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  1. From the NMC website: MMC w/Officer or Qualified Ratings endorsements 360 days of service during the past 5 years, OR Pass a comprehensive, open-book exercise, OR Complete an approved refresher training course, OR Provide evidence of employment as a qualified instructor or in a position closely related to the operation, construction, or repair of vessels (either deck or engineer as appropriate) for at least 3 yrs during the past 5 years, OR Provide evidence of being a qualified instructor who has taught a CG approved course relevant to the endorsement being applied at least twice within past 5 years. a) Deck Officer must pass ROR; Engineers (*See Note 1 below) c) If mariner is holding a QMED rating that was combined with another, the mariner can renew as is, or request to take the exam for the additional rating that now combined with one they are currently holding 10.209 10.227 https://www.uscg.mil/nmc/checklists/pdfs/mcp_fm_nmc5_01_web.pdf?list9=%2Fnmc%2Fchecklists%2Fpdfs%2Fmcp_fm_nmc5_01_web.pdf&B4=GO%21 I would bring that issue up with him and ask how he intends the renew. Good Luck, Marc
  2. http://lolojonesusa.com Not hard to look at and a LSU Tiger, GGRRRRRRRR
  3. http://www.nbcolympics.com/sailing Google is your friend...
  4. I keep a can for my diesel. I use old koozies on the can to keep rust rings down. The neoprene one fit better
  5. Remember, the radio MUST BE OFF when you attach or detach the RAM Mic Marc
  6. I took a pile of regatta tees and had a quilt made. It came out nice and was affordable. I,ll post the website if interested. Marc
  7. I can get it on APPLE TV ! Live right now 10:00 AM Sunday 5/8/16
  8. So is the crew stilled pissed about not losing their jobs?!??!?
  9. https://keys.craigslist.org/boa/5482485994.html 50 amp breaker included
  10. Seinfeld had a few laughs Hogans Heroes Hill Street Blues McHails Navy
  11. Our new RHIB fills with rainwater in the inner hull. I understand rainwater in the small well aft, but water is collecting inside the double hull. Fresh Water (I tasted it) collects during overnight rain and I have to use a pump under the rear seat. Anyone with this experience? Marc
  12. The kid getting hit is pretty tough!!
  13. Yep, that's my problem!! the break was so clean I could not tell they are one piece. The diagrams show a side view, so I did not realize it is one piece. That is the correct repair kit. Just ordered mine. Amazon ~$27 which includes $8 shipping. Pump is from 1993 so 23 years before rebuild is not bad!
  14. Yes I see now that the piston bottom has broken off (not a separate piece). will order the other repair kit Thanks all, Marc