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  1. Don't forget that the Extreme 40s started life as the Volvo Extreme 40s and were used for in port racing during the Volvo Ocean race, though not for points. If the funding is there to support it, then it absolutely makes sense to race a different boat round a harbour course than across an ocean. After all, that's what the rest of the sailing world does. http://sailing.org/news/9671.php#.WaVCg8iGOUk
  2. True, we get most of it from Australia these days.
  3. Sorry, forgot myself.
  4. Waste of time, other than for the people who are having a fun time sailing it presumably?
  5. What's the betting that the SIs will mandate foils retracted until after crossing the start line? A little like the mini transat only allow foils that extend the beam to be deployed after the start.
  6. If the keel doesn't cant why are they messing around with a complicated bent foil? Surely they don't need it for lateral resistance? Is that really just to get round the DSS patent?
  7. I've done it in real life. Regatta where 3 boats were a cut above the rest of the fleet. Finished 1,2,3 in every race. Day 1 we scored 2,2. One boat got 1,1 other 3,3. So we're second overall. Day 2 we scored 2 more second places. The other 2 reversed their order. So all three boats on 8 points. And we're 3rd on countback.
  8. My understanding is that you declare max pole length and if you have an articulating pole. The rating assumes that all your poles project the same amount. So if you rated for a 109 standard bowsprit then IRC would assume that your articulating pole was that length. Given that the only reason A-sail boats have great big bowsprits is to gain projection to get downwind, if you want to use S-sails you'd be far better off then using reaching A-sails tacked off a much smaller bowsprit. The speed difference reaching with a great big pole is minimal.
  9. I don't think this is the case. You will get a hit for being able to pole back, and be rated for your biggest kite.
  10. Checkmate took their boat to the US, IIRC. Wonder if they'll bring it back. #spenny. & not exactly a great move from an advertising/dealership PoV? Standard shocking marketing /PR from the raceboat industry. In the UK only J have ever been any good at that. Coupled with the "wait 10 years for a decent 30 foot OD to appear then 3 contenders arrive at once, basically ensuring that none of them can succeed." The only dealer with its shit anything like together is selling a boat just a little too "hardcore" with fabric forehatches, no heads and 4 bilge pumps for the current owners of 30 something caravans to jump in to, despite a lot of lobbying from their crews. In my opinion That C&C is close to ideal to attract cruiser racer owners who have found that they're not actually doing any cruising and want a proper race boat, but who baulk at the Farr 280's more interesting features. Instead they're all sitting tight and racing caravans. The HP30 class could at least allow any early adopters to go racing with similar boats.
  11. Even without paying straphangers it will easily exceed $50k a year if there is a fair number of races and some transport involved. Transport? Look at the regatta schedule at the top of the thread. All but one is in the Solent. The other is 150 miles away in Plymouth and I imagine most will sail there. This isn't another Melges 32 circuit. I agree, this is very interesting, and there are a few people currently sailing mid 30 foot caravans who are keeping a close eye on it. To my mind if it takes off that will be where the bulk of the fleet will come from, people going down in size but up in speed.
  12. So what's the story here? One of the hulls has a new keel? How much change, what rating etc....?
  13. It's a displacement cruiser racer, not a competitor to the C&C 30 etc. The one racing in the UK (which seems to have a Symmetrical kite) rates 1.023 under IRC, which is pretty pedestrian really, even the Corby 33s are up around 1.040, and the J/88s are coming in around 1.030. Pinhead main would seem to be in keeping with that.
  14. One racing in the Warsash Spring series, in IRC3. A 3rd and a 7th so far. I haven't been out yet, so no idea if it's being sailed well. One pic of it sailing on the warsash website. http://warsashspringseries.org.uk/2016/index.htm
  15. Great thread. Very interesting. I seemed to recall that the BT challenge boats, who as we all know used to go upwind in the Southern Ocean in anything up to 60 knots, had a specified technique for the Trysail. I asked one of our crew who did the last race, and he said that the specified technique was to use the boom. And in this footage, you can see that seems to be the case. Does the panel think that the relatively large size of the Challenge boats makes a difference? Would those who are advocating a no boom technique for smaller boats stick with that for the challenge boats?