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  1. frozenhawaiian

    Show your boat not sailing

    dockside with the new under transom lights on.
  2. I'm based in maine and I would echo this, we all are kind of waiting for the other shoe to fall however in terms of case numbers spiking and the state locking back down again. a great deal of our summer residents and visitors come from florida, draw whatever conclusions you like from that...
  3. frozenhawaiian

    Farr 395 Questions

    to be fair not every boat carroll built is POS thats falling apart at the seams.
  4. frozenhawaiian

    What custom cruiser...if money were no object?

    I posted her before. but this is my alden boothbay challenger: she's near perfect but cost no object I'd want more of less this boat with some minor tweaks: 1. stretch the design from 58ft out to about 65ft. I'd like to have a larger aft cabin with a full size bed. I'd alos like the new one built on aluminum rather than fiberglass. 2. keep the centerboards but I I'd like a hydraulic system to raise and lower the main board rather than a cable. 3. modern rigs/sails, possibly in boom furling for the main and mizzen and definitely hydraulic furlers for the headsails 4. modern diesel engine/genset 5. powered primary and halyard winches
  5. frozenhawaiian

    Colregs ignorance

    agreed, if you can't be bothered to learn the colregs, learn to safely operate a boat and prove it then fuck you, stay off the water.
  6. frozenhawaiian

    How About Some Spring Lines

    first post nails it.
  7. frozenhawaiian

    East Coast yards for winter haul out?

    ding ding ding, we have a winner. hell a job like that I'd probably be looking at a minimum of an hour lug all my tools, a few extension cords, work lights etc. up onto the boat and get set up before I even picked up a tool to get working on a project. those looks either 4D or 8D batteries, AGM/s that size you're looking at probably 150lbs a piece. my buddy and I dragged 8 old ones off my boat last year and lugged 8 new ones aboard and got them installed. it sucked.
  8. frozenhawaiian

    East Coast yards for winter haul out?

    gotcha, again I'd look into the some of the yards here in maine. prices will absolutely be lower than RI. once the rush of launching boats for the season is done I suspect yards will be much more free'd up. looking at the installation of those batteries it kind of amazes me, batteries are good for 7-8 years at best. why would you put them in and then weld frames in over them
  9. frozenhawaiian

    East Coast yards for winter haul out?

    I may have missed it further up the thread but did you decide on a specific yard to do the work or even a specific region?
  10. frozenhawaiian

    East Coast yards for winter haul out?

    from what I can gather a lot of yards a really backed up. talking to the yard manager where I've kept my boats for years they a lot of yards didn't anticipate there being much of a boating season this year so this many people all demanding yard services as well as launches has caught a lot of yards flat footed. I've been waiting 2 weeks to have the smaller boat launched and also to have the masts for the big boat moved off the storage racks.
  11. frozenhawaiian

    Colregs ignorance

    agreed. I don't rent boats very often but when I do I just bring along the USCG license and that ends the conversation of training pretty quick, just simpler that way. and every time I do I ask myself why in the hell there's isn't a standardized, nationwide license for recreational boaters. you have to take drivers ed, and pass a road test to get a drivers license to drive a car, a motorcycle or even a damn moped. I hear rumors from time to time that the insurance companies are going to start making noise in washington pushing for legislation for mandatory training and licensing and an established set of national standards. one can hope...
  12. frozenhawaiian

    How to NOT Sell Your Boat

    translation: my lazarette is full of garbage and I'm too lazy to clean it out.
  13. frozenhawaiian

    How to NOT Sell Your Boat

    it's also a pro move to leave a cock ring on the shelf in the V-berth. yes really, found this on the tartan 30 I bought last fall.
  14. frozenhawaiian

    Colregs ignorance

    yeah, probably, he was also probably disappointed that he didn't get to yell at another WAFI.
  15. frozenhawaiian

    Colregs ignorance

    it would also help if it was made more clear to people that you can't drive a boat drunk.