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  1. DRIFTW00D

    Arete' tri going for Chicago to Mac record

    Meanwhile Out in the deep blue the future is foiling fast....
  2. DRIFTW00D


    Has any one heard or seen any FEMA staging in the East Coast near the Carolinas. This ain’t Puerto Rico. Thought after a direct hit on the US Mainland much of the area will look like Puerto Rico after Miria mover through. I have interest in the Durham NC area.
  3. DRIFTW00D

    Hailing USS Sequoia

    Talk about a yard bill for storage! Add hauling, blocking, withe a plastic rapping.. whale ho (white whale money hole). And what’s the rent bill for the boat house the center console pays? I know don’t ask, you can’t afford it.. so what’s it rate
  4. DRIFTW00D

    Look what showed up in SUBIC?!

  5. DRIFTW00D

    E-PAC Tropical Wx- About To Get Really Busy

    Ok U guys out west cunt have alllll the fun. Kids want to go to NC Outer Banks in late September. Last time we did this some MAD named thing took out the bridge, the road was a new inlet and dozens of stilted homes went missing. Our Hi and dry rented home for the week on beach was still there,no way to get there as no one but locials was riding the NC ferry to Hatteras Island. So here we go again off season renting in Cane Season...
  6. “Any dicision made in the interst of safety is a good one.” Most people do not like the quote when I remind them of it in a discussion about not getting the boat to the line to start, abandoning a race or going into survival mode while racing to save the sails, mast whatever. I remind the crew “We might need the ....( fill in the blank).. to keep racing tomorrow.”
  7. I see chain saws in the future...........
  8. DRIFTW00D

    Stuck in the mast

    What could go wrong???
  9. DRIFTW00D

    A broach to remember.

    The lakes trying to tell U Somethin...(fill in the blank)
  10. DRIFTW00D

    Aussie Heroes Gold Coast Style

    Translate the second one into something more or less Americanisms.... Please!
  11. DRIFTW00D

    A fine Sea Story:

    Thanks great post....
  12. DRIFTW00D

    When an orca takes your anchored boat for a joyride.

    Comox Bay, BC.Ca
  13. DRIFTW00D

    fresh water racing bottom paint

    Vc17 and bottom scrubbing on race days The grass grows down but still needs clipping....
  14. DRIFTW00D

    Boating While High

    1. You FuckOff.. 2. Not ever.. on the Canada St Clair River boarder in Michigan a local Water Patrol Sheriff told me ," When I'm on the water on patrol and a Canadian Officer is waving at me from the shore I wave back. If I land a gun on me or in the boat Im going to jail in Canada. Just wave back!"
  15. DRIFTW00D

    Boating While High

    Thank this to Canada Boating Anarchy. The whole country says YES smoke it, grow it if you got it, but don’t get caught motoring or boating Hi... Canadian Government Approves Device for Roadside Saliva Drug Tests