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  1. WHK

    Another overheating Yanmar 2GM

    Eventually - you will want to pull the heads and you'll see the cooling passages have closed up. I rebuilt the raw water cooled 2GM on my previous J/30 in the winter of 2006-2007. Check out the blog post I setup with photos.
  2. The Vulcan does not have NMEA-0183 and the GX2200 does not have NMEA-2000. You need a NMEA-0183 to NMEA-2000 Gateway that handles AIS such as the Yacht Devices YDNG-03.
  3. I've only been able to manually xfer to the MicroSD card. I can send an active route from Expedition to the Zeus.
  4. Let me know if this works well with manual uploaded Gribs. I use the free NOAA gribs - usually GFS 0.25 1 Hour and NAMS Conus hires for Expedition and do all my routing with polars and sail plan there. I've been happy using Expedition on the Surface Pro 4 at the Nav station. Have you figured out how to upload files to the MicroSD card via WiFi (or hard wired Ethernet)? If so, that would be a great breakthrough I've been looking for.
  5. Yeap - Navionics has an "upgrade" they sell with a USB card reader, an SD Card adapter for a MicroSD Card and a MicroSD card that has the Navionics copy protection on it. You log into their website and insert the old card, then once it validates the old card, you plug in the new card and download the charts you want. Not as expensive as purchasing outright - I think the upgrade is ~ $99.
  6. Same answer as Slick on the charts - Zeus came with C-Map and I had chip from my e97 Raymarine plotter that I kept.. I actually like the Navionics charts look on the screen better. I use the free NOAA charts on Expedition.
  7. Correct - it is whatever the Verizon branded Android system was shipped with.
  8. I've got an older Android tablet in a clear dry bag that a crew member had. It is at least 5 years old - one that Verizon offered but it doesn't have the cellular subscription activated so use it WiFi only. I did see the Zeus 3 SSID on WiFi and was able to enter the password and connect with similar "no internet" messages. It's been so long since this was setup that I forget the exact sequence used. Next time at the boat I can check what model and version of Android OS it has.
  9. Yes - those are based on the current models included in the Zeus. They are not used in any Zeus calculations and are for display only. They are very helpful but you'll find local knowledge of reverse eddys, choke points and current shadows from land forms and islands. Racing on the Chesapeake with its light air can make a big difference if you pay attention to the current and use it to your advantage.
  10. To get meaningful data I would say yes, but the answer is no. You should be able to select other options in the Zeus to show the laylines. If you don't have a method to handle the local currents (delta between GPS sensors and boat sensors speed/heading) you have an error. Wind shifts are not detected either. I've got a Hercules processor and it uses polars for my sail plan along with all the sensor inputs. The port and stbd laylines are shown as cones. Statistically if the data isn't varying (e.g. wind data is consistent) the cone will be narrower meaning a high probability the layline is good. Wide cones are a crap shoot because if the wind continues to change, you may over or under shoot the mark.
  11. I think that the only thing that checking "race" on the course settings (same page that has the show / hide option) is it provides an option to show what direction to pass a mark. I found it handy for weeknight races that use fixed marks and create courses on the fly to do the following: Create the waypoints in advance using a consistent format such as Mark C being a special race mark is JYCC-SRM, Mark V being Green Can 11 is JYCV-GC11, Mark 13 being RG Can EP is JYC13-RG-EP, etc. Every mark in the series is prefixed with JYC followed by the race mark designation. Give each mark the same symbol which will allow you to easily export and import as a group so you may save the race waypoints on an SD card for later use if desired. This allows a race course to be easily entered in the chart plotter when it is announced. Use the "Bulk insert" method from the Zeus manual (access the Waypoints using the 9 dot button, then select Routes, Bulk Insert) Enter each mark in the following format (assume the race course is start JYCC-SRM start to stbd, JYCV-GC11 to port, JYC13-RG-EP to stbd, JYCC-SRM finish to port): CC.P,CV.P,C13.S,CC.P <ENTER> Note that the .P and .S are optional and indicate which side the mark is passed on. There is no need to enter the entire mark string as when bulk insert is used it will look for the string. Thus if you don't have any other marks with the same substring, it will find the correct mark - JYCC and CC are both interpreted the same. Once the course is entered make it active
  12. The screen mirroring is handy if you have someone on the rail who can use it to help navigate and tactical stuff. The first time I set it up I made the mistake of allowing the app to be in the "control the screen mode" - not recommended! I couldn't tell what happened to my chart plotter when I went to look at it. After that I setup a "Tactician Display" with chart data and number boxes for the tactician to view and removed remote access so it was view only. I put in a software request to B&G to provide screen mirroring to Windows devices. I think it went to the dead letter office after the automated "thanks for your submission" email. Subsequently my laptop at the Nav station now runs Expedition and OpenCPN connected to the instruments. This was originally connected to the N2K bus using an Actisense converter, but now has an Ethernet connection to the Zeus3 and H5000 processor to grab all the data. You can also get a NMEA0183 data stream over WiFi.
  13. WHK

