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  1. I think if you have the up to date paid subscription to the Navionics charts, it works. Last year it worked on my e125, but this year when my 1 year subscription expired it did not. I'm really not super impressed with that as I'd rather select my own route and check it zoomed in when I'm complete. I actually do route planning with OpenCPN and save the GPX files to a MicroSD card for reading by the MFD. It's much easier with the mouse and keyboard rather than fat fingering and dragging on the MFD display keyboard/screen.
  2. Been busy with deliveries - heading to Stonington today for Off Soundings tomorrow... patrese gives good guidance here on the split bus combination, and S/W updates. If you have a friend with a newer series Raymarine MFD, you can update the S/W on the X5 and Seatalk to NG converter there. Easiest if you download the updates to a Micro SD card and bring it with you. Then just connect all the stuff on the existing Seatalk NG bus for that MFD.
  3. That should be pinned as a classic post by jack! You may want to try the all Seatalk network with the breakout cable connected to the X5, and no NG stuff going to the X5 or Seatalk 2 port on the C80 before buying NG control head jack recommended. It is a much less expensive solution.
  4. What Jack says is a good check, but I think the C80 is too old and the S/W doesn't support for NMEA 2000 over the Seatalk 2 bus. I faced that problem with my old C70. If Jack's approach works, declare victory! Otherwise - try what I describe in my previous post. On your question of Seatalk and Seatalk NG from the same Raymarine connector, you could probably make a custom breakout cable that has both. You would need to get one of the Raymarine Setalk NG cables and cut off one end, then split the cable to break out the necessary signals. Since the Seatalk bus is already powered in your system, you would only need two wires for Seatalk from the breakout cable (Seatalk Signal and the return or shield).
  5. Jack - I was going by the Raymarine installation manual at this link. See page 27 where it shows the 5 pin Seatalk 2 connector. That is what I had on my old C70 also.
  6. just checking from the above post - with NG and no Seatalk, the 6002 gets speed, WP data, etc, but no wind. I just want to make sure you are getting some data from NG to the X5. If the answer is yes - then either the Raymarine documentation is wrong (wouldn't be the first time I've found that), or you have a faulty X5 computer. The other way to get Wind to the X5 is via the Seatalk bus. The i60 is one of the instruments that has both Seatalk and Seatalk NG on the same connector. The proprietary Raymarine Seatalk NG connector has an additional pin that includes the Seatalk signal in addition to the NMEA 2000 bus. Raymarine sells a Seatalk NG to 3pin Seatalk adapter cable. You would connect this cable from the i60 to the Seatalk network input that is attached to the X5, with no NG connection to the X5. That may be the best solution since you have the older C80 MFD in the loop. The C series classic MFD had Seatalk2 which was not NMEA 2000 certified and was a precursor to the Seatalk NG. I had problems with an old C70 and C90W trying to get the Seatalk2 to share data with the NMEA 2000 bus, and that was one of the many reasons I updated to the newer e series displays.
  7. For consideration on a future edition - add a NMEA 2000 port and do translation between NMEA 0183 sentences and and NMEA 2000 PGNs. Kind of like having an Actisense NGW-1 and Wifi all at once. I recognize the NMEA 2000 requires you to pay a King's ransom to get their specification but there is plenty of open source data on some conversions already done. Maybe build a library that people can add to for conversions they develop so they can be selectively added to the devices function.
  8. regarding the SeatlakNG to NMEA2000 cable question - yes! Raymaine sells them too (West Marine link).
  9. I have wind data from my Nexus system (RS485 bus) converted to NMEA2000 via a Garmin GND10. There is s Seatalk to SeatalkNG converter that sends all the NMEA2000 data (including wind, speed, GPS etc.) to a Raymarine S1G course computer over Seatalk. Since this works on my system, I would think the X5 course computer which is newer than the S1G would take the wind data via SeatalkNG.
  10. Can you make sure that the Seatalk connection is disconnected the X5 so only the ST6002 is connected to the X5 Course computer via Seatalk? I want to see what happens with just the SeatalkNG connection feeding system data to the course computer - look at the ST6002 and cycle through the various pages to make sure heading, depth, speed, etc. are being accepted over SeatalkNG. If that is not the case, then there is a problem with your SeatalkNG connection to the X5. If that works, more troubleshooting to do....
  11. Send me a PM - I may be able to point him in the right direction. I'm one of the 20 registered.
  12. You can cut off the end of a Seatalk NG cable and wire it directly
  13. That sounds like the same type as on my J/109 which uses a Sailtec Model -10 Custom-109.
  14. Get some G10 tube from McMaster Carr sized for your fastener diameter. You can drill through the rudder and epoxy the G10 tube cut so it is flush in place. Sand the ends flush after the epoxy cures. The G10 tube provides a great surface for compression so the fasteners can be tightened without concern about crushing the rudder core, and the epoxy seal prevents any water intrusion.
  15. WHK now that sale is over things I were looking at on-line are now back to normal pricing at around 10% more than MAP and with no reference to MAP in checkout anymore. Jack - For an example go to the search box and enter Raymarine or Standard Horizon. You'll see a list of items that all have "Minimum Advertised Pricing". Those would all be in the agreement. You need to add to cart to see the price that Defender will charge you. That is what I meant in my original post. Anything they offer that is covered by an agreement would display in that fashion.