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  1. Uptip Foils

    Scott just loves he new mASSter of click bate
  2. RBS Batten Tying

    on their web site
  3. AC50 Boat Porn

    Coutts ? I was thinking to myself the same thing ??

    I guess I didn't strike the right sarcastic tone, my bad.

    I'm still praying
  6. Maserati on Foils

    I just changes my ignore settings, and wonder of wonders this thread got much shorter.
  7. Olympic Classes

    my thoughts as well
  8. Southern Spars ad

    dude the video sucked and you know it. It was like watching lightning flashes. Hell, lightning flashes last longer than those shots. +
  9. blue boat being hauled into Vancouver

    thanks for the clarification
  10. 50/50 dual rig cat --problems

    For more info http://www.pressure-drop.us/forums/showthread.php?3966-50-50-Folds OK- I will bite this bait. This is the only picture of lifting foils, and they are WAY forward. The lift was too much (or too far forward or both). Downforce on the front crossbar led to breaking both hulls in the middle. So when was this picture taken? I assume black with foils was after green and after orange hull paint.
  11. Visit of Spindrift 2

    which America? North, Central, or South?
  12. S-Glass source

    I was under the impression Comp One did not sell to retail customers. I think all the local yards buy or have bought from the local branch, but I can't think of any DIYer who has mentioned them. I'd love to be proven wrong. Depending on where the OP is located, Fiberglass Supply in Burlington WA carries almost everything including warp UD S-Glass and carbon. Best E-Glass prices I've seen posted as well. I picked up some foamcore from them last year, with no problems. I think what you need to do is not call them up and start asking a lot of questions. Make it sound like you know what you need and you should be ok. also try http://thayercraft.com/
  13. New full foiler