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  1. HDTV Antenna Anarachy

    On Aquidneck Island I cut the Cox TV & DirecTV cord and have one of these Mohu 60 antennas installed in the attic that I got at Best Buy. I get Boston, Providence and a few outlier stations with excellent picture quality. You'll need to play with aligning the direction to optimize reception - did that with my wife at the TV and me on a cell phone in the attic to position it. I just use Cox for high speed internet since Verizon never built out Aquidneck Island with FIOS. With a subscription to Netflix and Amazon Prime at a fraction of the cost I get 98% of everything I want. Unfortunately I have not found a way to get NESN so I miss a bunch of the Red Sox games.
  2. Mr. NautiGirl is fortunate to have a spouse like you! Condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Spiers.
  3. +1^^^ I bid on some tools but researched before the auction using eBay prices as a comparison. Most of the stuff I wanted went for more than I could get it on eBay. There were some small businesses bidding with shopping lists to outfit their shops with decent size lots of tools and supplies who did quite well.
  4. US Watercraft/Waterline in receivership?

    I spoke to Randy on the way out of the auction yesterday. He has a leased a facility in Davisville (Quonset Pt). He did try and get a small portion of the old TPI facility to lease but the landlord wasn't interested in leasing a small space.
  5. Hull number? I can look
  6. Replacing the rod rigging on Southern Star

    +1^^^ The rod ends are what is most subject to failure. Cracks, corrosion, etc where you can't see it on the cold heads. I had a complete rig inspection done last year on my 2005 J/109 that I purchased in 2013. The PO never did an inspection. Ended up replacing D1s and V1s.
  7. Granddaughter is here with cute pic attached! I'll be at the auction today. PM me if you want me to check on anything. I did make it on Thursday too and can confirm that the Alerion line was purchased by Peter Johnstone. There were no others bidding on the remaining lines. I also saw the file cabinets with folders for every boat built at TPI/Pearson Composites. Snapped a photo of my J/109 build file. Not too much in it that I didn't already know. The real data is in the old mainframe system. I'm trying to find out where that is going. The auctioneer didn't have a clue. He said J/Boats should have that data. I spoke to Jeff J and they definitely do not have the builder's build data.
  8. Any Anarchists planning on attending the auction tomorrow? I had planned on going but my daughter just headed to the hospital to deliver our first grandchild. I think my wife and I will be taking a trip up to Boston tomorrow to see the new family addition, rather than going to the auction. If anyone is going, please pm me so I can ask a favor to be on the lookout for the disposition of where some molds end up.
  9. Fair my hull's barrier coat "bumps" with filler? Or?

    You shouldn't shortcut the barrier coat and prep as it provides osmosis protection. Use an orbital with 80 grit and get it relatively smooth. When done, vacuum and wipe it down with acetone. Fill any deep marks with epoxy and a squeegee. Light sand, wipe down, then 4 coats of Interprotect 2000e using the directions for coverage/temperature and cure times on the can. No - Interprotect 2000e will not fill the voids. You need to start with a relatively faired surface.
  10. Zincs going fast. 12V back feeding?

    What Jack says here. Some will install an item on the boat and instead of using a DC return back to the bus bar at the power panel will tie it with a shorter wire to something located closer on the bonding system, thus causing a DC current to flow through the bonding system. This can cause a DC potential that will eat zincs. Look for anything like that, should options be installed by the previous owner after it left the factory. The DC bonding system should be treated like the AC ground system - that is no current is supposed to pass through the ground under normal circumstances. Even though the AC return (White wire) and ground (Green wire) are at the same potential, all return current from the AC hot (Black wire) should flow through the return (white wire). GFI outlets sense when there is an imbalance with return currents flowing through the ground (green wire). The same principle holds true for the DC system and the boat's bonding system. The bonding system on the J/92 should be at the potential of the negative terminal of the 12V battery, but no current should be flowing through the bonding system. One common failure is lighting and antennas on the mast. If a light socket has a faulty DC return that touches the mast, current will flow through the bonding system on the mast. You don't have a carbon rig, but the VHF antenna mounted on the mast needs to be isolated so the outside of the coax connector and any metal associated with the antenna system is not in contact with the mast - the return currents will cause electrolysis on the mast. A good check is to disconnect the bonding system at the engine, battery switch off and all loads on, then measure the resistance between the engine and bonding system lead. If you see anything less than a few hundred K ohms, start cycling the breakers and see what is tied to the bonding system. With you're keel compromised, while in the water the seawater will provide a leakage path, so if you may want to do this on the hard. If you do it in the water, most likely you'll see a connection through the seawater between the prop and your keel being exposed.
  11. Zincs going fast. 12V back feeding?

    J/Boats put out this Best Practices - Corrosion technical bulletin. If any of the lead is exposed on the keel, you create and continue to have a problem. When you haul, the keel really needs to be stripped to bare shiny metal and thoroughly barrier coated. If you are on a mooring and not connected to shore power, it is doubtful that there is an AC source problem. More likely an issue with the DC bonding system. You can get a silver/silver-chloride (Ag/AgCl) reference electrode and a good high impedance DVM to measure the potential and relative corrosion status of exposed metal on your boat. Read this procedure that comes with the Salty Doggs Reference Electrode. Here is another source for the reference electrode. The J/92 manual on page 21 shows the bonding system for places you should check. Another precaution is to use one of the clip on zincs suspended overboard that has a good connection to the grounding system. I use one on my J/109 because I want to make sure the aluminum sail drive is thoroughly protected. I checked the pushpit connection to the bonding system and confirmed a low resistance connection when the boat was on the hard. I just clip the zinc on the pushpit when at the dock.
  12. Spinnaker cloth Airx v Superkote

    Not a sailmaker, but they do post weights on their website.... https://www.contendersailcloth.com/product/superlite-superkote/ Edit: nevermind. I just reread your post and you indicated Superkote 60.
  13. 1/2" seacocks?

    No problem using Marelon on top of bronze. Why not install a Marelon secock if you are replacing anyway? That way there is no chance of corrosion, and there are enough boats out there with them that have proven the durability and reliability. It could be the photo, but isn't that threaded adapter on the top 5/8" or 3/4" on the threads? It looks like a larger diameter than the 1/2" barb.
  14. Standing rigging: pressed-in pin?

    Rather than going at it with a hammer, use a C-Clamp with a socket on one side that allows the pin to pass through it. On the other side, use a socket that fits over the pin but inside the hole. Then you can push the pin out by tightening the c-clamp. Kind of like a portable hydraulic press, except it isn't hydraulic. For the replacement, you should be able to reuse it if the pin is not damaged. Maybe put some blue Loctite on it to keep it in place when it sets. Just start it by tapping in place and use the c-clamp to set the rest of the way. That way you don't mushroom the end of the pin.
  15. California Boating Card

    +1 ^^^ I teach the course in RI where the Department of Environmental Management administers the program and issues the cards. You can take the course online, then take the test at DEM, or take the test from any person authorized by RI DEM to administer the test. The National Association of State Boating Law Administrators sets standards that states adhere to for the curriculum. Thus if you get a card in one state, you are able to use that as a valid card in any state. There may be some unique requirements (e.g. local laws & statutes) that you may want to check out for a state that you visit. The rental and racing exclusions are also in the RI laws. I never figured out why there is a rental exclusion in any state - that is a hole that should be plugged! The card is required for anyone born after 1986 who operates a vessel with more than 10hp. It is required for anyone who operates a PWC (jet ski).