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  1. foiledagain

    curved foil bearings

    UHMW bearings have been used for some big multi's with c-foils along with Delrin/Acetal. UHMW has half the friction so if the loads allow it I would go with that. Cylindrical bottom bearings would be usefull if the boards have some bends in them like the z-foils used in the a-cats. Rollers only if the loads are high and you need to deploy/retract quickly under load like the AC boats...but those systems are insane!.. Titanium laminated into the trailing edge of the foils and complicated roller bearing cages for the lower bearings. If it were a new system I would try UHMW first and then go from their as you define your needs.
  2. foiledagain

    R2AK 2018

    Seems like I have seen this year's Litebboat at 8+ knots quite a few times and don't remember the tri ever hitting those speeds. Seems like they had to be overweight with two guys and all their gear...still did well though.
  3. foiledagain

    R2AK 2018

    The mono that Liteboat brought this year will be a lot simpler boat.... and simpler to manufacture which brings the cost down. It would be interesting to ask Matt which one he thought was faster in this type of event.
  4. foiledagain

    R2AK 2018

    Way to go Liteboat! They won the $1000 side bet from Small Craft Advisor Magazine for the first boat to Ketchikan under 20 feet. I think the other bonus is that they will be on the cover of the magazine too. Really like the new boat design! Fills a very unique niche of a boat that is extremely easy to rig, sails very well , and rows well too. Would be a great raid boat.
  5. foiledagain

    R2AK 2018

    Sounds really good.... would love to see what you have in mind. Felix will be back in the water soon and you are welcome to come over for a sail sometime if it could help you get a feel for the pluses and minuses of this type of cat. I will be adding a couple feet to the transoms and swapping the fun z-foils for more conservative foils this next winter.
  6. foiledagain

    R2AK 2018

    They were leading the pack to Nanaimo last year...great sailors and a dialed in boat. Talking of great sailors and dialed in boats...Wayne are you thinking about R2AK 2019?
  7. foiledagain

    R2AK 2018

    Very Cool pictures thanks for posting those! Really hope you make it to the race next year. I am planning on doing it in Felix again (with some mods). Also it looks like Team Pear shaped will be back next year with a new faster boat. Could be a lot of fun!
  8. foiledagain

    R2AK 2018

    We didn't stop after hitting it... just kept racing. It was mostly light winds when we were sailing at night and thus we did not have any second thoughts about sailing as fast as we could. The last night a gale came through Dixon entrance and we opted to shelter because our boat can be on the edge in those conditions. The bigger boats (all the boats in front of us) stayed out in it-- although talking to them later they got pounded.
  9. foiledagain

    R2AK 2018

    Seems like the old school bows would tend to go up and over stuff easier....if that was the only consideration. We raced in 2016 with a more modern bow shape--plumb bows with just a slight bottom radius. During the day you can steer around most of the junk in the water... its at night that it becomes more concerning. We had a HID spot built into the end of our bowsprit that we would turn on at night to help us see stuff in the water. But we still managed to hit a small log at 8 knots South of Cape cautiion that took a chunk out of the bow. The boat was designed with 2 feet of sacrificial foam in the bow to absorb those kind of blows without losing watertight integrity. So lots of options out there for different boats.
  10. foiledagain

    R2AK 2018

    That would be a great boat for the R2AK... beautiful boat and really well built. Sailed on her once and she is very easily driven. The main hull is is very skinny and thus didn't seem to have the speed hump at lower speeds that most of the F boats have. A trade off of interior volume for low wind speed performance. If I remember it right, the boat was originally built with tornado amas. They didn't have enough volume and thus the owner somehow convinced Nigel Irens to draw up some amas...last I checked Russell still has those molds. Someone has to take that boat next year.
  11. I did some work on her in Friday Harbor. Beautiful design that reeked of speed potential... epoxy kevlar laminate over strip foam construction. But on the heavy side of things with bog in some places over 3/8" thick. Would be great to see her fixed up and sailed to her potential.
  12. foiledagain

    Getting equipment to and from Ketchikan

    I dont think it is a problem for AML to hold a pallet no charge fir a week or two.... once it arrives they will give you a call and they give you a week or two to pick it keast thats how it worked for my boat. But they may charge you if you ask or if it sits for longer than that.
  13. foiledagain

    Getting equipment to and from Ketchikan

    I shipped my boat back via barge and was really impressed with them-- thibk it was Akaska Marine lines. If you ship a pallet up to Ketchikan it can wait at their terminal until you arrive..just take a taxi down the waterfront a couple miles and pick it up when you get to Ketchikan...well you probably will want a couple nights of sleep, going out for burgers and beers etc before wanting to deal with it.
  14. foiledagain

    boat suggestion? light, small, blue water potential

    Thanks flatsaman., we will get the prototype back in the water this week and hope to get some more pictures.
  15. I'm sure you could do it in two weeks if you really set your mind to it-- but it would be a hate session. 2 months is a more common timeline for doing that trip in a cruising boat. Personally my first attempt to sail to Alaska was 20 years ago. I gave myself 2 months but only made it to Desolation sound because there were so many incredible anchorages and islands to see on the way up. Every anchorage we stopped in, we would meet people with recommendations for another handful of anchorages that we just could not miss. At the other end of the spectrum, in 2016 I did the R2AK and made it to Ketchikan in 5 days.... that was its own type of demented fun, but the scenery and shoreline were a complete blur. If I only had two weeks to experience the area I would sail up to Desolation sound and back, spending 4-6 hours sailing each day and the rest exploring the shore. Going up to Barkley Sound and back would be reserved for a later year if you want to experience some of the open Pacific... but most cruisers spend many many summers sailing the inside waters before they head out there, and they are very selective on the days they sail. The seas out there can be some of the worst in the world so don't take it lightly.