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  1. Source remenich... Mike is working on it, some issues on some clients, he is tring to resolve. We will check an older version which is working. If not we'll try to stream it live, for those cannot see app or broadcast/stream.
  2. Steve Confirmed price: 150k sans sails. That's a bit pricey , how much of those C-Class 150k goes for the Wing? Diam 24OD is around 60k, a foiling kit or preparing it from factory to foil will not reach 150k.
  3. It is not that complicated. Just put a faster & stable course racing solution on the water, and the Class members will follow without a doubt. In the US the foil design playground is open. So anyone wanting to change the game can go and built your perfect 'Z killer' A-Cat (Ts, Js or whatever) and show how its done at USACA regattas. (Not Nationals though) I'm starting to organize in Europe an 'Ultimate Foiler' Challenge, to stop the chat, mine included. A course racing challenge open to all foilers. Lets see which is top or new current solution.
  4. ???? You Where do you read that on the Essentiel??? I think you confused comments on another project. The Essentiel hull is not F18 Class legal as it is epoxy / foam core built and will not accept straight boards. . Only way hull to be hull class legal is to be epoxy / wood core. You need to read well articles before transcripting what you think you understood. An F18 Class legal hull with a convertible dagger case is a project we will do coming months with a known A-Class / F18 builder. Cheers. "In fact this project , the new Phantom 'Essentiel' is basically what we have in mind as plan B for the F18 Scorpion hull, and I even wrote a for the record document some months ago for the F18 Class WC, not on the foiling per se, but on the ability to fit a 4pt foiling boards setup on a convertible dagger case a la Nacra 15 and epoxy hulls (no carbon) construction to add structural support and longer life and the alternative to use the same platform in floating F18 legal racing mode and foil for fun." .... Those are the editor's note before the actual Q&A with Alex Udin on the Essentiel...... F18 'Scorpion' is the name for the 'F18 Open Project' platform. The Exploder F18 is built over the actual F18 OP / 'Scorpion' hull cad. Phantom Essentiel hulls are not and wont be F18 Class legal.
  5. ???? You Where do you read that on the Essentiel??? I think you confused comments on another project. The Essentiel hull is not F18 Class legal as it is epoxy / foam core built and will not accept straight boards. . Only way hull to be hull class legal is to be epoxy / wood core. You need to read well articles before transcripting what you think you understood. An F18 Class legal hull with a convertible dagger case is a project we will do coming months with a known A-Class / F18 builder. Cheers.
  6. Ian Holt and his buddies from Australia are the absolute and only Nr 1 RC Trimaran foiling builders. Cheers.
  7. Well I thought you must have plenty of streams, there it is the Nacra 17 Medal Race along the Finn one those in the US.
  8. MR = Medal Race , there is a local source wide open here not available in the US, checked some hours ago with an US based sailor and it was restricted for him on region. We also had here many additional channels through espn play and other local cable sport network, dedicated sail olympic stream, don´t get how you guys this time didn´t got access
  9. That sounds like a reasonable explanation, I noticed that Santi spends a lot of time looking forward. Great example of "head out of the boat" ARG protested back, check MR video , check lange onboard camera , and he even confirmed he protested back in a local interview, they had a "chat" with AUT too, thus Jury red flag did not indentified the boat being penalized (both protested) until the jury got near them while flying 20knots downwind, he got two penalties, two 360s done (start & AUT at the mark) Jury all over them. He even remarked that at the start GBR should have been penalized instead (at least too in my view) as AUS need to bareaway while GBR crossed in front AUS coming starboard. Check the MR video on that one too. The guy knows a bit on rules, no rookie neither in that aspect.
  10. Doug, reached here on your linkings, Life sometimes is not htat complicated: "4pt or 3pt" is just a simple, logical and quite descriptive way to identify how many working foils are used while airborne. A-class vs FP for ie. 'Z' foils vs 'TNZ' system.
  11. Two examples of proper cfd testing & R&D : Artemis AC72 & Mayfly AClass. Both failed. Big Lee: Is neither extreme ends of the spectrum. TNZ broke grounds doing on the water testing with the SL33 while Artemis relied 100% on CFD (business top notch one). Fischer is a brain as few, he has the nurmbers and he is for me a truly pioneer of the foil racing and he paved the way for final efficient A-Class race foiling which was achieved by posterior pure build & test cycles. Lets say I have to choose between your tank & cfd tests vs PJ / Jakub build & test? We A-Class sailors know where to put our $, don´t worry about us. Top Notch CFD + R&D is only complementary to on the water testing and version builts. And currently A-Cat builders have been hiring AC level Pros for dedicated foil sections and cfd work, which added to their own work has produced what we have today. No better example on this than latest Z10 daggerboard from Exploder.
  12. If you have 2014 Europeans and 2015 Worlds with two parallel fleets racing at the same time, more than whining it's just demanding for the Standard... This is no F18 racing. And do you guess that sailors will think twice next time to attend such an event with that split fleet logsitics? Silver did not even raced today....
  13. Doug: You will get all those 'existential questions', the day you go out and sail one yourself... and from what I know, you've been offered once to sail a Moth, and I'm sure the US A-Class fleet can get a you ride too. Cheers.
  14. Hi TA , that is BA 1yr ago with Exploders A14. Here we have all sort of choppy conds, check upwind, video flats real wave height. You also have days with breaking chop, or higher, steeper or shorter lenght depending on wind. The As handles quite well most of them, in fact you can sail upto 18-20knots and tough conditions for the experienced guys. But then you are not going to foil as easy and stable as in flat waters, this is the level local crews have now, watch 1:30 Of course perfect flat, do not expect to foil like that in choppy waters / waves, as seen above or also seen in Nick Bowers videos from Punta Ala, check last part with Ashby downwind But In fact I'm surprised how well you can sail any kind of chop here, mostly on the foil lift , as you are literally flying/skiming over waves. Its almost safer than sailing the F18, on the pitching tendency,
  15. Hi Doug, reading carefully again Simon said 'the Stunt 9 is slower on the evidence he has', you replied 'I want to see that evidence'. So I'm getting the same concept. But if you agree that you are not implying the S9 is faster than the A, so my due apologies.