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  1. Alien Invasion Movies

    They got caught in a celluloid jam
  2. Falcon Heavy....just amazing.

  3. Falcon Heavy....just amazing.

    It gives you sharp lines for when you analyze the launch video.
  4. Falcon Heavy....just amazing.

    SpaceX have started on BFR.
  5. Damn ... made me look it up. Nice bit of self flaggelation Technology over the last 10 years makes it easier to live with, and it's only an output problem. reading works fine, hell I'm a great copy editor, just can't get the words down.
  6. Lots of lurking, and a mild case of Dysgraphia. So I don't say much.
  7. Just Another High School Shooting

    You may have to mod your sig line, it needs to read "mostly harmless chatterbox" now.
  8. most of that was over a decade ago, the scores carried over. It's why Woody started at 666.
  9. Gov, did you max out all your socks kicking Righty-titboy.
  10. A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    500 Gouvernail, master of socks. Well done.
  11. Coolboats to admire

    https://www.afep-marine.com/revolution29-bateau-aluminium-photos.php Looks like they built at lest one of the 29er.
  12. Community Reputation Points

    Ok, way way late to the party, but you did go back and find valid posts to neg. I've done some checking, the bit rot in the forum database get pretty bad back more than 5 years, still leaves 7k post of yours open. with no socks how did you intend to move my reputation by more than 100?
  13. Community Reputation Points

    you have 15k-ish posts to my 100-ish, your going to need a lot of socks. Random(ly) going back and down voting someone just because I reacted to your stuff. smooth.