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  1. P_Wop


    Why do old computer scientists get confused between Halloween and Christmas? Because 31 OCT = 25 DEC
  2. P_Wop

    Gene study unravels redheads mystery

    Yes, they're probably all married off now, and producing more. Run away! They're all pretty hot. But as they say, "Hot redhead: red above, fire below, and crazy all over."
  3. P_Wop

    Gene study unravels redheads mystery

    I don't know how this man is still living. Sheesh...
  4. P_Wop

    Situations Vacant...Antarctica ..seriously

    On Condor they tore a big Lewmar 70 spinnaker halyard winch off the deck in that race. It bounced off the rig and made a nice dent. It sheared six bolts. That's when it was found that all the halyard winch bolts were 3/8" instead of the required 1/2" so there was a rapid re-think and some fixing.
  5. P_Wop

    Situations Vacant...Antarctica ..seriously

    Nothing like sitting in the tailing pit with seven wire wraps on the primary on a tight reach, and hoping the riggers had got the splices right. The groaning noises made your arse pucker up like a camel in a sandstorm.
  6. P_Wop

    Situations Vacant...Antarctica ..seriously

    Yes, that one. He buggered his leg in Sydney when a wire aftguy parted on Nirvana and he was catapulted up into the rig then over the side. Miracle he survived that one. Picked up by Ace the photographer in his RIB and spent a long time under repair. Lucky chap, and he's still at it.
  7. P_Wop

    Dyneema Stretch

    I like this idea. Perhaps a couple of seizings to prevent the sailmaker's thimble falling out when it's all slack?
  8. P_Wop

    Situations Vacant...Antarctica ..seriously

    1 point to you! Right. you are. If I knew where Teaky's desk was nowadays I'd lift something off it for you. Ashley is a fine person and a most accomplished sailor, rigger and "boat nanny." She's leaving Ushuaia for Rothera about now. She's married to Merf Owen, an equally fine person, and one of the best open class designers out there.
  9. A good one from today. Ah, Mexico... (+52) I woke up with a pillow, shampoo and a plant in my fridge. Eggs in the toilet, and I was wearing three pairs of girls underwear. What happened last night
  10. P_Wop

    Situations Vacant...Antarctica ..seriously

    Good boat for it. Really tough. Is Hutch still skipper? If so, say hi from me. Did many miles with him on Nirvana.
  11. P_Wop

    Situations Vacant...Antarctica ..seriously

    I have a good sailing friend here on SF Bay who goes down pretty well every Antarctic summer to Rothera Research Station, the British base. She's an expert mariner, and mainly looks after all the small boats (RIBs) and systems, but as the article says, does a load of other things too. She absolutely loves it. Her husband stays behind, either in Marin or Europe. Since he's a very busy and very successful racing yacht designer, he's kept occupied. 2 bonus points for anyone who can name these two fine people.
  12. P_Wop

    Modern wiring standards

    Skinny little wires were always the bane of my life with compass lights. The manufacturers seemed to delight in putting the tiniest wires through holes only just big enough for them then lead them down somehow inside the pedestal. No idea of the amount of time offshore I spent trying to fix those bloody little things.
  13. P_Wop

    wood carving stuff

    Slightly relevant, but as an Isle of Wight native I was privileged to meet Norman Gaches whose life was hand-carving big wood sculptures, most often ships' figureheads. This is his fine Barton Manor sculpture of Dionysus hand-cut in the stump of a huge Monterey Cypress after the tree came down in the "great storm" of 1987. No power tools. Enjoy.
  14. P_Wop

    Latest Book Recommendations

    Don't try "The Art Of The Deal." It's really confusing. It has six chapter elevens. Yes, yes, I know, take it to PA. But I thought it was funny anyway.
  15. P_Wop

    George the First (Bush) passed away

    Agree with all above. GHWB was head, shoulders and torso above the miserable crop we have now.