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  1. DRIFTW00D

    50% chance of thunderstorm...sail?

    Cell phones are your friend. Watch the cell movements around you. Plan accordingly. Also nothing gets sails down faster and back to the dock if possible is forecast for a Severe TStorm with 50 to 70+ knot winds.
  2. What’s a used MSC Gayane worth any way? I don’t think this problem will just buff out... Marine traffic vessel details MSC Gayane The Wall Street Journal
  3. DRIFTW00D

    Climate Change in Your Backyard

    Some body gets the cold air down draft as the hot air melts the arctic. That’s a lot of hot-air gone cold on the move, South? The weather xperts are telling us we are getting two more cold weeks of spring ( North cold Winds ) and three more warm weeks at the end of summer. So they say we are one week on the warmer side... 3-4 years ago the Great Lakes were at low water level records. now they are at record hi water and rising. I’ve seen this before but it’s a been a 30 year cycle historically until now... Cold springs makes preseason prep a bitch. Epoxy and work parties like warmer weather. We are pulling boats the same weekend yearly in almost perfect Sailing weather. The the chill shows up a few weeks later.
  4. DRIFTW00D

    Radio controlled sailing

    What kink of auxiliary fish is that?
  5. Racing the 6M Big Apple. First keel boat race ever. Just a kid then. One of the crew handed me the spin sheet on a run. “Want to fly the Spinnaker” I was a Snipe sailor before that. Orange Cluster Flairs to weather and aft about 100 yards, reaching a Erickson 46 Williwaw back to NJ from the SORC 1973. middle of a dark wet night, East Coast USA,North of Delaware Bay out with the Russian Fishing Fleet all day. We could see the whites of there eyes. Then the sail of a USN hunter/killer sub cruises past at speed to weather just visible through the mist and fog. All eyes on the top of her were on us.
  6. DRIFTW00D

    Bacon Anarchy

    A life without this... Enter the African Swine Fever. Would life be worth it in a world without bacon? I leave that for you to decide. The Bacon Apocalypse
  7. Boaty McBoatface makes significant climate change discovery on first mission https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2019/06/18/uk/boaty-mcboatface-first-mission-scli-gbr-scn-intl/index.html
  8. DRIFTW00D

    Ships--how big is "too big"?

    No some are still dying who can put a number on a ecosystem crushing offshore ocean fire... https://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/wondermonkey/2011/04/gulf-spill-the-lost-whales.shtml
  9. DRIFTW00D

    Plane Missing

    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 'disintegrated into confetti,' captain appears to have run ‘amok,' report says https://www.foxnews.com/world/malaysia-airlines-flight-370-disintegrated-into-confetti-in-crash-where-captain-may-have-run-amok-report-reveals
  10. DRIFTW00D

    Rimas should b e so lucky.

    Sir Mr Darwins texted he has A question for you will. Something about having children in the future...
  11. DRIFTW00D

    4th mode lives again

    Folding hi speed prop, smaller lighter motor that’s a active foil point, split, A-sails, frount foils that lift in 5-10 AWS OR Ask this kid...
  12. DRIFTW00D

    4th mode lives again

  13. DRIFTW00D

    4th mode lives again

  14. DRIFTW00D

    4th mode lives again

    What’s it rate? Hike bitches... WAIT? they’re lined up for the potty! OH and no rail and No deck to sit on..... never mind, yous bitches just line up on the hi side seat over there. I’ll just pop out the side that should work.