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  1. Bottom line up front: I setup my boat crew management site online using Wordpress. The site is up and running and I want to know if there is interest in re-coding this to a free or low cost Wordpress Plugin. If so, I need help from someone with Wordpress plugin experience. Read on this long post to learn more..... I'm resurrecting an old thread about the same topic that has been archived here with a related thread here. In summary - many have tried various online solutions to manage their boat and crew for scheduling. Some of the solutions mentioned include: Shared Spreadsheet including Google Docs Spreadsheet Google Calendar Sail Team by Compete-At (discontinued) TTSail (was a free site that is now discontinued) SailFastChicago.com - a google sheet implementation Crew Control - (had some bad press in this post) Teamer.net Facebook - (e.g. setup a closed group) Teamsnap.com (free and paid subscriptions to get most features needed) I started with a spreadsheet that was mailed around in 2004 to the crew members, then in 2008 discovered TTSail that offered most everything I wanted, including a public website. TTSail was discontinued in 2014 without any notice. I transitioned to Teamsnap because it had most of the features I wanted (including a public side of the site). In order to get the features I wanted, I paid an $80 per year subscription. In late 2016, Teamsnap started having problems site wide with script kiddies inserting malware in comment posts allowed on a team's page. They responded by removing the post comments feature. This sucked becuase it was where we would post after race comments to share with the crew. A few months later, Teamsnap announced that they would only allow users logged in to access the site. This was a bummer for those of us who also wanted to have a public site to display results and photos. The final season for me to use Teamsnap was 2017. I distributed a Google sheets link with the 2018 schedule to my crew so they could indicate who is available for what. That brings me to where I am today. Since I maintain some websites for many of the organizations I serve as a volunteer, I have some web development experience. Here are some of the sites I setup (or helped others) based on Wordpress: J/30 Class Association Coasters Harbor Navy YC Narragansett Bay Yachting Association The Twenty Hundred Club J/109 Class Association My disclaimer - I am a retired EE and not a software engineer. I develop spaghetti code, I'm not a real disciplined programmer. I thought it might be time to bite the bullet and cobble together exactly what I needed. I have up and running the J/109 Vento Solare Team Website that I am just rolling out to my crew. The site is based on the following stuff, all which is free: Wordpress Graphene 2 theme All in One Event Calendar Plugin Google Apps Login Google Apps Embedder User Role Editor Tide Graph Since the site is based on Wordpress I can give it the look and feel for most anything I want to include on various pages. It will probably change over time as I play with it and get feedback from the crew, but for now it has the following: A home page with a slider that will display recent or selected posts A page "About the Boat" where there is a little history and boat specs A Calendar page - this is full featured using the free plugin Crew pages (require login to be visible) where crew can set their availability for events, crew can see assignments (e.g. Bill brings beer, Mary brings snacks), Team roster with contact info Skipper Admin page - this is where for each event the skipper (or designee) can assign crew members to positions, indicate what color shirts to wear. and what to bring Weather - a cool interactive weather map from windy.com A Links page for many of the related sailing websites I go to A Photos page - this has links to photos people post for events Sidebar widgets with next 5 events, local tide graph and Windalert forecasts for some local sites My next task is to get email notification functioning - both manually initiated and automatic 24 hours before an event. For the techies - all the custom code is placed in a single file (functions.php) in a child theme. Custom styles are in the style.css file in the child theme). I tried to use generic Wordpress functions in PHP so the code would be transportable to other websites without changes (e.g. no hard coded links). Below are the specs I assembled and where I stand on each (red text not completed yet): 1. People Entry section (People Login with an account): Allows people to enter their profile to include: Name, email address, mobile phone number, shirt size, weight, ISAF Number, ISAF Class 2. Schedule Entry Section (Admin Access Only): Allows me to enter regattas with the following information: Regatta Name, Regatta type dropdown (OD, Spin (default), Non-spin), Regatta Start Date, Regatta Stop date (defaults to Start date and multiple dates selected automatically populates the schedule for multiple dates), Dock Time, Location of Boat for Dock Time (defaults to Navy Marina Slip A49), Link for Regatta, Pre-regatta comment Field, Recurring regatta schedule - if checked allows selection of periodicity (daily or weekly) and the number of times repeated. Post regatta designation checkbox (will control public display for the following fields) ,Post Regatta Comment Field, Result (text field), Link to regatta result 3. People Assignment to Regattas (Admin Access Only): Admin screen that allows assignment of people to regattas with the following options: Match a crew member to a position. Defined positions can be from a dropdown to include the following: Bow, Mast, Jib 1, Jib 2, Spinnaker, Pit, Main, Helm, Trim 1, Trim 2, Trim 3, Sewer, Snacktician, Crew 1, Crew 2, Crew 3, Crew 4, Crew 5, Crew 6, Crew 7, Training 1, Training 2, Training 3, Training 4 (this was modified from original spec and can be defined by the Skipper in the admin section) Check box to designate Tactician to any position assigned above if not a dedicated person Text box to indicate person responsible for beverages and snacks- can assign to multiple people and list what to bring Button for admin to email crew with text box to enter subject field (Defaults to Skipper's Message about Regatta Name, Regatta Date) , and another text box for message 4. People Regatta Schedule with Crew Availability (Requires member login): People can login and select a page that provides a regatta matrix for the season (current calendar year) with their desires / assignments Columns are Regatta Date (all dates on repeating are populated in list), Crew position desired, Crew Position Assigned, Beverages & Snacks Assigned Rows are chronological with these fields Date, Regatta Name, Dock Location, Crew Position (selectable dropdown defaults to blank), Crew Position Assigned, Beverages & Snacks Assigned (text) 5. Regatta Calendar Display: Displays the regatta schedule with selectable view as weekly, monthly or agenda type list. Logged in crew members can select the default view and see any view. When a person mouses over a regatta it will pop up the regatta info that includes: Regatta Name, Regatta Type, Regatta Date, Dock Time, Boat Location. If Regatta is clicked on and Post Regatta designation field is not set, a page will open to display: Regatta Name, Regatta Type, Regatta Date, Dock Time, Boat Location, Link for Regatta, Pre-regatta comment Field, Crew members assigned in tabular manner Titles are Name, Tactician, Crew Position, Beverages, Snacks - with a row for each name followed by, X Tactician designation, assigned crew position, X designating beverages, X designating snacks If Post Regatta designation checkbox is checked, mouse over regatta displays Regatta Name, Regatta Type, Result If Regatta is clicked on and Post Regatta designation field is set, a page will open to display: Regatta Name, Regatta Type, Regatta Date, Post Regatta Comment Field, Result (text field), Link to regatta result Crew members assigned in tabular manner Titles are Name, Tactician, Crew Position, Beverages, Snacks - with a row for each name followed by, X Tactician designation, assigned crew position, X designating beverages, X designating snacks So - any thoughts on whether this should be turned into a Wordpress portable plug-in? Business model thoughts Leave "as-is" and make available to whoever wants it - requires detailed web and Wordpress knowledge Transition to a Wordpress Plug-in - make it easy to install, activate, deactivate and uninstall Develop a users manual (crew use, skipper setup, skipper management) - note that there has to be some minimal level of knowledge using Wordpress and the associated free plug-ins offer a hosting service - paid subscriptions to cover costs plus a little more other?
  2. State registration display boards?

