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  1. Help me choose: Sun fast 3200 or J109

    I agree the aft cockpit traveler and tiller on the 3200 would be hard to beat for singlehanding, my last boat had that set up. The best place to steer the 109 is stiing on the side deck. This allows great sightlines forward and is within reach of both main and jib sheets. With more crew aboard moving behind the wheel works fine.
  2. Help me choose: Sun fast 3200 or J109

    When I was looking the choice was the 109 vs the older first series. We cruise more than race so the interior was important. All the Benes I looked at in that range had marginal seating and berths, not quite long enough to stretch out or big enough to sit comfortably. I have not been inside a 3200, but make sure you and the family try it out. The asym and extendable bowsprit are a plus for shorthanding the 109, the tiller on the 3200 is a plus. Either are fun to sail.
  3. As long as I am not really helping with your original question I though I would add more advice. Dad's old T Bird had a pop top that was great at the dock or anchor. It was supported brass rods and thumb screws. If you don't have one it is a nice addition.
  4. As a kid my family of 4 cruised on dad's T-Bird. I don't remember much which is probably for the best. You might consider adding a few more layers of paint, some trim around the ports, and acorn bolts or covers for the hardware. This plus adding the needed cushions for overnighting may be enough to make it look and feel good without more wood or a headliner. For interior lighting check out all the cool led lanterns sold in camping stores. We use them on our boat even though it also has wired lights, they last for many nights of use on AA batts.
  5. Volvo D1 30F, smart reg installation query

    I just saw this post and you may already know this, but you might wait on doing anything to this motor until you check with Volvo. Many of this model have been recalled because of emission issues and are being replaced at their expense. The regulator probably is not a big deal since it is not directly attached to the engine, but best to be careful. You can call your local volvo dealer with the serial number and they can tell you if yours is included in the recall.
  6. Buying a 1988 Beneteau First 285

    If the boat fits you OK then make sure the motor is in good shape. I assume it has a Volvo, now 20 years old. Depending on the model parts can be very expensive, or even not available. I am not bashing Volvos, I have one in my boat, but any inboard that age needs a close look. The cost of a rebuild or repower could exceed the purchase price of the entire boat.
  7. Summer cruising San Juan Islands

    I agree with all the above, but keep in mind the distances in the San Juans are short. Yes you will motor, but learn the tides and currents and you can spend lots of time crabbing, kayaking, hiking etc. We often will sleep late, have a nice breakfast, anchor in a quiet spot for lunch, and still have time to move on to our overnight spot. Instead of new sails, invest in a kayak or inflatable paddle board.
  8. Craigslist - Not mocking

    I have no idea if the price is fair, but lots of info on this boat in old posts. https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/d/25-left-coast-dart/6529624372.html
  9. Interpersonal Wireless Comms Aboard

    I do not know of any purpose built systems but it should be easy to set up. If your VHF has a hailer function just buy an external vhf speaker and hook it up.
  10. Interpersonal Wireless Comms Aboard

    I have you thought about a simple wired system. A mic and small amplifier below and waterproof speaker at the helm might work.
  11. Interpersonal Wireless Comms Aboard

    We have these, https://www.sena.com/product/sph10/. True hands free with good sound quality. They may not be durable enough for continuous use, we use them for short handed docking and anchoring.
  12. Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    Why not use an air cooled gas motor in an enclosed metal hull, what could go wrong?
  13. Snubbed

    Ajax, it depends on the roller, but the problem with running 3 strand through the roller is the rope will abrade on the forward edge of the roller it the boat moves at anchor much at all. I let out a little extra rode after setting and use the bow cleats and anti chaff gear and slack the rode between the cleat and windlass. Unless the wind is really up I can do this by hand.
  14. West Marine Auto Inflate with harness

    Another good option is the Crewsaver Ergofit line. About the same price as the others, but fit me a little better than the Spinlock.
  15. Installing a removable cruising Anchor system

    The boat came with the windlass, I am pretty sure the prior owner ordered it as part of the build. It is wired to a breaker in the v berth hanging locker then back to the house bank under the salon table. I doubt the fortress would work, the flukes may not allow the anchor to sit back far enough on the roller, and it is a wide anchor and I suspect it would hit the sprit when extended. It also has lots of protrusions to catch the spinnaker and sheets. If you really want to know I have the same anchor as a back up, I keep it broken down for storage. I could give it a try.