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  1. steele

    H-Boat vs. Hinckley Sou'wester 30

    I guess you need to figure out what you are willing to pay for. Both are good looking boats from a very high quality builder. It is also a 50 year old design with a full keel and gobs of exterior wood to keep up. If you always dreamed of having a Hinkley go for it, but a much newer tartan, sabre, CS will still offer good quality and performance for less up front. Take a look at a Sabre 30 mark 2 or 3, or a CS 30. Good examples are available for less than 30K.
  2. steele

    Inflatable PFD for women?

    My wife has this one, It works well for her, but everyone is different. It does not have a harness option so you would need to add that for offshore work.
  3. steele

    Most comfortable inflatable PFD

    I have bony shoulders and also found the spinlock uncomfortable. I use a crewsaver ergofit, it is a little heavier but for me was more comfortable.
  4. steele

    Saildrive boot replacement

    I guess it depends on your definition of easy. Wood's video did not fit my definition of easy, but I am by no means an experienced mechanic. I can see how someone who had worked with engines and transmissions in the past could be comfortable with it. I might be able to it, but would need a bunch of tools I don't currently have, I would break some expensive stuff, and it would burn a lot of time on the hard. As best I can figure the 120s drive weighs 110 lbs, so getting it up and out of the boat would take good access, or strong help. The video is also interesting in that the diaphram was 26 years old and looked new.
  5. steele

    WTF did they do to this J/125!?

    I was curious and found this link, Under all that stuff it is a pretty cool boat. You mentioned a rudder bearing issue. Not sure what one was used in this boat, but if it is the crap JP3 version take a look at the replacement options through Jefa (PYI is a good resource). I like this photo.
  6. steele

    Saildrive boot replacement

    I think volvo says 7 years, but the general consensus is much longer. My volvo saildrive has been out twice, not for the boot. It is a big job that could be done by a very motivated and experienced DYIer, and a strong helper. I am not in that catagory so I worked harder at my real job and wrote a big check. As already mentioned the motor may need to be shifted forward, the faring and prop need to come off. You need to get the drive free enough to get the metal ring and new boot over the drive leg which may involve some interior deconstruction. It is also a good time to inspect and perhaps replace the lower seals, which means taking the drive completely out of the boat.
  7. steele

    Learning on a catamaran?

    Sass made the most important statement, do what will work best for the fiancee. The old saying about never having a second chance to make a first impression applies. If your partner is very easy going when it comes life then a mono is fine, but if comfort is important, and healing might be scary, then go with the cat. Once you have basic big boat skills down you can transition later.
  8. steele

    Oceanis 30.1

    The issue is not length but beam, carried all the way aft on many modern boats. A single wheel ends up too big, especially for a cruising boat. I think a tiller with a good extension is a better solution, but marketing types would likely disagree.
  9. steele

    36.7 or 109?

    Like a lot of others I cross-shopped both boats, and in the end chose the 109. I don't have much more to add, but in the end liked the cockpit of the 109 better. The interior of the 36.7 seems more appealing at first, but I found the 109 was a better fit for a couples boat with more storage and better seeting and bunks. Harking back to the original post, the plan is for short handed sailing, for which both should be fine, or single handed, for which neither is great. The wheel set up lends itself well to reaching mainsail controls, but not the jib. This would be true of almost all performance wheel helmed boats. It is still doable and fun, but if you love tweeking the rig and sails a tiller boat still has an advantage.
  10. steele

    Oceanis 30.1

    There is no reason not to get a new boat, as long as you have the discretionary funds. Like cars you pay a premium, and will spend more to fit it out than you might for a used boat that often comes with equipment included. On the other hand you are not subjected to prior owners mistakes and a warranty can be nice. I was considering a new Jeanneau once and with a careful look found several problems on a brand new one. Stantion bolts that completely missed the backing plates, no raw water strainer on the intake, missing hose clamps on the head plumbing, and an inadequate fuel filter system. Even if buying new I would still get a survey. Keep in mind the warranty can be of limited value. Owners groups for the same boat I was looking at had lots of complaints about getting work done. It often took a very long time to get issues resolved, and there was lots of he said/she said between the owner, broker, manufacturer, and suppliers of the component in question with everyone blaming the next guy for the problem.
  11. steele

    Current(ly) Confused - San Juans

    I have found the same thing in the same area, like Sass noted President's channel is even worse. I end up spending 15 min looking at everything convinced I am reading something wrong, which is usually the case, but once in a while the tables are not accurate. I have never found the important areas like Cattle or Rosario to be off.
  12. steele

    Shearwater (J/120) is for sale...

    Congratulations. I saw it was being surveyed a few weeks ago and wondered what happened.
  13. steele

    Oceanis 30.1

    The Beneteau site lists a tiller as an option, that would be a good way to go. You could get to the mainsail controls from the helm, free up cockpit space, and even maybe see the chartplotter from the helm since for some reason it is mounted horizontaly.
  14. steele

    Eliminating thru hulls about the water line

    Since they are plastic and above the waterline UV will eventually get the best of them, filled with epoxy or not. Perhaps there is a same size bronze option that you could swap out?
  15. steele

    Oceanis 30.1

    For a small boat it has a lot of form stability, so may be more stiff than the numbers suggest. I know this is small consolation in a hurricane, but for an inshore family boat it is probably ok. It is hard to tell from the photos, but it appears to lack a traveler, using a bridle for main control, with the mainsheet needing a winch mounted on the cabin, not near the helm. It has no backstay. If I am right about all this depowering the main in a blow will be impossible, so be prepared to reef early and often.