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    2017/2018 Ski Season

    http://This super freaky ski lift glitch reminds us that life is a nightmarish simulation - Mashable holy fuck
  2. Port Tack Approach

    Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

    Is that can actually flammable? Spicy, yes, but have you ever checked it's proof w a match?
  3. Port Tack Approach

    Vendee Globe 2016?

    Though often used interchangeably, there is a difference between VMC and VMG. VMC is velocity made good on course. VMG is velocity made good with regard to the wind direction. So, if you're sailing to a point straight down or up wind they are the same. Once the destination is not straight up wind from where you started, they are different. I believe alex means good progress downwind (VMG) not necessarily towards a mark
  4. Port Tack Approach

    Manhasset Fall Series

    Disappointing show by MBYC. Been doing this regatta since the early '80s and the club has always been a welcoming place with an excellent spread for all the racers afterwards. Now we are out on the patio with a ration of undercooked sausages. Well done! Looks like Riverside's management has taken over MBYC. On the water, a distance race in great fall conditions? Since when is 11.8 miles a distance race? I am starting to see why this series is going the way of the dodo. I sent your comments to everyone at Manhasset Bay. For your information the long distance race has had the same courses for many years. Compared to a 3.5 mile windward leeward, yes, 11.8 miles is a distance race. The brautwurst was just tasty. I'm sorry you're not happy. We aim to please. We are very concerned why there is not more participation. There are many reasons for the lack of entries. Some of them are completely out of our hands. We will be doing what it takes to turn this event around. Kuddos to RC for getting those races in on Saturday.
  5. Port Tack Approach

    Manhasset Fall Series

    Sounds about right. Shaving tomorrow or the morning of? It's better to wait until you're in start sequence to make sure the trim job is extra fresh. I like my nuts as smooth as ping pong balls. shit, we hit a wave and now I'm a eunuch You were never gonna use them anyway
  6. Port Tack Approach

    Random PicThread

    They also have the best chow halls... Why I Support Cloning Please sir, where does this sort of thing happen and when? I can tell you it might not happen at the Olympics anymore No more Bikini requirements
  7. Port Tack Approach

    women of sa calendar

    Oh now there is an idea for the 2013 calendar! the women of SA and their bruises calendar!
  8. Port Tack Approach

    women of sa calendar

    From Urban Dictionary: Spinner. n. A petite woman. Denoted as a joke, whereby the petite woman is so thin she is able to be mounted and spun in a circle on an erect penis. Ha! I like that one! I have taken to using the term Chad to describe girls so thin you want to shove a burger in her mouth before anything else. so thin when you fucker her from behind you punch straight though her stomach leaving a hanging chad. Yes I know the term kinda crosses a line
  9. Port Tack Approach

    women of sa calendar

    Dono. Lets see how bad
  10. Port Tack Approach

    Bacon Anarchy

  11. (203): I asked a girl to buy her a drink, she had I have a boyfriend, so I said, well i have a goldfish, she said what? I replied, oh I'm sorry I thought we were talking about shit that doesnt matter.
  12. (508): Gordon Ramsey's restaurant in NY is $150 each for the chef's menu (781): So you're taking me there this weekend? (508): oh, looks like he just opened a new restaurant right by us- it's called "McDonald's". Must be scottish food.