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  1. A boat by this design and size won a Chicago Mac back in the 70s. Maybe this is a sistership, or maybe the same boat. I did some rigging on it in the early 90s and it was in total disrepair. I am not sure I've ever seen that many spiders in my life... But the boat did have legs in certain conditions.
  2. I had the pleasure of both knowing Terry, kind of working for him, but most notably, purchasing a boat from him. This man was a giant. Talk about an out of the box thinker. A true giant of both industry and sailing. We purchased the SC 70 Cynosure from him (actually the North Sales Group) on a handshake. Certainly there was some follow up legal work, but the spirit of the deal was a handshake, and from that day forward Terry and his team aboard Evolution supported our program in ways that are hard to comprehend. I could go on and on, but I will sum it up in three quick stories/statements. 1. There is a saying that 'the fish stinks from the head down.' Well that is apparently a two way street. Or maybe it is that the rose smells from the flower down. Something like that. I am not a poet. Here are two good examples of the respect we had for Terry's leadership. 2. The first year we owned the boat we were leading the CYC Mac on Sunday morning. It turned into a three way battle all day Sunday for first to finish between Holua, Evolution and Windancer. Holua proved to be a bit faster downwind, and with a staysail up, Evolution continued to pass Windancer, but we were able to cut a few corners (tactics from astern) and we were able to beat them to buoy #3 and reach in behind Holua to beat Evo over the line. On the dock the first thing the Evolution crew said was "... oh my god, did we forget to give you the running staysail..." Which they had not, we just screwed up and did not put it in the inventory. Amazing concern for a competitor. And that was the way it was for the entire time we owned Windancer. When we had a question, they often sent someone over to see the issue rather than just supply a response. Generous to a fault. Generous beyond what anyone would believe here. 3. When we won the 2011 Mac oveall, we had a plaque made for Terry, Pete and the crew of Evolution. They had supported our program to the point that we wanted them to share in our win. That is how strongly the Windancer program felt/feels about their support. That all derived from Terry on down. His leadership was above and beyond reproach. Terry, you will be missed by people that don't even know that they are going to miss you. Thank you for being a friend to my father. He valued everyone of your conversatiions. Thank you for being you. Sam Nedeau and the Windancer Crew
  3. This is a loss. The sailing community needs more people like Scott and Eric. Two great guys gone too soon. See you up stairs Scott. Say hello to my father, he thought the world of you.
  4. The 22 squares, also mixed in with the fleet of U-Dells I don't believe ever did a Mac. Nor did the Luders. Back in the day when my grandfather and father started sailing there were serveral boats that had similar lines to these boats, but were dedicated offshore boats.
  5. I can provide a brief outline of what MYC has proposed to SSYC A Friday start that would project the fleet finishing in Muskegon before Midnight. This would allow those programs that want to turn and burn to do so and be back in port by early morning Saturday... in Milwaukee, Chicago, St. Joe, whereever. A full turn and burn package for those programs, which means attempting to work on logistics for food, beverage, ferry... One design racing on Saturday (and possibly Sunday) and of course, some PHRF sections too Real time scoring... Thanks Yacht Scoring A proposed start for boats that want to race back across on Saturday night. Storage haul out..for the one design fleets if necessary 2017 is an interesting fourth of July weekend. The Queen's Cup should run on Friday June 30th. That means Sunday is July 2nd and most will not have a work day on Monday. It could be a great weekend to sail, and beat it home to be with the family on the 3rd and 4th. SSYC has a very diverse fleet sailing the Queen's Cup. What MYC has done is trying to offer something for all. If you are a cruise-racer and want to cross, spend some time in port, great. Stay. Even race back on Saturday night if you want to. One design= lets have a crossing, let's have some fun around the cans and lets call it a regatta: Full on racing program... Race, turn burn and be back for soccer or whatever you need to get back to. Muskegon is so well set up for this. MYC can dock the fleet: The Ferry... Torresen Marine... An actual air port (you'd be surprised how may sailors fly into Milwaukee and home from the finishing port) Muskegon Lake to sail the OD stuff on. ... Thoughts? I am actually interested. The earlier start to the race and a finish by midnight is a major change. This is the first year in the last 38 years I think, that I am not doing the Queen's Cup. Has a bit to do with selling the boat, but not everything. Has a bit to do with where it is finishing, but not everything. Personal, a bit... but I am focused on looking forward.
  6. Confirmed. My father passed this morning after a long long bout with Parkinson's. He was surrounded by family and as comfortable as possible. He has at peace now. The last time we really spoke he was trying to figure out a ride for the Wednesday night beer can. He loved racing like no other. Thanks
  7. Anyone ever answer your question.... It's some dumbass named Sam Nedeau The Sam Nedeau that sailed on Dolphin in the 90s? I thought he got pinched in the Rest Area sting on 31 up near Whitehall. Well, at least no one is arguing the dumbass characterization. Same guy. He also hung out at the famous Port Huron establshment known as Yourkshire the night before the BYC Macs
  8. Anyone ever answer your question.... It's some dumbass named Sam Nedeau
  9. I don't even want to think about what the affect of a 13 ft increase would do. Good God
  10. can you give us non-members a hint at what to look forward to seeing new and / or renovated in May when I show up to race ? Also does this makeover include more parking ?/C'mon Triple Zeros answer the question! Did you add more non-member parking? You're on the board, you should know these things. just saw this. lartaunt answered. bar looks awesome, incredible change! -000 "more non-member parking" Now that is good stuff...
  11. Hey, I reported it as accurately as most stuff on here…. Sorry Sam! Now that is some funny (and true) stuff right there
  12. That's close The final was actually Josh v. Sam. It was fun and heated. Nice job to Josh's team
  13. Thanks for Posting and hats off to the crew of Magic
  14. Bump
  15. Sorry if already posted, but how about Scaramouch