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  1. saboteer

    Hobie 33 Keel questions

    You might try posting in the Hobie 33 Facebook page. They are pretty active and can probably answer a lot of your questions.
  2. On my Olson we had the bare minimum length of chain required for PHRF/Sailing rules. I think that was like 10' or 15'. It was kept in the bilge when racing, separate from the anchor which was stored with the rode under the port side cabinet. The chain would get rinsed every so often with fresh water and then stored up on the anchor when the boat was not being used. No reason to just let it sit in the water when it takes 2 seconds to move and rinse. The chain never rusted or looked any worse for wear after 9 years in the boat. As a side note, I would also hose the entire boat out once a year just to get rid of any salt build-up as a result of racing and sail storage. The Olson is a pretty basic boat, what is it like 10 screws and the entire floor can be removed to clean.
  3. I'm looking for insight on which crossing/lanes to choose when crossing back from MX in to California towing a boat. Last year coming home from the Newport to Ensenada race we ran into some difficulty at the Otay Mesa crossing. Our lane of choice was too narrow, resulting in some crafty maneuvering to get to the Bus lane, 2 lanes over. Has anyone trailer-ed a boat back across, particularly one with a beam approaching 10'? Any advice would be appreciated as we prep for next years race. Thanks
  4. saboteer

    New Sailing Gloves

    I got a pair of these Ronstan's this season after my Gills finally gave up the ghost. These have great grip and so far wear has been minimal. Racing on a Melges 32 so they are getting a work out.
  5. saboteer

    Adding 2nd Spin Halyard on Melges 32

    M32USA123 was correct about the halyard box. The hardest part was un-sticking a frozen screw while up the rig, it took some time and effort. 2nd halyard was run and now we can just add a tracer line when not in "offshore" mode as we call it. The boat already had the second deck turning block and proper "bobstay" below so it was all set on that aspect. As for the main halyard, we have been trying different methods for release but it seems that the one that works for us is to release backstay then a good yank on the halyard which releases the lock. If anyone has other suggestions we are open. Running the halyard out of the cabin can be an issue due to the angle from the base of the mast block, maybe some type of block on a soft shackle that can be hooked around the cabin top winch. This would allow the halyard to run up then out to the cockpit for easier release.
  6. saboteer

    Slow Boat To CABO-WxRouting thread

    Cal Maritime is out now. And no one is going anywhere 0.0 to 0.1knts across the entire course.
  7. Has anyone done this? If so any tips or tricks? I know the boat was available with it as an option, but for those that need to add one after the fact how difficult is it?
  8. saboteer

    2019 Islands Race-Looking Sporty

    Mark any comments for this weekends Midwinters? It’s definitely looking sporty for both days according to Windy.
  9. saboteer

    SCYA Midwinters

    We’ve got 12 here in Dana Point. I always feel weather plays a major part in this regatta. February is a wish wash of weather
  10. saboteer

    Transpac 2019

    Captain Sluggo is a well, similar to the Henderson. You can see it on their Facebook page.
  11. saboteer

    Modified Columbia 30 info?

    As I recall the boat did have a set of masthead runners.
  12. saboteer

    Modified Columbia 30 info?

    Well if it’s the boat I thinking of then it was definitely a “Frankenstein” of sorts, assembled by owners and continually modified as they went. It was definitely fast off the wind, upwind you needed railmeat and a good driver to navigate any wave action. Due to its lightness and flat bottom it could slam and stop if not careful. One of the owners was a sailmaker, I say that with a hint of sarcasm, so there was a constant redesign of sails.
  13. saboteer

    Modified Columbia 30 info?

    You might try contacting Vince at Columbia Yachts, I'm sure he has info. That boat was sailed out of Dana Point, Ca originally by a couple of guys. I think they bought the hull and rig from Columbia but then "assembled" the boat themselves with the twin rudders and masthead rig being a clear change from the original C30. The boat had none of the additional interior pieces only the base structural pieces. Those boats were a little "flexy" so be sure to check any points of load bearing, ie winch bases, turning blocks, deck joint...
  14. saboteer

    Non Skid Gelcoat Ive never used this but have heard decent reviews.
  15. saboteer

    Towing a 13' Whaler...

    We've been towing our 13' whaler for something like 30 years now. Started behind a Catalina 38' now behind the Cat 42'. It definitely impacts speed, we loose about 3/4 to 1 knot depending on conditions. We tow between Catalina and Dana Point regularly and have seen some nasty conditions, but the boat has held up just fine. We rig the tow line from the bow eye up thru a snatch block tied to the stern cleat then up to a primary winch. This allows easy adjustment for length. We like to tow it at about the 2nd wake behind the boat, allowing it to ride the top. Tow motor up for sure and remove any bits that are easily tossed off. Sea conditions will be the greatest effect on speed so try to pick good days. Also be mindful, the boat will surf and so following seas can bring it right up to your tow boat. Otherwise they are great boats, pretty much indestructible.