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  1. SA’s Sockpuppet Goddess

    Who is the most tiresome and boring poster here?

    Total disrespect for women. He masks it behind his obcession for Hillary Clinton but any politician who works to disenfranchise women and minorities is a hero to be praised by Malarkey and his various socks.
  2. SA’s Sockpuppet Goddess

    The American Theocracy

  3. SA’s Sockpuppet Goddess

    Who is the most tiresome and boring poster here?

  4. SA’s Sockpuppet Goddess

    Who is the most tiresome and boring poster here?

    Everybody should save that photo and use it regularly!!! Like this!!
  5. SA’s Sockpuppet Goddess

    Thanks James Madison /PA Father’s Day

    Pretty much everything good about this forum is available to us because James Madison wrote the papers that led others to demand there be Amendments to Alexander Hamilton’s US Constitution. Certainly John Jay, Thomas Paine, Tomas Jefferson, George Washington, Ben Franklin, and others were major contributors to the leadership necessary to set up Madison’s fantasy government / society. It was Janes Madison who heavily influenced Hamilton’s constitution and it was Madison wrote the first ten Amendments without which that Constitution provided the people and states with none of what we call the Land of The Free. So... Happy Father’s Day James Madison!! Without you Scott wouldn't have this website. PA and all of us would not exist.
  6. SA’s Sockpuppet Goddess

    @SA'S Sock puppet Goddess

    You stupid fuckwit. Not only are you retarded you have falsely accused another poster who is not a goddess of being @Gouvernail
  7. SA’s Sockpuppet Goddess

    Malarkey or Plop??

    Well it sure isn’t me!!!
  8. SA’s Sockpuppet Goddess

    Dow Drops 550!! is Trump's Free Ride On Obama Over?

    Not quite
  9. SA’s Sockpuppet Goddess


    How did you believe posting that would add to anyone’s life?
  10. SA’s Sockpuppet Goddess


    What is the point of this thread??
  11. SA’s Sockpuppet Goddess

    Trump's deleted Vlog..2011-2014

    It really doesn’t matter. He has his faithful supporters
  12. SA’s Sockpuppet Goddess


    Who wears undies anymore??
  13. SA’s Sockpuppet Goddess

    SOCKS by Righty_tighty_lefty_dumbas

    Better he play with the like / downvote button than post his usual drivel
  14. SA’s Sockpuppet Goddess

    Huh? New Sunfish Class?

    I sure hope all this is resolved before the Women’s Sunfish North Americans this September. The last thing I want to do is spend my weekend listening to endless complaining about LP