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  1. Team Alinghi

    SNG usually hosts the 8mr tune up races before the world cup. in 2016 they did it with the 6's because the 8's had the worldcup in Toronto. This year, the worldcup was in Norway, and the tuneupraces were again organised by SNG.
  2. Pole back! From the FP...

    yeah, ddw with a pole is fun. especially in 30kts of breeze. I was at the same race/regatta as wanda. the day this was filmed was epic. we clocked our top speed of 14kts. The hole we dug with the boat was quite big as well.
  3. Rich Folks' Ego "Racing"

    this! i don't have a fast boat, but she is tweaky. (it's a dragon). and since all those dragons go around the course in roughly the same speed, it is who tweaks best AND does good tactics, goes faster. However, when evening sailing on a good night and use the set&forget settings the dragon is quite capable of delivering decent speed and handling without too much fuss. but getting the 0.2kts consistently out of that boat is the tricky part.
  4. Coolboats to admire

    The hood also looks like the Eagle 36 and 44. But somehow I cannot understand why someone wouldn't buy a 6 or 8mr for that amount of money... http://leonardoyachts.nl/en/eagle44.html.
  5. Skerry Cruisers

    I know, I know, doom and unmitigated failure... at least the mR boats I sail on don't have offset companionways... I love the 22m, but it is just not in the books at the moment. also still have my dragon which needs attention... so maybe in a couple of years....
  6. Skerry Cruisers

    indeed a little misinterpretation, this is the square meter rule not the meter rule. (I sail quite a lot on 6mR and 8mR boats, so well aware of the difference). I do post a lot about mR boats, but that is because I am also webmaster of the International Eight Meter Association. So I am biased....
  7. Skerry Cruisers

    there is one 22m2 for sale in NL, which i have been eyeballing a lot. Though now with a 3rd child of just 6 months a house renovation and relocating business, it won't fit my budget now... i still want it though... https://www.marktplaats.nl/a/watersport-en-boten/kajuitzeilboten-en-zeiljachten/m1139470755-klassiek-zeiljacht-scherenkruiser-22-m2-draak-regenboog.html?c=a2384ef0ece270f44503df9f8598c624&previousPage=lr&pos=10

    cool! thanks for all the updates! really enjoying it. I've been watching a lot through Facebook. really great footage and awesome to see the behind the scenes and talks.
  9. Turbo Etchells

    or you can do something like Dilong does with dragons... http://skipperondeck.gr/features/features-sections/yacht-design/436-dilong3a-new-one-design-keelboat-of-classic-inspiration
  10. Race Replays

    mine too
  11. Coolboats to admire

    yeah, that's a cloud of sail! if they had handkerchiefs they would put them up.
  12. VOR 2017-18

    finally the cat is out of the back. Bouwe was supposed to be do tactics at the 8mr Worldcup with us. But he let us know a couple of weeks ago that this was happening. Good to see him back! #GoBouwe
  13. looking forward to this weekend! ORACLE can change a lot of things, but they all have to work together. going for faster, lower drag foils means more oil needs to be pumped. Creating new boards takes months and they are only allowed a 10% change anyway. A different way of using the wing means a change in the control system which means uncertainty about the hydraulics pressure left for other items. Changing roles on board is an option, but it requires to forget all the automations the crew has developed over the past months. A big change would be in hydraulics, as it makes trimming the wing more and differently possible as well as change for faster boards. but presuming they don't have a new more efficient hydraulics system lying around, you'd probably have to choose one. Which would you choose, foils or wing?
  14. not necessarily. the other one is much newer. so now racing the world cup for 2 or 3 years, so finally getting up to speed. Hollandia currently sold, so new owner (admittedly, the new owner has won the Sira cup many times and the canada's cup, so he knows how to sail). However, the mackerel is pretty darn fast at times. The crew on Hollandia was (and with the new owner "is") very good. The old owner removed himself from the tiller for someone better, whereas the other owners are drivers. that makes a big difference. Another modern Juanita, came out the first year to the worlds floating wrong. they changed it to the Hollandia keel over winter and the next season they were also a force to be reckoned with. so yes, the keel of Hollandia is fast, but I am not so certain that the keel configuration of the Mackerel (Miss U) is that much worse at the moment. if they had ever switched crews, me might have known...