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  1. They might have still been travelling at high speed through the tack, but the difference between their upwind speed and the lowest speed through a tack was a larger percentage than I regard as a good tack on a leadmine, so I do wonder whether the boatlengths lost per tack are actually similar between the AC50s and a decent modern mono, and would suspect that tacking still hurts more on the AC50s. Plus of course tacking cost so much in terms of power requirements that teams sought to minimise them as much as possible, and the instances where teams tacked before they got to the boundary were minimal. Not saying that this necessarily meant a poor spectacle, but if the aim is to get "classic" match racing with multiple tacks per upwind leg and teams tacking to cover, then I'm struggling to see how boats that foil will produce this. Would love to be proved wrong though!
  2. AC36 Protocol - Ask Dalts

    Agree. Downloaded and thought "An hour and a half...? When on earth am I going to find time to listen to that?" Listened to the first 10 minutes and then made time for the rest. Looking forward to the 30th of November now!
  3. AC36 Protocol - Ask Dalts

    What future does he consider the boats to have after the cup? Will there be any concessions to the no two boat testing rule to allow teams to do promotional sailing for their sponsors or just to get advertising images with two boats in? Which of the potential challengers does he regard as the biggest threat under this protocol?
  4. J112E

    My conversation with the dealer at the Southampton Show last weekend suggested it was now (even if it wasn't then) a factory option. In effect the 112E GP is a different spec. Same hull, different keel, different rig and a few other changes like no genoa tracks but floating block system.. That spec costs more, but it does include a carbon stick, no idea if the keel itself costs more.
  5. J112E

    It left the factory like that I think. It's just another keel option like shoal draft is. No expense I think.
  6. J112E

    It's not the same keel without the L, it's a completely different keel.
  7. J112E

    Without the L shape at the bottom. Thought (and pretty much proven) to be better under IRC.
  8. J112E

    Been getting some pretty good results under IRC in the UK. Well, the IRC optimised one with the straight keel has. The stock boat not so much. Raced against it in the light recently, and it's very slippery.
  9. AC36 Auckland NZ

    Don't forget that the Extreme 40s started life as the Volvo Extreme 40s and were used for in port racing during the Volvo Ocean race, though not for points. If the funding is there to support it, then it absolutely makes sense to race a different boat round a harbour course than across an ocean. After all, that's what the rest of the sailing world does. http://sailing.org/news/9671.php#.WaVCg8iGOUk
  10. Rolex Fastnet Race 2017

    True, we get most of it from Australia these days.
  11. Rolex Fastnet Race 2017

    Sorry, forgot myself.
  12. Rolex Fastnet Race 2017

    Waste of time, other than for the people who are having a fun time sailing it presumably?
  13. Is this the Figaro III?

    What's the betting that the SIs will mandate foils retracted until after crossing the start line? A little like the mini transat only allow foils that extend the beam to be deployed after the start.
  14. Is this the Figaro III?

    If the keel doesn't cant why are they messing around with a complicated bent foil? Surely they don't need it for lateral resistance? Is that really just to get round the DSS patent?
  15. Mathematics of scoring

    I've done it in real life. Regatta where 3 boats were a cut above the rest of the fleet. Finished 1,2,3 in every race. Day 1 we scored 2,2. One boat got 1,1 other 3,3. So we're second overall. Day 2 we scored 2 more second places. The other 2 reversed their order. So all three boats on 8 points. And we're 3rd on countback.