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  1. It is up to you .It always was .Don't stand back just do it .Come forward or stop complaining .I'm even shore that if a lot of people could not make the vote it would still be looked at if that was the case .This is the good for all nationals have a say .
  2. He only had to put it forward to the vote as they did in South Australia a couple of year ago and they got it .Does anyone remember that .So why are we crying poorly hard done by . Why not do it again if he would like it . Take it to the vote .Not get in bed will the dictators
  3. Good you have just started it where dose every one else want it .Put it forward
  4. So where dose everyone Want the next nationals and whos club is going to step up ???. Do it, look into it or shut up !!. Get active say it on the net and do something positive .Have a vote where do you want it ???. Put it forward .
  5. Sorry but this sounds like me.me.me not( us can I help ) A lot of people just complain why not just try and put forward what you would like for this next nationals .Its not hard to be positive .Put it forward and try to get What you would like
  6. If you want it or know anyone that does start planning or it will be up to the committee to ask for host clubs to pick it up . But it will happen .
  7. Funny how the comments stop when the truth comes out
  8. For the people that have not been and don't understand .You only have to nominate your club (after getting your club to agree ) and it will be put forward on vote day . In this day and age it can be advertised on the net as it has been in the past for the good of all .The existing system has been devised by the most interested and there are no hard and fast rule just fair and just for all .Or you can get a dictator to tell you what you want , The AYF.
  9. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    Have a good regatta .Call it what you want but the national it will never be .Maybe the southern states nationals .We will see if they run it as an OMR legal regatta or they make up there own rules again as they did at Hamilton Island . If they don't stick to the rating rule it will become a bigger joke then PHS .
  10. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    Ask anyone Goldfinger you have always been the problem .The existing system works but you have and always will disagree , its what you do. Its always about you and you are always the first and loudest complaint .These disagreements are not for the good of all.Your attitude is for the good of you .
  11. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    Ullman Sails is now owned by Paul Mitchell not Dale his brother .Better get this right as our going to see a lot more of Paul at the top in the future
  12. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    Stop the poor little old me bickering. We have had nationals every year without a national governing body This is about someone trying to take control of our nationals where we have had no trouble putting on our own national's for years and it is a vote each year on the clubs that present them selves .If you want the nationals in your area get your club to agree and put it forward to the vote each year .We don't need some power that is not supportive of the OMR rule (as we saw at Hamilton Island )to tell us where the nationals are and with out any correspondence or understanding off our wants and needs
  13. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    It is just as basic as .If you suck at sailing you like PHS ,IF you are good at sailing you like OMR .Just stop the excuses the PHS lovers , admit it and move on
  14. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    The only problem with OMR is the best sailors always win and some people don't like that .
  15. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    well done Ullman sails where are the results