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  1. RM69 Style Tank for Jabsco Head

    No clue, try these guys, http://www.marinesan.com/default.asp
  2. For now I am happy with my conventional sloop, but as I get older the appeal for a deck salon will increase. The added benefit of protection from weather in PNW is obvious, and I really like the idea of the main interior space having lots of light and outward visibility while seated. The problem is I have not seen any in the 35 ft range that look good. A serius ds 350 is about the best, but I agree with Semi that Buffet's is not bad and no better or worse than a Moody.
  3. Good, Cheapish Dacron Sails?

    I was looking for sails on my last boat about the same size as yours a few years ago. After looking at the budget options I decided to get a quote form the local loft. They went far beyond measuring the luff and foot, but also looked at jib car placement, pulpits and lifelines and asked lots of questions about how I used the boat. Did I ever want to race, what were my light air expectations, how important was leeward visability under the 130 jib? I decided to pay more for the local loft, and ended up with a sail that was perfect from day one. If the budget is super tight or you do not plan to keep the boat more than a few years go cheep, otherwise the added cost for a local loft is worth it,
  4. What is this masty little beamer?

    A solid very well made boat with lots of blue water capability. A friend has one and I was surprised to find a very workable interior with standing headroom and an enclosed head.
  5. Making the perfect cockpit table - or not

    We use a Helinox camp taple on our J109. SInce the mainsheet/traveler set up precludes any mounted table on the binnacle for use underway we went for a minimal approach.
  6. My newest project

    Is that blue boat behind you the famous 3 story flipper? If so you might be tempting fate, although your design karma should keep you out of trouble.
  7. Cruising with 2 families: space for 9?

    How about 2 modest boats rather than 1 big one. Keep what you have and get another. There are more budget options in the 35-45 range. Yes you would have twice as many systems to keep up, but also full redundancy. In an emergency all of you could utilize one boat. It also allows the option of separation if some of you start to not like each other so much. Worse case scenario, teach the oldest girl to sail and put them all on one one boat, kind of a female Lord of the Flies approach.
  8. My newest project

    if you can live without the retracting keel, you have pretty much described a J100, I know it is a sloop with an inboard, but you could roll with that ok.
  9. My newest project

    I took this on the way home. A good time was had by all, and the band really is the highlight of the weekend. The editor will not let me delete the double image, but she is so good looking two are needed anyway.
  10. Whidbey is best avoided, all the bike routes are uphill, the mid island micro climate produces 360 days of rain a year, the shelfish have a bad disposition, and I heard last week the Zika outbreak is really starting to peak. PS there are some funky old housing developments with private protected moorage on the west side and south end of the island. Shallow draft might be needed but they are on admiralty inlet with some of the best winds in the whole area. A folding tri would be a blast to sail in this area.
  11. Random PicThread

    Read the top label, it says to be careful!
  12. GRP Classic around 28-33'?

    Hard to find in Europe but a Yankee 30 would meet most of your requirements. A Tartan 30 gives you a bit more room but beam is 10'. Both are very sturdy and safe, but I would consider building up the bridge deck and adding scupper capacity for offshore work.
  13. Engine hours - how many is too many

    On a related topic what is the best way to keep it going for 10,000 hours. By this I mean real would use on a sailboat, which is sailed most of the time. I can't run at 80% in and out of the marina, and I didn't buy the boat to motor around in circles for 45 min every time I take it out. I have a small 3 cyl volvo, no turbo, no pre lube, no water jacket cooling thing whaterver the hell that is. I am super compulsive on standard maintenance.
  14. Which 30ft fast crusier boat

    I saw Endagnered Species last week on our summer cruise, I think either at Roche or Port Ludlow. It was in pretty bad shape. Like Alex I remember it on my dock at Shilshole. I hope someone rescues it before it is too late.
  15. Point Hudson Marina in Port Townsend

    YES!, and anything with a flybridge completely enclosed in canvas and plastic.