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  1. Mortica I think the smallest boat in the fleet is a Sea Cart 30 from Australia with new foils . They have gone all the way to the States to hopefully show their stuff .Get it on yellow brick
  2. I don't know about anyone else but I think it is a poor show from Oats .They can still sail as they are on there way home or to Eden .Why didn't they finish the same last year a blown mail and they have to retire .personally I think it is bad sportsmanship .I was taught to finish if you can not just give up if you can't win. What are these professional sports man teaching our young sailors .
  3. I have a foam sandwhich boat in my back yard .It was washed up in a storm and has a bit of damage on the aft deck and small repair needed on the top sides .Very easy work for sumone that knows glass work .I did intend to fix her but health problems got in the way .Have sails mast keel rudder etc. Located Airlie beach $1500
  4. The Qmyc are talking about buying a load cell that will be sent around so everyone can be weighed with the same equipment. Stand buy and see what happens .
  5. Tony Considine has asked for a resolution to Mad Max being deleted from the OMR rating and he and the committee have come up with this .Max will be reinstated with there old rating number and will not have redress for the extra weight they have added .As I said before maybe this would not have happened if Tony was in town and only proves he is the gentleman we thought he was . All the best for Mad Max and its crew for these two regattas very well sailed.
  6. Any load cell gets more accurate the closer it gets to its limits so weighing a 2 ton boat on a 40 ton truck scale is not on
  7. Tony, I'm sorry to say this as I have always had the greatest respect for you and the way you have supported the multis in so many ways, more than anyone I know .Maybe this would not have happened if you where in town but as this stands I just see Mad max as refusal to weigh against the OMR committee ruling and that to me is just cheating The qmyc officals asked you to reweigh and the Hamilton island race committee or Denis Tompson told you it would give you a rating anyway .I see this as not supporting the OMR rule and cheating .This is also protestable , this is in the notice of race.
  8. It is reasonably cheap to weigh a boat under 4ton we use a franer and price is between $250 -$150 if there are several boats to do at one time .Not a lot as a certifed weight is good for 4 years
  9. As I have said a single point lift is the most acurate way to weight heavy loads . This means a certified ( which means tested every year )load cell in between a lifting systm as in grane ect . NO a weigh bridge is not accurate and is no longer an option .A couple of boat weighed 150 kg heavier than our load cell . My belief in OMR is very high,as rating systems go it is better than any other rating system out there and the new changes have been made to make it as fair as possible for all competitors for this reason we need all involved with OMR to support it and that also means race committees with there own agender
  10. The following message was sent to all competitors and the boats that this rule change affected on the wed 17th .All boats complied except Max with a down right refusal leading to his OMR removal . The committee advises that the weighing protocol for the QMYC 3 point system has been shown to be faulty and boats under 4000k are likely to have inaccurate weights outside the required OMR limits .Such boats are advised to be re weighed by the single point method as soon as possible.
  11. I thought this is a regatta that will run under the OMR rating rule Or so it says on the notice of race .Why is mad max aloud to race as they are not recognized in OMR. ​It seems Hamilton Island have there own rating rule now .
  12. Mad Max has been removed off the OMR excel spread sheet as she no longer rates under the OMR rule . Mad Max was the only boat to refuse to re weigh after the Brisbane scales were declared inaccurate. All boats where given 5 days notice before Hamo with only one boat not complying.
  13. Apparently a farrier owner has been told that he can not use his foil boards over 10 knots . Another great Farrier design .Go Figer
  14. Tide is going to change at 2256 and start running out that will slow down some of the next boats . Topgun 3rd on OMR should be at the leads at the change so they will be going against it and Fantasia with the tide picking up 2-2.5 hours after that and they are 2nd on OMR at the moment Have a good night boys and good luck .
  15. forecast is very light overnight .Looks like they will be punching the surf zone all night