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  1. Elegua

    Show your boat sailing thread

    Apologies, I’m American, so I only speak in geographic generalities. If it’s Ireland I was only 2/3’s wrong. That’s a beautiful playground. You should tell us more about what it is to cruise there.
  2. Elegua

    Show your boat sailing thread

    In your defense, that the UK. Skill aside, of course there is not the sun that Kris enjoys. Nice photo!
  3. Elegua

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    I'd believe that. A person I used to sail with waaay back, Emily Forbes, used to single hand one. Worst cook I ever sailed with. Ever. You remember things like that. Could ruin fresh Newfoundland cod. Best meal was, "garbagio soup". Yesterday's left overs put into todays soup for an ever evolving meal. With her husband, together they drank the better part of several cases - not bottles, no a couple of - of screetch - over a several week cruise. Very good sailors of the very olde skoole. As a fragile gen X, it was hard to adjust.
  4. Elegua

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    I think they are 23'. Slow and small, but very capable cruisers. Kind of the American Contessa 26. Few have drowned, but some have starved. Many came with a cute tiny tot stove. I believe the hull is cored with the usual caveats.
  5. Elegua

    Show your boat sailing thread

    I believe there is proportionality to consider here. If it's only slightly off-center, then CL is only slightly doomed.
  6. Elegua

    Catalina 525 Announced

    See, this leads to the sad but inevitable conclusion that these boats are not made for you. The majority of boat buyers do not sail like you and many of the other posters on this site. We’re irrelevant to boat manufacturers because we’re such a minority. The few who do sail, and can afford it, buy custom. The rest buy 30yr old boats. How many sail boats did I see under jib alone today? How many with no sail up at all?
  7. Elegua

    Best Sailing Knife

    Oh, that kabar looks nice.
  8. Elegua

    Coolboats to admire

    Lobster pots must evaporate at speeds above 10kts?
  9. Elegua

    Engine size and fuel consumption

    Turbo engines have a whole host of different design choices made due to forced induction, including things like lower compression in vacuum...etc... Best not just remove the turbo and to convert turbo to non-turbo is just not worth the time and money. Most diesels seem most efficient and happiest when run at peak torque.
  10. Elegua

    Nicro Solar Vent or Plastimo Dorade Vent ?

    I replaced some old nicro vents with the Plastimo - they have one that can be screwed shut - and I also added two of their dorades which use the same close-able mushroom in a dorade-like cowl. They seem to stay dry in normal conditions and they can be closed when there is a chance of submersion.
  11. Elegua

    Show your boat not sailing

    No Milla Jovovich? I'm very disappointed.
  12. Elegua

    Show your boat not sailing

    The anchorage on the other side is a favorite of ours.
  13. Elegua

    Show your boat not sailing

    My memories, possibly a bit faulty, of when we cruised Newfoundland in the mid-80's on my parent's boat is that are that a lot of the soundings on the admiralty charts were very old, so it's quite possible a lot survives and when you see that anchor symbol, it really is a good anchorage. That boat was an old S&S Swan 43. We cruised on a HT Danforth and CQR on mostly rope rode. By today's standards we should be dead many times over.
  14. Elegua

    Cabin Cushions - New England Recommendation

    They unfold and become seaberths that are quite comfy.
  15. Elegua

    Cabin Cushions - New England Recommendation

    Wine red = french bordello red / redrum colors; aquamarine, greenish-blue is kind of seafoam; taupe is the dirt-color series. I guess the question I'm asking is: if you come off watch, do you want something that's the opposite of what you've been looking at - so red, taupe, kind of land based colors or just stick with the usual marine colors blue/aquamarine?