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  1. frozenhawaiian

    Show your boat sailing thread

    we went st thomas to fairhaven MA where we stopped for fuel then hopped up to rockport MA to hang out with the family of one of our crew who live there then headed the last bit north up to portland.
  2. frozenhawaiian

    Show your boat sailing thread

    NICTE HA is a 1975 John Alden boothbay challenger built by Hodgdon Yachts in east boothbay maine. I bought the boat in St. Thomas and we just sailed her up to her new home in Maine. Surprisingly fast boat offshore, we did several 200+ mile days
  3. frozenhawaiian

    Show your boat sailing thread

    same day, cruising past portland head light.
  4. frozenhawaiian

    Show your boat sailing thread

  5. frozenhawaiian

    Show your boat sailing thread

    yesterday on our way into portland.
  6. frozenhawaiian

    Next VOR on IMOCAs?

    yep, hell the fact that the VO70's all got scooped up quick when the VOR moved to the 65 says it all. meanwhile they can't seem to move ONE VOR65
  7. frozenhawaiian

    Hydroptere abandoned - Available for $20,000

    at this point, probably not many.
  8. frozenhawaiian

    Where are they now? - Retired America's Cup Boat

    this, it's a boat utterly lacking a purpose. 10 bucks say she sits awhile longer before being chainsawed up and being carted away in dumpsters.
  9. frozenhawaiian

    Team NYYC

    he seems to have his panties all up in a twist about it too, what happened? did poor little scooter get turned down for membership to NYYC or something? that post was whinier than usual.
  10. frozenhawaiian

    Hydroptere abandoned - Available for $20,000

    she's still there as of a week ago. for how long she's been sitting I'm kind of surprised she hasn't started being stripped by the boat rats in keehi lagoon mooring field. then again I doubt any of them would have any idea what to do with that kind of hardware.
  11. frozenhawaiian

    The Zombie Fleet

    guess I read wrong, you'd know better than me about her history. I'm told she had sailed since 2004, which given the amount of growth on her bottom I have no problem believing. the photos really don't do justice to just how rough she is. delam on the deck, cracks and some small impact marks on the topsides some of the deck hardware is broken. too bad really, for a cool boat once upon a time. I guess both the boat and it's "charter business" are for sale.
  12. frozenhawaiian

    The Zombie Fleet

    honestly you're probably right, if not more depending on how bad off her sails, engine and steering gear are. also you were right, she's a cup boat not an IOR boat
  13. frozenhawaiian

    The Zombie Fleet

    interesting, thats absolutely the same boat, so she certainly had a USCG COI at one point, guessing she is that goetz build which would make her jones act compliant, unless she was lucky enough to be granted a waiver. not interested in buying her, if I had to guess she needs $70k-$80k if not more to be whole again.
  14. frozenhawaiian

    The Zombie Fleet

    yeah I noticed that. the lines were newish as was the chafe gear. she's not an abandoned boat, but not far off I don't think.
  15. frozenhawaiian

    The Zombie Fleet

    this old beast of an IOR maxi has been sitting at kewalo basin on oahu as long as I can remember. big boat, 80-85 ft if I had to guess. all the years growing up sailing on oahu I think I can remember seeing it sail maybe one time. hot shit boat back in it's day I seem to remember one of the old timers at WYC telling me.