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  1. REW

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    You missed Nat J, Flying Buff, Dynamis and a few more.
  2. REW

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    Just continually amazed that they just don’t seem to get it. It’s so easy to get competitor updates with the technology that’s available.
  3. REW

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    Kind of amazing that BYC has no race updates or social media updates on Facebook page. Nat j pulled the head off the main.
  4. REW

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    Looks like Shriner is 0 for 2 on Multi's (2008 Stars & Stripes & now E2.
  5. REW

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    OK, since you asked nicely..... I have been watching this develop from afar. I am no longer Chairman of the class (GLMRA) having stepped down about three years ago and I no longer regularly race on or own any offshore multihull. With that said Here's how I see it: They are required to carry a propulsion system and requisite fuel They are required to have an MSD. Port-a-pot bungee'd to the nets is a great conversation starter. Bunks for off watch crew. I can hear the argument here...."we have zero off-watch crew so the requirement for bunks is zero" Racks are questionable under the rule which says net area is limited to the area bounded by the hulls. 25 w permanently installed VHF with masthead antenna plus all of the other required gear....stove, distress signals, MOB gear etc, etc. So if they did all of this stuff they wouldn't want to sail the boat Chase boats are not a substitute for the rules and when presented as a work around should be rejected. Meet all of the rules and if you still want a chase boat it's a free lake. Regarding the NOR eligibility, to be eligible for the division a boat has to hold a valid GLMRA rating. We never used to rate beach cats or boats without accommodation (Stars & Stripes did get modified to meet all of the requirements). it will be interesting to see if they are able to get a rating. GLMRA is the class that governs the rule and thus eligibility for the class an thus this race. Love the M32 and have sailed one. Just don't love it for this event. The NOR is published and the other competitors are living within the rules and have been doing so for years. It doesn't help the sport or the event to allow this. There are plenty of other events where they can go play if they want to show off their manhood including the R2AK or the Everglades Challenge (although the Chief would probably blow up their chase boat)
  6. REW

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    In case you didn't see it this was the Medical advice BYC sent out. Take particular note of the advice on Hot Bunking: Precautions all Participants and Family Should Consider Dr. Marc Rosenthal, BYC Member Race Information: As all racers are aware Michigan along with the rest of the world is dealing with the Covid-19 Pandemic. While the number of cases in Michigan, due to shelter in place, has markedly decreased, it is still present. While medical facilities are not overwhelmed with Covid-19 patients, the patient's survival is more dependent on their current health, age and risk factors than on the quality of care. Over the last 3 months Michigan had one of the highest case fatality rates in the US. The disease can be lethal to many. With the above in mind, the question is how can a crew be best protected to prevent transmission and contracting the disease? World Sailing recommends those over the age of 65 and significant comorbidities should not race. That is a personal decision, those in this class are at higher risk of death not of transmitting the disease. Pre-Race: I would recommend that racers really isolate as best as possible starting 14 days before the race. You may want to test the crew but realize that each test is only 70% accurate and is less so if the person is not symptomatic. Self-quarantine is effective. Use of social distancing and masks when out of the house and in any potentially confined area is recommended. If at any time prior to the race including up to race day a crew member feels sick, they should not race unless they are asymptomatic for 5 days prior to the race. If you become sick the day of the race do not race. If you test positive you cannot race until all symptoms have abated and 5 days elapse. Race day: Any crew member with signs or symptoms of Covid-19 should not race. The risk to the crew is too high. While they might not have Covid, but a cold, I think the risk is too great to the crew and racers in general. Racing: Per the Governor's executive order, social distancing is still required even by racers on a boat. That means maintaining as best as possible 6 ft from others. In addition, in the cabin and on deck at less than 6 ft Masks should be worn. Covid spreads primarily via respiratory droplets, the mask protects others not you. CDC states if social distancing is not possible, then masks are ok and required. Things you can do to limit exposure include or allow more flexibility: Foredeck crew, no mask needed when on the foredeck, no others on foredeck. High winds and/or heavy rain probably masks not needed; exposure risk probably minimal. Light air, exposure risk is higher so distancing as best as possible and mask will limit risk. Sleeping on deck will limit potential transmission. For winch handles, contact risk is minimal but not zero. One can assign a winch handle per crew per shift and clean it at the end of the shift or clean between uses as best as possible. As long as your hands do not touch your face prior to washing your hands, risk is low. But have to keep hands away from face. Have cleaning wipes on board and hand sanitizer to protect the crew. For food, cleaning dishes and utensils with soap and water is sufficient, but you can use disposables to decrease risk and time down below. Consider minimal cooking using hot water only and freeze-dried food or MREs. Use fresh food (veggies, fruits, etc.) without heating requirements. Package after cleaning into per person or daily bags. For sleeping in berths, since hot berthing is the norm, if you have couples on board, they should hot berth together. Decreases exposure. If not enough couples then pick wisely as to hot berthing mates. But also consider boat safety with on deck crew requirements. Remember as ventilation in the cabin for the most part is poor, the risk is highest, so mask use by all down below is necessary. Consider decreasing the need to be down below, make sure everything is stored correctly, chance of messes is decreased, bags are closed, etc. The Head should be wiped down really after every use with wipes or cleaning spray and paper towel. As best as possible try to air out the cabin and head as much as possible given the conditions. Covid-19 Symptoms Symptoms can be highly varied but include: Classic: Difficulty breathing/shortness of breath Cough Fever (Temperature over 100.4 F) Not classic but common: Congestion Headache Sinus symptoms Vomiting and/or diarrhea. Fatigue Chills If at any time during the race a crew member has the above symptoms, isolate them as best as possible, everyone needs to use protection all the time. If someone becomes ill, withdraw from the race or other area where contact with others is possible and make way to an area with a hospital. Marc S Rosenthal, PhD, DO, FACEP, FAEMS Stargazer, 3839 GPSC Fleet Surgeon Emergency/EMS Physician Medical Physicist Attending Physician, Sinai-Grace Hospital/DMC Medical Director, Emergency Management and EMS, SGH/DMC Supervisory Medical Officer, DHHS/ASPR/EMMO/NDMS/DMAT MI-1 Assoc. Program Director, Wayne State EMS Fellowship Deputy Medical Director, Detroit East Medical Control Authority Chair, American College of Emergency Physicians, Disaster Preparedness and Response Committee
  7. REW

