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  1. I have one port and stbd side of the helm outboard the wheel on my J/109 for easy access. They are the old Nexus TAC push buttons re-purposed for MOB and wired to the H5000 processor. Easy to reach on either tack where the helmsman is normally sitting upwind and very visible for someone else to push if it is the helmsman who went overboard.
  2. Allen - that is a very good presentation to highlight the extensive systems engineering work you've accomplished. I too played with many boat systems over the years and finally ended up with a full B&G suite. I wish I had more access to the software to tailor it better for my needs but am very happy with the data accuracy and the ability to provide corrections. For those who don't know, Allen has many good sailing resources available on his website L-36.com
  3. I used an Antal R20.20s and fabricated a Delrin sandwich. When I disassembled the sprit, it was very evident where any stainless had contacted the carbon. To prevent further electrolysis, I put heat shrink around the threads of any screws where they passed through the carbon and put a small dab of clear silicone caulk to keep out seawater. The excess was wiped off when the fasteners were tightened so there was none visible. I also put nylon washers under the heads of the screws that hold the end cap on. The u-bolt assembly and tack block were changed to a low friction ring and fabricated a contoured Delrin base that made a sandwich inside and outside the sprit the provided a flat mounting surface outside and flat bolting surface inside. The tack block had dinged the gelcoat on the starboard bow when the sprit was retracted. This is no longer a problem. See the picture below.
  4. WHK

    B&G H5000 calibration issue - TWD

    This is a relevant question. I have the H5000 Hercules but am using a Nexus/Garmin gWind race transducer. Unlike most of the B&G MHU connections, this feeds the measured wind at an 11 Hz rate on the N2K bus. I have a Garmin GND10 RS485 to N2K converter and set the measured wind angle alignment offset value in the GND10 using the Nexus Race software. This was checked multiple times by first driving the boat on a straight course when there was no wind (measured wind angle should be 0), then sailing close hauled on both port and stbd. The measured angle was slightly adjusted for symmetry. I tried doing the adjustments for the measured wind offset in the H5000, but gave up when I couldn't get it to work right with the Nexus transducer. It works well with the alignment offset done in the GND10. You really need to check the measured wind angle on the H5000 to make sure you have good MHU alignment.
  5. WHK

    Racing Crew Management Software

    A timely post! The features that Jubblies describes about the spreadsheet on steroids in the post above are all included with Crew Manager. Once a Skipper adds a user to the crew, each crew member may set their availability for all the events on the calendar. The Skipper is automatically notified about any changes in availability, and makes crew position assignments that are displayed on the crew list for each event. The Skipper can posts links to race documents or upload documents and notes on the website. Since it is blog based, comments are easily added to an event with pictures and uploaded documents so the post race recap is available for all to see and share. I just did a major Crew Manager software update over the past week and also updated the Skipper Manual and Crew Manual. There is now an importer so a first time user may upload an Excel template to their schedule. This is in addition to the importer available for the All in One Event Calendar by Timely. After using Crew Manager for a season, the Annual Event Smartcopy allows a Skipper to selectively copy events to future years, shifting the dates so it aligns with a day of the week, or a fixed date. This saves a bunch of data entry. The schedule may be easily added for display on existing standard calendars the crew may have on their phones so it is dynamically updated and no need to retype the information. Read this link on the Crew Manager website for an overview, and browse around the site to learn more. There are currently subscribers on both coasts with their own customized sites featuring an integrated schedule and automatic crew notifications. A 60 day no cost free trial (no credit card required) is available. PM me if interested. If you are ready to sign up now, click this link for the new website with annual subscription. Below is a screen shot from a recent event showing the format and content that is possible.
  6. WHK

    New wireless wind transducer from B&G

    The upwind/downwind response you see isn't a function of the wind sensor but the location. That is why you see the performance systems use long wand to get up and forward to reduce the effect of upwash. Some systems such as the B&G H5000 processor and Nexus NX2 server have the ability to apply corrections for this.
  7. WHK

