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  1. JMOD

    International Dragon question

    here they'll tell you the line diameter in.
  2. JMOD

    J 80 mast head antenna you sure it had no windows?
  3. JMOD

    J Class owners

    not difficult to find. the reason is why? did one scratch your dinghy?
  4. JMOD

    When I Win the Lottery

    my bad, it is indeed a breehorn. contest had practically the same model, but without the dodger. thought I recognized the contest yard owner on the back of the boat.
  5. JMOD

    When I Win the Lottery

    nope it's a contest yacht
  6. JMOD

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    saw stein lager's sistership endeavour in Italy last month i have pictures. but I need to resize them...
  7. JMOD

    Construction of a Pogo 50

    you can put a roller in the hatch, have a take down line from the front end of the boat, through a turning block as far back as you can in the aft cabin, then to the mast, and to a fairlead near the entrance so the pit person can pull this. this way you can easily get the majority of the spinnaker in, and your bow person drops the rest. be prepared to train some crew choreography to do it well. on a single/doublehanded boat, this would not work.
  8. JMOD

    Construction of a Pogo 50

    they work on bigger boats to. J Class for example
  9. JMOD

    Headfoil vs Hanks, thoughts?

    soft hanks are an option! we used to have bronze hanks on our 186% jibs, but changed to soft hanks. no more snagging!
  10. JMOD

    J/88 top batten hooking on backstay

    usually, there is a heavy weather and light weather batten, especially for the top batten in the main sail.
  11. JMOD

    How to re/mark ropes?

    you can do a loose stitch with knots on the end with whipping twine which you pull inside the line. then cut it. this will create a fluff mark. if you need to reset them, pull the twine out and redo.
  12. JMOD

    The watch of a yachtsman? Which one...

    Lemania regatta...
  13. JMOD

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    J/109 did not start as one design either.
  14. JMOD

    Headfoil vs Hanks, thoughts?

    crewed or shorthanded inshores and offshores?