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  1. South China Seaman

    Foiling Week Miami 2018

    I have just seen on the Foiling Week website they plan to host an event at Shake-A-Leg in Miami on Feb 15th-18th. They don't have many details posted on their website, I wondered if anyone knew anything about this/what classes will be there? Also does anyone know who they will include as the keynote speakers at the Forum - I have heard these are always pretty good at their events in Garda. Its great to see them having an event here as their events in Italy look pretty good, just too far away for me! Any of the Miami crowd know anything?
  2. South China Seaman

    59er XX

    I'm looking for a new kite for my 59er. Nobody seems to be making them anymore I wonder if anyone could recommend a good alternative? e.g. RS800, 49erFX, 29erXX, F18... It seems the XX kites are also hard to get hold of now too! SCS
  3. South China Seaman

    Nationalities of sailors

    From the AC Noticeboard. Here are the sailors considered to be nationals of the country the yacht club represents. Team Nationals Pursuant to the nationality requirements in Protocol article 19.3 and Regatta Director Notice #27, the Regatta Director is satisfied that the below crew members are nationals of the country of the yacht club their Competitor represents. ORACLE TEAM USA Andrew Campbell Cooper Dressler Jerome Kirby Louis Sinclair Matthew Cassidy Thomas Slingsby ARTEMIS RACING Anders Gustafsson Andreas Axelsson Kalle Torlen LAND ROVER BAR Ben Ainslie Bleddyn Mon David Carr Edward Powys Giles Scott Jonathan Macbeth Leigh McMillan Matthew Cornwell Neil Hunter Nick Hutton Paul Campbell-James GROUPAMA TEAM FRANCE Arnaud Jarlegan Devin Le Bihan Franck Cammas Matthieu Vandame Nicolas Heintz Olivier Herledant Thierry Fouchier Thomas Le Breton EMIRATES TEAM NEW ZEALAND Andrew Maloney Blair Tuke Guy Endean Joseph Sullivan Josh Junior Peter Burling Simon Van Velhooven SOFTBANK TEAM JAPAN Kazuhiko Sofuku Yugo Yoshida Yuki Kasatani
  4. South China Seaman

    AC Youth Cup

    The two selected teams don't have to go in Feb but the others that didn't get in may go for the one remaining US spot (and one remaining San Fran spot?). It says US teams make in through to the finals - is that the final round of trials in Feb?
  5. South China Seaman

    AC Youth Cup

    thanks nicoaragones Sounds like you have a good programme, how are you involved in the campaign?
  6. South China Seaman

    AC Youth Cup

    Whats the list of teams everyone knows about? So far I have :- USA - Team Force USA - Quest for the Cup France - Denmark - Youth Vikings Sweden - Artimis NZ - ETNZ Australia - Argentina - Virgin Islands - The Netherlands - Flying Dutchies who am I missing? Also who's doing what training? I've got so far Team Force - small cats Quest for the Cup - small cats and F40 (is the boat theirs or are thy chartering it?) France - small cats Denmark - small cats Sweden - ? NZ - ? Australia - ? Argentina - Small Cats? Virgin Islands - ? FLying Dutchies - they chartered an Extreme40 once and small cats? Can anyone add to that?
  7. South China Seaman

    AC Youth Cup

    who will be in the NZ team?
  8. need more money to pay for more booze