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  1. J/112e. fast and comfy. get it in the GP spec...
  2. JMOD

    Sail #s on Genoas

    no gps or electronics allowed in class. so tacktick racemaster is max
  3. JMOD

    Sail #s on Genoas

    I get called a lot, even though I am not. looking at the boats next to me.i just stand out. they only have to see one spec of red bobbing and they call me. the other boats are white and seem to get a way with it more often
  4. JMOD

    Sail #s on Genoas

    being the owner of a red boat in a white fleet, I can say I get more than my fair share of OCS
  5. you are correct about her working there.
  6. JMOD

    J 121

    1000 pounds lighter, but how is the ballast share? might see an improvement there?
  7. I think the former Ms Bezos outdid almost all gold diggers....
  8. The Neptune trophy! constantly raced for since 1890 Neptune 1.10.pdf
  9. JMOD

    Classes that don’t allow 3di?

    on the dragon we are only allowed Dacron, not nordac. also on the 8mR under Neptune rules, Dacron is allowed, nordac not. many other classes have the same.
  10. JMOD

    you're not helping!

    no it's the dutch boat.
  11. JMOD

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    had a sail on the 99 Monday on the solent. very well behaved boat. very easy to steer as it is really balanced. Deck layout is very very good and the cockpit is very spacious. making the sailing space more spacious than a J/109 for example.
  12. always fun to look at this site...
  13. JMOD

    what is it?

    A New star?
  14. JMOD

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    it is possible, however they will be delivered later. currently all slots filled with the non waterbalast boats
  15. JMOD

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    this boat doesn't. but it is an option that can be delivered. I'll be sailing this one on the 7th of january