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  1. Running Backstays Bungee Set-up

    You can always make a course and fine tune separate. This wat you can have a 2:1 coars and add a 4:1 fine tune. It Will save you lots of line. Btw on the Dragon there is also bungee in front of the mast
  2. what is it?

    at first I thought it was the Ding-i from Danel, but it indeed looks like the Luca di rosa one
  3. Running Backstays Bungee Set-up

    agree with Kack. however, do always check when you manoeuvre. We raced a swan 53 with running backstays, the floater had to run the blocks forward and check they were on the correct side of the mainsheet and mast when going downwind. Look also how dragons and mR class boats have it.
  4. Coolboats to admire

    I always like this little shitter... http://www.sandemanyachtcompany.co.uk/yacht/131/william-fife-iii-cork-one-design-1897
  5. The RC 44 Is a Great Boat ! ! !

    I like it. and somehow it seems a bit odd that the Ed is running a rant on the frontpage that the boat is outdated while he sails a refurbished old boat himself. If rich owners come together to race a certain class, and they enjoy it, good on them. being an active racer, I quite fancy the idea of a pre set boat tour, where the boats are ready to go at the dock when I arrive. if I had the money and a busy company, I would like to go this route as well. and it is less of an arms race for tweaking as the tp52.
  6. thanks! I am not interested in changing our keel as it would be mote as it would mean we'd have to build the complete boat from the bottom up again. however, I was reading today about some 12's that were converted from 2nd to 3rd rule keels. but looking at the pictures from the side of the boat didn't really clarify what happened. Raven (currently pandora (again)) is still a fast boat! The raven boys went all out when they built raven from the ground up. Falcon is doing great in the Neptune class, but if we were to go Sira, there would be no use in taking falcon, but to take a 3rd rule boat and go all out like raven.
  7. hi all, Question, what is the difference between a 2nd and 3rd rule meterclass yacht keel? What would change to the keel if you want to update a 2nd rule boat to a 3rd rule keel? if there are before/after pictures, this would help! thanks
  8. what is it?

    Fareast 37r
  9. Seascape D2 aka 14

    selftacking jib probably
  10. I liked the 8's to race the CC. would be nice if they continued. but indeed, they have not built new boats and beating Hollandia would be tricky for most of the 8's , but especially for Yquem, which would only be competitive in the heaviest of weathers. I would have chosen Juanita or Miss U as competitive yachts. I like one design racing, or racing in competitive box rules. the Change to ic37's for sure it's a good thing. it comes down to tactics and teamwork. For match racing, you just need 2 similar boats. But I like it when the team is put under pressure and have a shitload to do under heavy loads like on mr yachts. this puts the true emphasis on teamwork and performing under pressure, whereas the simplicity of more modern yachts put the emphasis on speed and placement of the yacht. I like sailing in both styles though. so yes, I will follow the Canada's cup
  11. not entirely true. The CC last year was sailed in 8mr yachts. The main problem with these yachts is that the Canadian/North American have more modern 8mr yachts, whereas the European fleets are more classics (2nd and 3rd rule). Canada now has Hollandia, which has been worldchamp for a while now. but the 2 competing boats at the canada's cup, were both imported from Europe (UK and NL). I would have loved to see the 8's continue with this race as it brings forward development in the yachts beyond the fleetracing updates that generally happen.
  12. Doing away with winches

    on the dragon it is weight and ease of use. since you don't have to prep the winch and cleat it off, it is easier and faster in the tacks. there are two versions of the system on the dragon. The self cleating one and the auto release version, which releases automatically when you let the fine tune all out. Both have their (dis)advantages.
  13. Soft Jib Hanks

    we switched from bronze to the clip ones on our 8mr to save the spin. they will hold (35kts plus and still on). We looked at different options, also soft loops with a dogbone, or a washer. all works well, just a matter of preference
  14. Team Alinghi

    SNG usually hosts the 8mr tune up races before the world cup. in 2016 they did it with the 6's because the 8's had the worldcup in Toronto. This year, the worldcup was in Norway, and the tuneupraces were again organised by SNG.
  15. Pole back! From the FP...

    yeah, ddw with a pole is fun. especially in 30kts of breeze. I was at the same race/regatta as wanda. the day this was filmed was epic. we clocked our top speed of 14kts. The hole we dug with the boat was quite big as well.