    Racing Crew Management Software

    Teamsnap is for soccer moms. Crew Manager is for sailors! Full disclosure - I used to use Teamsnap for my boat and decided to write Crew Manager when Teamsnap didn't respond to update requests to accommodate unique sailing requirements. Subscription costs are the less than Teamsnap Premium, but you get your own boat website and more features with Crew Manager. Crew Manager updates and enhancements are based on sailor inputs. Instead of supporting a big business, your subscription payment actually helps a sailor!
  8. I had the same issue loosing the NMEA 0183 speed on a friends J/92s when the Zeus2 software was recently updated. The TackTick T122 NMEA interface provides the wind, depth and speed info to the Zeus 2. I connected a PC serial port @ 4800 baud to the T122 output and confirmed the NMEA speed sentence is there. The Zeus does display wind and depth, but not speed. Rather than roll back the software and loose some of the enhanced wind displays, he bought a Yacht Devices YDNG-03 to connect the NMEA 0183 to the NMEA 2000 bus. He used a 2nd YDNG-03 set for 38.4K to put AIS data from a Standard Horizon radio on the Zeus 2. All works well now and he has the N2K buss structure in place for future upgrades. The problem is definitely a B&G Zeus 2 software problem.
  9. simple question, but did you remove the cap nut?
  10. This works well and provides N2K data at a 5Hz rate. It needs a Garmin device to calibrate it. I confirmed that when I did an actual install and could not access the cal features via a B&G Triton 2 display without a Garmin display device (Garmin chart plotters on N2K network work). Once the Garmin device calibrated it, the B&G device could be used ofr further calibration. There is an old thread that has a good discussion about this.
  11. With everything you already have installed, don't cut corners on the autopilot. Keep the drive and rudder sensor and replace the brains with the NAC-3 or H5000 pilot controller since you already have the Hercules processor and a hull B&G suite. Mount the new controller in the same location as the AP20. I did the same approach going from a Raymarine S1G to the H5000 pilot controller and only needed to change the Raymarine rudder sensor to the Simard sensor so the mechanical work was minimal. All the power and rudder sensor wiring will already be there. Just add the N2K drop. The integrated package with the Zeus 3 and H5000 Graphic displays is the Cat's meow. The RF300 rudder sensor from the AP20 will interface with the NAC-3 or H5000. I opted to put a remote pilot controller on the sprayhood, rather than a wireless. This allows deliveries under the dodger and easy tacking/gybing for short handed sailing. I forget if you have a Zeus near the companionway but if you do, it can be used as a pilot controller in addition to the Zeus by the helm. The AP20 doesn't have an N2K interface, only NMEA 0183. You could do unnatural acts trying to get the correct NMEA 0183 sentences to play with the AP20, but I doubt you would get the control interfaces sorted out without a knowledge of what was being sent and how to format that data. Basic own ship sensors for heading, roll, pitch, speed and wind should all work fine. It would be analogous to having vendor A autopilot connected to vendor B's control.
  12. WHK

    J Class Weight limits

    J/109 Class rules have two rules that may be invoked. There is a weight limited version and a crew limited version. The original rules must have been developed by a fat bastard on the helm because helmsman weight is not included. I think the dual approach works but would be happy if the limit on total people on the boat was the limit. We use 8 people when racing under rule 6.2 and usually have a few pounds to spare - except at the 2016 NAs when I had to leave one person on the dock due to being overweight. 6.1 For J/109 Class or fleet sanctioned events, the crew of each boat shall be limited to the driver plus six crew members. To encourage participation, including junior sailors, a seventh “lightweight person” may be added without penalty, provided that person’s weight does not exceed 60 kilos (132 lbs.). 6.2 By vote of the Executive Board, a Championship event may be designated to be a “weight limited” event. The Notice of Race for such events shall state that Rule 6.2 applies, and Rule 6.1 does not apply. Total weight of crew (excluding the driver) in swimming apparel shall not exceed 550 kilos (1213 pounds).
  13. On my J/109 I had Nexus instruments with Raymarine chart plotter and S1G autopilot. Over the winter I replaced everything with B&G as described in this thread but kept the gWind Race for wind sensor. Just got the boat in the water last week and started calibration. So far everything looks very good.
  14. Hi WHK.

    Thanks for the response. how old is it and how much do you need for the cute?


  15. WHK

    looking for usable J109 A2 (PHRF)

    pm me - I have a 120 sqm PHRF kite I'd be willing to part with. Still very useable - it is the kite you see in my avatar.