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  1. No, 12 Metres. In 1908, 1912, and 1920 ( In the 1907 rule, and 1919 rule) Olympics. Seriously I thought it had a kite and a board?
  2. Ross

    Trying to Buy a Boat

    How about hiring a boat captain to handle moving the boat to and from the yard?
  3. Ross

    Yet another foiler

    Like the UFO, that's a foiler I could get behind. I still want to be able to luff up and take a breather, eat a PB&J. Can't do that in a moth.
  4. Ross

    2018 congressional cup

    Would not be surprised if Canfield gets picked up by American Magic after this..
  5. Ross

    Easter Laser Regatta

    Any results?
  6. There wasn't anyone on the team last year either in 470W, and in two other disciplines if I remember correctly. I imagine they want to put someone on the team worthy of the spot and a possible top 10 finish, instead of the only campaigner in that fleet.
  7. Ross

    Youth evolution in sailing

    I wildly understood your point! I just wanted someone to say a 9er wouldn't survive!
  8. Ross

    Youth evolution in sailing

    Mustang, do you think club/school owned 49ers would survive a semester of college sailing? In my short time doing HS sailing, I doubt it. CFJ's and 420's do a damn fine purpose, they survive the job they were built to do.
  9. Ross

    What a money pit!

    Anything can be expensive! I have 7 surfboards, photography is another spendy one. I want to get into firearms and shooting, good god is that money! Ammo and range fees are no cheap date. I used to ride horses, ya know that those things need to be fed a few times a day?! Lets not even talk about vet bills, cheaper to shoot em when they get sick. Sailing can be damn cheap. If your not racing and just farting around you can pick up a $1,500 laser and store it in your garage. the only cost is time and fuel.
  10. Ross

    Farr 3,7

    Dear god that's gorgeous...
  11. Ross

    Farr 3,7

    Would love to see pictures of this Carbon 3.7, and one foiling!
  12. Ross

    OPTI SAILS NEEDED usable or repairable- deductible donation

    They look fantastic! Keep up the good work!
  13. Ross

    The Refit - Andrews 43

    Congrats! Raced against her for many years, she's a fine boat indeed!