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  1. JMOD

    Strategies for sailing upwind simulated... funny game. trying to beat the sailing computer on the course. only going upwind (no commercial ties with these guys. just a game i play in my downtime...
  2. JMOD

    J 88 IRC rating

    Certificat IRC J88 - J88 IRC Certificate.pdf
  3. JMOD

    Geeelong FOS Jan 25.

    reminds me of an XOD race i did a couple of years ago. 160 boats on the start, all equally slow. 4 mile run to the first turning mark in the hope of creating separation between the boats. We rounded the mark 7 wide. one boat from the outside shouted he had rights. he ended up with a couple of bows in the side of the boat as there was nowhere to go. sometimes it's just common sense and try to stay out the clusterfuck...
  4. JMOD

    J80 Outboard Mod from Hitting Rudder

    we just put a ring around it from aluminium. attached it with rivets to the fins of the engine tail
  5. JMOD

    America 17

    there is also an old thread about these things
  6. JMOD

    America 17

    also look in the UK for the "illusion class". htey are about the same. just like mini 12's. biggest differnec wrt 2.4 is the spinnaker.
  7. JMOD

    what is it?

    see post #37
  8. JMOD

    what is it?

  9. JMOD

    Stratocaster Build Anarchy

    I thought the switch was to get the bridge and neck pickup working together, which normally is not available. It basically puts the Neck pick up on, which means you can get all 3 pickups working together or just bridge and neck, giving it a more tele sound (next to the standard 5 way switch of course. it is just an add on for the neck pickup)
  10. JMOD

    Stratocaster Build Anarchy

    indeed not a strat... but i thought is was appropriate on the build part of the title, not the strat part. i can take it down if you want to... only a volume knob. I have a personal preference for having the tonal clarity on open volume, it gives a more bell like sound. whereas most is damped anyway when you turn the volume down.Thickness is quite standard for an archtop. it is not as thin as the 335, or rockabilly guitars. this is built as an acoustic guitar first with electronics (as per my wishes)
  11. JMOD

    Stratocaster Build Anarchy

    i'm lucky enough to have a great luthier in The Netherlands. Frans Elferink produces great looking and sounding archtops. here's mine, a 17" smooth as butter monster...
  12. JMOD

    dutch ac entry

    I'll be rooting for it to happen if they do decide to go for it! Keeping a close eye and ear on it....
  13. JMOD

    dutch ac entry

    the website has been kept alive. the timeline was always on it. the video is from jan 2019. sorry mate if anything, they are gearing up for the next cycle.
  14. JMOD

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    probably nothing. VMG is easy, basic math
  15. JMOD

    Vakaros Atlas vs Racegeek D10

    ping the boat end, ping the pin end which makes a virtual line, use GPS position for a distance to the virtual line. use distance divided by current VMG speed to calculate time to line