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  1. She used to be hot pink and called Spirit of Emu
  2. foiledagain

    Honeycomb too delicate for cruising?

    From my own building and repair experience the right Nomex for marine use is resin impreginated, has great compressive strength for its weight and does not let water migrate between cells. But in highly curved areas of the hull it is necisarry to go to overexpanded Nomex which is easier to fit. There are also Nomex choices which have slight scoring in the walls to propigate air release in layup and is more common in aerospace...but that choice would allow water migration. Also I have seen builders score the stuff to allow it to bend which would also aid water migration. Nomex can drastically reduce the weight of a structure...there is quite a bit more weight savings to be had switching from foam core to Nomex than weight savings switching from fiberglass to carbon skins. However it is a lot harder product to use compared to foam and for best results prepreg laminates and glue film bonding of core to skins is required if done top notch.
  3. foiledagain

    Swollen Daggerboard

    Well if it is foam the vacuum bagging trixk will not help. I would drill a small test hole and find out. If it is foam you want to find out if it is polyurethane pour foam (not good but used by many manufactures) or proper crosslinked pvc foam. The pour foam has a tendancy to continue to expand, absorb water weight, and mechanically break down over time...but it is a lot cheaper to build the board with.
  4. foiledagain

    Swollen Daggerboard

    You can vacuum bag the board for 24 or more hours and see if that helps. Vacuum does an amazing job of flashing the moisture out of things. If my memory serves me water will boil at room temp at 29" mercury of vacuum.
  5. foiledagain

    eleictric outboard for a dinghy

    Might want to also consider the Electric Paddle EP carry. I have one of these and it is a bit more efficient and lighter than the other options out there. I think we are going to see more and more electric propulsion systems for dinghies and sailboats as the batteries get better and cheaper.
  6. I did some work on her in Friday Harbor. Beautiful design that reeked of speed potential... epoxy kevlar laminate over strip foam construction. But on the heavy side of things with bog in some places over 3/8" thick. Would be great to see her fixed up and sailed to her potential.
  7. foiledagain

    Caribbean 600

    How did that rig work out on the boat? Better upwind, downwind? Really interested in the comparison to a standard rig.
  8. foiledagain

    Caribbean 600

    +1 if you sail a Hobie 16 this gets driven into you. Sounds like they were blown over sideways by a big gust on their beam though.
  9. foiledagain

    Caribbean 600

    That is such a cool picture! How much of the time were you flying a hull as opposed to just skimming? Did the bows have any tendancy to trip/decelerate the boat? My hat is off to owners willing to sail their multi-millin multis to the edge... hard enough to do it on a little cat where the only consequence is getting wet for a bit.
  10. foiledagain

    Caribbean 600

    In this case though SA is shitting in their bed. Fujin is a very well made boat from a very respected builder, designed by one of the best sailboat designers and sailed by some of the best sailors. Its a terrible day for these guys so It stands out as unbelievably lame for SA to post that kind of crap on their front page...crapping on the sailing community and their readers. Real content would be calling up the sailors and finding out what happened, how everyone got out safely, and any lessons learned.
  11. foiledagain

    Caribbean 600

  12. foiledagain

    Sailors Powerboat

    That's awesome! Need to change my avatar.
  13. foiledagain

    Sailors Powerboat

    That has always been one of my favorite big power cats--- amazing passage maker with plenty of bridgdeck clearance and beam. After owning a big multihull that we ran crewed charters on, I'm burned out on all the maintenance of a big complicated boat. I'm more interested in simpler and more manageable boats now... something you can put on a trailer in the winter and forget about till spring.
  14. foiledagain

    Sailors Powerboat

    There are a lot of powerboats that look the same at the Seattle Boat Show-- going on right now. The only power boat I really liked was the Surf Scoter 23 by Sam Devlin. It seemed to be the perfect combination of small enough to be easy to trailer, but big enough to spend the weekend on. Also it had the required inside pilot house and is efficient for its size and type. If I wasn't so into powercats for their efficiency and comfortable ride, I would be trying to figure out how to make one of these next.
  15. foiledagain

    Sailors Powerboat

    ProaSailor, That is a good reality check for an efficient power boat. I was at the Seattle Boat show yesterday looking to see what types of new boats where out there in this range. Boats that have equivalent rough water performance to Nige's powercat - ie deep V monohulls with enclosed cockpits, in the 22 - 24 foot range, that one would actually consider a comfortable boat to cross the Straight of Juan de Fuca -- those boats were in the $75K to $120K price range. Fuel consumption on those boats are from 1- 2.5 nmpg at 22 knots. Nige's boat is in the same price range and gets 5-7 nmpg. He uses his boat more than most, with about 5000 miles per year (this is not a toy boat in that he uses this boat as a car to get around the islands in all kinds of weather.) Fuel cost to go 5000 miles in a deep v commuter would be about $12,500 per year ( 2nmpg , $5 per gallon fuel, 5000 miles). Nige's powercat would cost $4167 per year in fuel (6nmpg, $5 per gallon fuel, 5000 miles). For a savings of $8333 per year. Also, I have never been on a 24' boat that is as comfortable in chop as his boat is-- so I would choose his boat over the other ones I saw at the Boat show on ride quality alone.