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  1. James Chilman

    DC Designs

    A 12 guy in Brisbane sells the carbon rigging, I believe he makes it up if you can give him a length. He had done some of the C plate terminals. Carbon Chandlery is the website. He won the 12 nationals or inters last year so it's going OK. He is a composite engineer I think and can do all you tubes inc mast as well.
  2. James Chilman

    Double-Handed/ Single-Handed Ocean Racing

    Just do it. Make sure you do have enough funds but it's amazing what you can get by with when you have too. I have wanted a mini ever since I was 15, being in Australia made that a bit harder than Europe. It is one of the only things I wish I could have done. I got to sail a bit on mini 797 Skippy and it was awesome. they are big bang for your buck. Maybe some time in the future (am 32 now so still a bit of time). It seems that most yacht clubs are getting on board with shorthanded sailing, weather it be a dedicated division or just letting shorthanded boat race with fully crewed boats. Or if your not after results follow the races unofficially (just try not to step on too many toes as it can be a hinderance to clubs accepting shorthanded boats in the future) We had a cracked race to Keppel last year competing against all the fully crewed boats as we where the only shorthanded boat entered (we won PHS overall) The other big issue with mini's in Australia is all offshores have in minimum waterline (usually around 7-7.5m) which the mini's done meet. Also there is the motor regulations which outlaw outboards on the transom. A flying tiger got up to cat 2 with it's outboard in a well however all fuel systems need massive upgrade. Having sailed everything from one design dinghys to 100ft maxi's and TP's, The most fun I've had of late has been doing 2 handed offshores in a 40fter. The boat does have water ballast but the deck layout is pretty lousy. Shaggy, we need to get you out racing shorthaned, your boat is perfect! Are you doing gladestone this year?
  3. James Chilman

    Offshore racing at the Olympics 2024

    Pogo 3??
  4. James Chilman

    Which Cookson 12 would you buy?

    Out of interest what are the big differences between a cookson 12 and a Sydney 38? and how they sail? One obvious one is the weight. An orci cert of a 38 has the weight at 5344kg (mondo) vers the cookson Grace at 4818 Sail areas are pretty similar (with in 5-10%) the draft is 20cm less and they have a tin rig. So I guess the cookson has more RM? I only sailed the cookson for the first time offshore the other weekend in the bass island race and was quite surprised how well it hung onto the modified farr 40. having sailed farr 40 offshore a bit I was surprised how well it sailed for what felt like a much smaller boat. sydney 38 orci.pdf
  5. James Chilman

    Brisbane to Keppel 2018

    Heaps, probably a good 8-10h a day, except for the last afternoon night.
  6. James Chilman

    Brisbane to Keppel 2018

    LB, I think we only did about 7 or 8 tack for the whole race! and only 3 sail changers. un furled the zero around lady Elliot and furled it up after the finish. There really wasn't much difference in the set that little bit we went off break sea. Short tacking up the sprit really wasn't worth it when your two up. our SOG didn't go below 5.5knts up there. However we made big gains on matrix off Indian head by hitting the beach, even picked up a back eddy in there for a good mile. SCANAS we where double handed. only boat in the race in the end. That's the PHS overall.
  7. James Chilman

    Durakore vs Cedar

    I'm thinking about building a mini 650 of my own design, and want to feed back on what the best core would be. I want to strip plank the boat, having done a little of it before and not being a boat builder. Also all the leach and a lot of the shaw 650 where built this way. I'm looking at a these options. 13mm Durakore for the hull with 400gsm E glass skins, 9mm Western red cedar with 400gsm Eglass skins 9mm Cedar with Carbon skins. In you opinion which of the above would be, Lightest, Stiffest and build the best boat. I think I'm going to use flat panels to make the deck just 12mm 80kg foam with 300gsm and 400gsm glass. What are peoples experience with using any of the above?
  8. James Chilman

    DC Designs

    pics would be awesome. I've got one which was on this thread ages ago of I think it's a chris mass boat deck layout.
  9. James Chilman

    DC Designs

    How did the self tacking jib sheeting off the boom end up going? Thinking about doing it on a two person skiff
  10. James Chilman

    DC Designs

    This is a little off topic but this tread is an amazing source of boat building know how. Is 1 layer of 200g carbon double bias each side of 5mm H80 Divinycell Foam core too light to be used on a false floor of a cherub? The biggest gap between bulkheads is 500mm, I'm also looking at gluing and carboning a foam strip down each side of the floor as a foot chock.