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  1. Ross

    Olympic I Foil

    6800 euros for the sail, foil, and board??!?!! Christ, thats Laser money, and thats a real boat!
  2. Whats going to be more important getting a boat on the line and not placing last, or tv ratings and making a good show? I see this as a horrid distraction..
  3. Ross

    Dinghy for the kids -- recommendations?

    Few questions: How old are your kids? How many kids are there? Will they sail together, or alone? What are the other kids in your area sailing?* * If they make friends, and can learn with them and build life long relationships, your really on to something. It's not about the sailing, it's about building a community.
  4. Ross

    J/70 NA's

    Is the Stampede campaign no longer racing?
  5. Ross

    Possible "shelf-foot" sail issues.

    Your boat has trapeze?! I don't ever remember seeing a Capri 14.2 with traps! What gives?
  6. Ross

    Geezer-friendly One Designs

    J22?? Only need crew of 2 at min, 3 at max.
  7. Ross

    any pants that actually keep your @ss dry?

    Musto MPX works a dream! I had HL TP2's as well that worked great for 8 years or so, but obvious difference in quality.
  8. Ross

    Team NYYC
  9. Ross

    Stolen Outboard Narragansett Bay

    My dad had his Nissan outboard stolen while at his side tie, in Dana Point harbor. If it's not locked or bolted down it seems to be fair game these days..
  10. Ross

    Tokyo 2020

    I was surprised to Caleb wasn't there in the Finn..
  11. ECYC looks like a cute little club! Will add that to the list.
  12. Essex YC seems to tick a lot of boxes for myself and the wife. At least online. For her sake a proper -ish club building will be appreciated, place to sit and eat. If I may ask, any idea's on initiation fee and dues? I could also convince her into some Ideal 18 racing. That's a big win. Thames also looks like a steal, lots of great opportunities. This is probably the short list. It's so hard to tell from online. Really have to pop in. I love the look or Noroton YC, but possibly too far of a commute on the weekday. I don't enjoy the thought of getting to the at 830 on weekends either, and having to leave 7. But that may be something I'll have to get over.
  13. Ever lived in Texas?
  14. Might be a dash south butI like all your points. Only amendment is we can probably live without the restaurant if they do indeed have social events. All good to know.
  15. Thats the club I'm really thinking of.. Hoping to plonk down in the New Britain / Middletown area. I hate the thought for a 1.5 hour drive for a Wednesday race. We'll be visiting the sister in law over the Labor Day holiday for a few days so I'm trying to put together a short list of yc's to visit.