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  1. P_Wop

    Random PicThread

    "Six turning, four burning," was the slogan. As engine fires regularly occurred with the B-36's six 28-cylinder radial engines in pusher configuration due to carburettor icing and other issues, some crews humorously changed the aircraft's slogan from "six turning, four burning" into "two turning, two burning, two smoking, two choking, and two more unaccounted for."
  2. P_Wop

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    Back to the "knot" names. I saw a 25-foot-ish race boat in the UK a few years back called "Three Knots". I groaned. Then after asking around I discovered it referred to that famous aged sailor joke: Old sailor is with a whore. Not a good experience, and during the event he asks her if she knows any knots. She says "I know three. Your knot hard, you're knot in, and you're knot getting your money back." Boat name forgiven.
  3. P_Wop

    Favorite Larson Cartoons

    And here's a rather dark one...
  4. P_Wop

    and soon california is to be fucked...

    Tim Draper tried this before, but last time California was going to be divided into six bits. Now it's three. But it will stay as one, for all of the reasons above. Tim's a wee bit bonkers anyhow. I know him quite well - I describe him as a bucket of small fireworks into which someone's just dropped a match - going off in all directions at once.
  5. P_Wop

    Favorite Dilbert

    From 4 days ago, Sat June 9.
  6. P_Wop

    Favorite Larson Cartoons

    And another original classic....
  7. P_Wop


    Sad news. I helped Henri set up his first shop in Cowes in the way back yonder. He was a great supporter of sailing, and in time a great sponsor of many, many events and teams.
  8. P_Wop

    Favorite Larson Cartoons

    And one which is pretty appropriate for round here. Enjoy.
  9. P_Wop

    Random PicThread

    My late Mum lived at Cremorne Wharf in the late 20s, early 30s as a young girl, and said that she used to get up in the morning full of excitement and look out to see how much arch the "puffer cranes" had done in the night. I miss her.
  10. P_Wop


    I remember seeing her in Cowes in the 1971 Admiral's Cup. An extraordinary breath of fresh air! Having raced the big heavy S&S ones (Duva etc...) Imprabable was just a radical new idea. That gigantic tiller was an eye-opener. Good pic of her in the latest Seahorse (issue 460) page 46, bashing down the West Solent with a number 2 and two reefs.
  11. P_Wop

    Furnace filter anarchy

    Just to emphasize duct cleaning, if you don't know the history of the house. You can't assume that just because there was a filter when you arrived, there may have been no filter for some time before. My ex and I bought a late 50s house in 2014 in CA that had no filter installed in the return, probably for many years. The ducts were awful - caked with animal hair, droppings, filth, dead bugs, you name it. I got them cleaned, but the expert said even after cleaning that they were just too bad and should be replaced. I'm bloody glad I did that. Here's what the mess looked like... How they lived in that place, who knows? It had been neglected for many years, and the smell was overpowering everywhere. I had most of the hardwood floors replaced (sodden with cat urine), and a ton or more of the crawlspace dirt dug out and the rest sealed off with heavy plastic sheet glued to the foundation wall. It was built on a hillside, so had a huge crawlspace – you could stand up in it. We found 27 empty vodka bottles buried down there, which may give you an idea. Also 200 lbs of bones buried by generations of dogs. Ozone generators fixed it up nicely. We sold it for nearly twice what we paid for it, after a year.
  12. P_Wop

    Furnace filter anarchy

    One other point. How long has the filter been missing? They're designed to capture a load of crap which may well have got into your ducts. You should look at having those cleaned. Bitter experience on that one. Re 4 inch vs 5 inch, if it's a tight fit in the frame it shouldn't make any difference at all. Far better a thinner filter than none. Go for a pleated HEPA one (the 3M ones are in a purple package) - well worth the extra $.