    +1 on USCG documentation. The ninety day requirement is usually tied to tax statutes as state registrations are usually part of a revenue enhancement program for a state. Many states have state registration requirements. In Rhode Island the catch 22 is registered boats are exempt from paying property tax in accordance with Rhode Island General Law 44-3-3 (a) 22 - Title 44 Taxation, chapter 44-3 Property Subject to Taxation. A boat not registered is subject to taxation. The additional irony is the regulation states "Motorboats" as the requirement but defines a motorboat to include sailboats! When you go to the referenced definitions in RIGL 46-22-2 -Title 46 Waters & Navigation, chapter 46-22 Regulation of Boats, chapter 46-22-2 Definitions paragraph (2) "Motorboat" means any vessel whether or not the vessel is propelled by machinery. For purposes of this chapter, motorboat shall not include houseboats as defined in § 44-5-25.1, canoes, and rowboats twelve feet (12') in length or less. Chapter 46-22-4 - Identification number and registration fee paragraph (b) "The owner of any motorboat already covered by an identification number, in full force and effect, which has been awarded to it pursuant to then operative federal law or a federally approved numbering system of another state, shall record the number with the department of environmental management prior to operating the motorboat on the waters of this state in excess of the ninety (90) day reciprocity period provided for in § 46-22-6(a). The recordation shall be in the manner and subject to the procedure and fees required for the award and transfer of a number under subsections (a) and (c) through (i), except that no additional or substitute number shall be issued."
  3. Gouv - I read that some paints have the metallic content in the paint that "oxidize" when exposed to air, thus the need to launch within a short period after painting, or the need to scuff the surface. Thread hijack here....Do you have any suggestions for VC Offshore? I usually light sand the old stuff with 80 grit, then roll VC Offshore thinned 20%, followed by wet sanding 320, 400, 600, bronze wool burnish. This is an annual event in Narragansett Bay (salt water). I still haven't found the best roller where the VC doesn't dissolve the rollers. Each roller lasts about 5 minutes and then is tossed.
  4. Garmin Instruments - Any Experience

