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  1. steele

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    I have the webasto air unit not hydronic but most of this applies. The set up Kim purchased includes the surewire control which makes figuring out problems easier. I would check to see if the fuel pump is the new quiet one or the older model like mine. It makes too much noise for what it does so an upgarde may be a good idea depending on where it is mounted.
  2. steele

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Does this mean you will not be mounting giant speakers to the aft deck to blast techno bagpipe music? I'll get my hat...
  3. steele

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    It's a shame you plugged the hole, it would have made a great mount for those neon underwater disco lights the powerboat set likes so much .
  4. I have not used a offshore jacket with seals, but have used a gortex surface sport drysuit. The seals are noticable at first, but after a few mins you don't even think about them. I had no trouble with 6-8 hours of use. The issue is they do not ventilate at all so the breathable fabric is very important. If the offshore smock is a great deal why not pick it up for snotty weather, and get an inexpensive lightweight one for other times. For light use hiking or ski shells are fine and tend to be less expensive than boat stuff. There should be lots of end of the camping/hinking season sales now.
  5. steele

    Show your boat not sailing

    Day one of last years cruise to the San Juans with our home marina in the background. The wind picked up a few hours later and the sail covers came off.
  6. steele

    "Perfect" Compromise Boat?

    Friends on our dock have a C&C 99 which I like a lot. Some of the interior features are nicer than our 109, especially a reasonable sized salon table. The 109's is too big and in the way even when folded. I have not spent any time in the aft cabin but it looks workable. I like the cockpit on the 109 better. YW has a 99 close to you listed in white which i mention since lots of the 99's were made with dark hulls and by this point are looking pretty faded.
  7. steele

    First boat at age 50

    Skip a propane cooktop unless you already have a serviceable system in place. Look at a single burner Origo alcohol instead.
  8. steele

    Cassette Rudder Sticking

    Since it has been stuck since new was it just made too tight? If so perhaps very careful use of fine grit wet sandpaper on the rudder or interior of the cassette might help. You could squirt some dye in between the mating surfaces first to see if there is a high spot that binds.
  9. steele

    Cockpit Cushion ideas

    I went with these, The covering is naturaly non slip and they are low profile, heavy and never move. They do not soak up any water at all, but do not breath either. The set I had on my last boat lasted 20 years and the new owners are still using them, which almost makes the crazy high price seem reasonable.
  10. steele

    Whale Gulper IC reviews

    I also have the IC pump. My sump is very small, I even had to angle the pick up hose conector to 90 degrees to get it to fit (it is designed for that). So far works fine but like Daddle mine has never had to do much. I dump a bucket of fresh water in the bilge once in while to make sure it works. It is too expensive for what it is, but when I priced all the parts to build my own remote pick up system the cost was about the same. Wet's experience is a worry. I try to keep the bilge very clean to avoid blockages, but will have to pay even closer attention.
  11. steele

    Helm mounted GPS recommendations

    Garmin has some new chartplotters marketed to fishermen under the echomap name. They are stand alone units with buttons. Some have NMEA compatibility if you want to add it later. I looked at them recently because the price is fair and they have adjustable quick release mounts. I have no personal experience, just saw them in the local marine store. They should be able to calculate simple VMG but not VMG wind.
  12. steele

    A/C ducting

    How about coroplast? Light strong and with the double wall it may even offer some insulation.
  13. steele

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    I think the solid railings are fine, they might be a little more pleasing if reconfigured by a certain expert in that kind of thing. The old bruce anchor is another matter. Overall a great looking boat.
  14. steele

    Anchor snagged on stump

    I am not sure about your danforth sizing, but if want to know about how anchors actually work ignore all other advice and watch this. He has a video on danforths and Fortress as well.
  15. The point of the test is to push until you can't go any further. If you made it to average time and heart rate for age, with a reasonable blood pressure response, without chest pain or EKG changes, you passed the test (low risk of critical artery disease in your heart). I have seen several people max out the test, most were young fire fighter recruits needing to pass their physical before training. When someone fails the test they rarely go to surgery, most need more testing first. A final odd fact, Dr Bruce helped teach me to read EKGs.