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  1. I'll bet you're not as shocked as "Ferret" was
  2. New Version - Official Issues/Comment Thread

    I have the same in Aus with FF
  3. USA Citizenship

    Great to see the PA sandpit still functioning as normal Sympathies for you Seppos. Like him or loathe him Trump is gunna screw the pooch - the domestic viewpoint may seem reversible despite what he may do however ground lost internationally isn't easily recovered The wall idea might create a few jobs for Mexicans paid by the US using Chinese bricks & Vietnamese concrete
  4. Mouthbreathers unite!! Congrats to the Donald he pulled off an historic win that will be written into US history no matter what else happens. Hopefully it will be a Cinderella story where he will be remembered as a great leader that made good use of his time to bring positive change History will be favourable to Obama however. He has been a steady pair of hands through a difficult period of early office & although unpopular now, history bends memories through those rose coloured glasses brilliantly Trump has set himself some impossible tasks & even though everyone (you'd hope) understands election promises are no better than the kid running for class captain (or yes, el presidente) promising 4hr lunch breaks to the baying crowd of kids & their smug teachers. Regardless 'the people' will latch onto a few issues that will become prickly & will test his durability. There will also be a swing back after the honeymoon period & Trump will suffer in the polls, probably earlier than expected Trump has support in Aus also. Many people look to the ideal that he represents as the solution for the problems we have as individuals & as a society. It's hard to imagine a wall big enough to stop global population growth (as one isolated issue) but Aus has that view also & we wave a big stick as best we can against a growing surge of humanity. The interest in landing in our countries won't stop, we live too well To be honest, from the outside, it looks like history about to repeat for the thousandth time
  5. Gone, Frantic

    Did you see the FB chatter about bringing her back to life & to the lake?
  6. A Message From The Queen

    What a right royal shit fight
  7. Best Olympic moment

    Kieran Perkins 1500m gold in 96!
  8. Sport Shooting

    You can be both a hunter & a target shooter dickhead
  9. Sport Shooting

    We used to have roving tennis ball cannon wars around the neighborhood. shit we made the real deal out of schd 80 pvc with a grill lighter. You should check this out http://www.spudtech.com/store/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=6 rifled pvc fuckin hey i got to get me some of that. We did the same with PVC & made spud & orange variations. Spuds inside of 250' hurt...a lot Pellet guns wars with feed pellets or citrus peel were fun too Bottle rockets were hard to come by but kinda fun however ball shooters were the tool of choice. Tape a few 20 balls together & spray away! Throw Downs were also fun but the little quartz rocks got in your ears, down your pants & they were sharp
  10. Sport Shooting

    If they list target shooting as their genuine reason for firearm ownership they cannot hunt. I have vermin control-business use for my genuine reason to own firearms so i cannot take part in target shooting competitions, i think this should be changed to allow target shooters to hunt and allow hunters to take part in target shooting competitions. If we try to change this the bed wetters will whinge we are trying to water down our gun laws. Lyin by name, Lyin by nature This is complete BS
  11. 2016 Olympics

    Bets on how many bongs he'll punch to celebrate?? Fairly amazing achievement. Superhuman
  12. 2016 Olympics

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner
  13. Sport Shooting

    How old is your kid? As others have said, I would start with a .22 bolt rifle (since the Ruger 10/22 Assault Rifle is banned there). I have no issue with an air rifle, but a .22 is a real gun and a kid may get bored with an air rifle quickly.I like the idea of pellets because I learnt to shoot with a Daisy BB gun...it eventually broke from over pumping. It was pretty durable considering the misuse it was given I see the argument for a .22 but that still applies if he starts with air
  14. Sport Shooting

    Yes, it will be a father son sport. We have a range very close by which is great because so many other activities require travel Its been a long time since I've shot targets & no doubt my eyes wont work as well although I've still got 20/20 at distance
  15. Sport Shooting

    Okay my young fella is approaching the age where in Aus he can obtain a minors shooting licence Not being terrified of guns as the gun nuts would like to believe, I'm happy for him to take up the sport Im putting thread in PA because I believe it has the chance for a less polarised discussion plus I need a few tips... In the target shooting competitions where or what's the best place to start? I should add the local club will no doubt steer him into conventional or air rifle, so if anyone has been down this path before, I'd appreciate tips