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    In-mast Furling

    A friend has the Beneteau 323 with a standard main. It sails fine for a that type of boat, and although the interior is a bit odd, it works quite well. The same can be said for the cockpit, the pivoting wheel does free up space at anchor. For some reasone the 323 and 343 have huge heads and showers which eat into storage but for costal cruising you can make it work. It overall seems better built than the newer generation french boats. If you can stretch your budget this would be a nice cruiser for an x-racer, Bigger boat but relatively small main and big roller jib might keep the whole package manageable. If you can find one a C&C 99 would be closer in price to the beneteau and sail great. A couple we know have one and spent about a month up in San Juans this summer and like it alot.
  2. steele

    In-mast Furling

    I have never weighed my main, but the wife is about 100 lbs. She neither bangs nor howls.
  3. steele

    In-mast Furling

    I head a headsail fuller jam on my old boat with the sail 1/3 furled. In that situation there was no way to lower the sail, cutting the halyard would have not helped. Since the top swivel was the problem the only true fix would be to go up the mast. I am not that brave, especially with 2/3rds of the jib flailing about. In then end we yanked, swore and got lucky and the damn thing let loose. At one point I was seriously considering undoing the sheets and motoring around in circles to furl the sail, something the would not have worked on a jammed main.
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    In-mast Furling

    It seems there are lots of variables to consider. Upwind performance is important to you, and based on where you sail light wind conditions in the summer can be pretty common. So far it still not clear how much a performance hit you will take with an in mast system. Perhaps a local sailmaker can help out. Another issue is the size of the proposed boat. Once you go to a cruising oriented rig some booms can get high and often out of reach for flaking reefing sail covers etc. A 40 ft cruiser will have 3X the displacement of your Dash so sails will be much heavier. I know folks will point out they have reefed and flaked huge mains on 60 footers, but that does not mean it was any fun, especially for your wife and an inexperienced second owner. I am a fit 6 ft fit middle aged guy and if I went any bigger than my 35 ft racer/cruiser I would be considering something other than a conventional main (10k displacement with a fact rig). Up to a certain size I think an in boom set up is better since if something goes wrong you can still drop the sail and lash it down. On large boats the in boom system get to be very heavy, something I had not considered until the recent report of the loss of the rig of a big boat when the boom got loose in bad conditions. A final point that may have been fixed with newer systems is the noise the mast makes in a blow with the sails down. BJ can probably comment on this but it would drive me nuts on a longer cruise. It was bad enough being next to one in a marina for one night.
  5. steele

    J109 cabinet question

    I am re-bedding my stantions on the 109, a late production model made in France. The bolts are behind the trim piece above the nav station maked with the blue tape. I pulled every wood screw I can find, but it will not budge. For unclear reasons the cabinet has a "roof" so I can not get at the bolts from inside it. I am now suspicious that the cabinet was made outside the boat and glued and screwed before install, but if any one has some real world experience with this I would appreciate the input before I resort to cutting.
  6. steele

    J109 cabinet question

    I will probably to that, it is ply so a hole saw below the stantion bolts is propaly the way to go. I will also ask on thee 109 site.
  7. steele

    making a bigger hole

    They make grinding bits for a standard drill motor, much faster than a Dremel. Kind of messy, but a small sanding wheel bit will smooth things over.
  8. steele

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    That Olson is stil there? Makes me sad. There were 2 Aphrodite 101s on the same dock in about the same condition, but I think one got fixed up.
  9. steele

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Drifting north out of puget sound, west out the strait of Juan de Fuca, and then to Hawaii would be quite a challenge. Lots of shipping, most of the coastline are rocks, and Hawaii is a pretty small target. My money would be on Rimas.
  10. steele

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I kept waiting for the rotting dock lines to part in a storm and end up watching it pogo it's way through the marina. I suspect someone replaces them once in a while, perhaps owners of nearby boats. Sadly there is a Baba 30, Nordic 30, and J 30 in the same area all in the same condition. Perhaps all the barnacles and muscles growing on their undersides create enough drag to keep them stationary. The Baba might be the best bet for the type of brownian motion drifting that Rimas has perfected, but the J would be a better lawn dart candidate.
  11. steele

    Pretty floor options?

    Although still organic I have had good results building small boats with Okoume ply. It has been void free, soaks up epoxy well and looks good. Here is a source with 12mm, For added strenght in stitch and glue boats it is covered in light cloth saturated in epoxy an ends up super strong.
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    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    My old boat was moored just out the frame of that shot. That Rawson has not moved for a decade. It would be remarkable, but most Rawsons in Seattle never move, and most have at least as much mold (or is it moss?).
  13. steele

    Volvo Diesel parts less than marine prices?

