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  1. this time of year when a yard is in overdrive getting boats ready for the water and getting them launched sometimes they'll do primer outside if the weather forecast is agreeable and only take a boat inside for the actual top coats, not sure how hinckley/NEB do it but I've seen that done at a number of yards.
  2. you pretty much hit it on the head with that last sentence.
  3. correct me if I'm wrong Bob but they're basically a scaled down version of the cal 40 right?
  4. this one is near to me, cal 2-30 for $4850, good deal. I've always liked these boats. sailed on one a fir bit back home and they always seemed like a boat that was much quicker that one would expect judging from it's looks. https://maine.craigslist.org/boa/6124983262.html
  5. I'm guessing we're talking about brent swain.
  6. welcome to the world of megayachts and how fast they loose value, it's also common for yachts to be listed for sale even if the owner isn't actively trying to sell. I remember back in the day, when it took 3+ years to build a big Feadship. Rich guys had a new order in, even before taking delivery of the last order, because they could often sell the just delivered boat, for millions of profit, to a Saudi, who didn't want to wait the 3 years.. I once worked on a yacht were the owner had spent the better part of a year working with the design team to make the boat just exactly what he wanted, when I got on the boat it was about 9 months old and already he had decided the boat was no good, had listed it for sale and was working with a different naval architect on another boat. the superwealthy can be weird.
  7. seems like a good move for a race like transpac where it's almost entirely downwind. Re-weighted down yes for a light/mod down hill slide makes sense. BTW I don't think that is the OEM bulb? Didn't they change it in Italy pre going on the deck to go down for the 2015 S2H? certainly not the same bulb she had on her when she was launched, no idea what changes they made in italy though.
  8. That's the regular hinckley 41, and not the Competition 41 - the Competition 41 has the same hull but a spade rudder. same hull above the waterline but yes you're correct, the competition 41 does have a spade rudder, also has a taller rig and more ballast in the keel.
  9. seems like a good move for a race like transpac where it's almost entirely downwind.
  10. the hinckley competition 41 makes my pants tight. prettiest boat they ever made in my opinion, and one of the prettiest production boats ever. and it just makes the cut for this thread, I think they built them until 81.
  11. I inquired about that event a couple of years ago, and was told I'd likely be the only sailboat. it's in nantucket this year, I'm trying to decide if I feel like sailing 2 days down to nantucket an then 2 days back afterwards, for the same amount of time I could go up to penobscot bay ann enjoy the best coastal cruising int he country.
  12. I've been gone a few days, is BS still trying to convince us his sailing companions were a pack of hot 20 somethings?
  13. I admire people who sail where others don't and do quite a bit, myself. And this guy does know his boat(as I recall and see from the exhaust outlet in his counter, the engine wasn't running). I grabbed an aerial of the harbor and drew the route (I know the thoroughfares in Northeast H). Besides that this photo was taken during a less crowded time, it doesn't show how visually blocked the tight boats make the sailing. With a J-105, I imagine the turning is faster. My boat is similar to the Loki in the amount of room and time it takes to turn. I took the photo of the Loki at point X. There is a slight gamble running down here, that no dinghy or small motorboat will come darting out between the floating docks. But once out of this corridor, you could tack in front of the Morris Yacht marina, and head back out. This is a great spot for boat watching. Morris (at least before Hinckley bought them) sends their daysailers out for trials. This older photo shows the typical concentration of boats in mid season. If we'd been on this mooring (we're the wood mizzen), I could have had the shot of the yawl sailing along side DREAM, in the slot between the docks and moored boats. That would have been a keepah. That's a great shot. we Chartered "Eagle Wing" (Hinckley 41) for 10 days out of the Morris facility august 2014. Was our fist time sailing up that way. Had a fantastic time. On a side note Chartering with Morris was the most laid back event. I think our walk through before taking off lasted about 30 minutes. beautiful, I think the competition 41 is the prettiest sailboat hinckley has ever produced.
  14. I know we have a few hinckley owners on here, any of you planning on going to the hinckley owners rendezvous on nantucket? I'm thinking of sailing down from portland.
  15. It's not so much the boats are different, just the location. Some guys just don't want to be jetting back and forth to the Med. A lot easier to just sail in California, Mexico once in a while, transpacific when the mood strikes. A couple of these boats might even do Key West. frankly if this class and the TP52 class kinda each stayed in their respective corners it would be good for both classes, 52 super series does the east coast and the med the pac 52's dot he west coast, mexico, transpac/paccup S2H and maybe see the classes crossover a bit in key west it could be cool. sure as shit none of the current TP52's are tough enough for a S2H