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  1. rumour has it that a dutch bald sailor will be doing the VOR again
  2. looking forward to this weekend! ORACLE can change a lot of things, but they all have to work together. going for faster, lower drag foils means more oil needs to be pumped. Creating new boards takes months and they are only allowed a 10% change anyway. A different way of using the wing means a change in the control system which means uncertainty about the hydraulics pressure left for other items. Changing roles on board is an option, but it requires to forget all the automations the crew has developed over the past months. A big change would be in hydraulics, as it makes trimming the wing more and differently possible as well as change for faster boards. but presuming they don't have a new more efficient hydraulics system lying around, you'd probably have to choose one. Which would you choose, foils or wing?
  3. not necessarily. the other one is much newer. so now racing the world cup for 2 or 3 years, so finally getting up to speed. Hollandia currently sold, so new owner (admittedly, the new owner has won the Sira cup many times and the canada's cup, so he knows how to sail). However, the mackerel is pretty darn fast at times. The crew on Hollandia was (and with the new owner "is") very good. The old owner removed himself from the tiller for someone better, whereas the other owners are drivers. that makes a big difference. Another modern Juanita, came out the first year to the worlds floating wrong. they changed it to the Hollandia keel over winter and the next season they were also a force to be reckoned with. so yes, the keel of Hollandia is fast, but I am not so certain that the keel configuration of the Mackerel (Miss U) is that much worse at the moment. if they had ever switched crews, me might have known...
  4. hero! downloading and seeding now in EU
  5. 2 wing keel variatonsof modern 8mR's (with trim tabs). it's hard to say which one is faster at the moment. as they have both shown great bursts of speed, but Hollandia is more consistent. but when the mackerel (miss U) was tuned in, she was proper fast
  6. downloading and seeding for EU
  7. canting bycicles. so they sit vertically instead of diagonal in the boat, and it helps righting moment.
  8. nice video about the typically dutch Rainbow class, having their centennial celebration. nice boats! http://www.regenboogclub.nl/de-regenboog/
  9. thanks for all the postings! also really enjoyed the tech tours. the video's from the TP52 circuit are definitely the best around! especially enjoy the around the race videos on sails, tech etc. everything that makes this class go. The racing is also quite close, which keeps it exciting
  10. because Dacron cloth wise, you'll most likely end up with Contender sailcloth or Dimension Polyant. so that leaves that 1)you can test the sail shape of the different sailmakers for the same boat, or 2) test several weights of cloth for the same boat or 3) get a same set of sails made from both producers.
  11. Hi mark, I've sent you an email on the battle flags. I've also sent you the logos I use on my dragon. would be interested to know the options. Jelle
  12. Indeed. we missed Toronto as the owner didn't want to take falcon (close sister ship of defender, Saskia and Invader) over the pond, so we sailed in Copenhagen. This year we celebrate HRM King Harald's birthday with the 8mR world cup in Hank√ł Norway. so far it is going to be spectacular. great socials planned and loads of boats registered (if you have an 8, this is the race you don't want to miss as it is going to be a one-off Worldcup, due to the celebrations). by the way, here is a belfie of falcon as well.
  13. use an A frame like on a dragon.they come in 2 legged and 3 legged variants. The one from petticrows is pretty expensive, but you can build your own out of aluminium tubes (for the dragon the 2 legged are 3,5m, the 3 legged are shorter 2,5 from memory). If the mast is heavy, use a 6:1 purchase. make life easy on yourself. also on the trailer, have some ties or cables holding the sheerlegs down. attach the mast on or around the center of gravity. I keep it there by making a strop around the spinaker pole ring on the mast. Than the procedure ( I step my mast singlehanded on my dragon) is to have the end that goes through the deck between your legs. start hoisting till the mast floats. keep hoisting and hold the bottom down. until you float over the hole in the deck. raise the mast further until vertical and lower it in the hole. Because you keep it between your legs, the mast will not go anywhere. if possible, it is good to put the trailer head to wind. A second person is handy as when you can't put it head to wind to help control the mast. and quick attachments of the V's. 2 people is good for mast stepping. 3 is convenient, 4 is a crowd.
  14. personally, I don't think OR can keep up with the output generated by ETNZ grinders. However it may help oracle with keeping a higher base pressure in the hydraulics, which may take some load of the weakest link (arm grinders). However, nowhere near an expert cyclist or hydraulics specialist. but going over the logic in my mind, this was my conclusion.
  15. and more can be found here https://www.facebook.com/groups/169139963237485/