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  1. I really wonder about appendage twist or harmonic oscillation interfering with control and or foiling stability. Lots of mass that could contribute to interesting consequences. The "model" says it will work, but is the model catching everything? These yachts will not be sailing in very close quarters to each other.
  2. The GOP is doing just that, interest on anything over 500k, over $10 k per year in prop taxes? Too bad for you. note the two amounts are not to be adjusted for inflation, that would mess up the $1 trillion dollar windfall for corporations.
  3. How many of you here recall the 10% luxury tax on boats? It nearly killed off the USA boat mfg industry. Repealed just in time for a few to survive. do this to the housing industry which is 16+% of GDP without a phase in over a decade and what do you wish to call it: The Trump or Ryan Recession? and don't divorce, don't trade up your house... Don't get seriously ill, or have a chronically ill family member... talk about picking winners and losers...
  4. Reading the new tax bill reporting, deducting interest on a second home will vanish, along with its property taxes too. Im sure many that have a boat with a bunk and a head do so, if this tax bill passes, your boat will get more expensive, might lose value too as any purchaser who needs a loan will not be able to deduct that interest.
  5. jorgensen

    Team Alinghi

    Vava was anchored off Santa Barbara a few days ago.
  6. jorgensen

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    I have been away but quite agree, no influence from here, we will just have to watch what unfolds. Someone in NZ though has a concept of what they will create for the proposed rule.
  7. jorgensen

    Extra Power - what to do with it?

    Probably wont be yelling "Hydro, HYDRO" if the helm / trimmers goof.
  8. jorgensen

    Oracle Team USA

    I think its a DJI Phantom 3 camera drone apple was presenting them on their website at one point.
  9. jorgensen

    SF Yacht Racing Challenge - The Super 12's

    In the 70's Sail magazine published an article that went through the 12 metre rule and what the tradeoffs were, with the concepts of what was favored to be fast as understood back then and the punishment the rule imposed. If you wanted a longer waterline, measured displacement went up, there was a limit to draft essentially, and various girth dimensions made for some unhappy shapes near the rudder. A tough rule to create a breakthrough yacht. This is before Ben Lexcen of course helped to get the winged keel going. I did like the change that brought the majority of the crew topsides.
  10. jorgensen

    SF Yacht Racing Challenge - The Super 12's

    That design is interesting, but just as a doodle. The 12 meter (metre) rule really demands a much bigger prismatic, more volume and therfore more displacement. I referenced the few close to fin keel boats I could recall, US 49, and US 61 and at least when they were drawn and sailed, they either showed some promise or were outclassed. (one had the fore/aft rudders, and reports of its performance were quite varied, all done before the software that might have advised how to control / exploit the thing) So, maybe to call them Super12's they are rejiggering the formula, but then they are not twelves then. A Carbon 12 keeping with the original displacement, and possibly revised scantlings, might be visually stiffer as more mass could go to the keel...
  11. jorgensen

    Oracle Team USA

    The cost lowering avenue at this point would be a version of the AC45, even then it would still be an arms race. The 45's are "long enough" to be Deed compliant. The 62's will be entertaining. But I dont see them going beyond this cycle.
  12. jorgensen

    Team UK

    He will be well suited to the management side of things, a good move for BAR.
  13. jorgensen


    Geezus, is that a foiling gybe at the end of that seg? No, all on port... Pretty impressive! My assumption is beyond that all port turn was less stellar, but it is good to see them looking stable and capable on the first day out. I hope they feel confident enough to compete as soon as possible. How long were they out for today? Anybody know?
  14. jorgensen


    For the 1974 Cup cycle, the 12 meter rules were updated to require self draining cockpits, almost all the crew on deck, a minimum boom height above the deck, and forward hatch size reductions, that is from the top of my memory. All the 12's were built to Lloyds scantlings too. The '67 and '70 cycle boats were getting pretty radical from a crew safety perspective. Designers and syndicates will always look for the loophole to provide an edge. It is the nature of competitive design. The rule makers must keep an eye open and plug the adverse holes or manage them well.
  15. jorgensen


    Foremost, is the sadness felt for the individuals and families of those hurt and deceased. I was hoping to see some good video this afternoon. That was not to be. Beyond that, from memory, I think that both teams who have capsized have had 50 outings at best in the Bay. Not a comfortable probability going forward at this ratio. There are lots of contributing elements, some may need to be removed less they have to sail AC45's as the big boats are on the sidelines in pieces.