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  1. Meanwhile over in Denmark

    He's going DOWN. Bastard.
  2. Random PicThread

    You're doing just fine. Many thanks. A glorious tapestry of life, ups and downs both. FFS, don't ask Woody to post anything. It would just be some dodgy cougar.
  3. Spinnaker masthead block sizing

    I concur with the SS suggestion at the masthead, especially if you're not too weight conscious. Lots of UV up there, and most non-metallic blocks will suffer over time. Have a look at Garhauer. They have one that looks just right for you. SWL 3,500 lbs. Needle rollers. Price is right too. https://www.garhauerstore.com/blocks/single-blocks/single-blocks-with-shackle/single-block-with-shackle-40-13-ushl.html You need to set and forget. Don't omit wiring up the shackle.
  4. Yes on the dyneema sleeve. Also for the steaming light, a good idea is to get a normal black rubber grommet sized for the mast hole and cable, snip one side of it, and work it into the hole to protect the cable sheath. Actually take two up there, as you'll probably drop one down inside the mast. Don't ask how I know that. Don't forget a drip loop in the cable before it enters the light fitting, and ensure that the entrance into the fitting is well rubbered too. It's amazing what chafe can happen up there if you get a sympathetic vibration in the rig while motoring. YMMV
  5. Plane Engine Explodes Kills Passenger

    Back to South West 1380. This is my friend Juan Browne in NorCal, a pro commercial pilot on 777s. On his YouTube channel blancolirio, Juan's been regularly reporting on the Oroville dam spillway failure and repair, as he lives locally, and flies over it in his small Luscombe. He's a smart and well-informed guy, and a good communicator. Two of his 15 minute informative YouTube videos about SW1380, well worth watching. First video on April 17th, 1 day later - what happened Second was yesterday, April 20th - pilot actions and checklists. Very good analysis of what actually goes on up front.
  6. Plane Engine Explodes Kills Passenger

    Did lots of miles with Mange. He was always as you see him in the pix - huge smile, huge laugh. And Roz is astonishing. We organized several fundraisers for her here in Silicon Valley a few years ago for her Pacific attempt. Just an amazing, dedicated superhuman.
  7. Plane Engine Explodes Kills Passenger

    Actually Mange didn't drink much, he was quite the moderate. Although he could be called on, and was, to defend his corner when things got interesting.
  8. i have the perfect video that shows life on SA

    I always felt a SA clubhouse would be a bit like this...
  9. Plane Engine Explodes Kills Passenger

    Composure, and a possible joke go well to diffuse the stress. Sailing example: many years ago in a 50-footer we were caught by a fierce squall at night in the English Channel, running with a full-size kite. Pretty soon the driver lost it, did a fake-right, go-left and stuffed us into a huge gybe-broach. Deck vertical, mast horizontal, pole in the drink, mainsail with the preventer on holding us down.... It was "all on", as they say down-under. Then the hatch slides open and the wonderful (and sadly late) Magnus Olsson who was off-watch, sticks his head out, and quite conversationally asks. "What are you people doing? I fell out of my bunk. I bumped my knee." Stress dissolved, everyone broke out laughing and we got the boat back on its feet. Back to aviating.
  10. Sign 'O the Times

    And the spectators too.
  11. In mast main furler noise when docked

    Yes, indeed. I ran a Baltic 51 back in the early 80s, and the flute stopper was just essential. When you get your sailmaker to make one, get him to use the stiffest heavy sailcloth he can find, and before he sews (triple seam) the two flaps together, get him to slap 4 full length strips of 2" Kapton tape to the inside surfaces. They make the whole thing slide up and down the slot just fine.
  12. Sign 'O the Times

    I loved that pic of Formidable in Cowes Week 1980. A full reef and a full-size kite. That was 15 nanoseconds before the rig came down. 2 days & nights of work, a new bottom section brought from France by one of Piet Vroon's boys in a motorboat, re-rigged, won the last Cowes Week race and off to Sardinia. Great days.
  13. Sign 'O the Times

    No, but I do know how to reach her. You?