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  1. Caca Cabeza

    LONQR Free of PA

    Let's here for Kelly!
  2. Caca Cabeza

    Volvo TMD 22 Parts

    My (new to me) boat has a Volvo TMD 22 Diesel. From what I van tell, most smaller marine Diesels owe their heritage to some sort of farm or industrial lineage. Any ideas on whence the Volvo TMD 22 was spawned?
  3. Caca Cabeza

    Inflatable fender anarchy

    I need to get a couple of fenders from the US to Mexico. I'm looking at about 11" x 30" size. Are there inflatable fenders that I can deflate to tak down?
  4. The last time MS Windows did this to me, was in the early 2000's. Same like with AOL - in a hurry to log off and it hijacks you for a 20 minute download/update. Why so long ago? I did #2, above. If nothing else, "finder" is astounding. If everything else, see post #1. The door was open a crack. I'll make sure it closes more firmly.
  5. Caca Cabeza

    LONQR 2

    We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto.
  6. Caca Cabeza

    Tell me about the Mason 43

    I have never seen one, much less been aboard or sailed, but I am fortunate enough to have stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night. So, that being said, here is what you can expect: Pointing: 0 degrees apparent and/or true. Amazing! Speed to weather: 3.461x true wind speed, 19.409x apparent wind speed. Draft: -2.6 feet - that's correct, no typo. fully layden, she is over 2 feet out of the water. Engineering mastery. Water tankage: No need. there is a Farfegnator that takes the moisture in the air, condenses it and puts it in the tank. The rest, is separated into hydrogen (for the fuel cell) and oxygen (to fuel the stove/oven). Displacement: see draft, above - very light. Downwind performance: best point of sail = DDW, figure speeds of 3.14 - 3.14159X true wind speed. Powerplant: Caterpillar drive (think: Hunt for Red October). You will never hear it (unless of course you like to do Crazy Ivan's). I know that doesn't cover all of the aspects, but I think it gets you well on your way. PS - Teak decks: This is a very interesting feature that I don't think ever really caught on. The teak decks are made from laminated layers of Cambium - this is the living layer that grows each year. If periodically doused with clean, fresh water, the decks actually will increase in thickness. There are countless tales of owners who don't regularly use their boats having to sand down (or pay to have sanded down) their decks. If left neglected (say in the Pacific Northwest), the decks have been reported to being close to 3 inches thick. EDIT: forgot to add, it has more interior volume and amenities than bost 80 footers.
  7. Caca Cabeza

    faint oil sheen in diesel exhaust

    Asking for a friend... Faint oil sheen from diesel exhaust. Well maintained, mid hours (~2,000 hours), 60HP Volvo turbo diesel. Usually run at ~ 1,800-2,000 RPMs (with a max of ~3,000+). New to me boat so I am not sure about the specifics of what the exhaust looked like when the engine was put in brand new in 2008, but I know the previous owner, and he kept the boat in ready to go around the world condition (which he did 1 7/8 times - hence me). So I know the maintenance was spot on. Thoughts? Marvel Mystery Oil? Sawdust in the crankcase? Bueller, anyone?
  8. Caca Cabeza

    Chubby Girl - Going to Hawaii

    Looks like he has the water thing down.
  9. Caca Cabeza

    Offshore Internet (asking for a friend)

    They are underpaid by the standards of politicians and parents, so trying to do a force multiplier by getting some delivery dough and distance learning at the same time.... Also, how many jobs are there that require 5 years of college and start at ~$50K. Yeah we all know that they do (or should) know the landscape. It's not like an Ive League Art History degree, but. You get the drift.
  10. Caca Cabeza

    Used EPIRB- Would you ever?

    Another way to think abut it: Craigslist ad: Used parachute. Mint condition. Used once. Doesn't even need a repack. Best offer.
  11. Caca Cabeza

    whats up with West Marine?

    bought some plastic cleats or my dock from local WM - all they had in the store, but needed 5 more. Can't ship to the store says the website. Mail order only. 2 week delivery anticipation. That was 2 months ago. Was in last weekend. They were back in stock. Go figger.
  12. Caca Cabeza

    Won't buff out but out of environment

    Nice to get a heads up that the repo man is on his way. Or the judge is gonna give it to the ex in her settlement.
  13. Caca Cabeza

    Florida Woman...

    Florida Woman..... Florida, it's not just for men anymore.
  14. Caca Cabeza

    Offshore Internet (asking for a friend)

    Thanks. In order for my friend to work from home... it would have to be reliable. at least as reliable as his school's interwebs (85%-ish). but the science curriculum could be money!
  15. Caca Cabeza

    Offshore Internet (asking for a friend)

    My *friend* has T-Mobile. Because of his teaching responsibilities he has to have connectivity M-F from about 0800-1430.