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  1. So you royally piss someone off, ad nauseam, on the internet, and expect that they don't like that? What goes around comes around. Sorry chum, but this was so obviously coming your way.
  2. I think this may be designed. Once the third reef is in there's a large stack of cars at the mast, which means the third reef tack is about a foot higher than you'd otherwise like. Make the reef clew lower, so it can be ground close to the boom, and it all sorts itself out. Also you don't need a big vang excursion while reefing. My $0.02 Edit Second reef is similar, but about half the difference. Edit: Good sail design and rigging planning, IMHO
  3. A couple of minutes ago. This is not good. Reports just received from an Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft indicate that the maximum sustained winds have increased to 175 mph (280 km/h). The estimated minimum pressure based on data from the aircraft is 909 mb (26.84).
  4. It's like boxing. You get knocked down by a serious punch, and get up groggy before the end of the count. The next one, which puts you out, will be a much smaller one. Pity those people in the BVI/USVI and St Martin. They may not even know that Maria is on the way, as comms are still mostly out.
  5. There's the beginning of a major international non-profit organization that's looking at rebuilding Barbuda, everything including hospitals, schools, homes, as a 100% solar and wind powered zero carbon island. The first. Scrape the remnants, and re-start.
  6. Roast (well roast) beef, spuds, and two veg. All you need. And semolina pudding for afters.
  7. This is just silly.....
  8. Maria. Oh, heck, not AGAIN....
  9. T'other way around. Lee got named first, and will be the wandering oceanic one. Maria (but yet to be named) will be the one to watch in the islands. Lots of rain through roofless buildings will be hard to bear, especially if what's left on the islands is flying around. I feel so sorry for those people down there.
  10. After the Irma and Jose threads, perhaps it might be an idea to separate out the next two - Lee and Maria. Maria (hopefully) will go north and should be a fish storm. Lee, not so much. Current path is straight at the northern Leeward Islands again, but from a more southerly angle. Not a hurricane yet, but he's intensifying and might be one when he gets to the islands. Antigua, Barbuda, BVI, USVI, St Barths, St Martin again. And who know what afterwards. Fingers crossed everyone. Heaven help the demolished people if they get hit twice.
  11. Dadgummit, and there's another 2 months in the season. OK, do you want to start it or do I?
  12. So do we start a new Lee and Maria thread? Might be a good idea. Lee (the Westerly one) will be a bad one, I think. Antilles again.
  13. There are five Transpac 52s. I agree, not like the IOR maxi fests of the 80s, but pretty cool.
  14. Eastern Pacific this morning. Acapulco getting very wet.
  15. Hurricane Max is now coming ashore over Guerrero and Oaxaca in Mexico with a load of rain and storm surge, while Norma is intensifying and making a beeline for Cabo San Lucas, arriving probably Sunday night. The depression that's about to become Otis is stumbling around offshore, trying to make up his mind where to go and what to do if and when he gets there. This is an interesting season!