is enough backlash that Fresno State finds a way to not let her back.
  14. Caca Cabeza

    NTSB releases transcript of El Faro sinking

    That article is a pretty goof read. Even more so because you know the ending. Like all good disasters, it was a chain of events that was the cause, not a single event. Very sad.
  15. Caca Cabeza

    best 2018 Handheld?

    Thanks for all of the great replies. As usual, the answers often breed more questions. As I understand it, some of the handhelds can be modifies for HAM radio frequencies. How would that be beneficial with a 1/5 watt transmitter? Just to listen?