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  1. steele

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    I suspect that propane is the solution for cooking and heat. Propane forced air heaters are available, you would need big tanks to cruise in cold climates, but for the average boaters use it should be fine and much simpler than diesel generators. You could even bring a portable propane generator for emergency use
  2. steele

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    If your estimate of 50 miles is correct, and the regen works as advertised, then a boat like this would meet my needs. I am not in the market for any boat right now, especially one this big and expensive, but it is a fun mental exercise. Our cruising is often sub 50 mile legs with the option of spending a night in a marina every 2-3 days. Add in the regen, and solar, and it might work. Adding a ICE generator is a turn off. I understand that it would only be used occasionally but the need for a cooling system, exhaust, tanks etc with the maintainence and space it all requires offsets the advantages of an electric boat for me.
  3. steele

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    The most interesting thing about it is the electric propulsion system, not only because it is a production boat, but the dual drive set up is unique on a mono. The video points out the benefit of dual regeneration under sail, but there is no info in the video or on the website as to battery capacity, range etc. The Uma couple has the same drive system, and have already had one catastrophic failure although it was purchased (given?) used. They make it work since they live on the boat and have no set schedule, they can sit for long periods waiting for sailing conditions. My life does not work that way so true range under power would be a key statistic.
  4. steele

    Where to install 4" instrument displays?

    That may work, since the displays are fully configurable you can show muliptiple data points on one dislplay, or rapidly scroll through data. Also your new MFD will have wifi, bluetooth or both. This allows the use of a phone or tablet to mirror data. There are all kinds rail mounts and suction cups to hold the devices. I use a retired iphone and inexpensive samsung tablet. Your do not need cellular data so it is pretty inexpensive.
  5. steele

    Ceiling paint

    Sound like paint is the way to go at first since it is cheap, easy, and if you don't like it you can just cover it later. A issue may be condensation. If you plan to use the boat in shoulder seasons when it is cold outside, warm inside, and mammals are using the cabin with the door closed, moisture will form on the bare surfaces and drip. The internet estimates about 1/2 L of water breathed out per person per day. Zonks foam idea would help.
  6. Interesting idea, I often end up spending too much time dealing with the snuffer line when short handed. Check with Garhauer, they have a large catalog, and if they don't have it they will make it for you. Good prices and very good service. Please update with pics once it is set up.
  7. steele

    Yet another Bene 'This or That'

    A 36.7 in good shape would be an option, an autopilot with the big wheel helps. I looked at them before ending up with a 109. Interior build quality was an issue. Alex olson/express advice is good, hard to find but most have a tiller which is nice for short handed sailing. Friends have a C&C 99, same size range, smaller wheel, and a very nice interior set up for a boat in this size range.
  8. steele

    Raymarine instrument replacement?

    Integration with raymarine can be confusing. The older display probably used their seatalk system which I think was a version of nmea 0183, the newer one uses seatalk NG, which is nmea 2000. Both have different propriatary connectors unique to Ray. I have mostly dealt with getting Ray nmea 2000 to work with non Ray products. I am sure others on this site have a lot more knowledge. Raymarine has a forum where you can ask what system/conectors may match you particular MFDs and instruments. I found this article which helps a bit,
  9. steele

    Raymarine instrument replacement?

    The top MFD is an a series from around 2014, the botton even older. When back at the boat you could pull them, check the contacts and clean them up and see if that helps. There are serveral how-to articles about troubleshooting the nmea network with a multimeter to see if the problem is the MFD unit itself or the network not getting info to the instruments. The newer dislplay also has wifi so you can add an app to your phone to see if will push data that way. If it becomes apparent the problem is one or both main displays then it is probably not worth fixing them. I have an e series from around that time and they were not well made. Screens were not bonded, card readers failed, the touch functions would not stay calibrated, etc. Replacing both with a single MFD below where it is protected and using a phone or tablet as a repeater in the cockpit would be an economical approach.
  10. steele

    Small Electric OB - EP Carry? / others

    A very down budget option,
  11. steele

    Small Electric OB - EP Carry? / others

    I have one, as well as 2 friends. It has only been a year and it has seen light use but so far so good. I like that it is simple without complex electronic controls that seem to plague other options on the market. The electric conections seem sturdy. I can lift it with one hand and is it way nicer to use than my old 2hp gas outboard. I use it on a 9' inflatable. Keep in mind it as a ship to shore type of device, ok for light exploring. It would not be my first choice for long distance use. The motor locks to the dingy (lock included) but the battery does not which may be an issue in a theft prone area. You can buy extra batts, but they are also used in medical devices so if you are handy you might be able to source them at less cost. It also lacks a battery capacity monitor. The company told me they were working on one.
  12. My Tartan 30 had the set up you are contemplating, a hawsepipe in the deck to the same type of open locker in the v berth. As you know a lot of our local anchorages are thick mud, great for holding but smell is a big issue. When pulling anchor I would pile the rode and chain on deck, tie it up in a bundle, and lash it down. Once back at the dock it got a good fresh water rinse before storing back in the locker. Keep in mind feeding all the line and chain into the pipe while pulling the anchor by hand is difficult in the best conditions, and impossible short handed in any wind or current. Another issue is the gunk that drains off it will perk into the bilge over time, so the mess and smell will not be contained to the locker. If I had to do it again I would use a heavy canvas bucket straped down on foredeck and pile the rode there. If conditions got snotty you could bring it back the cockpit. For anchor storage Mantus makes a rail mount. Pretty clunky, but probably ok for a cruise and easy to remove for racing. It would need to go on the stern but you could launch from the back as long as you were super carefull. Steve likes the mantus anchors too, and they break down for storage.
  13. We just finished redoing the floors in two bathrooms and went with "luxury vinyl plank". It looks good, holds up to water well, and is comfortable. The last part is important since we do not use shoes in the house so the fact that it has a little give to it and some insulating properties is nice. Wood is better looking, and tile is more durable, but both are a lot more expensive especially when you include installation. If money was not an issue we would have gone with tile over a heated floor. We have heated tile in our master bath and it is strange how the heat makes tile feel softer. In regards to brands there are so many it is hard to choose. We decided to go with a dedicated higher end flooring store. They don't stock junk, and they knew their product lines well. The added cost over the big box hardware store was worth it.
  14. steele

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    This popped up recenly. To bad about the wheel, and I do not know if the price is good, but a great boat if you are looking for a 30 footer
  15. steele

    wi-fi camera + hotspot onboard ? This is an older article but I found it helpful.