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  1. N2E a bust, Break up US Sailing

    Actually for the N2E race this is the requirement that the OA chose to adopt: At least 30% of those aboard the boat, but not fewer than two members of the crew, unless racing single handed, including the person in charge, shall have attended a half-day, one-day, or two- day US Sailing Safety at Sea Seminar within the last 5 years, including online courses when available, or other courses as accepted by US Sailing or other national authority. Not as you have described it. Also the one day course can now be completed on line. Someone else qustioned whether US SAS training meets any international standard and the two day course is certified ny World Sailing as meeting the 2 day training requirement required by many Ocean Races.
  2. Is Arete coming out to play? Ask for and review the multihull crew and safety requirements if so. Very different from the monohull requirements. Yes, we plan to, pending acceptanc. We've started the process.
  3. Everglades Challenge 2017

    My first was an ill fated solo attempt in a modified sea kayak, made it 170 miles and was absolutely shot. Shore support rescued me and took me to Key Largo. The next day Chainsaw and I hatched a plan to do it the following year on a Tornado..... Every one of them has posed unique "what are we doing here" challenges but always in retrospect we start looking forward to the next one. Hard to explain and translate the experience, just gotta do it. And, there is no such thing as to much planning, training and preparation. It's all part of the experience. rew SwampMonkee
  4. I did find the comment in the release a bit curious....the race is close reaching, not offwind.
  5. http://bermudarace.com/multihulls-welcomed-2018-newport-bermuda-race/ Really big ones anyway.......
  6. Smyth Wingsail via Jim Brown

    While Jim didn't give a lot of detail to back his "revolutionary" comment, what I believe was exactly that is Randy accomplishment in the conditions that this race through at him. The hold back on wing sails in an offshore environment to date has been how to deal with it in big breeze. Randy certainly had that. I called him to congratulate on the accomplishment and he told me about a squall he sailed through with multiple water spouts. He said he didn't think he could have completed this race with his soft sail rig. He just said it to me, so he wasn't "selling". All around remarkable, and I can't wait to see the bigger incarnations. rew
  7. Elvis wild have had to cut its elapsed time by approx 25%, not by half. I am also unaware of any PHRF single number system, let alone MASF, that bases ratings on 100% off wind content. Had there been upwind content in the conditions, it's a whole different result. Agree completely that it is a impossible task to rate multis that are vastly different fairly. We suffer from small disparate fleets that force mismatches, like trying to rate t10s against sleds. What I absolutely reject is the manner in which this was done. Just an unannounced change in the rating for the Havana race to -51 with no explanation. When questioned about it the reply was that the original change made us more competitive with the rest of the fleet. We appealed and it was revised to -91 for the Havana race. We didn't "take advantage" of anything. Joe appled for a rating, disclosed everything, and we went out and raced hard.. and won. And back to multihull ratings, we suffer through a lack of data, limited measurements if any, no consistency in haw sails get measured and nobody really seems to know what most multis actually weigh. I wish we had enough critical mass to support a full on measurement rule were every detail is fully disclosed and accurate and a VPP could be used determine course specific TOT ratings. That is an unattainable dream though at present. It's expensive to do and would kill participation.
  8. Miami to Havana Sleigh Ride Thread

    On peregrine about 15 miles E of Marathon we heard a very loud crack, took a while to investigate but we found that the deck under the forward edge of the masthead had crushed and the mast was pumping forward and the aft edge lifting about 1/2" with the runner boned on tight. With about 135 mi left to sail across the stream in winds that had built to low 20s it just wasn't prudent to continue. I can't speak for any others but we were there to race to a unique destination with a great group of friends. We didn't make the ultimate destination, but had a great experience non the less. We nailed the start at the gun and raced hard (on a cruising cat). Even caught some tuna and had fresh sushi during a light patch.....which is all way better than sitting at your computer and jerking off while criticizing others who are living the dream. And unlike Clean I don't drink enough to get hung over....I still get grumpy after some of the crap I read hear. Ron White Navigator Peregrine
  9. Everglades Challenge 2017

