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  1. frozenhawaiian

    M5 Dock Removal Service

    he'll stay exactly in the job he has now. the pilings snapping where no fault of the captain/crew.
  2. frozenhawaiian

    Cabin Cushions - New England Recommendation

    coastal upholstery in south portland maine is top notch. lady that owns the place is named laura, excellent work and good prices as well.
  3. frozenhawaiian

    M5 Dock Removal Service

    I was out on casco bay the night before and that day, those winds were no joke. steady 30's and gusts into low 40's
  4. frozenhawaiian

    The Zombie Fleet

    yeah, momentum, old cold molded IOR maxi. this retard who I wanna say called himself "captain Leif" bought her and was doing rave or techno music trips or something along those lines. completely illegal as I understand it, boat never had a COI and he was putting quite a number of people on the thing. guess it dragged anchor and ended up on reef outside ala wai. not sure what became of him, the boat/salvage operation or the business. I understand from the previous owner that momentum was pretty quick in her day. that was a while ago now, mid 2009 I think.
  5. frozenhawaiian

    Wooden boats thread

    same, sadly the lifelines and bow/stern rails are going to have to go back on next year. I don't have any handy, I'll snap some interior shots tomorrow.
  6. frozenhawaiian

    Wooden boats thread

    glimpse, my 1954 hinckley 36. love this little boat.
  7. frozenhawaiian

    shit show (front page)

    I've said it before and I will say it again, the AC has always been sport for the ultra wealthy, the billionaires that come to play at the AC don't give one single fuck about what joe average sailor thinks or if he can relate to the current edition. and not for nothing but everyone said foiling cats would never work either. and yet here we are.
  8. this isn't really new. south of St. Lucia has always been known as a higher risk are and T&T has always been known as a high risk area, it's been know for a long time that staying well clear of the Venezuelan coast is always wise. that said as Venezuela continues to fall apart I'm not the least bit surprised that it's gotten worse in the southern caribbean
  9. frozenhawaiian

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    I see the bitter jealousy and buttsore whining thread is still going. with all the time you guys spend bitching and moaning on SA where do you find the time to actually go sailing?
  10. frozenhawaiian

    Show your boat sailing thread

    I love that about the maine coast, so rarely do I have to deal with a crowded anchorage.
  11. frozenhawaiian

    Favourite Boat pic?

    currently my favorite shot of my Alden Boothbay Challenger.
  12. frozenhawaiian

    SA Front Page has gone

    I like watching scooter have tantrums. it's entertaining. I guess his new thing is anyone who dares disagree with him is a "trumpsucker"
  13. frozenhawaiian

    Show your boat sailing thread

    actually managed to capture both of my boats sailing here
  14. frozenhawaiian

    Kiwi's AC tri foiler ???

    nevermind the fact that a new moth is $17,000+ but yes lets talk about how the AC is whats killing sailing.
  15. frozenhawaiian

    Kiwi's AC tri foiler ???

    this whole argument that the AC needs to be "relatable" is the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard. so what? should the AC be raced in J-24's or J-105's to make it "more relatable" and I love the people that think the days of the 12's the IACC/ACC or J class was somehow more relatable yeah those multi million dollar classes were totally accessible to the average sailor. ya know I never hear formula one fans bitching and moaning that F1 cars aren't relatable to the toyota corolla in their driveway. the AC has always been about pushing the design limits of sailing, sorry the performance forefront isn't relatable to your beneteau. lets also get one thing straight, the AC absolutely does not need a spectator event to be successful and to continue. from day one the AC was always a race between the economic elite and will continue to be so. for the vast majority of it's life the AC didn't give 2 shits about spectator turnout. so in short: the multi millionaires and Billionaires that bank roll the AC don't need you, nor do they give a fuck about you.