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  1. Come inside a 1961 Alden Challenger lazarette.

    Wood boats...it only takes one bad owner.
  2. Come inside a 1961 Alden Challenger lazarette.

    Still, I think these pic put paid the idea that somehow these early mfg didn't understand fiberglass construction. Looks better than most modern boats.
  3. HB's 'new' boat thread

    10yrs? That's like thread archaeology. What would you say is the biggest difference between now and then? I'm 7 years in. A thread would be grim.
  4. Life raft re-certification in NY area

    Great company, great service. Did some very nice and inexpensive repairs on an old inflatable as well.
  5. That's a tough one. If I were replacing, I'd be tempted to reduce size and weight. Or is it smarted to keep the balance the same? The sensitivity to common rail to contaminated fuel and all those high pressure parts makes me leery, but possibly I'm overstating the risk. I see things like the shaft seal at cutless as stuff you'd probably be replacing anyway. I'd hope that one could duck to prop issue by having a pitchable prop.
  6. Now you're beginning to talk about the general market value of an old boat - rarely a fruitful topic until you consider the replacement cost. Buying an old boat is like building a new car from parts bought at Napa Autoparts. It's slow, and costly, but you might have some "fun".
  7. You at least always have that bronze CB to pawn . You did very well with your re-power. Well, here's the thing; if you re-power the right way, (maybe "right" in my thinking only), you end up replacing all of the ancillary hoses and wiring, exhaust and whatnot just as you would need to with a new engine, plus you're doing the same sound proofing and painting, new engine mounts...etc.. So then you are really just talking about the difference between a re-build and a new engine. And if you are re-building the right way, you often are replacing all the accessories and putting in a lot of new parts. In the end the cost delta between rebuild and new ended up a lot less than I thought. I chose to rebuild the Perkins because I can't leave and pass on to my Vanaprastha stage of life until the kids are through college, (screw sanyassa, I ain't renouncing anything). Once I set out to leave, at that point I'll put in a new Beta. But that said, I still have a soft spot for that Perkins. Same type of engine I worked on with my dad as a kid.
  8. One of the mistakes I made when re-powering was not understanding the ratio of the cost of the engine in relation to the cost of re-doing the entire engine box and drive train. While I do like my old Perkins - it's simple enough so even I can understand it and happily electronics free - I probably would have re-powered with a new engine, not a re-build.
  9. I've always had a soft spot for Cals - my parents first real boat was a Cal 25 MK2 with a sea-swing and a portopot - and we took that thing everywhere in LI Sound, made every noob mistake possible and that boat kept us from killing ourselves or others. Amazing.
  10. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Well, any boat that comes with a lot of wenches....
  11. C&C 36...will it float?

    36+ gallons or so was enough to handle 6 (my family of 4 + parents) for a little more than a week. Mmm fermentation
  12. C&C 36...will it float?

    As a teenager alone on watch I almost did myself in that way - unrolled my one-piece half way to pee and tripped over something - I pulled myself back on board without getting wet. That old S&S would have kept sailing for hours before the next watch. I've not forgotten that moment.
  13. Great Circle Sails?

    Both will get you there, but great circle will be faster.
  14. North sails ,pricing, discounts

    I'm not a big sail buyer - but I got great responsiveness and prices from my local North loft. I ended up going with another sailmaker, but it wasn't because of price or lack of attention.
  15. C&C 36...will it float?

    I know we're not supposed to to this....but peeing over the rail in the middle of the night is one of life's great pleasures.