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  1. Elegua

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    Huh..it’s very true the data is terrible but an irrelevant argument if your healthcare system can’t handle the load. Should I be surprised that a segment of our society is basically saying let grandma die (most likely someone else’s) to save the economy? Without another very large stimulus, or two, it won’t be a v-shaped recovery. A relatively leveraged economy of McJobs with a weak safety net, poor infrastructure and a large medically underserved population with underlying health issues; what exactly were they expecting?
  2. I would have figured a trimaran would be perfect for kids. You can send them out to play on the trampoline.
  3. Elegua

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    I don't doubt for a moment that there is a huge pool of people with mild symptoms or who are infected and don't know it. I suspect those states that think this is just a NYC problem are headed for a rude awakening. I was in Taiwan for SARS - I don't recall the death toll being this high, or the ICUs being this full, even at its peak. I sent half my team to work from home and no more selling in surgery. I guess another $4-5T in various bailout coming?
  4. Elegua

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    Can't read the article. Paywalled. I haven't subscribed to the WSJ since Murdoch bought it. I imagine is it this article: https://www.statnews.com/2020/03/17/a-fiasco-in-the-making-as-the-coronavirus-pandemic-takes-hold-we-are-making-decisions-without-reliable-data/ Here's the counterpoint: https://www.statnews.com/2020/03/18/we-know-enough-now-to-act-decisively-against-covid-19/ Of course, if you have proper testing and tracing, you wouldn't need a lock-down.
  5. Elegua

    Off Center Harbor offer

    Just do it!
  6. Elegua

    Movies I've Rewatched due to Covid-19

    Lots of good movies in this thread. Beavis & Butthead Seasons 1-7. ....This sucks...
  7. Elegua

    Off Center Harbor offer

    But with a smaller boat, where would I put my Deadliest Catch lights and antennas? How could I support buying a jacked-up F250? With fewer pots, what what would al the divers and yards do without all the repair work on drive systems damaged by lines? What you say makes sense, but I wouldn't begin to guess how you get every to agree on how to reduce the number of traps. You know what I miss? Gulf of Main shrimp. Thanks global warming
  8. Elegua

    Off Center Harbor offer

    Very nice. Try the Philipponnat grand blanc.
  9. Elegua

    Off Center Harbor offer

    The lobsterman (people?) would tell you it's aquaculture. The average lobster gets something like 6 or 7 rides to the surface before they are big enough to be taken. "Chicken" lobsters in the Winter are the best.
  10. Elegua

    cruising anarchy

    I was an expat for 25 years - not just file, but pay a lot of US taxes - someone's got to pay for these foreign wars. The irony is though FBAR requires the untermenschen like me to report all of my overseas accounts, the tax-free and secrecy facilities in Delaware, Nevada, Wyoming and S Dakota make it easy to non-resident unbermenschen to hide assets. Ironic, right?
  11. Elegua

    Show your boat not sailing

    Darn - lost opportunity. A couple of French guys going transatlantic noticed water spewing up the floorboards. Apparently it was pretty quick - just enough time to get in the raft - and they didn't report hitting anything. I can think of only two holes that big.
  12. Elegua

    Show your boat not sailing

    Welp...take your time. Apparently these guys got it wrong.
  13. Elegua

    Show your boat not sailing

    Silly question - how do you keep the boat from falling on its nose?
  14. Elegua

    Zero deg of seperation from the Bug

    Well, the Taiwanese figured out it was a big problem in late December - early January, so we did have time to work this out. The damage now is largely self inflicted. Between SARS, MERS, and H1N1 it wasn't like something like this was unforeseen. As for run its course - what exactly are you trying to say here? That a certain portion of the population is expendable? Or that it's spilt milk, let's focus on solutions?