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  1. P_Wop


    Indeed. Now I need to find a map of all US international airports that have a customs and immigration service, i.e. which are U.S. ports of entry. Sea and river ports too, for that matter. I did immigration once in Memphis TN after a yacht delivery from the BVI. Memphis was our port of entry. I had a passport stamp to prove it. I'm not sure where to get that map. But I would think that a 100 mile circle round all of those would include not just 66% of the US population, but closer to 90%. Hmmm.....
  2. P_Wop


    Here's another nugget. The US border for ICE purposes is 100 miles, as above. But there's a proposal to make that 100 miles of any port-of-entry, which includes all international airports. Denver? Dallas? Chicago? Kansas City?
  3. P_Wop

    Jeff Sessions - MIA

    Haha. Nice one. Keep your Fed ID on you. "Hey, you, schow me your papers...." So 1970s, Eastern Europe. You don't really want it happening here. And another little one, the US border for ICE purposes is 100 miles. But there's a proposal to make that 100 miles of any port-of-entry. Denver? Dallas? Chicago? Kansas City?
  4. P_Wop

    Dude steals a plane

    Yup. But there aren't too many software simulations for driving a race boat non-stop round the planet, solo. Probably why there are fewer than 100 people who have ever done it. Back to the topic..... Sad story, so many mistakes. "Hey, I'm just pushing this thing back and getting it ready for departure. Oh, one moment, I need to do a cockpit check. Wait one"
  5. P_Wop

    Flying Boats

    I was born and sailed (grew up?) in the Isle of Wight. Saunders Roe in Cowes had built three gigantic flying boats in the early 1950s, the Princesses. They never got into production, and were 'cocooned', one in West Cowes at what's now the Spencer yard by the chain ferry, and two over the Solent at Calshot. All were dismantled in the 60s. I remember as a young nipper walking round the one in Cowes and being astonished by the size. The largest all-metal flying boats ever.
  6. P_Wop


    Did anyone know that ICE owns an airline - ICE Air, used to fly deportees wherever? Access to 10 737s, dispatched from airports in five hub cities: Mesa, Arizona; San Antonio and Brownsville, Texas; Alexandria, Louisiana; and Miami. What have we come to?
  7. P_Wop

    Random PicThread

    They were built during WWII to haul 6,000 ton freight trains over the Wasatch Mountains with no assistance. Extraordinary machines - a development of the 4-6-6-4 Challengers, also built by ALCO. There's some argument whether the Aleghennies were longer, larger, heavier, etc... but the Big Boy was the right tool for the job in the West.
  8. P_Wop

    Random PicThread

    UP's 4014 Big Boy will be steaming again, this time next year. A huge restoration project for the 150th anniversary celebration of the Golden Spike. 4014.pdf
  9. P_Wop


    I believe there is no oversight for the DHS which owns all these new agencies, including CG & ICE and others. Like, no oversight at all. Is that right? "Call me a liar, Fish." - the movie "Contact"
  10. P_Wop

    holy christ!

    You ever have a couple of guys over the side standing on a J-24 keel to get it up again? Mediterranean Mistral off Toulon in 81. Wiped the Windex off underwater, so it was not a fast mode. We finished the race anyway with a small jib and no main. The spinnaker had gone to Italy.
  11. P_Wop


    Yes, you're right. I just need to develop the bottle to confront three large, probably armed and very intimidating un-uniformed officers with my rational and documentable proof of bona fides. Ugh, anyway.
  12. P_Wop


    Nope. Too fast and too intrusive and too disturbing. I started to reach into my back pocket for my phone to take a photo of them and their credentials, but at the hint of that one of the three goons reached for his belt, presumably for a weapon. So I didn't. Fuck this.
  13. P_Wop


    I've decided to change my response. "Are you a US Citizen?" "I'm a tourist. Who are you?" "Do you have ID?" "No, I didn't know I needed papers to walk about the street in the US. Is this like East Germany in the 70s? I was there, and I didn't like it much."
  14. P_Wop


    Yes, and the incessant jack-hammering of the street doesn't?
  15. P_Wop


    I don't tweet. I enjoy some sort of privacy. But please feel free to, but please don't use my name or handle. Thanks.