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  1. The Gardener

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    I would think the same. However the tactical dude that was on the 20 with us said blow the halyard, I did. (he has won a few big events) The boat came up quickly followed by horking the spin right back up, before it totally shrimps. I think it was quicker than jumping on the keel. The boat didnt seem to have any desire to come up otherwise.
  2. The Gardener

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    That's funny Jim. I was just watching the same video before checking on how your build is coming....I do have to compliment the guy who jumped on the keel, must be a dinghy sailor...but I sail in SF and like your thoughts on having a bit of lead down there.... The smaller sporty keel boats paired with dinghy sailors you tend to get a dinghy sailor or two who by instinct head for the keel when its blowing hard and you park it on the side. I've had to yank a few dinghy crew back in the cockpit on the U20 over the years and explain what a keel is for. LOL I was discussing this with my friends who sail Melges 24s here in Hawaii. All of these guys have sailed high powered dingies - one of them has an Olympic silver medal. We've all taken M 24's out in way too much wind and really "scary" conditions where wipe-outs are a certainty. I asked them if they've ever even considered jumping out on the fin on their 24's - they said "never have, no need too". In that video the M 20 looked fairly well pinned down and staying on it's side. That changed when the guy got out on the fin. I've sailed some keel boats that have a similar low limit of positive stability, and the long recovery period from a wipe-out will take you out of the race. The quick wipe out move on the M20 (dependant on why you tipped it over) is to blow the halyard (it comes up quick) then pull the halyard quickly.