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  1. Snubbed

    Has anyone tried this? Seems like a good option vs a chain hook https://www.mantusmarine.com/mantus-chain-hook/
  2. Bite the soap Rabbit, make him look like a dick.
  3. Merlin at 75 mph

    This B32? http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1995/B-Boats--3163430/United-States
  4. Barn Find Cal 40

    Daiquiri 2 is now No Parley located in Dana Point, CA. Boat is still very active in the race scene and quite competitive.
  5. J105 Pushpit

    Who cares what it costs, the idiot who came charging in from behind should be paying for it. Get it fixed and send him the bill. That's what insurance is for.
  6. My newest project

    Bob, Is there a way to remove ballast from hull #1 to get back to your optimum? The boat looks great and I am sure once loaded it will float just fine, but removing 2k from ballast would go along way I'm sure.
  7. SoCal PHRF Corinthian rating

    So it sounds like unless you plan to use your motor there seems to be no reason to race cruising vs phrf class. To me this makes sense, seems like there are a lot of people who choose cruising because they get the proper adjustments. If PHRF can do this for them that take the burden off NOSA which is a good thing. As for why more people have not gotten a Corinthian rating, well it's probably because there wasn't the need since they just got the adjustments before. We have a Corinthian rating for our Cat 42 and it seems proper for that type of boat. The benefit of the Corinthian rating is that PHRF is issuing it and you get adjustments for items you wouldn't have with the old system such as anchor chain credits. It's a win win, plus you can race real phrf class racing with it and be on an even playing field. No special cruising class designation needed.
  8. Rolex Fastnet Race 2017

    Different Varuna. This is the 51 not the 46 that did Transpac.
  9. Cheap light wind PHRF machine..

    Now $10,500 with sails http://sailinganarchy.com/classifieds/show-ad/?id=2815
  10. Best cheap offshore sport boat

    How about an Olson 30? Any reason you have to have a drop keel? Heard this one will sell for $10,500 with sails. http://sailinganarchy.com/classifieds/show-ad/?id=2815
  11. Encinitas Rescue

    Lady Max, Benateau 47.7 on its way back from LBRW. 2nd in class Random Leg B
  12. Transpac 2017

    According to the web site it's the MOD 70 signed up. https://yachtscoring.com/current_event_entries.cfm?eID=4073
  13. Is it too early?

    www.vesselfinder.com is another AIS based tracker. It has a free app
  14. N2E 2017

    1 boat entered then withdrew from the long course, going around San Clemente Is. Short course starts in SD around 4pm today. Standard course is Newport to Ensenada,
  15. gear to meet the 2017 US Sailing SER

    I would speak with the OA, sometimes they just fill out the SI's and never look over the actual gear requirements. Especially since these tend to change every year. Can you install a puck style transducer that only requires mounting inside of the boat. No need to drill a thru hull this way. An antenna and wire will cost you $200 and is of great piece of mind if something should happen, not just loosing a rig. And while you are up the rig just add a tricolor and be done with low lights. Easier to see from a distance and requires 1 bulb vs 3, less power draw. No need to fill in the lights in the hull, just have a separate switch and leave them as back up. Not seeing more than $500 worth of gear here, plus its an upgrade to the boat for future races.