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  1. Partially true. Lots of maintenance is done offshore while underway. Rebuild an engine offshore? Nope. Most merchants only run one screw with one main. Sometimes you have two mains with a clutch going in to one screw (that way you keep one main in reverse and one in forward for docking). Nowadays though you have controllable pitch props so no need for the old school method of shutting the engine down, shifting cams and restarting in reverse. Engine rebuilds happen at the dock on downtime. If you do have two mains, the run times are figured out with having both engines running. So if one is shut down for a rebuild that means you’re dragging the other screw (or if you’re lucky you’re letting it freewheel) so your schedule is fucked. Big ticket items happen at the dock. That being said, you are absolutely right about autonomous ships not having crews to maintain equipment while underway offshore.
  2. Jkdubz808

    Do you have a pet?

    The wifey. She’s a hell of a bow woman.
  3. Jkdubz808

    Do you have a pet?

    Two cats and a dog. Bowgirl and I brought the cats over from Long Beach, CA to Sebastian, FL during our cross country drive when they were 6 weeks old. I don’t recommend that..... Dog is a basset hound/black lab mix. Both cats and dog are 5 years old. Do the 3 kids count?
  4. Jkdubz808

    Does anyone name their icicles?

    We don’t have these in Florida.......
  5. This topic has been discussed at lengths in my industry. The human factor is still HUGE out there. Not just saying this because I’m a merchant marine officer. Lets look at at my current job. I am a Dynamic Positioning Officer (DPO for short) for one of the worlds premier drillship company. Yes, the operating system uses the six independent thrusters to keep the 760’ ship on location within a meter. However, I make the decisions on where to move and what heading to steady up on. Automated systems are usually reactive in nature, whereas humans, professional mariners especially, are proactive (usually). A few years ago I helped out a buddy who works for a company that is working on this very topic. They have a ship that can make an approach into a harbor and all that. They wanted to put it up against a human operator. It was a blustery day with lots of conditions to consider when bringing a vessel in. The auto system was very reactionary whereas I was able to see what was coming ahead of the vessel and act accordingly. I beat it every time. Will automated vessels become a reality? Absolutely, no doubt. Will it happen anytime soon? Not likely.
  6. Jkdubz808

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    Everyone has their own opinions on the subject. I know I’m cool as fuck and that’s what matters
  7. Jkdubz808

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    I’m doing good snags, missed you boys.
  8. Jkdubz808

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    So on the issue of tats.... I have seven, with plans for more. All tasteful, and all can be hidden if I wear a pants/long sleeve shirt/tie combo. Nothing on the face or hands, and no names or anything. Just symbols to mark certain things in my life that helped shape who I am (mostly nautical of course me being a merchant marine officer). A friend of mine is a doctor and has two full sleeves, but they are covered when he is at work. Certain tattoos are not classy and common with lower class, I will give you that. But not all of us that are inked up are lower class savages.
  9. Jkdubz808

    Man strangles attacking mountain lion

    The dude got lucky. The tweets about it are hilarious tho. One of my favorites: 'Lets face it, this probably isn't the guys first time choking a cougar.....'
  10. Jkdubz808


    We are buttoning up the house today and heading to Georgia this evening. Not taking any chances with this beast.
  11. Jkdubz808


    I was a kid on the north side of Oahu when Iniki tore through the islands. I'll remember that for the rest of my life. And now here we are prepping for Irma in FL. Good times.
  12. Jkdubz808

    Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    Looking good mate! I've always wanted to do a FD rebuild, and plan on doing so at some point (probably when the little ones are older). I follow a lot of the rebuild threads. Digging what you are doing with the stern for buoyancy purposes, looks like it will also beef up the rudder gudgeons area as well. Was that also a factor in designing the stern buoyancy area?
  13. Jkdubz808


    The models waver east of the FL coast to right up the coast line, and it seems as though she has some eye wall restructuring as she keeps going from cat 3 to cat 2 and then vice versa the next day. She's a cat 3 now again. Just came back from the store with the kids and preggo bowgirl wifey and they are out of cases of water already. I'm hope she avoids the coast and doesn't run us over here in South Florida.
  14. Jkdubz808

    Tanker hits Destoyer, how is this possible?

    You can try, they usually don't answer though.
  15. Jkdubz808

    Fishin' 2017

    Where I'm at on the east coast of Florida you'd have to go out 25 miles to 1,000+ feet to find all the mahi and tuna. My 20 ft single engine boat isn't the best set up for going that far so I usually stop at 15 miles (especially when I'm by myself, bowgirl wifey doesn't like when I do that). Maybe as the temps cool off they will come closer to the beach.