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  1. Binoculars ?

    Love my Steiner Navigator 7x50. Last pair of bino's I'll ever buy.
  2. Musto LPX for offshore racing

    HPX is Atlantic ocean in December, and Southern Ocean kind of stuff. It's the hail mary of foulies.
  3. Elevating the rig on a Laser

    Ease your vang and sail a smidge, if you must before you tack..
  4. FP Anarchy kicked out of race

    Of the dozens of YC's in SoCal, the loss of one of them for a year to an individual is not a huge loss. Keep your nose clean, and always next year.
  5. Laser 2 Parts

    Any good rigger will be able to set you up with standing and running rigging of that type. They'll just need to know the necessary lengths.
  6. Henri Lloyd Offshore Elite 2.0

    I've got a HL TP2 set thats 8 years old, and just bought my MPX this past winter, while the TP2 and MPX are in different categories, I find the quality and craftsmanship to be far superior in the MPX, as well the fit. Only thing I don't enjoy about the MPX is the neoprene cuffs, vs shell material cuffs I have on my TP2. But not a deal breaker. That said, glad you found a set you love, wear them well!
  7. Gear Bags for Carry On

    North Face and Patagonia have several duffels that are carry on size, and mostly waterproof. For stuffing down below on a keel boat, they'll be just fine.
  8. Hurricane Harvey - watch out, Texas

    25 inches of rain in 24 hours. Friends have seen the national guard roll into town. We're wishing we more properly understood this, and picked up sand/mulch bags as we have water seepage under one door, and damaged floorboards, but if that's all we get we'll take it. So far wife and pups are ok, and that's all that matter.
  9. Hurricane Harvey - watch out, Texas

    WIfe and I have lived here in Clear Lake, a sub of south Houston on the shore for almost two years, and a year in our new to us house. Our street drains quickly but that said, our house is facing a cul-de-sac, and we're flooded with water working its way up our driveway. We just emptied the last bits out of the garage to get my car in the garage to save it. Not like we can go anywhere..
  10. iPad Battery Life (sucks)

    Make sure your apps aren't running in the background, and kill them if you aren't using them. Mail is a huge concern as far as fetching, make sure to turn that off.
  11. Musto LPX for offshore racing

    I fold my foulies like I would any sweater and trousers while travelling. But if not in used they are hung on a hanger.
  12. Musto LPX for offshore racing

    What sways you toward the LPX jacket, and not a full MPX set? I have MPX here in Texas, and its a gem.
  13. Show and tell!!

    Usually win a championship of a varying type.
  14. Show and tell!!

    It legitimately is part of their logo. News to me too! http://www.rollytasker.com/
  15. Mystery Keeled Dinghy

    A mighty fine POS 19 if I recall correctly..