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    My friend Jeff is doing a solo, non stop circumnavigation -Day 51

    Thanks for sharing this, Bob.
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    The Grateful Dead; By Far the Most Overated Band Ever

    Any thread that references the Main Point has my undivided attention. The Main Point and a shop called Critters were my haunts in Bryn Mawr long ago. My other favorite venue from that era was the Brandywine Club - saw Thorogood there a couple of times before he hit it big. As for the Dead: I saw one show as a spectator (Easter 85) and worked event EMS at several. I'll cop to listening to a combination CD from time to time but the live shows at which I was in attendance got really tedious. I worked a couple of Phish shows years later and it was kinda the same thing; maybe it was my lack of recreational chemicals on board or my ADDor something. [shrug]
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    The Wart Hog gets a repreive

    The J model of the AC-130 is focused on precision-guided munitions, with only a single 30mm Bushmaster and maybe retaining the 105 piece mounted aft. The AC-130W "Stinger II" variants were repurposed from MC-130W airframes and carry a Bushmaster and a combination of small-diameter bombs and standoff PGMs. It's interesting to note that the Marines have weaponized some of their KC-130 tankers with the Harvest Hawk suite including targeting and a mix of Hellfire and Griffin missiles.
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    Bacon Anarchy

    Local to me, but well worth getting shipped in to wherever you are if you're a bacon enthusiast: The owner started out making bacon as a hobby in his basement, then started selling at the farm market across the street from his house.
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    The Wart Hog gets a repreive

    No background in CSAR here, but have strong familiarity with pre and post Desert Storm CAS from my Air Guard TASS days way back when. Given my dated perspective, my gut tells me that the F-35 is a waste of money.
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    The Wart Hog gets a repreive

    Those who most depend on the A-10's capabilities, and those who call in the airstrikes have repeatedly and vehemently voiced their desire for the preservation of the Warthog: Here's some footage done by USAF's combat camera folks that the brass doesn't want you to see:
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    Last Voyage

    My condolences.
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    Fucking Uber
  9. Inattentive Observer

    Drone anarchy
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    Police Perspective

    Not an LEO, but a longtime paramedic and instructor; as part of our physical assessment process we routinely and discreetly check for the possibility of weapons. In 25 years I've encountered all matter of firearms, blunt and bladed weapons, and even the occasional garotte.
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    Bacon Anarchy

    Amazing bacon from good people:
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    Our Beloved mainsheetgirl

  13. Inattentive Observer

    Our Beloved mainsheetgirl

    Back after a few years away to find this thread. I've been off the water for far too long. Never met MSG, but am now reminded of missing her words greatly after her passing.
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    Wrecke's Saturday Night PUI

    Off work in 35 minutes, meeting up with a former coworker to commiserate and reduce the local stock of Jack Daniels a bit.
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    Bacon Anarchy
  16. Inattentive Observer

    Bacon Anarchy
  17. Inattentive Observer

    Bacon Anarchy

    Fool’s Gold Loaf Sandwich A loaf of hollowed out bread filled with creamy peanut butter, a jar of grape jelly, and a pound of bacon. Found here:
  18. Wow, epic train wrecks on that site.
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    Bacon Anarchy

    But wait! There's more...
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    Bacon Anarchy

    Wow, I can feel a third-space fluid shift just looking at all that salt
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    espo is a dick

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    Fucking TeamWork Video