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  1. SloopJohnB

    New Rambler

    Transatlantic Race - Bermuda to Hamburg Retired: Retired; Jul10 01:32 UTC contact with object in the water, port rudder lost. Returning to Newport. All on board ok.
  2. SloopJohnB


    It must have been something in the air in the mid 70's , at a few get togethers down here, where the contents of fish bowls were consumed.
  3. SloopJohnB

    What boat is this?

    Could be a ketch or yawl. But think of the cockpit parties.
  4. SloopJohnB

    Team USA21

    There has been.
  5. SloopJohnB

    VOR Leg 11 Gothenburg to The Hague

    So what will it be north or south of Holland TSS2??
  6. SloopJohnB


    Blew the paint of the bow of Inca on the return leg, bloody wet. Rd where you on Tequila for the S2H race as I was there?
  7. SloopJohnB

    ........ to Noumea

    The Auckland leg is underway also. Ran Tan II leading ( Elliot 50) Miss Sarlett 2nd (IRC52) Equilibrium 3rd (Marten 55) Bling 4th (Shaw 12) yes the one you guys band from the S2H CarreraS (Marten 49) Join in on
  8. SloopJohnB

    Weather Map Definitions

    Thanks Christian you just beat me.
  9. SloopJohnB

    Weather Map Definitions

    Crikey Predict Wind has all the meanings on their web page.
  10. SloopJohnB

    Weather Map Definitions

    What are the definitions and source of information and which is the most accurate? PWG PWE GFS ECMWF What is the significance of 50km 8 km & 1 km? Thanks
  11. SloopJohnB

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    Was in 71, 72, 73, 75 & 81.
  12. SloopJohnB

    Runaway should be saved!

    Lydia 1971 One Tonners where Pathfinder, Runaway & Wai-aniwa. Rainbow 2 was 1969 race.
  13. SloopJohnB

    Radio controlled sailing

    This weekend 5th & 6th May will be the Pre 2000 regatta at The Lakes, Tauranga. The only criteria is the hull has to be designed prior to 2000. I have knocked of 14 years dust off my old "Drumboat" design, boy have the rigs and sails improved, so the rigs off the V8 have been fitted. The last I heard there about 15 entries. Here she is at the 2004 Nationals in Wellington and the last time it was sailed.
  14. SloopJohnB

    Steep Ramp Anarchy