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  1. Vale- Ursula K Le Guin

    Sad to hear. Truly a stellar writer. "The Left Hand of Darkness" made a staggeringly strong impression on me as a lad. RIP
  2. US Navy ship stuck in ice until...

    They'll be there till March. Lovely. Lots of nice bars (and girls) on the old Montreal waterfront. Good thing they don't need to deploy it any time soon.
  3. By the time it's all done, road delivery each end, customs stuff, documentation, wharfage etc, about $10k I'd think.
  4. what's wrong with this picture

    I just lost my breakfast. Are these people serious? Run away.
  5. Member Reputation System

    Yes, the lady with the coins would stack them on top of an empty beer bottle, squat, and walk around taking bets on how many she had. Then the tin tray came out and klinka-klinka- klinketty-klinka-chunka.... It was like winning the slots at Vegas. So good that the place has been eradicated now. A bad influence on us young and impressionable sailors...
  6. living in a lighthouse

    When I saw Elvis last week serenading Lord Lucan as he rode past on Shergar, which was disguised as a unicorn.
  7. living in a lighthouse

    The French lighthouse keepers (unless they're all remotely managed now) are a sturdy breed. Here's a short clip off the evil North West coast of Brittany.
  8. Yeah, you're right. But the seller (not me) did volunteer to help, so he roped me in, knowing little himself of this. Now we can hand it all back to the buyer as our commitment ends here. Money's in escrow, so all good there too.
  9. living in a lighthouse

    My favorite is Il Faro (La Lanterna), which has been shining over Genoa Italy since 1543. No idea if anyone lives in it, but who knows? If you live in a lighthouse tower itself (as some Brit friends did for a few years in the 80s) you certainly won't be needing to buy a Stairmaster. ;-)
  10. Thanks to everyone who responded to this. Lots of good ideas. I've been talking with a German motorhome transport specialist, and they can do all the arrangements, from California to Germany. RoRo from Long Beach to Bremerhaven via Panama. Price seems reasonable so I'm sending it all over to the buyer for him to manage directly. As Douglas Adams famously said "SEP." "Somebody Else's Problem."
  11. Thanks, mate. I did look into this, but as you say the height is the problem. Even with the AC units off it, still too tall. I found a RoRo line to Bremerhaven out of Long Beach that can do it. Much cheaper from the East Coast, but the cost of getting it across the country balances that out.
  12. Yep, dead right. That's why the original post was asking if anyone knew of one. No way I'd want to do this myself - that's why they invented experts. I did discover a promising outfit http://www.carexshipping.com/ and have requested a quote.
  13. Rethinking all this. The shipping costs to Germany are looking somewhat fierce - more than the sale price of the vehicle. I wonder if I shouldn't advertise it on SA classifieds. It has a tow hitch, good for 3,000 lb, and regularly tows a Ford Explorer. So why not a Melges 24? Or a similar sportboat? Now that would be a splendid way to rock up at a national championship. Tow your boat across country, no need for a hotel room, and serious party central right there near the dock. Got to be a plan. Thoughts?
  14. Yes, it should. But he's in Germany, and we're here, so we suggested we help organize logistics from this end. He'll be paying anyway. Sevenstar is a good idea.