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  1. I agree that there is no value to the boat, except as a curiosity. However, the hull shape is way down on the list of problems. It probably has 30% more drag than a well-designed mutlihull of similar displacement. That is trivial in the grand scheme of things. That just means it needs two ~65hp outboards rather than two 50hp outboards, or he goes 10% to 15% slower. Sinking is a huge concern. Motoring 15% slower is not. As a general rule of thumb, a square block has about 1.5 times the drag of a well optimized hull at Fr=.5 assuming the same displacement and length. That extra drag typically results in a boat that goes about 15% slower for the same HP. That effect is often smaller than the effect of 12-months of fouling on the hull. This is why everyone still builds commercial barges that are extremely non-optimal from a drag perspective.
  2. It says 75% completed in the advert. The ad is comical enough without us needing to exaggerate.
  3. Well then, you're doing something wrong. How many anchors? What weight? More importantly, WHAT LENGTH OF RODE? While inadequate rode is the most common problem in anchoring, it may not be problem here. He appears to be anchored in water that is only about 10' deep at high tide + 8' freeboard. If he has 100' of rode, then I suspect that the chain is resting on the bottom when she is is dragging so there is no obvious advantage to more rode. At any rate, he may be "doing something wrong" but he may just be in a spot that has really shitting holding with all normal anchors. I once chartered in Thailand and laughed when I saw a 50 Kg bruce anchor w/all chain rode on a 45' boat, thinking it was overkill -- it is three times the recommended size for that boat. But in several spots in North Phang Nga Bay I could drag that anchor with the engine at <1000 rpm in reverse -- 10:1 scope. The slime was unbelievable. If you stood in the shallows you just keep sinking deeper and deeper into the mud
  4. It is possible that he was ignoring great advice at the beginning stages, but I have been to Butte County and find it pretty unlikely there are qualified naval architects hanging out up there offering free advice to backyard builders. At any rate, the die was cast long before this thread started. This whole thread only has about 50 posts that contain useful advice, 1000 posts of insults/leading-questions/amateur-psychoanalysis that the poster has flattered themselves into thinking were somehow useful, and then 7000 meaningless posts by DaWoody. I am personally shocked at how far HR managed to get within his limited resources. This was a huge undertaking. It was doomed from the start, but he worked extremely hard and got farther than I expected. SA did not help at all.
  5. This is untrue. Even the best advice in this thread was not given until it was too late to actually do much good, and following that advice would have always cost more than HR had to spend. The vast majority of what passed for advice on this thread was a spew of insults and name calling designed to make the poster feel superior. Don't flatter yourself into thinking that you were helpful. The truth is that the FH was not done in by any of the failures predicted by the experts in this thread. It wasn't the CDX, or the drywall screws, or the rutter linkage, or the unique rigging, or the stairs that were uneven, or that one board in the bow that was cut too short, or that it wouldn't float, or would break up on the launch ramp, yadda yadda yadda. In the end, none of that mattered. It was just like most other boat building failures -- way too much boat for his bank account. He is $10,000+ from having a boat that is finished; he has no way to get $10,000 while he is living on the boat; he has no money to store the boat ashore. Game over. He thought he could build an ocean-going, 65' catamaran with the money he had. He was wrong. None of the advice offered in this thread would have changed that outcome. He actually got very far and was quite successful, considering how badly he misjudged the costs of building, fitting out, and living aboard a large boat. The loss of money and time caused by that misjudgment is almost entirely his own, so I don't see why folks need to beat him up about it. When I was a kid I moved around in the midwest US. I met two different guys who were each back-yard building large boats to sail across the the ocean (one in steel and one in wood). Neither of them got nearly so far as HR did, and they each invested at least as much money has HR has. They were projects doomed to failure, but I don't think either of those guys would have benefited from the abuse SA would have offered them.
  6. Do you mean an "unladen" swallow? African or European swallow?
  7. Actually, anyone who appropriates his nickname, his boat's name, his exact location, and a picture of his boat to solicit fraudulent donations would be taken seriously in a CA court. Clearly the gofundme author is trying to pass themselves off as Hot Rod; there is no disclaimer in which the author admits this is not Hot Rod. The particular identifying information being used is basically irrelevant to the judge. The attempt to mislead about the identity of the person soliciting the donations is all that matters.
