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  1. Cool. Did you read this? I found it fascinating. http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/12821/making-steam-the-life-and-times-of-a-u-s-navy-chief-engineer
  2. I wonder where you find a licensed steam engineer? That looks like it's long enough to require one. I've seen it a couple of times. An absolute beauty!
  3. Please don't quote this crap.
  4. So how did Dylan make it to the big leagues without a bikini?
  5. Yeah, it's terrible out here. I want to move back to Maine, or Taiwan.
  6. It'd be fun to have a gimballed flower pot on the bulkhead - kind of a bigger version of the flower vases.
  7. Well, I've worked in all of those countries. Singapore, Korea and Taiwan have national pension systems to which employers must contribute. They have nationalized healthcare paid for with payroll taxes. If you are fired without cause, you get one to two month's salary per year worked. Fired inappropriately, you get damages. Most courts favor the employee. As for benefits: you get paternity/maternity leave, a bonus for childbirth...etc.. the list goes on...
  8. I love my centerboard. A well designed centerboard isn't that much extra maintenance, even if not dry sailed. Ted Hood designed his boards so they didn't fit perfectly tight in the trunk, so that you could get a bit of fouling and not jam it. Take the covers off and lube things up once a year and change your pennant every couple of years and you'll be fine. The other nice thing about Ted's boats is the high ballast to displacement ratios - like 50%, so they are not so tender.
  9. The yard convinced me to re-build my Perkins 4-108 at 2,500hrs accumulated over 29 years. It had been abused with over-propping by the PO and had blow-by and oil leaks. I've had some trouble with the accessories, (starter motors), but the engine itself runs as well as it did new. Unfortunately the engine gets treated pretty badly. I try to motor at the torque peak, but I tend not to run it much. I think I've done 200hrs in the 4 years since - much of it the worst kind - charging the batteries.
  10. Tell me about it. I own a French built boat with 80% Metric fittings and Robertson fasteners. Grey dust? Is that from the fires?
  11. It's probably because the bull rails are metric
  12. Funny. Very early in this thread o posted one of these, because despite the pedigree, it looks like one of Ming the Merciless's space ships, and I was roundly booed for it.
  13. Yes, like when the boat is sitting in the yard having work done.
  14. Buying old is like buying a new boat on layaway.
  15. I saw her when she was having some plating replaced and ran into her a couple of times in the Thoroughfare. Once it was one of those Maine Summer days where we both were on reciprocal courses headed at each other, both going downwind maybe 100 yards apart. We both stalled for a moment next to each other and and hardened up as we got into each others old breeze.