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  1. Elegua

    Trump’s Taxes

    If the best thing that the White man can up with is DJT, then we 're fcuked as a race and deserve to lose.
  2. Elegua

    Trump’s Taxes

    Could be hard to roll that note that comes due in ‘22. Unless he is President. EDIT: Oh dear....say it ain’t so... https://www.local10.com/news/local/2020/09/28/former-trump-campaign-manager-brad-pascale-armed-barricades-self-in-fl-home-police-called/
  3. Elegua

    Trump’s Taxes

    Let's pretend for a minute that every tax deduction Trump took is legit. That means the real fraud is his ability to run a business. No wonder Deutsche Bank, you know, the bank that is under several compliance investigations, including for enabling tax evasion in the EU, is the only bank that will lend to him.
  4. Elegua

    Astrolabe Anarchy!

    That's cool. Anything reflective will do for an artificial horizon. For me it was just getting comfortable with the mechanics - finding the sun with the instrument, using the right number of shades, not holding it off-axis - and did I mention it's heavy? I take a several shots on random mornings from my balcony. I run them through the starpath app and compare them to the GPS to see what mistake I'm making. Being on the 9th floor, I'm guessing the dip is 101' ? 8 concrete stories, plus floor and the height of my eye. This guy is mine. I got it from my father. He used it in the late 80's. It still has the screw holes from where he attached it to his boat. I added the lanyard to the frame.
  5. Elegua

    Astrolabe Anarchy!

    I have a Davis horizon. It was hard to use because doubling the angle meant that when the angle was small enough for the sextant, then the sun often had some obstacle.
  6. Elegua

    H-Boat vs. Hinckley Sou'wester 30

    I always really like the Shannon 28 - a good looking mini yacht. The Vancouvers are tough and have basically been sailed everywhere - but possibly too hard core a cruiser? I'd vote for a Seasprite 34. Sure, it's a 27 foot boat trapped in a 34 foot boat's body, but they are well built, good looking and decent sailing with functional interiors and can be had for a reasonable price. Head room for an 6+ footer. Possibly a bit large for the lake?
  7. Elegua

    you can judge a man by his tool kit

    Or his Crocs
  8. So that looks nice. What is it? Watcha gonna do wid it?
  9. Elegua

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    CAV or Delphi hydraulically regulated pump.
  10. Elegua

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    Just re-built.
  11. Elegua

    Dylan's New Boat Anarchy

    I'm hoping this is true for my Perkins. I rebuilt it 7 years ago by a top-end shop as2.5k hrs. Replaced all - all - the supporting equipment. The thing gets tip-top service annually and I've maybe put 2-300hrs on it. I had some bad initially with starter motors, but we're past that now. Pre-heater (which is a wild system of dripping fire) needed work. But this year I'm bummed it seems there is an issue with fuel injection pump - that costs like 1/3 a motor to pull and replace.
  12. Elegua

    BMW 5-Series wagon

    I miss my baby. I had a 2012 5th Gen LGT that I made some modest modification to, such as... Borg Warner EFR7163 turbo with V-band 0.85 A/R housing Custom stainless 4-1 EL header with v-bands, wrapped Custom FMIC kit built around OEM BMW 335i core STi exhaust cams STi valve springs Manley TurboTuff pistons ACL rod and main bearings, fitted at larger than stock clearances ARP 260-4701 head studs NGK one-step colder spark plugs Alloy radiator Hardrace engine mounts Custom stainless 4-1 EL header with v-bands, wrapped Borg Warner EFR7163 turbo with V-band 0.85 A/R housing Turbosmart 45 external wastegate (nothing physically larger could be fitted) Custom FMIC kit built around OEM BMW 335i core Blitz 'carbon suction kit' intake Custom SS exhaust with V-band connection, 200-cell cat: 70mm through to one straight-thru 76mm can via a cutout and one 63mm turbo-style can open at all times Exhaust cutout operated by vacuum supplied from brake booster and controlled electrically via Hobbes switch set at 4psi boost. Omni Power 3bar MAP sensor MAP-SUP-3BR Pierburg 3-port BCS (VAG OEM part) DW300 fuel pump DW750 Bosch EV14 fuel injectors Snow Performance methanol injection kit; control solenoid valve trigged by intake manifold pressure from (set at 11psi) and #5 nozzle, with fail-safe Front 356mm floating slotted 2 piece, 6-pot CB6P PB claps with Project Mu HC-CS pads Rear 330mm 4-pot floating slotted 2 piece CM4P PB claps with Project Mu HC-CS pads Hardrace LCA bushings Whiteline 24mm rear sway bar / 26mm front sway bars Kartboy end-links poly bushings for rear diff Koni 8610 1447 Sport Front 8010 1055 Sport Rear RCE Black springs Ended up with 400 on dyno, 350ftlb torque (limited to keep the tranny from spontaneously disassembling itself ). That meant 10.1 seconds 100-200kph with roof-rack. I don't know what the zero to 100 time was - something around 4.0-4.5sec - not too great. The torque restriction meant that bottom end was just ok, but it held 350ft/lbs to redline in all gears, and with the front mount and the MW50 injection meant that as other cars pulled timing and got slower, we got faster (relatively). The 63mm turbo style exhaust kept it very quiet until the 76mm leg opened - but it did have a nice low frequency rumble. Waste gate was internal so that was quiet too...The intake did make a bit of a shriek when spooling up at WOT. Very mild off boost. Your gran could drive it to get the milk if she kept her boot out of it. Looked pretty stock... Until you looked underneath Sorry for the drift....I love wagons. I wish there were still good wagons in the US.
  13. Elegua

    Coolboats to admire

    Different people, different boat; but, yes.
  14. Elegua

    Anchor comparison opinions.

    The output is priceless. Up to now the best you could get was some pick-up trucks dragging things across the beach. Lots of sacred cows were taken out back and shot.
  15. Elegua

    My sons $1 dollar boat gets a re-fit.

    It's a Hoyt Jib Boom. It sheets from the end to control draft and how far it articulates. It makes the Alerion very easy to single-hand. https://www.forespar.com/products/sail-hoyt-jib-boom-system.shtml