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  1. steele

    In Production: Spirit 111

    I agree with Left, the forces on a huge sloop rig do not leave much margin for error. I also wonder about maneuvering and docking a 111 foot long 58 ton boat with no professional help. Perhaps they will dingy crew aboard as they approach port?
  2. steele

    In Production: Spirit 111

    Part of the foil issue is the visual bulk of all that overhang. Subtract the bow and stern and compare the keel to the wetted surface and it looks a little more appropriate. It still has a problematic shape, but as long as the crew does not spill the owners martini backing down off stuff it should be OK. I also suspect the design called for a pretty stiff boat, and the hull itself does not have a lot of inherent stability, hence the big bulb.
  3. steele

    Some Assembly Required...

    I bought and assembled a full set of furniture from Ikea for a guest bedroom. It gets light use, was reasonably priced, and I saved a lot of money by being able to pick it up myself and bring it to our somewhat remote home on my own. Delivery costs of "real" furniture can be very high. I was surprised how well it worked out. Between the 4 items there was 100's of parts and fasteners. There was not a single missing part, no damage, even the paint was perfect and scratch free. It took hours to put together and the amount of waste was high, but most was recyclable. We even bought bedding from Ikea and it is pretty good.
  4. Budget option is an old laser 2. Set up for 2 smaller people to sail, one on the wire. At your size would not need the trapeze up to medium winds. They came with a symetrical spin and a launch tube which would be a real fire drill for solo use, but some have modified them for asym.
  5. steele

    Black Box VHF

    Assuming it meets the 25 w requirement I would add vesper's cortex to your list. I have no real world experience but played with it at the boat show last month. It was very well thought out and intuitive to use. Probably expensive but it is a good company.
  6. steele

    Jack lines

    I went though this a few years ago. Cleating the webbing can be a problem since it is kind of bulky and got in the way of using mooring lines. I also was not sure of the UV stability of the climbing stuff, although others may know more. I have no sewing skills or equipment. I ended up buying the jackline kit from Wichard. Kind of expensive, but very well made with pre sewn loops and good metal buckles. It is even a bit reflective for nighttime use. Edit, See BJ above, I'm a bit slow.
  7. steele

    need music stereo

    Keep in mind some Bluetooth speakers will work in stereo if you buy 2. The older UEs came with a tripod mount, clamps that thread into them are cheep on amazon. That and your smartphone will get you a pretty good set up with no cutting or wires. You still have to charge the speakers though.
  8. It seems unlikely anyone shopping in this price range is going to make a serious offer on a boat like yours while it is being used and on the move, especially if it needs work. It is possible someone will see a diamond in the rough and make you an offer, but cosmetics still sell most of the time. If getting back to the PNW is still an option then you probably already know this broker, They deal in your type of boat, have done long distance cruising, and treated me well when I purchased through them. It might be worth a call or email to get their take on the situation.
  9. steele

    The Discarded- Rescuing a Tartan 33

    Another option is a second larger solar panel that you can deploy when needed. The new semi rigid panels can be tied down to the dodger or deck and stored under berth cushions since they are strong enough to walk on.
  10. steele

    Old boats - a problem that’s not going away

    Boats are not the only problem. Fiberglass wind turbine blades are the size of a commercial plane wing and have a limited lifespan. Thousands are ending up in landfills.
  11. steele

    ski season 2020

    Off to Grand Targhee, currently 2 F. Boots might be pretty stifff.
  12. steele

    Decent sci-fi or fantasy novels

    It is older but the Hyperion series by Dan Simmons is worth a look.
  13. steele

    Doug From SV Seeker Fakes Head Injury

    I have watched his videos off and on and hoped that he would succeed. This stunt will end my viewing since I work in healthcare and see these types of brain injuries on a regular basis and find no humor in them. That's my choice, to each his own. The boat itself is intriguing. It is impressive how far he has come. It looks heavy, has a huge amount of wetted surface on top of an inefficient hull shape, and I suspect is very underpowered. In bad seas his hatch and window design may let in a lot of water so I hope for the sake of his crew he does not skimp on the bilge pumps.
  14. steele

    Alberg 30

    Putting this together is looks like you are looking for a small, inexpensive boat to single hand long distances. Comfort is less of a priority for now. In the end safety may trump most other considerations especially on a very tight budget. All the boats you mentioned are solid so the best boat you can get for the money may be more important than a small difference in hull speed. Keep in mind the tartan has a large cockpit and no bridge deck. I owned one and would not take it offshore without modifying the cockpit.
  15. steele

    Sail Design - Clew Height/Leech Length

    I went through the same process on my Tartan 30, 10K lbs, 130% sail. My local sailmaker was very helpful in the process. In the end I went with the higher clew since we were not planning to race and the gain in visibility, ease in tacking, and reduced ware and tear on the sail was worth the minor hit to light air performance.