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  1. I should perhaps add that while the above post may well be describe how the US Portsmouth Yardstick system is managed (I wouldn't know) it is utterly unlike the way the UK Portsmouth yardsticks are calculated. yep- in the UK there's a special smoking lounge at the Royal Yacht Squadron where historic ratings are filed in a walnut cabinet in triplicate. The PY committee (made up of principally non-elected Merlin Rocket sailors) meet twice a year with respected members of the establishment and set about manipulating data. Rumours that money and/or other services exchange hands for lower ratings has never been proven, but really, are supposed to believe the statistics alone?!? I wish The Telegraph could run a sting like they did on poor Sam.... expose the whole bloody charade for the gerrymandering circus that it is.
  2. you guys are lucky - the Aero seems to really be hitting hard there with proper fleets popping up. There are a few in the UK too, but none around where I am :-( I'll be getting another Laser shortly to join the 40+ at our club.... not that this charade has had any bearing on that whatsoever.
  3. I agree that choosing the right boat is a skill in its own right.... but then if you're compromising on what you want to sail for a boat that you should sail - maybe for reasons of crew weight, location, skills set, typical course types etc, aren't you fundamentally removing the one major advantage that handicap racing actually has..... sailing what the fuck you want and be damned with the rest? Like all things, this is all about compromise. And to some extent, I can see that if class racing isn't available then that could also be rather liberating. I've seriously looked at a couple of clubs with a view to buying either a Finn or D-Zero- these clubs don't have class racing anymore. I'm always drawn back by the quality of racing on offer with the Laser, and to a greater extent, the size of the water which makes windsurfing viable (which is important, sailing a laser for fun freeriding is a rarity without waves!!). And for what it's worth, no one is chased away at my current club- quite the reverse in fact.... we have plenty of members with all sorts of non-fleet boats; but for their esteemed fleet captain getting them to participate in the racing is another matter entirely. From what I can see our entire club racing programme mollycoddles the handicap fleet - taking times for all boats, even those engaged in class racing, and adjusting them on start time to create a rather meaningless overall club series.... it's an onerous task for the race officers, probably leading to a larger reluctance to man the box, certainly as Chief OD, but I don't think the club could be accused of chasing handicap racing away. As I stated above, I think the menagerie fleet would better served dumping the handicaps and running it like a group sail programme - with shorter races, first across the line wins. That's certainly what happened in previous years - and participation numbers for the menagerie were up then; but I do acknowledge that's completely counterintuitive and probably looks like a major backwards step for the very few who do take their handicap racing seriously.
  4. Mr Kneewrecker is a sad case. He's run out of enthusiasm for the sport. Fair enough, many of us do from time to time. But instead of admitting it to himself and saying fair enough, its not what I want to do now, I'll take a few years off, maybe come back to it, maybe not, he's got himself into this mind set of knocking, knocking knocking... Steam Flyer -actually it was tongue in cheek aimed primarily at your amateur psychologist buddy there. To my knowledge he has never met me, nor knows anything of substance about me before attempting to pop-psyche me; yet he clearly feels my views are dumb. I actually couldn't give a monkeys if people want to drift around a handicap fleet and convince themselves it's real racing.... each to their own. But the proliferation of handicap racing at UK clubs, has, in my opinion, weakened the sport as a whole and made other options all the more interesting. I'll remain enthusiastic though - at least we've still got fleet racing options at our club... even if in my ideal world, those Lasers would be OKs, D-Zeros or Aeros. Can't have everything though....
  5. oh dear, you're are mistaken. It's far from serious.... it's actually very simple, refreshing and lighthearted- in fact it's the perfect fleet for newbies as you can still get a boat on the water for under a 1000 bucks. I'll admit it steps up a notch if you get in to the top 3, and certainly does if you're daft enough to spend your time travelling to events; but that's very much 'been there, done that' territory - well the second point at least. It's far less serious than all that timing bullshit, all those separate starts with those flags going up and down faster than Madonna's knickers in the 1990's. Not to mention all that computer manipulation that goes on apres race, just to work out whether a 49er was sailed better than a kid in a Tera- in reality the experience is just yesterday's chip paper and was hardly memorable in the first place- just a cruise in company - nothing more than a group exercise class. (Nothing wrong with that btw, they're very popular now) A mate of mine went back to his home club where he grew up, sailed well and faced a barrage of tut-tutting about his handicap being too lenient.... it was the RYA published number for the class he sailed FFS. He hasn't been back.... this is not an isolated example. Sail badly, blame your handicap. Sail well, question your handicap- or have other fuckers do it for you. Beat the guy next to you across the finish line fairly - feel great. Lose to the guy next to you on the finish line fairly - feel great too, knowing it's down to you to change it next time.
  6. they're also reasonably free of people in their 20's, 30's and even 40's ... whilst mos the kids and juniors are still racing classes as practice for circuit stuff, if their good enough/commited enough etc... which trickles down to class racing for most kids as most parents then don't go left field when there's something established. I guess PY has its place- helps the oldies potter around with some sense of purpose.
  7. snowboard impact shorts.... cheaper, especially the 'soft' ones that you'd want: https://www.amazon.co.uk/PRO-TECT-X-Large-ski-snowboard/dp/B007VCP7HQ/ref=sr_1_2/254-6702879-2943119?ie=UTF8&qid=1470308063&sr=8-2&keywords=snowboard+impact+shorts
  8. I chartered one whilst also undertaking a significant diet. i sailed it at 108kg down to 82kg. It's perfectly fun to sail as big lad and had more than enough volume and rig power, but it certainly seemed to have a broad sweet spot in the 80-90kg band. I guess the fitness bunnies can go lower still- sheet loads are nothing to worry about and it's about as comfortable as a sit-on-top boat could possibly be.
  9. sounds glorious!
  10. I think singlehanding a high performance racing dinghy without support cover has a whole host of higher risks than a tried and tested method of retaining the end of the mainsheet when your hands get in the inevitable clusterfuck mid-gybe .....
  11. back when I sailed musto skiffs, a good number of us used a snapshackle / carbina on our harness to attach a to the end of the mainsheet... (don't know whether it was half or not or more... I never remotely ran the stats) This is not only useful for separation in the event of a capsize, but it also means in early stages you can drop the mainsheet (cleated) to sheet the kite and then relocate the mainsheet tail from your harness afterwards.... very fucking useful when you've got a tiller, mainsheet, kite sheet and a trap wire to handle through a gybe and only two hands to do it with. It worked for me and make no claim towards inventing the idea.... although I accept it wasn't something everyone did. http://mustoskiff.com/pimp-my-skiff/harness.htm
  12. Or tie the end of the main sheet to your harness ... Jesus, this stuff is old, old advice
  13. Buy it- Carpe Diem n' all that...
  14. yep- that's it, we all need personal safety boats, that's exactly what I said...