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  1. Standing rigging: pressed-in pin?

    Rather than going at it with a hammer, use a C-Clamp with a socket on one side that allows the pin to pass through it. On the other side, use a socket that fits over the pin but inside the hole. Then you can push the pin out by tightening the c-clamp. Kind of like a portable hydraulic press, except it isn't hydraulic. For the replacement, you should be able to reuse it if the pin is not damaged. Maybe put some blue Loctite on it to keep it in place when it sets. Just start it by tapping in place and use the c-clamp to set the rest of the way. That way you don't mushroom the end of the pin.
  2. California Boating Card

    +1 ^^^ I teach the course in RI where the Department of Environmental Management administers the program and issues the cards. You can take the course online, then take the test at DEM, or take the test from any person authorized by RI DEM to administer the test. The National Association of State Boating Law Administrators sets standards that states adhere to for the curriculum. Thus if you get a card in one state, you are able to use that as a valid card in any state. There may be some unique requirements (e.g. local laws & statutes) that you may want to check out for a state that you visit. The rental and racing exclusions are also in the RI laws. I never figured out why there is a rental exclusion in any state - that is a hole that should be plugged! The card is required for anyone born after 1986 who operates a vessel with more than 10hp. It is required for anyone who operates a PWC (jet ski).
  3. Forum Software Reccomendations

    The J/109 site uses Wordpress as the base. The phpBB3 forum was setup to mimic the look of the basic site, but they are separate applications. I'm looking to upgrade phpBB3 on the J/109 site to get the capabilities I've listed in the original post. WYSIWYG has been promised for a while with phpBB but I haven't seen it yet. I may brute force a single sign on system using the phpBB3 login as the basis. The current system used on the rest of the site is home grown by the original site developer and has some issues. I looked for an integrated phpBB3 and Wordpress solution a couple years back, but didn't find a good one. Perhaps I should look again. Do you know of any? I've also used Prestashop for some eCommerce stuff on both sites. It also has a good login system that I may use for single sign on.
  4. What is a good forum software package? I'm looking to upgrade our existing site that uses phpBB3 open source. I've run a few websites that also have forums. The two sailing related sites I run that have forums are the J/30 Class and J/109 Class. The J/30 Class uses ubbthreads 7.6.0. I'm looking for a forum that will allow import of the existing content from phpBB3 so we don't loose any posts. Here are some of the attributes of the new forum desired: import existing phpBB3 forum content (users, posts, forums, etc.) WYSIWYG Editor Ability to post photos with files and links RSS or Atom feed so most recent post info can be displayed on website front page Able to integrate a single sign on login across the website with other applications requiring sign in Email notifications of watched post, forums, etc. Customizable themes to get consistent look and feel with rest of website Anti-spam measures Uses mysql database Runs on PHP 5.5, 5.6, or 7 Hosted on our own Linux server Anyone have any experience setting up and running a forum that meets these needs?
  5. Vin - no argument from me on that.... We should start his campaign committee!
  6. Bottom line as presented by Gary Jobson at the Newport City Council Meeting - Existing facility in Annapolis would be difficult to expand. Cost to build new would be expensive. Newport has proposed the existing Armory building on lower Thames NSHOF having surveys done on cost to adapt for desired use including some office space and museum display facilities NSHOF seen as complementary to existing sailing legacy and infrastructure in Newport NSHOF has $2.1M in bank (some earmarked to programs) and is debt free NSHOF is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization Some discussion, questions and comments from the peanut gallery after the presentation. Most who spoke seemed supportive, with a few concerned curmudgeons on the tax impact / benefit to Newport. Brad Read spoke eloquently about how NSHOF would complement Sail Newport, not compete with - he should be Mayor of Newport!
  7. Gary Jobson is doing intro on NSHOF. States problem in Naptown is raising money to build facility on water. Too hard for me to post pix with file size limit.
  8. I know there have been denials in the Annapolis press, but there is a Newport City Council hearing tonight (18 October 2017) with an open forum to discuss this topic. Below is an email I received from a local group that supports this. Please discuss amongst yourselves......
  9. Adhesive Recommendations

    You obviously have never flown a code zero on a J/109......
  10. 3Di Nordac

    I can confirm they would pass a 1 year warranty period just fine!
  11. 3Di Nordac

    Was that the sail you used in the Mitchell Regatta to BI? I used my old 135% 17 year old dacron sail along with its similar aged full baten cruising main.... Missed the performance of my 3DI NORDAC 145% genoa.
  12. J/88

    The Triton 2 displays use standard NMEA 2000 Micro - C connectors which can be sealed watertight. There is no separate power feed as they are pretty low power and get feed power from the N2K bus. Use the molded connectors, the rubber o-ring in the connector and put a dab of dielectric grease on the connector end before mating with the display. The open back mast mounts should work fine.
  13. Mike Pence

    Actually he used it in multiple songs. Here it is Camarillo Brillo... He was a fukin brilliant musician!
  14. J105 Pushpit

    Waterline/US Watercraft has a foreclosure auction scheduled on 11 November. I would hold off ordering from them.
  15. Nexus Classic Instrument problems/fixes

    Probably the best thing to do would be get the Garmin GND10 black box and Garmin/Nexus wired wind transducer. The bearings in your wind transducer are probably shot. The replacement setup will put the wind data of the Nexus bus (4 wire interface you reference). It also will give you a NMEA 2000 bus to interface other stuff in the future. My guess is the depth transducer finally died from age. If you install the GND10, you could install a depth transducer with a NMEA 2000 interface. Do you have the 43 or 52mm transducer?