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  1. DRIFTW00D

    Michigan's starting to tank.

    Clear your fog of ignorance here
  2. DRIFTW00D

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    Na just fresh water sailers who been there, done that, go back to that little bay you play on an Fuck Off! Clear your fog of ignorance here
  3. DRIFTW00D

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    may need to reef the cat 29 to 33 knot gusts all day saturday on the sunrise coast of the thumb..
  4. DRIFTW00D

    Michigan's starting to tank.

    Out Side in the D no mask no problem idiots are everywhere. Is it Time for the mask police to step in.... In the D !!! LOL they got bigger fish to fry every minute of the day. Not every auto plants like that on the inside. At Tower a parts plant the line guys are wearing masks in up to and over 110 f. heat during this now 10 day above 90 f heat wave. yes some are getting killed by the heat and personal medical problems this week not CoVAD19.
  5. DRIFTW00D

    Wanted, racing type dinghy

    Do they have Classic only races?
  6. DRIFTW00D

    Wanted, racing type dinghy

    You seem to be new here fuck off. is bing is your new friend or no... snipe snipe USA Please take this to dinghy Anarchy
  7. DRIFTW00D

    Wanted, racing type dinghy

    I think my brother still has a old faded glass one for free not sure it has a trailer. I think every things there. only a 12 hr drive to you from here.
  8. DRIFTW00D

    what was it?

    One other thing the main on the old hole diggers was a Hi-Aspect Ratio blade main compared to today. makes a 150 look Huge. The LP with the mast back would give a nice boost to everything. The sail plan shows a nice Genoa Staysail and a hi clew reacher in effect a lot bigger hole in over drive. And still she had the cursed ior bump as seen in the board detail and the bunk outside the rail as seen in the top view. crew could sleep out side the life lines below. Everyone's hand goes up when asked who's going below , but the fat boy wins the that birth every time.
  9. DRIFTW00D

    what was it?

    So all the gods of ior needed to do was leave the boards alone and we'd be flying on em decades sooner...
  10. DRIFTW00D

    yellow fever

    could not take the pressure to stand up in the real world, base support failing, support on the left taking a strong stand. slant to the far right now not it's only option, the whole shows falling down...Far right leaning problem, strong support on the left thats a mega problem there.
  11. DRIFTW00D

    Breaking up is easy to do

    so the motor failed then it fell out?
  12. DRIFTW00D

    My old Rock Box needs help

    wtf don't touch that link in mixed company lots a girls though What language it's the stuff?
  13. DRIFTW00D

    what was it?

    oMG it did buff nice and clean. Looks like a nice clean deck, Soo really WHATS IT RATE? first old ior mark? rating, ORR and phrf.
  14. DRIFTW00D

    what was it?

    hope tat al buffs out nice. Looks like a pice a black shit now.though...