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  1. Coolboats to admire

    Dad's first boat was a T Bird, we would camp cruise with a family of 4 on it. They look better in person than the line drawings would suggest. Ours was plywood, with a plaque that said Made in Japan, there a lots of glass ones around too.
  2. Wire baskets for ice boxes

    as long as we are talking cheap icebox stuff, these things are great, https://www.coleman.com/cold-glow-cooler-light/2000027455.html
  3. J/112E

    You two are way ahead of me on these things, but I agree on the Nautos vang. Mine has not shown any sign of failure, but lots of creaking and growning. Going with a higher end product would be worth it just to reduce the noise.
  4. Nmea to wifi/ethernet - VYACHT??

    This might work, https://yachtdevicesus.com/products/nmea-2000-wi-fi-gateway-ydwg-02. They claim it works with proprietary networks from multiple sources. I have not used this product, but I have had good luck with their engine gateway and text display.
  5. Wire baskets for ice boxes

    I had the same issues and ended up buying plastic baskets, not custom but come in a lot of sizes, never rust, and are lightweight. Chains like Storables and the Container Store have them.
  6. J/112E

    If the set up on the Volvo is the same as mine port side access is not needed, all the routine maintenance stuff is on the right. Agree on the dehumidifier, safer and more effective when away from the boat. We only use the heat while on the boat.
  7. J/112E

    I am a 109 owner but have a few thoughts, most of which you have probably covered already. Mine was one of the last ones built, and was made in France, which I think is the same as the 112. Some of this may apply. I looks like the 112 comes with the same volvo D1-30 as mine, access to the right side of the motor is super tight, not enough room to pull the fuel and oil filters out without slopping petroleum products. Unless J has widened the engine box on the 112 it would be great to have a side access panel. Mine was delivered with a volvo brand secondary fuel filter/water separator. It is fussy to deal with, does not have a clear bowl to check for water, and the filter elements are expensive (and take 3 O rings to change). Spec a Racor if you can. For some reason new boats seem to not have a proper raw water strainer for the motor installed. Adding one after the fact was not too bad, but why not have it done up front. I did not see if cabin heat is an option, but since we sail in the PNW we added a forced air unit. If you are considering it try to get it done as the boat is built. I added it later and it was a complex project since there are lots of tight areas in these shallow bilge boats. If you do, think about an outlet in the big aft storage area, it is great for drying out wet gear rather than have it in the head or dripping in a locker. Mine was made without access ports in the fuel and water tanks, and no level sender in the water tank. I am not sure if this was an unchecked option by the first owner, but again a lot easier to add during the build than later. The hatches on mine are by Moonlight and too lightly built. If the builder still uses them reqest an upgrade.
  8. Pogo Like Sailboats in North America

    Elan used to make performance oriented boats, the 310 comes to mind. They also had a few dealers in the US, but I am not sure if they (or the company itself) is still around.
  9. JetSki Vents

    My second thought was where is her life vest? Then I wondered, is silicone less dense than water? She would float face up just fine. If they are saline then we got trouble.
  10. Barn Find Cal 40

    White Squall, seen around here often. It looks even better in person. I am not being sarcastic, for some reason the flat top design works well on this long narrow boat.
  11. I was wondering the same thing as CBS. It seems it flipped because of multiple errors in fit out, ballast and launching, and it has been mentioned that the basic hull design is OK. Stripping out the interior wood and electrical would be needed, but it would not require special skills. Getting the engine out and new back in depends on how the ship is designed, but once done the new owner would be ahead of starting with nothing. A used Nordhavn in this size range is 3-6 million. The question for those of you with big boat knowledge is could you pick flipper up for yard fees, gut and rebuild, and come in under that range? I know it will never be as good as a Nordhaven, but it would be essentially a new boat.
  12. Pilothouse For Puget Sound, $40K Or Less

    Sorry J I missed your earlier post on theCooper, your points are well taken. If you dont find a pilot house in your price and size range dont discount a good standard boat with a well made dodger and an underdeck autopilot and remote. Mine has a forced air heater with vents into the storage areas to dry out the wet gear, some sailors have even added a vent low in the cockpit forward to keep your feet warm. Ish, my wife and I once rode our bikes 120 miles in the rain with gear like you describe, we were too poor for gortex and even covered our heads in shower caps under our helmets and stuck our feet in plastic bags in our shoes. The smell after 9 hours would have gagged maggots.
  13. Pilothouse For Puget Sound, $40K Or Less

    The Rendezvous was pretty low key but does get mentioned here and on the Perry website, It seems like you are checking CL often, but in case you missed it, https://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/boa/d/pilot-house-sailboat-with/6351061084.html. The motor is brand new and the saildrive looks to be only 4 years old. With instal it probably cost more than 1/2 the asking price. I have the same motor in my boat, it might be a little underpowered but a sea trial would sort that out.
  14. Pilothouse For Puget Sound, $40K Or Less

    The islander looks a little rough so you might get it for less than 28k. I would want to know why all the port frames are painted blue, it would be a big job to replace them if they are going bad. As an aside you can go to the Perry Rendezvous with a non Perry boat. We did this year and had fun despite our second class status.
  15. Hard vs soft dinghy

    As someone who has gunked around the San Juans in both a hard dingy (the same as Olaf's, actually the very same one since I sold it to him and some days want it back) and an inflatable (an Avon like Ajax's, but not the same one) I can say both work fine. For the orignal poster's use I would go with the hard. It sounds like it sits for long periods of time so UV and other abuses will take a toll on an inflatable, even the more expensive hypalon types. To get around this you could pump and deploy the inflatable every time, but the added hassle may not be worth it. I now have only the Avon but part of the appeal is the ability to store it for long passages, rather than tow when he weather gets bad and current acts up. I am too lazy to store a hard dink on deck. I do have a 35 year old 2hp Evinrude that works well enough to bring it on cruises, but not enough to trust it further than I can row. I would get a better motor but I can carry the old 2 cycle in one hand while I climb into the Avon from the mother ship. Any gas motor that you have to store on the boat or dock for long periods while you are away is a bad idea, better to row a hard dink. If you go with an inflatable heed Ajax'a advice and look for a good used avon redcrest. They last much longer than a PVC boat and their shape is more space efficient. They pack small too. Now that another "whats the best dingy" discusion is winding down I have some other questions. I have a boat with a tiller that I would like to convert to a wheel, and another with a wheel that might be better with a tiller, what should I do? I also need to buy six anchors, what's the best one? Halle Berry or Gwyneth Paltrow? we need to know.