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  1. Anyone used Kiwigrip and removed it?

    I'm on year 3 - still looks good.
  2. Junk on the trunk

    Hey, he's got some nice Revere ware pots.
  3. Hard vs soft dinghy

    And for some strange reason, I see many rowed backwards. Still, I'm surprised at the lack of love for the PT11. It checks a lot of boxes for a dinghy. It rows well, it sails well, all the gear is top quality. it weighs 90lbs all up and nests into a 4' by 6' by 20" space. Is it the fact it's a kit?
  4. Hallberg Rassy 41

    It cost me about 40k at a reputable East Coast yard. Removed deck hardware and old teak, ground down the deck, two layers of glass, awlfair and awlgrip for the paint and kiwigrip for the non-skid, rebedded everything correctly. What may have made it cost more: - Screwed and glued decks with some kind of early form of 5200 - All deck gear glassed in by builder - Euro/swanabe teak on coach roof. What may have made it cost less: - Skipped cockpit paint (next year when we do the cockpit teak) - Dry under the teak; no core issues I can share some pics of in-process if it helps.
  5. Those look like Mediterranean CH’s.
  6. Hallberg Rassy 41

    USD. Included rebedding all deck gear (all deck gear was glassed in nuts) and paint. I was told the quality of wood wouldn’t be as good as the original and might not last as long as the first deck and that if I got rid of the wood I could save about 300lbs.
  7. Hallberg Rassy 41

    I was quoted roughly 80k for a 38 footer.
  8. Hard vs soft dinghy

    That's a proper hard core off-roading dink.
  9. October in the PNW

    Rumor has it this Winter will be like last year's. More refugees from Cali and Texas? Can we have some Syrian ones instead?
  10. Although we are a highly discerning group, we'll try not to find fault with the composition - but your boat is a looker and I'm sure any pic's you take would look great. Anyway, I often don't like to break to mood by going, "hey, let's take a pic, or worse, video".
  11. Yet no time to take a pic??
  12. Hard vs soft dinghy

    I dislike outboards and I like to row. A nesting dinghy like a PT11 nests small enough to fit under the boom of my 38' kruzer and a set of narrow 7.5' spoons will go upwind in chop with a heavy load with moderate effort. I've not tried it off a beach with shore-break, but it surfs well.
  13. Ice. Ice cubes are the mark of civilization.
  14. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Right. So if you push this analysis then you you get to; well, if you are going to need to replace everything anyways, why not buy a design you like that is fully depreciated and as un-modified as possible? Either way, you're never going to get your money back, other than the market value of what you have tied up in the hull. If you do the mods yourself, at least you know where and how things are screwed up. One line from BJ I won't forget is, "I can screw this up myself for $100/hr". Personally I think it makes sense to buy something where if God's thumb came down and squished it, and insurance didn't pay, you'd could easily replace it without impacting your plans that much.
  15. October in the PNW

    The North East wind blows off of China with misty rain, overcast skies for days on end and it get's as low as 10C and gets cold enough to snow in the mountains. Two years ago I even saw a couple flakes of snow at my house in Taipei at a relatively low altitude. But the real reason it feels more cold than it is the fact that there is no heat and your comforter is also 10C and 95% humidity.