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  1. Origami Boat Thread

    finally! good fucking riddance.
  2. Origami Boat Thread

    haven't poked my head into this thread in a while. am I correct in my understanding that retard brent finally got banned?
  3. Is this the Figaro III?

    this. it's a brand new design, this is hull number one. they're going shake down the shit out of that thing before straying to far from the yard. the time to find problems and work out kinks is now before the production line really gets rolling. give it time.
  4. Where are they now? - Retired America's Cup Boat

    dunno about that, there's been several charter companies that have done well enough with old 12's and IACC boats.
  5. The Next Boat-----2020

    on that note I wonder if they plan on trying to put lifting foils on comanche. that would be a hell of a sight to see. wonder if the hull structure could take the load.
  6. Show your boat sailing thread

    I was using a DJI phantom 3 professional. I was actively flying it. I hand launched and had someone hand recover it.
  7. Show your boat sailing thread

  8. Show your boat sailing thread

    finally I can post in this thread. took her sailing for the first time 3 days ago and brought my drone along.
  9. this time of year when a yard is in overdrive getting boats ready for the water and getting them launched sometimes they'll do primer outside if the weather forecast is agreeable and only take a boat inside for the actual top coats, not sure how hinckley/NEB do it but I've seen that done at a number of yards.
  10. Why do so many cruise the Caribbean?

    you pretty much hit it on the head with that last sentence.
  11. Craigslist - Not mocking

    correct me if I'm wrong Bob but they're basically a scaled down version of the cal 40 right?
  12. Craigslist - Not mocking

    this one is near to me, cal 2-30 for $4850, good deal. I've always liked these boats. sailed on one a fir bit back home and they always seemed like a boat that was much quicker that one would expect judging from it's looks. https://maine.craigslist.org/boa/6124983262.html
  13. Refrain from engaging.

    I'm guessing we're talking about brent swain.
  14. Jim Clark's fire sale continues

    welcome to the world of megayachts and how fast they loose value, it's also common for yachts to be listed for sale even if the owner isn't actively trying to sell. I remember back in the day, when it took 3+ years to build a big Feadship. Rich guys had a new order in, even before taking delivery of the last order, because they could often sell the just delivered boat, for millions of profit, to a Saudi, who didn't want to wait the 3 years.. I once worked on a yacht were the owner had spent the better part of a year working with the design team to make the boat just exactly what he wanted, when I got on the boat it was about 9 months old and already he had decided the boat was no good, had listed it for sale and was working with a different naval architect on another boat. the superwealthy can be weird.
  15. Jim Clark's fire sale continues

    seems like a good move for a race like transpac where it's almost entirely downwind. Re-weighted down yes for a light/mod down hill slide makes sense. BTW I don't think that is the OEM bulb? Didn't they change it in Italy pre going on the deck to go down for the 2015 S2H? certainly not the same bulb she had on her when she was launched, no idea what changes they made in italy though.