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  1. Jkdubz808

    Irma, oh shit

    Everything is good at my house, now just gotta wait for the remnants to pass us here in Atlanta before we head back down to FL.
  2. Jkdubz808

    Irma, oh shit

    It is, most of BE is destroyed. Soggy Bottom Bar is also gone, completely taken down to nothing but rubble.
  3. Jkdubz808

    Mass Exodus

    The latest forecasts have her coming right up Florida. Glad I left when I did, I just hope my house remains after this.
  4. Jkdubz808

    Mass Exodus

    And the tolls are all waived. Didn't have to pay a dime last night along the turnpike.
  5. Jkdubz808

    Mass Exodus

    We made it to Atlanta, not looking forward to what Irma will bring to the table. I'm not there physically now but that's where my house is.
  6. Jkdubz808

    Mass Exodus

    We will see, good friends in ATL that's why we are heading there. The power boat behind the SUV has 4 gas cans filled with gas lashed to the center console plus another 30 gallons in the tank to act as replenish for the SUV. Good luck to everyone staying put, let's hope for the best with this one.
  7. Jkdubz808


    We are buttoning up the house today and heading to Georgia this evening. Not taking any chances with this beast.
  8. Jkdubz808

    Mass Exodus

    Who else is going. We are buttoning up the house today then as soon as the wifey gets home we are caravanning up to Atlanta. An RV, our SUV pulling the boat, all the gear a pregnant woman needs and the animals. All night drive to ATL probably. We aren't taking any chances with Irma. Who else is bailing?
  9. Jkdubz808

    Clearly N Korea has attacked SA

    They did it again, Pastispast something or other.
  10. Jkdubz808


    I was a kid on the north side of Oahu when Iniki tore through the islands. I'll remember that for the rest of my life. And now here we are prepping for Irma in FL. Good times.
  11. Jkdubz808

    Flying Dutchman Fix Up

    Looking good mate! I've always wanted to do a FD rebuild, and plan on doing so at some point (probably when the little ones are older). I follow a lot of the rebuild threads. Digging what you are doing with the stern for buoyancy purposes, looks like it will also beef up the rudder gudgeons area as well. Was that also a factor in designing the stern buoyancy area?
  12. Jkdubz808


    The models waver east of the FL coast to right up the coast line, and it seems as though she has some eye wall restructuring as she keeps going from cat 3 to cat 2 and then vice versa the next day. She's a cat 3 now again. Just came back from the store with the kids and preggo bowgirl wifey and they are out of cases of water already. I'm hope she avoids the coast and doesn't run us over here in South Florida.
  13. Jkdubz808

    Sea Shepherds New Toys...

    Sea Shepherds won't stop until there is zero tolerance for any commercial whaling, which I agree with. Hopefully the acts of piracy stop as well. Wofsey its a European thing, we Americans can't comprehend what it takes to multitask at that level.
  14. Jkdubz808

    Tanker hits Destoyer, how is this possible?

    You can try, they usually don't answer though.
  15. Jkdubz808

    Hurricane Harvey - watch out, Texas

    Buddy sent me this pic from the port there when it passed over.