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  1. Elegua

    A Form of Cruising...

    Huh....Isn't everyone commando after the first week??
  2. Elegua

    The changing coast of Maine?

    I'd say judging by the size of the pickup trucks and the full-on, "Most Dangerous Catch", style boats all bought on easy credit and low fuel prices, it's going to get pretty ugly pretty soon. So what happens then? Are we doomed to become a retirement home and Disneyland for people from away? Booth Bay has sadly sold its soul to Coloumbe but I'm not sure what the alternative would be. I live away, so I can't begrudge people development. But lots of very low cost memberships to the country club were given away. But remember to click your mike 5 times as you go past Cuckholds Light, just for fun.
  3. Elegua

    The changing coast of Maine?

    When was the last season we've had Gulf of Main shrimp? I used to feel bad about cutting a pot, but no longer - especially if it's in a channel. I tend to get one a year, (my son usually)
  4. Elegua

    The Graduate

    Hmmm......Maybe it's because I remember you as taller.
  5. Elegua

    Beta Marine vs Nanni Marine

    I think for most engines you can do some gumshoe work and find them, but Beta will give you them. "Beta Marine engines are marinized Kubota engines. We are happy to offer Kubota service part numbersfor routine replacement parts including oil filters, fuel filters, V belts, air filter, etc. Engine parts are available through us or you can readily find what you need at most auto parts stores or Kubota dealers -world wide." That's a huge support base. Of course you still need the marinized parts from Beta.
  6. Elegua

    The Graduate

    He's tall isn't he? Congrats and well done! I look forward to hearing more about him as he advances his career and portfolio.
  7. Elegua

    Beta Marine vs Nanni Marine

    Beta will give you the Kubota parts number list. When my Perkins dies, that's what will likely replace it.
  8. Elegua

    "Perfect" Compromise Boat?

    Olsen 34 - what a lovely boat.
  9. Clearly he was grooming his pet.
  10. Elegua

    Hard dinghy oars & oarlocks - what works best?

    Does anyone use one of those reverse-card rowing compasses?
  11. What the Winter takes away, the Summer gives back. I've watched all your videos. You must have edited out all the rain for this one. That's hardly rain and no fog at all.
  12. I think the most I've gotten on my boat was 6, for about a week long cruise on a 38'er. My parents, my two kids, my wife and myself. One hard dinghy, one RIB and an inflatable kayak. Quarters were tight and a week was enough. With 4 it's just right. With 2 it's plenty of space. I don't see the need for much bigger. Bigger winches don't help you carry a sail.
  13. Elegua

    Hard dinghy oars & oarlocks - what works best?

    I like narrow spoons, as it makes rowing into chop and wind easier. The GACO oarlocks are great. They capture the oar, are light and have a very smooth action. You can keep one oar in the dink oarlock when you sail around in case you run out of breeze.
  14. Elegua

    A Form of Cruising...

    When I was going through a tough divorce, and I was working in Asia and everyone else was 12 timezones away in the US, it was the one place where we could connect without outside interference. That's what cruising is.... Ajax, you and the power ranger will have a great time, no matter the weather. I do something similar to K-I-S with the tarp and I add PVC pipes to give it rigidity. With the weather cloths it makes the cockpit a reasonably private area.