    Chicago Area III

    I remember when Bill Martin and Dave Irish used to double hand Stripes in the Huron Doublehanded Challenge about 20 years ago.
  8. REW

    Earl Lyden - Eight Bells

    I remember the evening I met Earl and Jim at Sarnia YC the night before the Huron DH challenge. Don’t remember the exact year but it had to be over 20 years ago. I had no idea then what great friends the Lyden’s and I would become and how many great adventures and times we would have together. Earl was simply the most gracious, generous and loving friend I could have asked for. I’ll will never forget! All my best to you and your family. Ron White
  9. REW

    Everglades Challenge 2020

    Andyman my tornado is for sale, pm me if interested. Lots of EC Mods, great boat lots of spares and tilt trailer. Aka SwampMonkee
  10. REW

    How many lines are on your boat?

    ORMA 60 Arete', this is just part of it....but who's counting?
  11. REW

    Arete' tri going for Chicago to Mac record

    We delayed two hours to allow the front to pass. The squalls were falling apart at the very south end of the lake(Chicago) but had we left 2 hours earlier we risked running into some pretty toothy stuff, keep in mind at 25 kt average we would have been 50 miles north and it looked pretty intense there When we would have been there. Also had the wind not started going right when we approached S Manitou we could have gone outside and had a better angle to Grays, also been in the lee of Beaver. If, if, if..... it was an expeience! Team can’t wait for another shot. REW
  12. REW

    Smyth Wingsail via Jim Brown

    While Jim didn't give a lot of detail to back his "revolutionary" comment, what I believe was exactly that is Randy accomplishment in the conditions that this race through at him. The hold back on wing sails in an offshore environment to date has been how to deal with it in big breeze. Randy certainly had that. I called him to congratulate on the accomplishment and he told me about a squall he sailed through with multiple water spouts. He said he didn't think he could have completed this race with his soft sail rig. He just said it to me, so he wasn't "selling". All around remarkable, and I can't wait to see the bigger incarnations. rew
  13. REW

    Chicago Area III

    I thought this was an anonymous forum? While the person making the statement may be Einsteins twin brother, my comment about CYC ever using a different rating rule for the Mac Race before ORR dies a slow death stands as written. Fast Laser is correct and is in a position to know, as am I. CYC has no obligation to stay with ORR, written or otherwise. There is never unanimity around rating rule selection and we have tried to run the race consistently and for what we think fairly handicaps the fleet that we have without relagating the old dogs to an uncompetitive status. We have also chosen to remove local political bias from the rating process, thus no PHRF. We don't not engineer the VPP. We do have a representative in the ORR committee and I am on the technical committee, we none of us controls the VPP. We care exclusively about the welfare of the race, not the welfare of the rule and at least up till now the ORR rule remains viable and growing, although slowly. Ron White Chief Measurer CYC Race to Mackinac
  14. REW

    New imoca boats

    Scale up Hugo Boss to Comanche's size and you'd have a boat that weighs 8 tons less and goes 15% faster. Comanche is essentially a giant 2005-era Volvo 70. The newest Open 60s are far different; they are actually innovative, pushing design and not just loads. Walk through them and you'll see what I mean. To me what's even more important to their cool factor is the fact that they actually go and sail around the world every two or four years, which is pretty cool regardless of what boat it is. Comanche seems to just get on a ship and go from one familiar event to another for a daysail and a party. Very cool for the guys getting the sweet day rates. Pretty dull to me. They may be innovative, but they also have a greater than 50% failure rate when it comes to sailing around the world. You're pushing the envelope, but you're not really advancing technology when your innovative design breaks apart the first time it's sailed in over 25 kts. of breeze. Oh, by the way, Comanche arrived in Antogua on her own bottom after knocking off a 500 NM 24 hr run with a delivery crew. Actually it was the race crew that delivered her from Charleston.
  15. REW

    Chicago Area III

    Winner....she was also beheaded. At least we can believe some things on the internet.