    That is a very impressive article about the instrument upgrade! You have "artists and professionals" demonstrating high quality craftsmanship in the photos. It will be interesting to read your posts in the future about using the instruments once Blur is back in the water again.
  5. Garmin Instruments - Any Experience

    Blur - why not use the existing Garmin transducer with the B&G? I assume you are installing the H5000 which should be able to accept the analog output of the GST43 sensor directly. Much less work and probably a sensor with better performance than the Airmar due to the larger paddlewheel on the Garmin. I took your suggestion and mounted the Garmin GST43 housing on a friends J/109 similar to the way you had it on Blur. The picture below doesn't do show the profile well but you can see the fairing compound sanded for the speed on the centerline, old speed hole plugged and faired, and the depth faired.
  6. Defender's Warehouse Sale

    BJ - It is Thursday-Sunday 22 - 25 March per this link
  7. The manual for the Seafrost BD is available on the J/109 Website if you want to look at it - Seafrost Model BD Refrigerator AIR – 1/1/2010
  8. Slug - do you know if these are available as retrofit for existing systems? For the OP - my J/109 has a Seafrost BD system - the compressor sits in the aft lazarette with insulated freon piping running about 10 feet to the cold plate in the galley. It works well. I keep a thermometer on the shelf and have determined where the temperature control knob can be set so it keeps the reefer at ~ 40 degrees. The control knob and sensor are on a panel at the top of the cold plate. The cold plate in the J/109 configuration has two traditional ice cube trays hung vertically between the cold plate and the rest of the reefer. You need to be careful when packing the reefer so that only stuff you want frozen is up against the cold plate or ice cube trays (definitely not beer - don't ask how I know ).
  9. More Teachers Behaving Badly

    Better pic from here...
  10. Defender's Warehouse Sale

    Defender and Garmin parted ways a few years ago. You'll be happy with the deals that are available with other manufacturers there for the sale. I have personally gotten some deep discounts on Raymarine and B&G stuff at previous sales. For the stinkpot Simrad is the Navico branded stuff with the same hardware as B&G and might be something you should look at.
  11. rolling VC Offshore

    Are these the rollers you use? I am looking for something that works with VC Offshore better than the Redtree foam rollers used in the past. The ArrowWorthy 9PFME Pro-line foam rollers worked a little longer, but they last about 5 minutes and then the adhesive holding the foam dissolves.
  12. Defender's Warehouse Sale

    I'll probably go with friends on Thursday 22nd or Friday 23rd. Fortunately I have all the supplies and boat project upgrades done for this off season so anything I spend will be an impulse buy. That hasn't stopped me before from walking out with the wallet 1 grand thinner. Gotta get some of those gourmet hot dogs in the garage followed by a stop at the pub. Here is the linky for the 2018 Defender Warehouse Sale Thursday-Sunday 22-25 March. dacapo - pm me if you have that old Nexus server you want to part with.
  13. Over heating Yanmar 3QM30H

    When you turn off the engine, make sure that you cool it down first by running it at idle with no load for about 5 minutes. This will take the residual heat out of the block. There is a potential that if you shut down the engine after it has been running under load and the cooling water stops flowing that you start to boil the coolant and create a bubble because of the significant residual heat built up in the block. This is more common on raw water cooled engines but still possible on fresh water cooling. It is also just a good practice to cool down a marine engine before shutting it down. Try it and see if that makes a difference.
  14. I have to give a shout out here to Allen. He has done some amazing things with the systems on his boat. He also has a website L-36.com with valuable information for all sailors. Allen - thanks for the great contribution to this post and your website!
  15. If you are interested in easy interfacing of the existing sensors. the Raymarine ITC-5 will allow you to use the existing sensors and put the data on the N2k bus. The Raymarine ITC-5 has the proprietary Seatalk NG connectors. You would need to take a Seatlak NB bus cable, cut it and wire in a NMEA 2000 field installable connector. I did this on a friends boat to eliminate the ST60 displays that were replaced with B&G T41 Triton displays and a B&G chart plotter.