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  1. This is a classic NW boat, and if it is in as good a shape as advertised could be one of the best of it's kind out there, https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/6176724609.html
  2. Kim has probably already thought of this, but titanium might be a consideration for stantions and pulpits. Cost would be higher than stainless, but perhaps less than stainless plus powderocating and more durable. The flat subtle texture of raw titanium would be a good look on Francis. It is also very light which would be a plus for the removable sections that would need to be stored below. There was a Farr 44 named Tabu with Ti fittings, it is now in Seattle so you might be able to enquire how it has held up over time. There are lots of bike frame builders in the area so the expertise should be available if needed (Kim being Kim probably knows Davidson already).
  3. Ok I will try this out, not a great deal, but how often do CF dinghies pop up? https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/6111724169.html
  4. Perhaps it is not the coating but an electrical issue. On my old boat the epoxy would last on the lead for about 6 years and the anti foul 2-3. Then the epoxy and paint started to go bad in just 1-2. After lots of contemplation by folks smarter than me it was determined stray current in the marina and grounding problems were the culprit. I think I got it fixed but sold the boat before it was confirmed.
  5. A full time liveaboard offshore boat for 10K? I hope that is not the whole budget. To keep costs down it sound like you are going to have to go as small as you can stand. Albin Vega?
  6. If Blaine is an option you could also check at Semiahmoo. It is a condo marina, but I think they let the slip owners rent.
  7. I have anchored in both hunter and mud bay, both are pretty protected in a south wind with good holding. Hunter is more scenic, but if the wind is predicted to shift to the north with much force mud bay is bigger and you can anchor tucked up against the NW side for more protection and a longer distance to the south shore in case you drag. For some reason every time we end up in either one the weather goes bad. An option is catch a park buoy at spencer spit, it is very exposed to wind but the spit acts like a breakwater so if you chose the leeward side the water is flat, there are buoys on both sides and the beach is great. Passing between the spit and Frost island is a sphincter tightening experience, but it works. Another very protected option for your first night is blind bay, it is pretty protected from all directions but especially from the south. If you do go read the guide book carefully about the entrance near blind island, rocks are not your friends. just writing this makes me jealous, we will not be up there until late July. Have fun and report back often.
  8. Ranger tugs is a local NW company with a lower priced approach to the cruising tug concept than Nordic. They seem to be doing well. They certainly have a much larger presence at the local shows than all the sailboats venders combined.
  9. Most better quality anchor rollers in 316 stainless are a dull matte finish, and the thicker stock for costum work is also matte. When I re did my roller and bow plate the shiny polished stuff was special order and more expensive. Titanium would be cool looking and lighter but might be overkill for this appilcation.
  10. So do the midship doors need to be doors or could they be lift out panels like companionway boards? The outside could be finished flush with the hull, the interior how ever Kim likes. A simple bracket could hold them in the cockpit when removed. The only hadware would be stainless latches to hold them in place in either position, no fancy hinges or sliding door mechanisms needed. I have lifted several of the compsite foam core parts of Francis Lee and they are scary light for their strength, you can lift his companionway steps and salon table with one finger so Betts should be able to make them very managable. When locked in place they could add support negating the need to beef up the rest of the structure too much, as long as you do not forget to run the boat with them removed.
  11. Bummer. I have really enjoyed all of your designs, but Dave's was the closest to my dream boat. My life plan was to wait 10 yrs and look him up to see if he was ready to sell.
  12. This may be a contradiction to the concept of there being no stupid questions, but If your engine requirements are diminishing I wonder if a dry exhaust has been considered. The design would allow the run to be outside the interior space to keep the heat down, it meets Kim's keep it simple philosophy, and provides the big exhaust pipes everyone is enamored with. The added noise is an issue, but it is a power boat after all,
  13. The Dehler 39 came in shoal draft, very nice build with a big rig and high end interior. It is a bit of an upwind machine, but should do well off the wind. I suspect a spin that would make if go well down wind would be very large.
  14. This is a very helpfull insight into the design. I was thinking in a strict 2D world looking at the drawings and missing the the big picture. Converting a 3d mental idea into good drawings must be hard, and it also illistrates why those of us with little experience are so inthralled with good renderings like Rasper produces. For us the design comes to life, Bob must think "I knew it would like that the whole time". As an aside, anyone who thinks canvas enclosures on this boat will simply be left in place all time needs to spend 15 min with Kim. He does not sit still for long and if he wants to open up the sides he will do so.
  15. The problem with all the overhangs and canvas is it takes a long elegant watercraft and turns into something that looks a bit like a bus. Now admittedly it is the worlds classiest bus, very practical, and when the side curtains are not in place the look may be great. I vote we all start a gofundme account for Kim and his wife and get them some really nice drysuits and go back to the original design.