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  1. il1395

    Looking For a Lindenberg 22

    “Papaya”, the yellow and orange 22 is at Machodoc Creek Marina (or was this summer) in Dahlgren, VA. Give them a call. Ask for Jeff. He may be able to point you to the owner. But you should pick up the 26 that’s listed in the SA classifieds so I can get a bigger boat!!!!!
  2. For the lifting keel boats, how does it work? Do you raise/drop the keel at the crane, or can you do it on the way to the racecourse (for those of us in shallow marinas)?
  3. il1395

    Tracking the Lindenberg 28's

    There's a fast Lindenberg 26 for sale in the Classifieds!
  4. il1395

    "National Cleavage Day"

    When I die, I’d like Sol to give the eulogy. And I’d like it to be a PowerPoint with lots of photos. On second thought, maybe just a guest speaker at my next birthday party. That way I can see the PowerPoint myself!
  5. il1395

    J92S sort

    Yes. Went to Deltaville, VA.
  6. il1395

    Charter connection in DC

    My 26 footer hits bottom on the Potomac periodically but I’m happy to put their logo on my sails if they have money. I could really use a new spinnaker and a #3. Oh wait - you said high caliber. Shucks.
  7. il1395

    Black Widow

    I had no problem rolling and tipping BW myself. Just go in small patches. An assistant would have been nice, but then they expect you to feed them and get them drunk.
  8. il1395

    "Golden Rule" sets sail for Hawaii and beyond

    I hope you’re posting from onboard Skip!!
  9. il1395

    Annapolis Q's-survey etc.

    If he hasn’t retired yet, Mike McCook is highly recommended. Derek Rhymes did a fine job for me also.
  10. il1395

    Interlake Rebuild

    In retrospect, I would lay down new glass also. I was a poor college student at the time, so every penny counted back then.
  11. il1395

    Interlake Rebuild

    I did that same project to Interlake #700 many years ago. You’re past this now, but I would have recommended you build a cradle with bunks every two feet before cutting in order to keep the shape. I used the old inner skin to put back over the new balsa and filled it with concrete blocks while the epoxy set up. Without the bunks, I would have deflected the hull shape. Once the old core was out, my hull started oil-canning inward (I also had the deck off, which may have aided in the oil-canning.) Happy to answer any questions you may have, as are others in the Class. PM me if you want more info. Fantastic boat, fantastic class. I’m on my third Interlake. (700, 807 and 1395)
  12. il1395

    Things the crew brought on board

    Battery powered Christmas lights for a 120nm distance race! WTF???
  13. il1395

    Andrews 28 Hulls 2 and 4?

    Try Blazer Boatworks in Port Clinton, Ohio.
  14. il1395


    Another that just popped up yesterday. listing