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  1. Ross

    what is it?

    Correct! Been on Instagram since January 30th. Old news. Co headed by Parker Shinn and M&M, and designed by M&M.
  2. Ross

    Racing/family dinghy

    Since you're in SoCal, the Lido 14 is the hot ticket if you can stick to the harbor. Lots of action at ABYC, and in Newport as well. With your budget of 15k the Santana 20 is a great option and can be had for considerably less, good for 3-4 people, semi-strong west coast class with a great Nationals regatta. It is technically a keelboat, but damn is a shit ton of fun to sail. Great in the harbor and ocean.
  3. Pedro and UK is the guy to go to in this town.
  4. Ross

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Not gonna sift through the first 16 pages.. For those of us in the US will the race be live broadcast on youtube? Turned into a bit of a family tradition to throw it up on the tv..
  5. Ross

    Need some i420 help

    A CFJ is also narrower and less of a "foredeck". The 420 is shaped like a twinke lol
  6. Ross

    Need some i420 help

    What range will be taught on this i420? They are no where near as durable as club 420s and a good level of maintenance will be required if the mast is constantly stuck in the mud and rails are banged into the dock. It's a lightweight boat.
  7. Ross

    Re-imagining a trashed laser

    Man, I would order up one of those Russian lasers in a heart beat! They look like a much nicer cockpit! The Santana 20 class did a new open stern cockpit and that class is still going well, although it is a regional class. I know the heavy campaigners would be quick adopters, and the could all sail together just like mk1 and mk2 sails do. I like it.
  8. Ross

    what is it?

    New i14?
  9. Ross

    Rumors Floating: LP selling out??

    Can you tell us more of these rumors?
  10. Ross

    Zhik ZKGs

    What is the boat in question? If I may ask.
  11. Ross

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    Oh they're trying damn hard at it..
  12. Ross

    Need Help

    J105 can be had in the 70-80K range it appears.
  13. Your gonna want to cover those stern bailer holes during sailing, they will take on water. Many other classes have them, 505's, Finns, Lightnings, etc. Usually they are covered with a thin plastic or film and taped at the top. Often bungee running though and sent to a cleat for release in the event of taking on large amount of water. May not be necessary depending on how high above the water line. Our local club's CFJ's have similar up, with tennis balls. Check post number two for a picture.
  14. Ross

    Kingston Ontario regatta advice

    I remember hearing there were 3 prisons in town!
  15. Ross

    Kingston Ontario regatta advice

    When I did Cork we stay at the local college which was close enough. Rained half the time, and it blew 30 the entire time. Froze my ass off and I was exhausted. Rough regatta!