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  1. I was 6 when man landed on the moon, 80 odd kids packed into the audio/vis room at school. There's hope for some more cool stuff going forward.
  2. Perhaps youre right, thinking isnt the Ds strong suit a witty repartee good to see you holding up the team.
  3. It was the 4 years and that Biden was the only option. But the thinking thing works as well.
  4. If only they could fix the sacasm font . seems to work fine.
  5. I'm sorry, but I don't accept the premise of the question.
  6. Never mind...I found the other thread. looks like the database made it over intact.
  7. Well the ************ filter is back on. The nesting quotes works, but sucks. too long winded to use. Does the HTFU acronym link now? And editing HTFU not working yet, looked like it was using the tooltip code.
  8. Just a quick test, working.
  9. He got the name wrong. http://sailboatdata.com/viewrecord.asp?class_id=4797
  10. Odds on: youtube/google just trying to improve your market ( check with Ramdom on the need of a tinfoil hat ) 4:1 Bent, has some skill 6:1 Jeff, knows some guys who do this stuff 50:1 Tom, would think it was funny, would need help to implement. 10000000:1 Happy, fucked up joe and the Elk, unable.
  11. Oh god, this turned up in my youtube feed, well fucking done.
  12. Obama had never kite surfed before, so there's that. We saw a few of those kitefoilers in New Caledonia. They are REALLY fast. No, Speed on the water begins at 60 knots. There's one REALLY fast sailboat: Sailrocket. Sincerely, Powerboaters Guns. No, 60Kn is an aircraft with accessory wake generating fittings.
  13. kettles http://www.kurasu.kyoto/products/hario-v60-buono-copper-kettle https://au.pinterest.com/pin/524106475362248149/ Tom Ray Guns
  14. for those that need photos http://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/brent-swain-12m/113348
  15. Patience grasshopper, BS will be along soon enough. He posts in waves, possibly tide and free WiFi dependant.