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  1. Deep Scratches in Mast

    Simpler solution? Call yard. Meet with owner/GM. Give them a week or two to fix. Stay home and drink beer.
  2. Darwin strikes again

    Only one word... Wow
  3. iOS 11.2.5

    Will it make my phone any slower than it is now?
  4. LONQR

    Rolls Royce 4x4 SUV
  5. Well, everything can be a relative term.
  6. Anyone done a google search and have the first (even relevant) items come up about a half page down after a "are you looking for..." banner before getting 'real' google search results?
  7. Is this bad?

    Is that the fabled “shed of doom”?
  8. Is this bad?

    If you are looking for some top notch tools that are spot on your task, and won’t break the bank, check here:
  9. Stereo Amp Fix Anarchy

    You need to have some smoke put in. I have found that when even small quantities of smoke come out of electronics their performance degrades exponentially with the quantity of smoke emitted.
  10. Bigger Swan info

    Catching up... Capitan redid the decks on his Swan 47 about 15 years ago. Prefab estimate was ~$60k. One of the crew was a cabinetmaker, go the rough teak at wholesale, machined it. Found a guy who did decks for a boat builder who would do it for, um, self reported wages. Got the whole deal done between the owner (in his70s') and the "contractor" for considerably (80%?) less. The prefab quote did not include removal and replacement of the hardware, etc. Just materials.
  11. Electracraft Lake Boats...

    Bought a house on a nice 40+ acre man made lake in Northern CA. Like cars, I don't want to buy new. Where to buy used? Also, google hasn't been my friend, nor has Mr. Craig. Is it that thin of a market?
  12. A case against colored lines?

    Guys, it’s February. Black history month. “Colored” lines? How insensitive... edit: couldn’t someone given me a trigger warning?
  13. LONQR

    Dilly Dilly!
  14. Humanzee

  15. Shipping motorhome CA to Europe - advice

    Just curious. How much?