  8. You lot aren't from this planet, are you? I think it would be pretty upsetting for lots of folks to be called a freeloader and a beggar in a public forum, then have someone set up a fraudulent donation page in your name in a "humorous" attempt to further impugn your character. Regardless of how funny you find it, setting up the gofundme site under a fake identity is a fraud under California law. Arguing that only a fool would give money to the site, or that the true intent of the fraudulent solicitation was never financial gain but defamation, are unlikely to be acceptable defenses. Most people on planet earth would find that obnoxious, and I suspect that you would as well if it were to happen to you. Even after said 'folks' solicited donations in the (public) press?? (MarinIJ articles). C'mon it is not like he has started a 501(3)© to make his donations "charitable". It is the electronic equivalent of standing on a street corner and asking for change. I call that "begging". Anyone engaged in begging is called a "beggar". I don't have any problem with folks calling him a beggar, and I suspect that even HR thinks that comments like those are fair game. The problem is when someone else solicits donations USING YOUR NAME AND IDENTITY. Whether they are doing it to defame you (by making you look like more of a beggar than you actually are) or for their financial gain, that is illegal and most people would be upset if it happened to them.
  9. You lot aren't from this planet, are you? I think it would be pretty upsetting for lots of folks to be called a freeloader and a beggar in a public forum, then have someone set up a fraudulent donation page in your name in a "humorous" attempt to further impugn your character. Regardless of how funny you find it, setting up the gofundme site under a fake identity is a fraud under California law. Arguing that only a fool would give money to the site, or that the true intent of the fraudulent solicitation was never financial gain but defamation, are unlikely to be acceptable defenses. Most people on planet earth would find that obnoxious, and I suspect that you would as well if it were to happen to you.
  10. The fraudulent gofundme site predates the Oronoco post by several weeks, but I would be curious how Oronoco found out about it. Just to be clear, soliciting money under a false identity is fraud. It is every bit as prosecutable as finger biting and other criminal offenses. At any rate, I think this is a decent reason for HR to get irritated.
  11. How long was he on the mooring? It is extremely unlikely he would ever get a bill unless either he was on the mooring overnight or someone comes up to ask for the money while he is still on the mooring. I also know that there are several "free" moorings in and around RB, that one can use unless/until the owner (e.g., SYC) asks you to move.
  12. I am fairly sure that the pump-out boat makes rounds in RB, at least that was true as of a couple of years ago. It isn't clear to me that they even charge for the service. The locals are trying hard to encourage the use of holding tanks by making it easier. Seems like your description of HR fits about half the people posting on SA. If it weren't for a desire to "call out the stupits" no one would have even started this thread, much less worked it up to 8400 frothy posts. Seems only fair that HR return the favor.
  13. I suspect you are just making up random stuff for your own amusement. Well, it isn't totally manufactured, but since I don't have first hand data, I clearly stated that it was speculation. Earlier in this thread someone stated that the FH has no through-hulls. If that is true, the FH does not have to have a holding tank to meet sanitation requirements. Or were you suggesting my comments about the regulations were made up? At any rate, I am in no position to disagree that I am posting for my own amusement. Why are you posting?
  14. As far as the CG is concerned, holding takes are only required if the boat has a head. Some specific locations have additional restrictions that would prevent a "direct deposit" waste system, but I haven't heard of the CG enforcing those regulations. I happen to know someone who was hit with a large fine for this. He had a through valve that was leaking and the Dye tab the marina put in his holding tank gave him away. CG came and wrote up a ticket The CG vigorously enforces the federal discharge rules, but those rules only apply to vessels that have a head or through-hull discharge. Federal regulations generally allow you to eliminate off the side of the boat or in a bucket when there is no head. I suspect that the FH has no head and meets the sanitation requirements in the same way a canoe or rowboat would.
  15. We stand to loose a life Rod, several actually, yours, your families, and whoever risks theirs going out to try and rescue you. You just can't see that can you Rod. You've made a lot of false claims Rod. Pictures of other peoples boats on your web site for instance. Meteorologist ? Carpenter ? How did you end up with the harbor masters finger in your mouth anyway ? You don't need to answer to us Rod, just yourself. Are you being honest with yourself ? Go look at that 2x4 thats cut off about 6' short in the starboard bow. Who cut that short and why ? Did you make an error ? Its OK to admit you screwed up a cut Rod, its OK to admit it when you make a mistake. It only becomes harder when you let mistake after mistake stack up on one another till finally its all one big mistake, which is always much harder to face, than the smaller individual mistakes. You really should reevaluate this whole thing Rod and seriously consider grounding it in shallow water as far into the Delta as you can get. Don't bother with the sails, save your money for court. Oh hey, speaking of unemployed lawyers, what did they charge you with that you have to reappear ? If I knew any unemployed lawyers I'd try and send them your way, assuming you have a defensible case. I know you think of yourself as being helpful and noble here, but if you actually cared for the safety of anyone you wouldn't just fill your posts with insults and attempts to humiliate the person you are trying to "help." If you just want to poke a bit of fun at HR, that is fine with me, but it would be a lot funnier if you dropped the self-righteous tone. If you want to actually help him, then perhaps try to be a bit more persuasive rather than just posting a repetitive series of mean-spirited attacks. You've call him a liar and and idiot 100 different ways. Do you think your opinion will suddenly be more credible to him if you repeat it 100 more times?