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    Owned Paceship Eastwind 25, then C&C 26 long ago. Love yacht racing and cruising, golf, billiards, yacht photography, one wife, two grown kids, and now am grandfather of three, Hanna and Ava, and a new grandson, Parker. : )

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  1. Blade Runner in Miami. Nick Heyl, Lynn NJ. Rachel-Pugh 47. 1985 SORC, Class C.
  2. Detente. 1984 SORC. .
  3. Glory. John Buchan. Peterson 42. 1983 SORC, Class D, rated IOR 32.6. St. Petersburg to Ft. Lauderdale Race. .
  4. Evergreen. Donald R Green. Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Frers 45. 1983 SORC Class C, rated IOR 34.4. Miami to Nassau Race. .
  5. Kialoa IV. John B. (Jim) Kilroy, El Segundo CA. Holland 80. 1983 SORC, St. Petersburg to Ft. Lauderdale Race. Class A, rated IOR 70.0. .
  6. Thanks for the birthday greeting on the occasion of my 71st. To all who have enjoyed viewing my photos, thank you and you are entirely welcome. Also, thank you to all who have contributed to the threads with your posts of dialogue and images.
  7. Boomerang. George Koumantaros, STC. Kaufman 65. 1983 Storm Trysail Week, Class A, Block Island RI. .
  8. Evergreen. Donald R Green. Burlington, Ontario, Canada. Frers 45. 1983 SORC Class C, rated IOR 34.4. Miami to Nassau Race. I don't know what yacht club Donald Green and Evergreen represented but would like to know. Thanks. .
  9. Stars & Stripes. Bill Martin, BYC. NM 39. 1983 Chicago to Mackinac Race. IOR Section 3, rated 30.0. .
  10. Thunderbolt. R. Wallace, Excelsior MN. Nel/Mar 41. 1984 SORC, Class D, rated IOR 32.3 est. St. Petersburg to Ft. Lauderdale Race. .
  11. Dance 1. Dale Smirl, Col YC. Wyl 39. .
  12. Dance II. Larry Kohls, CYC. CHA 70. 1983 Chicago to Mackinac Race. IOR Section 1, rated 53.5. Of course, the SuperMacs were longer and there may be other races that lay claim to being the longest, but CYC often used this description, accurate or not. And I think 'annual' may have been part of the description, now that I think back. .
  13. Sorry to say that Tom Leutwiler has passed on. This is from wikipedia. I think it's accurate... The 1980s were the peak years for Leutwiler Photography, as the annual calendar became a bigger staple of the sailboat racing world with each passing year, and his classic and new portraits continued to be a success. But after nearly twenty years of hard work and devotion, Leutwiler lost his passion and drive for sailboat photography and closed down the business in the 1990, selling off his negatives and camera equipment. He moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in the early 1990s and pursued a variety of other interests including real estate ventures. In 1993, he died in Salt Lake City. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Leutwiler NOTE: I'm sure there are sailors here that have Leutwiler photos. I'd be proud if some of his photos became part of this thread.
  14. Infinity. John B. Thomson, STC. Holland 47. Boca Grande and Return race, 1984 SORC, IOR Class B.
  15. Don Quixote. Harlan Schwartz, STBY. Swan 39. 1982 Chicago to Mackinac Race, IOR Section 2, rated 31.2. .