    Have been closely tracking Iron Bob & theJuice, Herculean effort. These two are amazing and I'm really going to miss BS'ing with them on the beach in KL this year. Also, already discussed, Randy's effort and proof of concept with the Wing was amazing in these conditions. Saw a great video of him sailing into the finish with the soft section hoisted about 2/3. REW
  10. Everglades Challenge 2017

    No stashes. Supplies are carried for the duration...other than water which is refilled at CP's or wherever one chooses. Stops anywhere are allowed and cash and credit cards can be spent. Only thing we've ever bought are ice cream bars, and the best "lousy" cheeseburger in the world at Flamingo checkpoint. It's one of those gut bombs that you cook in the microwave, but after 250 miles it's a feast. rew
  11. Illinois Stupid Law Time

    Indiana is taking business.
  12. Everglades Challenge 2017

    We gave a sea turtle a migraine heading int flamingo. Took a chunk out of a centerboard and had to jury rig some purchase to the board to get it in stuck. Don't really know how the turtle faired.
  13. Everglades Challenge 2017

    MLT Between your comments about sailing down the coast on a beach cat and the AI being too easy I am not sure you really get the difficulty of this event....in anything. From the Start to Cape Haze is usually the easy part. After that it gets progressively more difficult and as miles and fatigue pile up it only continues to get tougher. The current and tidal flow In and out of Choko is brutal. There was one 300 yard stretch up current three years ago that took us two hours to get through after too many aborted attempts to count. Get stuck at low tide and jump off up to your thighs in MUCK and push, then get free jump on and sail for 20 feet and get stuck again......Then finally get to open water and punch upwind offshore overnight on your beach cat in 6 to 8 foot waves while telling yourself while your partner is trying to snooze that this really was a good idea, over and over again. I don't say any of this to discourage you or anyone else. Do your homework and select a boat and train hard....nothing can adequately prepare you for the event other than the event itself....and the satisfaction of getting the tooth and knowing what you did to yourself to get it is better than any other sailing trophy you can win.......ever! SwampMonkey 4 attempts, two finishes (with Chainsaw)
  14. For some added perspective: Peregrine was sailed by a highly experienced crew, 3 from the ORMA 60 Arete, a Transpac and R2Ak finisher, and the owner has been racing for years. The boat is new to racing, not the crew. Also the owner/crew worked very hard to get the boat ready for the race. Peregrine sailed 35 to 40 miles less distance than the 2 gunboats. At points it appears to me they were both nudging into the gulfstram, Peregrine never did. Look at the tracker and count the jibes for Peregrine relative to the gunboats. The race was 100% downwind and the breeze started at 12 to 15 kts and maintained or built for the duration of the race. True wind direction was also consistent for the duration. This race was scored TOD. Had it been scored TOT (as the Havana Race is) Peregrine would have been second by 1hr 15min. This race should be scored TOT as any race with a wide dispersion of ratings within a small class. IRC, ORC, ORR all use TOT or a variation of it (like performace curve). Multihulls racing TOD is intuitively dull Had there been any upwind content the boat would struggle to sail to her rating, not so with the gunboats. The boat has no daggerboards, has 14 foot long (fore to aft) very wide keels, and inefficient rudders (small barn doors). Typical PHRF ratings should have significant upwind content baked in (as much as 50 %). This race was 100% in peregrines sweet spot and that isn't upwind. I hesitated posting this because the owner was hit with a massive rating adjustment after the race, which we have appealed. It is pending. All of this info and more has been provided to the rating committee. I was the Navigator for the KW race and will serve the same role for the Havana race. We don't know what the correct rating is and never suggested one before. We do feel we deserved to win for the previously stated reasons. We sailed a perfect race for the boat and pushed it hard. The proposed adjustment would make it impossible to compete in any race. Ron White Navigator Arete' - USA 8 Peregrine
  15. Which boat are you racing on? Which boat are you racing on?