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  1. Team NZ

    Copped the usual abuse about someone else's comments but there you go. ETNZ even in its own stupidity could not realise how good Burling is but seem to underestimate how good Tuke is (6th in the Moth Worlds well ahead of any current ETNZ member). To me I see no place for Davies aside from filling in. Plymouth will be interesting but would like to see Ashby doing wing and Tuke calling with new and younger guys backing up.
  2. Team NZ

    I spoke to a prominent member of the NZ Olympic team today and asked if they would recommend to the sailors that will be released shortly (Finn and Laser) if they would push them towards ETNZ. The answer was that they would rather see them play bingo. The damage that Dalton has done is immeasurable and clearly shown with the people obviously joining Barker. As with most management reviews they never get rid of the problem which is clearly Dalton.
  3. Team Japan

    I wonder how long it will be before Butterworth's name reappears...............................
  4. Team NZ

    Count me out as well but interesting to see that more television companies have brought the rights than ever before.
  5. Team NZ

    I would think the opposite, they need more guidance and influence than ever. Funny he used the travel as an excuse when all hi other directorships are in Auckland. Probably had a gutsful of Dalton.
  6. Team NZ

    Bit of a tiff and NZ will comply. But definitely time for Dalton to go and perhaps his loyal sidekick?
  7. Team NZ

    There is actually a third article about TNZ that was put up an hour ago. Not bad for a Sunday. The NZ Herald is kicking hard while they are down so I guess they must be pretty comfortable about their "source"
  8. Team NZ

    I wonder where BB is at the moment? Sunning the belly in Waiheke whilst his old mates destroy themselves or on the phone to Ernie?
  9. Team NZ

    Spithall beat Burling? At least Burling fronts. I see "the pit bull" just posted a shot from his hospital bed. This was his excuse for not fronting at the Moth Worlds. Outside of AC Burling would smash him in any type of boat and Spithall knows it
  10. Team NZ

    I wonder if Butterworth has somehow got his evil mind at play here. Get rid of Barker and Dalton and hello they need a new CEO who can bring money and a new spirit to the team. Would it not be ironic if Mr Berterelli was the white night that saved TNZ?
  11. Team NZ

    You would think by now Dalton, sorry Kevin no sorry Stephen would have made a statement? No not a word. And we pay Dalton $2 mill a year?
  12. Team NZ

    Whichever way you look at ETNZ is poorly managed. They are a PR disaster area. Black Friday was last week, must have got the timing wrong.........................
  13. Team NZ

    I guess no news is good news? Apart from the dynamic duo, and most of all Tuke coming 6th at the Moth Worlds, what does the "sailing team do all day?
  14. Team NZ

    So big salary for the boys. And they wonder why the NZ public has no time for them................
  15. Team NZ

    As a passing interest it is good/bad that we never hear about (E) TNZ anymore in NZ. I guess the foot in the mouth that dalts suffered has resulted in an absolute silence. No surprise in the Moth Worlds other than reinforcing how fucking good Burling and Tuke are, Shoeby was always camera shy even though chicks dig him so lets hope that while the sailing team is on yet another holiday (sorry testing) we will hear something from the chosen one.