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  1. A3A

    Team NYYC

    America^3 had at least two blacks on the sailing team.
  2. A sail designer from one of the teams told me they'd like the gap to be smaller, but the batten connections and control hardware determine the gap.
  3. A3A

    Emoluments Anyone?

    He might have broken the law, but because he was president he couldn't be charged and now that he stopped breaking the law because he got fired, whatever he did before is ok. I guess he wasn't lying when he claimed he could do whatever he wanted.
  4. Donald Trump delivered Joe Biden one more snub Tuesday, forcing him to charter his own plane to fly from Delaware to Washington D.C. instead of authorizing an Air Force jet. The president-elect flew the short hop from his home state, after a tear-stained speech eulogizing his dead son Beau, on a private Boeing 737 – then as he landed at Joint Base Andrews taxied past an idle Air Force Boeing 757 on the tarmac. The snub was the latest in Trump's defiant refusal to acknowledge his successor. In contrast the Obama administration sent an Air Force plane to New York for the Trumps in January 2017.
  5. A3A

    What If It Worked

    Every time I hear the name Lauren Bobert, my brain translates it to Lorena Bobbitt........Both are women I want nothing to do with.
  6. It's been exactly 10 years since Citizens United was decided allowing unlimited money in politics from hidden sources. Anyone think it's been to the benefit of the process? Is America is better for it? An amendment to the Constitution is the only way around the Citizens United decision that says money is free speech. Ratified amendments cannot be "unconstitutional" and can't be overturned by the USSC. Unfortunately, they are almost impossible to get ratified. In this case, there is almost no chance since the politicians that would write it and carry it through the system are all beneficiaries of the unlimited funds it allows "as long as it isn't coordinated" with the candidate.
  7. A3A

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    And he's veering left.........
  8. A3A

    A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Fucker can't even mow straight.........
  9. What's not to like about having them either finish the term or quit before the election so the office can be contested? It's BS that they can skate on the current job for months while they campaign, but have it as a back up if they fail to get elected. If they do, we now have to spend more for special elections and that wastes the money they suck out of me. Waste and Abuse, two of the big three.
  10. 1) Money is not speech. If it takes a frigging amendment to do it, there has to be a stop to the buckets of money thrown at elections. 2) Candidates should not be allowed to accept campaign donations from anyone that cannot vote for them. No unions, company or out of state donations. The job is to represent the voters and they are individuals. 3) Elected officials must resign any office they currently hold before announcing their candidacy for a different elected office. My boss would fire me in a heartbeat if I spent half my time looking for a new job.
  11. A3A


    We spent 20 years and trillions of dollars fighting Islamic terrorists and all the while the greater danger was right here at home. Time to clear out Gitmo for a new group of residents.
  12. A3A

    Hogan throws hat in the ring for 24

    Can we maybe swear in the winner of the last election before we have to start listening to four years of campaign crap again?
  13. First, it's conjecture they are trying to build a sail under the minimum girths; it may be they are legal either way. Second, they haven't raced anything yet, and you can test whatever you want. As I've said before, my guess this is an older main recut to test a smaller size heavy air concept that doesn't burn a rule limited set of skins or the cost of a full set of battens and controls by using existing ones. If it tests well, then you build it all proper and go race. Since AM is the only team looking this way, and the other three teams are North powered with North designers responsible for rig aero, it could be the North guys are all misled. Or maybe the Quantum/Doyle membranes can't achieve as much range of control as the 3Di Raw membranes, so they have to go for smaller size;-)
  14. They may well be, but projecting the actual sail edges from either side will still end up inside the batten end, and if they are trying to make a small sail measure big, it fails.
  15. No measurer I have ever worked with would accept the proposition that the leech hollow would be measured to the artificially poked out batten ends. ERS is pretty clear on the subject: The AC & Olympic measurers I worked with would use the intersection of the projected actual sail edges to determine the points for the straight to bridge the hollow.