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  1. What happened to Zenyatta; apparently they are in the middle of a big refit , "...peeling a bunch of the bottom...", "...drying out core..."
  2. Paris (Kiwi Spirit) calls it quits

    Stanley Paris is "on the road" again. https://www.stanleyparis.com/
  3. Me think Delos is getting very good at filming and editting.
  4. Paris (Kiwi Spirit) calls it quits

    So the good doctor is back at it with his new weapon: www.stanleyparis.com
  5. What are the specs of your potential purchase (Loa, beam, draft, weight)?
  6. Thomas Coville RTW attempt 2016

    Bravo!!!! Amazing performance
  7. Thomas Coville RTW attempt 2016

    Marine trafic http://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:-5.2/centery:48.5/zoom:12
  8. Paris (Kiwi Spirit) calls it quits

    Fixed it for you Also Paris had several goals for his circumnavigation: 1- being the oldest person to single handed sail around the world non stop 2- do it "green" 3- bit Dodge Morgan's "record" 4- establish a reference record time St Augustine-St augustine I believe being the oldest was his priority, so if charging his batteries the"green way" was to become a issue he could have at any time switch to charging with engine or generator and still achieve his main objective.
  9. Paris (Kiwi Spirit) calls it quits

    Estar and Rozalia, Not sure how you guys compare American Promise and Kiwi Spirit but I think you forgot to consider the human factor in the equation. Having read Dodge Morgan's book and closely followed Stanley Paris' project from start to end, it is pretty obvious that Dodge is a far better and efficient sailor than Stanley. American promise has been sailed at a much higher % of it's potential than Kiwi Spirit and this make any comparison very difficult regarding their respective speed. Also if we look in detail at Stanley Paris' two attempts and Dodge Morgan's sail down the Atlantic we can come up with some interesting numbers: Last Winter Stanley Paris quit at day 35 - at that time Kiwi Spirit was about 90 miles (relative to a point 500 miles south of Cape of Good Hope) behind American Promise, but had sailed 750 more miles (having had to sail around the South Atlantic High when AP had sailed a much more direct route) - the two weeks prior to his quitting Kiwi Spirit was sailing partially crippled following his crash jibe with a permanently "jury reefed" main. - during those 35 days Kiwi Spirit clocked 10 days over 200 miles versus one for American Promise This time Stanley Paris quit at day 39 - at day 39 Kiwi spirit was 25 mile ahead of American Promise having sailed again a longer route (450 miles) for the same reason than last year. - during that last attempt Kiwi Spirit sailed again 10 days over 200 miles versus 2 for American Promise Dodge Morgan sailed 26 days over 200 miles during his all circumnavigation when on each of it's attempt Stanley Paris scored 10 of those just on the way down the Atlantic American Promise's biggest day over the all circumnavigation was 233 miles (south Pacific) versus at list one 240+ on each of KS attempt (I am sure she would have done bigger numbers in the south). Regarding the supposedly low performance of KS vs AP in light winds (under 12 kts), at list 2 things are playing against her: - this is in those conditions that a better sailor can make a lot of the difference - Dodge Morgan used a 150% head sail down the Atlantic (which he changed for a 90% before hitting 40 south) versus that 110% high clew that Stanley Paris was using. Very hard to compare two boats encountering different weather conditions and being sailed by two men of different experience. I am pretty sure Kiwi Spirit is faster in all conditions except light winds were American Promise is probably able to match her. That's my gut feeling. My money is on KS
  10. Paris (Kiwi Spirit) calls it quits

    Estar, you got us used to much better comment/analysis than that......