    Yep, that was the last GM product for anyone in our family. It was not just the motor, interior and exterior trim pieces would fall off when you shut the doors, nothing lined up right, and it drove like a waterbed on valium.
  14. steele

    Volvo Diesel parts less than marine prices?

    My dad loves diesels and for some reason bought a Chevy pick up in the 70's with a factory diesel converted from a gas V8. It produced little power, but lots of noise and smoke. It leaked oil badly but when he took in for repair he was told it could be fixed with a rebuild, and would then start leaking again. I suspect the original motor could not handle the compression of a diesel, and of course GM quality control at the time was pretty bad.
  15. steele

    Pretty floor options?

    Vinyl over ply is another option, easy and non skid. Looks ok from a few feet away.
  16. steele

    Wood Stove

    Our fire place insert at home was pretty badly corroded when we bought the place. We had it inspected and it was deemed safe but the guy stated that he had seen the problem often in stoves and inserts where driftwood was used.
  17. steele

    What Size Prop?

    What type of prop is on it now? If you are lucky it might be a maxprop, they can refurbish it and it will be indistinguishable from new. Other companies may have similar programs. Keep in mind folding or feathering props not only reduce drag sailing, but most offer much better performance in reverse.
  18. steele

    Occasional/special tools for club to share

    In my area there are tool libraries, one for bike repair the other for more general household use. You could set something up with limited hours where tools a checked in and out with inspections etc. Of course this ends up being more work for whoever organizes it. But a small fee might offset that. I would be happy to pay $5-10 for a few hours use of a crimper rather than buy one never to use again.
  19. Agree with above, and scrape the mold off every few weeks. I used to pick the mushrooms of the wood and other soft bits but now I kind of like the decorative effect. Inside I run a cheap peltier dehumidifier. They ice up at well above freezing temps so I got an electronic timer that cycles it off and on every few hours. The freeze/thaw cycle does not seem to hurt it.
  20. steele

    Powder coat or paint wheel

    Boat Leather is a good source for recovering, The owner is a local sailor.
  21. steele

    Best cold weather sailing gloves?

    Agree with Atlas, I have the blue ones with fleece. Good grip, also handy for pumping out the holding tank and anchor handling. I also have a set of REI lobster biking gloves. Thinsulate plus gortex. They are kind of lightly made but have held up better than I thought they would. I found the skiing version too thick for line handling.
  22. steele

    Searching For The Right Boat

    Is there a reason you are looking on the east coast? Your profile in the first post lists the PNW where old boats mold, but are not subjected to gobs of UV or freeze thaw cycles that break things down over time. Lots of the boats you list are popular around here. Is the 70 k your purchase cost or total? The boats you are interested are of the ocean going variety and if that is your goal then fitting out and updating will max the budget pretty quick even with you doing most of the work. For coastal cruising you may have some options. To get an idea what to expect talk to one of the big lofts about the cost of a set of offshore sails for a Valiant 40.
  23. The big issues are is it truly ready to rig, and is the price fair for the area it is selling. If someone was looking for a big family coastal cruiser it does not look so bad. The photos make it out to be in good shape and the interior is well finished; altough I am not sure why the anchor windlass motor is uncovered in the V berth. In our area used aluminum rigs are easy to get and standard wire rigging is not too expensive. Decent second hand winches etc are also available. All this assumes the buyer has some basic skills mounting deck hardware. Paying someone to do it all would probably cost more than a fully rigged used boat. If it lacks backing plates, tie rods etc then forget it, and the dodger thing has to go.
  24. steele


    KD Lang's version at the beginning of the 2010 Olympics has stuck with me for a long time. It was such a perfect contrast to the overproduced 2008 opening ceremony in Beijing. One woman, one song, more soul.
  25. steele

    Catalina 30 :)

    I have been around a fair number of 30 ft boats, and owned a Tartan 30. If you factor in purchase and upgrade budget, the need to live aboard with 2, cost savings by keeping the boat at 30 or less, and parts and knowledge support, it is hard to beat a C30. As with your 27 watch out for rot at the chainplates, and check the mast step as I recall it is wood and prone to rot as well. Lots of info about the "catalina smile" at the keel joint is available on line. Some came with diesel engines but the older ones were way underpowered, 12-18 hp for a heavy 30ft boat. Look for the 25 hp universal. Get to know Hike Bitches on this site, he has done so much work on his he could probably build one from scratch. Finally, the inside to Alaska is probably fine with planning. The PNW to Mexico is another animal and I would research this a lot before doing it on an old C30. I have never done the trip myself.