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  1. JMOD

    how to make the code0 furler stay furled?

    with a continuous furler i would use a single or snatch block attached to bungee to keep it on tension. than add a camcleat somewhere to cleat it off. this works if you only do full furls and is cheap and simple
  2. JMOD

    iPad Mount Bracket

    have a look at sailmon displays. you can even watch movies on it during long drift-a-tons!
  3. JMOD

    F1 2019 and E too

    leclerc was not too happy about the team orders. difficult circuit to overtake anyway, but he was faster than vettel. Ferrari needed Vettel to win for a confidence boost and make him feel like he mattered again. Leclerc had to stay in 2nd place for the construction championship. he was not happy, you can hear the conversations during the safety car rounds
  4. JMOD

    sheet length for outside jibes?

    2.5 times the length should do it. otherwise go for 3 times to be sure
  5. JMOD

    Where to find Bed Bunks

    where are you located?
  6. or your old swan in the living room
  7. JMOD

    Show your boat sailing thread

    always go for the boat you feel comfortable to take out. personally, i would go for a daysailor as i have no time for longer trips with 3 small kids. so i want a boat that i can handle alone on an evening after work. and if people want to join, they are welcome. but this means i can sail as often as possible
  8. JMOD

    Show your boat sailing thread

    we had done a week of panerai classic sailing, which we won on all accounts. then on the first day of the worldcup we had a port starboard collision with Carron (K2, not SUI3 which is Carron II). collision mad for big damage (deck beam broken., forward hatch, shrouds, etc). We then went ahead locating the necessary repairs to try and get back in racing. by race 4 we were back with new shrouds, epoxied deck beam and a hatch that "worked without splinters, but needed to pump with the handpump constantly as the boat was leaking a lot. total damage still needs to be assessed, but that is up to the experts and insurance now. We had massive help from local shops and competing teams who lend us their rib, parts and lend a hand where needed, etc. Truly amazing support from the 8mR class community, Carron unfortunately lost her forestay and by the force of the collision mast compressed at deck level, leaving them unable to race further and a broken mast. Luckily no one was hurt on both boats. But getting the boat back on the racecourse and getting our heads together with a focus on racing for the topscores was a huge effort, making it my personal sweetest 3rd place victory.
  9. JMOD

    Show your boat sailing thread

    just back from panerai classic week, and 8mR worldcup in Cowes. fantastic conditions! I was sailing on K20
  10. JMOD

    J80 Bilge pump install

    page 26 in your owner's manual
  11. JMOD

    Coffee Anarchy

    Bocca coffee Brazilian beans.
  12. JMOD

    Source for rope hangers?

    Blue performance has them. calls them rope clips
  13. JMOD

    Black Jack, Nose Job Arse Lift

    got to love 178% jibs...
  14. JMOD

    what is it?

    those are larks. one of the earliest examples of scows.
  15. JMOD

    what is it?

    a carbon Lark!