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  1. A3A

    Top-down furler issue

    Pre-load the cable to spin by pre-winding the drum a dozen or more turns before you release the sheet and the sail collapses. Then the rope is ahead of you in driving it and maintains a more constant spin. I can't count how many revolutions it takes to roll a free luff gennaker, but a lot of line has to move. Pre-loading is easy and I'm sure the initial jump it gives reduces the number of spins in total.
  2. A3A

    Top-down furler issue

    What AWA do you sail when furling? We've found the sail furls much better if you don't bear way off and keep the AWA just aft of the beam. Fast furling line speed and lots of pre-torque help as well. And Harry is right, there are big differences in cable construction. Hate the weight, but I'm a big fan of the Profurl balls on the cable. They've completely eliminated back winds for us.
  3. A3A

    everybody doin' it?

    As mentioned above, looking at any sail in isolation ignores the way the whole sailplan works as a wing. With the very tight jib sheeting angles (4 degrees!) of the TP52 / Maxi 72 types, boom over center in lighter air works because it keeps the slot open. It only works like this if the sails, hull and foils are really refined for high performance and the driver has skills. If your boat won't sail upwind with VB near TWS, it's probably not the right mode for you.
  4. A3A

    New sails

    Hey, I want to be rich but I want to keep working in the marine industry........Some problems don't have solutions, just compromises. A lost art in today's world....... Define "max sail area". Mainsails are generally measured by girths and then a formula uses those to calculate a rated area. So if Max Area = Max Rated Area, you are rated for what you have. If the rule is any good, you get credit for the smaller roach. If a sail with a traditional 38% top 1/4 girth overlaps more than about 10-15 cm, I would look at ditching the full battens at the top and a 5 leech batten configuration. The FB are what causes the sail to not tack.
  5. A3A

    New sails

    Sure, you can execute this concept perfectly, but it still is the wrong plan form for sail performance. I've been around a "looonngg" time too. 55 years of sailing and 44 of sailmaking in fact. Except for clearing the backstay easily, this concept has no aerodynamic basis at all. There are dozens of articles, books and threads to explain why, but it's easier to look on the race course. Virtually all performance mainsails today are the complete opposite: fat heads.
  6. A3A

    New sails

    But a bad one if you are interested in decent aerodynamics and proper twist. Please do not buy into this nonsense, it makes a bad sail.
  7. If a wave peaks in the ocean and no one is there to see it...........
  8. A3A

    North sails ,pricing, discounts

    The difference between RAW and Endurance is mostly in the outer surface treatment. The exterior tapes on Endurance are heavier and more resistant to abrasion, so they result in a more durable sail. RAW exteriors are lighter and more flexible which makes them better for performance, but they are not as durable. In either case, the basic structure is the same with 760 being a spectra / aramid blend and 780 being spectra / carbon, although I think it has some aramid, too.
  9. Make sure that you and your sailmaker have the same definition of "adding a furler". Do you just want to go from having to install and remove the sail every time to just being able to roll it up and walk away, or does it might mean sailing with a partially furled sail in heavier air? What attaches it to the stay doesn't matter that much, but the sail sizing and structure does. If you buy a hank on sail now, and want to roller reef it in the future, it needs to be built as a roller reefing sail. If the furler is not allowed for in the sizing, the geometry change a later furling conversion requires may compromise the sail structure. Buying the sail now and adding the furler later should not make any difference, as long as you are clear about long term expectations and plan accordingly.
  10. A3A

    Defending an existing PHRF rating

    I regularly tell people that PHRF isn't really handicap racing. Just go out and sail the course as best you can. If at the end of the day you can say you made no mistakes, you won. If you did make mistakes, you have things to work on. But judging the success or failure on the day by handicap results based on a system where everything is by declaration and nothing is actually measured is a waste of energy.
  11. A3A

    FP - DEAD WEIGHT - Hatin' on RC44's??

    A group of owners bought into a concept that produces close racing with a mixed format at venues they choose. Each has chosen a to compete at a level that mixes a lot of pros and the boat is just a vehicle. They may not be the coolest nor the fastest, but they are what the owners have decided is fun. The concept of Owners getting together to organize their own racing is what's so missing in the sport today. More owners of like boats in an area should get together and organize their own classes and then decide on events to do as a group. There are plenty of examples of success and failure at this, both for OD classes and development / handicap classes. In the end it all comes down to having a a firm grasp of what level of competition makes the group comfortable and keeps them from drifting away.
  12. A3A

    PHRF and Overlap...

    And people really expect meaningful results from a system that measures to the nearest yardstick?
  13. Local paper has some detail: https://www.dailybreeze.com/2018/01/22/dramatic-video-shows-rescue-of-sailboat-slamming-into-redondo-beach-breakwater/
  14. A3A

    VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Shouldn't Vestas show up on the Marine Traffic AIS map? I don't see anything in the area that looks like convergence on an accident and no sign of Vestas. https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:114.700/centery:22.049/zoom:13
  15. A3A

    12-meter rig dimensions

    International 12m Class generic rig: There are wide variations on J, E & SPL