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  1. Wire baskets for ice boxes

    Ice boxes in boats are random sizes. Anyone know of a source for odd or custom size wire baskets? I'm building an ice box into my boat. A hanging wire basket for dry goods would be easier than building a shelf into the ice box. And it would be movable. And not take up as much valuable space that can be used for beer. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The new boat manufacturers have to get these from somewhere. Thanks!
  2. Wahine 26

    I took a look in Annapolis. When I stepped on the fold down transom I thought it was going to break. I think their greatest engineering achievement on this one may have been the trailer they used to haul and display it.
  3. blooper time!

    What's the old saying?....."Put it up and gain half a knot; take it down and gain half a knot." Ours only comes out of the bag every few years, and you need good crew who knows how to trim it, but when it works, it works great. It's a great sail to buy used from Bacon's or one of the other resale lofts. No need to put good dollars towards a new one.
  4. Easy solution......sell the Benetub and buy your Lindenberg 26 back!
  5. My newest project

    I remember back when Bob used to post pictures of his weekly visits to the shop in this thread. C'mon Bob....we want to see the progress on the boats! Please!!
  6. New Annapolis/Baltimore Fort 2 Fort Races

    I love this. Boat is currently in Annapolis and F2F might be a good tune up for Down the Bay. Make it interesting and add Fort Washington in the mix for us Upper Potomac boats. I come over to the Bay at least once a year......you guys should come to our extra-wide drainage ditch.
  7. New #3 sail problems

    Nice job photoshopping the North logo out!
  8. North American Sun Fast 3200s

    Down the Bay Race would be good practice. We need more boats in the double-handed class.
  9. Hey Chesapeake Bay sailors...

    I hate when people suggest stuff like this because then I want to do it. Let's bring back GOR! I've been told that my boat (Truculent Turtle-Lindenberg 26) has done it many, many years ago but I've never been able to find results to confirm that. But damn I'd love to revitalize that race.
  10. Dehler

    Gerard - If the D29 you got wouldn't have been on the left coast it would have been mine. I liked the deep keel that yours has. The one in Annapolis was removed from the market without selling (or so I've been told). I looked at that one but really liked the deep keel option yours has. Decided to hold off (for now). Great boat. I'm envious.
  11. Tartan changes hands...again.

    Is Tom McNeil still there?
  12. surveyor in Annapolis

    Mike McCook is excellent. Just did an insurance survey for me. 202.288.4537.
  13. J105 distance race

    Instead of sail material for Lee cloths, use mesh. Breathable.
  14. Inappropriate Funeral Songs.

    Reckless Kelly - Crazy Eddie's Last Hurrah