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  1. Caca Cabeza

    What happened to all the dump trucks?

    I live in Cali for Nigh yay (along with Jed Clampett). They sent those trucks away decades ago because they were fixin the infrastructure the government decided wasn’t needing fixin. Enjoy the cheap low mileage trucks.
  2. Caca Cabeza

    Let’s Talk Prices!! (topsides )

    Gouv... Ballpark figure. 47 foot boat. 34,000 lbs 500 square feet. Haulout, bottom job rough cost? Plus where are you?
  3. Caca Cabeza

    How I bought my boat

    Yes, Awan 47 hull 049 1980 build. The thread was "how I bought my boat"so I thought it might be the right spot.
  4. Caca Cabeza

    How I bought my boat

    I do feel quite blessed to be able to carry on the Bones VIII tradition. I hope to be able to accomplish one half of what Capitan has been able to do. The boat is a powerhouse; right out of the peak of S&S in their prime. The lines, to my eye are the pinnacle of what a yacht should look like (no offense Mr. Perry). It just "does it" for me - no I get what I just wrote. Thank you for your kind words. I'll pass it along to all of the chiropractors I know.
  5. Caca Cabeza

    Spinlock XTS clutch repair

    Better than paying the yard...
  6. Caca Cabeza

    How I bought my boat

    Somewhat of a bump... I have been sailing with Capitan since I was about 11. I would trust going anywhere on the face of the earth with him. One of my best memories was a letter I received that said "Meet me at the "Mermaid Bar in Vava'u". Who could resist that? Over the past 45 years I have logged thousands of miles with Capitan and seen places I never could have imagined. It has been a blessing and a curse. The blessing being that I have seen the most amazing places. The curse is that I have "swallowed the anchor", and need to get back to those places and beyond. Starting about 4 years ago, Capitan and I have begun bringing his most prized and beloved possession back to California from Panama. He has been around the world almost twice (hence the start in Panama) and I have blogged about the journey. Just the two of us and two summers ago our combined ages were 143. And he had turned 86 - you do the maths. So, over the course of a number of years, I had expressed my interest that when he retired from sailing that I would love to continue the saga of Capitan's boat and keep his legacy alive. Over the past several years, Capitan has been dealt a cruel hand. He was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue and was successfully treated at Stanford Hospital (that's another thread about amazing treatment). We went to Panama and got as far north as Chiappas Mexico. Cancer came back so we took another hiatus. Then, North to Mazatlan. I thought that we would finish the trip when his health tokk a decline. That's when we had "the talk". By that, I mean the serious discussion about keeping the boat's story ongoing. Keeping it alive for the crew who grew up in the boat and kept Capitan amused with our antics. "Expanding the view of the Captain crew like a man just released from indenture"... And so forth. So, it came to be that I will be bringing Bones back from Mazatlan this summer to where she left in 1990, but under different ownership. I hope that I can keep the vision alive through this at least this generation. Bones is an outstanding vessel and I will trust her to take me wherever I think I am strong enough to go - I know she is.
  7. Caca Cabeza

    Keep off the Rocks!

    I thought it was going to be aimed at the US Navy.
  8. Caca Cabeza

    Garmin Watch users - new Sailing Datafield

    Garmin lost me as a customer about 10 years ago with shitty customer service. A couple of devices went tits up just after warranty ran out and the reply was "it sucks to be you". Mmmm. fool me once...
  9. Caca Cabeza

    Where Do You Buy Your SS Hardware? Industrial supply; not marine. Way less dinero.
  10. Caca Cabeza

    Checking depth sounder out of the water

    +1 Or as one source said "for the lat 50 years I've read in the news the world would end in 12 years". On a personal note, I like the clicking sound idea. Just not for too long (4 years or less).
  11. Caca Cabeza

    Where were the Patriots?

    Back channel comms to tip us off so that we the Irayneeans shoot off a few for TV footage Eyeran to de-escalate. Good guys +1, bad guys -1 after they got trigger happy on that Boeing. RIP innocent souls.
  12. Caca Cabeza

    Retry: Northern MX/Baja bottom job

    I've been into San Blas. Pretty interesting ride into the harbor over the bar; only about 30 or so slips. After we got in I asked Capitan about the offset on the fathometer because we only showed 10 feet over the bar. He said "what offset?". The boat draws 8 feet and the transducer is about 2 feet below waterline. The waves into the entrance were surf worthy and we did launch down a couple. On a 48 foot 35,000 Lb IOR boat. Great pulpa tacos and seviche at the marina "restaurant". And, I got eaten alive by the mosquitos.
  13. Caca Cabeza

    Buck Henry DTS

    Oh. I thought he was Hymie.
  14. Going to be in Mazatlan, need a sand and repaint on a 47 foot sailboat. Any ideas as to the best blend of price and quality... after all it's bottom paint on a cruising boat. This was the topic of the Active Marine thread, but their quote seemed a bit high at ~$2,600 USD. Or, since I am heading north, Ensenada? The good, the bad and the ugly and anywhere in between are always helpful. I could go a bit south, but I brought the boat up from Puerto Vallarta and that marina was crazy expensive. Gracias!
  15. Caca Cabeza

    Volvo MD22A advice?

    Thanks. I was afraid that it might be purpose built for marine. That would suck.