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  1. PBO

    Look what showed up in SUBIC?!

    Ran out of food on the delivery apparently. Great seamanship. Hopefully Witty doesnt lose anyone off this thing
  2. PBO

    Just Another High School Shooting

    More shot & murdered, what a celebration of American freedoms & societal values
  3. I'll bet you're not as shocked as "Ferret" was
  4. PBO

    New Version - Official Issues/Comment Thread

    I have the same in Aus with FF
  5. PBO

    USA Citizenship

    Great to see the PA sandpit still functioning as normal Sympathies for you Seppos. Like him or loathe him Trump is gunna screw the pooch - the domestic viewpoint may seem reversible despite what he may do however ground lost internationally isn't easily recovered The wall idea might create a few jobs for Mexicans paid by the US using Chinese bricks & Vietnamese concrete
  6. Mouthbreathers unite!! Congrats to the Donald he pulled off an historic win that will be written into US history no matter what else happens. Hopefully it will be a Cinderella story where he will be remembered as a great leader that made good use of his time to bring positive change History will be favourable to Obama however. He has been a steady pair of hands through a difficult period of early office & although unpopular now, history bends memories through those rose coloured glasses brilliantly Trump has set himself some impossible tasks & even though everyone (you'd hope) understands election promises are no better than the kid running for class captain (or yes, el presidente) promising 4hr lunch breaks to the baying crowd of kids & their smug teachers. Regardless 'the people' will latch onto a few issues that will become prickly & will test his durability. There will also be a swing back after the honeymoon period & Trump will suffer in the polls, probably earlier than expected Trump has support in Aus also. Many people look to the ideal that he represents as the solution for the problems we have as individuals & as a society. It's hard to imagine a wall big enough to stop global population growth (as one isolated issue) but Aus has that view also & we wave a big stick as best we can against a growing surge of humanity. The interest in landing in our countries won't stop, we live too well To be honest, from the outside, it looks like history about to repeat for the thousandth time
  7. PBO


    Reminds me I had a strike on my boot the other night coming home from a Golden Crowned. I assume I startled it? They mostly dry strike & it's not a big issue except it's winter in Aus During summer you can hear them moving about but dont recall ever seeing one in winter
  8. Terrorism will cease being the gun clubs wet dream & will instead become a real & prominant issue. Instances of domestic terrorism will continue to outnumber foreign terrorism & genuine public hysteria will dominate current affairs more often than not "New" forms of terrorism will in fact be tried & true methods rediscovered from past conflicts around the globe. They will become increasingly horrific Americans abroad will be considered free game by international terrorist groups
  9. I'm optimistic US voters won't elect him. But if I'm sorely let down & mouthbreathing stupidity prevails, I think it could be interesting to make some predictions about his performance. And in a few years, if the lights are still on, this thread might be a source of reflection If he is elected, I predict; the wall between the US & Mexico won't be built because no one will pay for it the KKK membership base will increase 1000% there will be race riots that will make the LA riots look like toddlers fighting in the sandpit PC will regress to 1950 "correctness"
  10. https://www.facebook.com/SuperFoiler/ "Welcome to the home of the SuperFoiler Grand Prix. After more than 18 months of work we are now airborne and have locked away the design of the SuperFoiler with Morrelli & Melvin. Featuring unprecedented aerodynamic & hydrodynamic efficiency along with a maximum possible power to weight, the SuperFoiler will be the focus of a fully televised circuit of racing commencing in 2017. Keep up to date here over the coming months. ‪#‎superfoiler‬" Boom! the Macartney family are back in business! This should be quite a spectacle to watch live or on TV. Bring it!!
  11. This entire debate is bogus unless it's applied equally to each sex. Nobody seems to be concerned about a Trans using male amenities regardless of which gender they (the trans) identify with
  12. Appleby's boat had a recent conversion to a cruiser racer which included a swept aft rig. Last seen in Woodford Bay on the Lane Cover River
  13. Was Fudge a Bumblebee? Who remembers the great hope Cyclone, when bad rules catch out naughty boats! I recall Fudge as the ex-Matador, Farr design. Went to Airlie from memory
  14. PBO


    They had a treasure hunting show on there a while back. Freaky how many snakes there were on that island...... Even the snake expert guy was sweating bullets..... I tried watching a few episodes of that show. The BS wore me down before to long From what I understand the herptologist is viewed as a joke by his colleagues & was chosen for his acting skills rather than any real scientific need