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  1. EliteDangerous

    AC36 Auckland NZ

    Only THREE challengers have signed up. What a joke! Designing and building foiling boats is far too expensive. Go back to traditional monohull displacement sailing. Cheaper, more challengers and better racing.
  2. EliteDangerous

    Team NYYC

    SO DUMB that a country of 325 million people and they can't find a helmsman. Just the same old sailors swapping between teams. The America's Cup has become too incestuous.
  3. EliteDangerous

    Team NYYC

    So it should. Don't you agree?
  4. EliteDangerous

    Foiling Monohull - what would it look like?

    That would be dumb. I thought proper sail boats were boats that used a sail and the wind as opposed to a motor and diesel? Hence the sport and hobby - Sailing. Therefore, how many hulls your sail boat has should be irrelevant.
  5. EliteDangerous

    Oracle Team USA

    OR was always faster in '13. It took 9 races for them to learn how to sail. '17 OR is slower and have had to destabilize their boat to get within the TNZ ball park.
  6. EliteDangerous

    Oracle Team USA

    8 reasons to bench JS for Race 9 tomorrow. 1. Can't start. 2. Can't foil. 3. Can't gybe. 4. Can't tack. 5. Can't sail. 6. Can't win. 7. Can't talk. 8. Not an American.
  7. EliteDangerous

    Oracle Team USA

    When they're 7-zip down Spithill will pull himself and put Barker on the helm. It would be a great twist.
  8. EliteDangerous

    Oracle Team USA

    If it's 6 races to zip this time next week I'd say it's on the cards.