    Regatta Network- Actual Times?

    Ajax - I'm not sure that Regatta Network posts the actual times. Another issue I have with Regatta Network is it is more complex to get a direct link to finish results for posting elsewhere. I setup a number of events and prefer Yachtscoring. More expensive, but lots more flexibility. Below is a long winded reply, but you may be interested in my proposal at the bottom. Here on Narragansett Bay we have The Twenty Hundred Club - a virtual club (no employees or assets except the drink coolers!). I transitioned the club website to WordPress about 8 years back. We used to do scratch sheets and scoring in Excel, then later transitioned to open source Race Sail. The Race Sail transition was an improvement and allowed creating a file for posting results. We looked at using Yachtscoring but since the membership and 5 races was (still is) only $110, we couldn't justify the cost. Eventually I bit the bullet and setup our own home grown web based registration and scoring system. These are the attributes: Website is done with WordPress with the free All in One Event Calendar plugin by Time.ly for calendar Membership, Race Registration and Personal / Boat Data (including PHRF values) done using free open source Prestashop and this year transitioned to Thirty Bees which is a open source fork of Prestashop version 1.6. I refer to this as the Shop. Custom WordPress plugin I wrote with the following capabilities Administration done via website using login to access protected capabilities (scratch sheet admin, scoring, etc.) Scratch sheet generation automatically published on website including classes, splits & prelim/final - entries are pulled from the Shop. Twenty Hundred Club also has a "penalty" system so if a boat places on the podium, the next year they have a 5, 10 or 15 second penalty on their PHRF rating. This is shown in a separate column on the scratch sheet. If a Pursuit race it looks for the slowest rated boat and calculates start times for all other boats based on that. Race recording setup with race parameters - Pursuit or PHRF TOD, course length by class, start time each class, preliminary / final results Race finish recording - has ability to download CSV file to print paper recording sheet in sail order number for RC, runs on phone to allow automatic recording of a finish with a button for each boat to record the GPS time. All times can be manually entered / updated to make any necessary corrections. Another dropdown allows overriding time with seperate standard scoring terms such as DNC, OCS, RET, etc. When the person scoring has the time, a separate button is used to upload the data on the phone to the web. Race Results automatically displayed on the website as scores are uploaded. Here are some example links from the Twenty Hundred Club - note the year and race selection dropdowns : Race Page with various links Scratch Sheet - note how easy it is to provide a direct link in the URL by year & race Results Link - note how easy it is to provide a direct link in the URL by year & race So - why would this interest you? I've been thinking about making a generic WordPress plugin for use either as a service like Yachtscoring & Regatta Network or as a stand alone plugin for club websites. Some of the stuff I've done for the Twenty Hundred Club scoring was written in a way that I need to clean up to make it universal for general use. I did similarly in developing Crew Manager originally just for my own boat, then transitioned to a low cost subscription service so any boat may have a website with crew schedule, coordination, notification and results. After I haul my boat in the Fall, I will do a bunch of website cleanup and more software coding. If CHESS might be interested in being a Beta test for this, we should talk - PM me.
  14. WHK

    Signet Knotmeter Transducer to NMEA 2000

    Signet makes their own transducers and many consider them the gold standard for response and accuracy.
  15. Works fine with my Zeus3 and inputs not connected (just internal Zeus gps). For settings under the Laylines options I have the following checked: Boat, Always Show Boat Laylines, Mark, Tidal Flow Correction