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  1. JMOD

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    Rake has increased by quite a bit. Current standard forestay length mid toggle to Mid toggle is 13.55m
  2. JMOD

    Stanchion Base

    For which boat?
  3. JMOD

    Taming a nervous NKE auto pilot

    @Geert I've sent you the details of the dutch NKE distributor in a private message. he drives all around NL in his van, so big chance he'll be near you soon
  4. JMOD

    Rig tension gauge

    if you have rod rigging, it is easier and more accurate to measure between the ends in the turnbuckles. for wire, you want repeatability. the loose works fine, but you might get slightly different readings each time you hook it up. shroud tension is more a dark art then science anyway, so balpark figures will work most of the time.
  5. JMOD

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    there will be 4 J99 in the netherlands racing together.
  6. JMOD

    J80 - Tacking Angle

    some people in The Netherlands doing winterseries on the J80's have been running annalisa software to fine tune their performance. no beef in that company, just that it seems to really help with analizing potentials and possible gains. no beef in the company.
  7. JMOD

    Best grippy shoes

    vans. great grip
  8. JMOD

    Speed in current

    maybe you could talk to the analysis guys from this video. it will at least show you where you should position yourself tidal wise.
  9. JMOD

    Great 35-footers

    J112. if you're only sailing Up/downs, get the fin keel instead of the standard and go for symmetric setup. boat is a flyer and also good to take the family out on.
  10. JMOD

    in the air

    would just a keel fin not accomplish the same? if they use a ram to move it, why put a bulb on the end? i think the friction of just a keel fin through the water would help with the stabilizing. i like the idea, and I get it. but i just don;t think there is need for the bulb on the end.
  11. sounds like advertisement...
  12. JMOD

    Mega high SA/D's - How high?

    or the class libera?
  13. JMOD

    Mega high SA/D's - How high?

    how would an IC do
  14. JMOD

    Strange Attachment for Mainsheet

    you can easily add a fine tune now...
  15. JMOD

    Dust collecting sailing trophies

    owner of a swan once said to the crew before swan cup, if we win, you all get a rolex. he kept his promise...