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  1. Jkdubz808

    EPL 19/20

    We're one point behind LC, the win against Watford was good. We need a few more of those and LC to lose the next few matches. Would love to finish third in the PL this season.....
  2. Jkdubz808

    happy 4th ...

    Same, although we are seriously considering trying to get there prior to retirement, like when the older set of kids are out of the house in 6-7 years.
  3. Jkdubz808

    happy 4th ...

    I'm sure Boothy has room for you guys down wherever he ended up.
  4. Jkdubz808

    happy 4th ...

    Sounds like paradise to me, mate.
  5. Jkdubz808

    happy 4th ...

    And now you know why .....my friend....was asking.
  6. Jkdubz808

    happy 4th ...

    Ah yes, isn't that great? We sane people of the US cringe just as bad as the rest of the world watching shit like this, sometimes even worse.
  7. Jkdubz808

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Wonder how much longer before other states won't let Floridians in.
  8. Jkdubz808

    happy 4th ...

    Y'all got room down in Oz? Asking for a friend......
  9. Jkdubz808


    There are only certain airlines that are filling planes to full capacity. Luckily the airline I fly to and from work is still not selling middle seats, requiring masks, fogging and cleaning each plane before every flight. The whole recirculating air on planes is not true. Only about 10% of the air is recycled, and they have scrubbers and filters it all goes through as well. Not to say you are totally safe, but you are not breathing re-circulated air for hours at least.
  10. Jkdubz808

    happy 4th ...

    This one is also a favorite of mine.
  11. Jkdubz808

    happy 4th ...

  12. Jkdubz808

    1970s lake boat construction

    Could have been a home-build. Plenty of them going around the states. Get a decent hull and slap together a house like structure on top of it. I have seen many in Florida, some absolute ugly atrocities. If its a home build that would explain the differences between above the WL and below it.
  13. Jkdubz808


  14. Jkdubz808


    Someone is trying to sell these in FL.
  15. Jkdubz808


    Glad to hear, mate. Keep kicking ass.