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  1. ORR in Long Island

    It is used on West Coast for most major races. 100% measurement and no old age allowance.
  2. strict class

    The class has been organized specifically to exclude pro sailors (Group 3). Take your pick.....just about every other OD class from 24 to 52 feet goes way up and then way down because the owners get tired of paying for all the pro stuff. It is a moot point that a Quantum or Doyle rep won't recommend the boat to his client......he wouldn't anyways because he can't sail on it and sail makers earn very little on sail commissions. They earn their living on their daily rate sailing. If the class also disallows OTW coaching and support boats while racing, it will be even better.
  3. Make N2E Great Again

    Border Run is scheduled for same date and already has entries open and 50+ entries in. NOSA web site cannot enter yet. Looks like the battle between events continues. Given a choice between going to Ensenada or SD, the owners and teams will vote with their entry in either race. This will speak volumes.
  4. NYYC One Design

    Same concept has been working at Long Beach YC for 25 years with the Catalina 37s. Without a doubt, the closest OD racing on the west coast in 30+ keel boats......and it all happens on Wednesday nights in the summer time.
  5. I am honored to start this thread. Bring it!
  6. Hypothetical Rules question:  Downwind start.

    If you are outside one of the ends, yes. If you are crossing from OCS to not OCS, you have no rights until you are no longer returning to start correctly, so in this scenario, no.
  7. Windward Mark, Who Was Right, Who Was Wrong

    If P/L passed HTW in the Zone, they are wrong. If they did not, S/W is wrong. 30 seconds from tack to mark. First part of video clearly shows P approaching on port well outside the Zone. Easy call. S/W is wrong.
  8. So Cal 300 Tracker....Uh Ohhh!

    Looks like quite a few boats cut the corner at the scoring gate outside of Bishop Rock. Hmmm. Are there that many F....d up navigators and tacticians, or perhaps just a data burp with Yellowbrick? OA, RC and jury may be quite busy on this one.
  9. Iron Fisted

    RRS 78.2 Allows the competitor to produce the certificate after the race.
  10. how to ruin racing, part 2

    1. The SCYA Midwinters NOR is very poorly written and does not comply with current format recommended by RRS Appendix J. The rules REQUIRE that the OA is named. This NOR does not do that. 2. If Scot has not previously been disciplined as the result of a RRS 69 hearing or legal action by SWYC, the OA or RC likely does not have a valid reason to exclude his entry. "I don't like you", "Your are a drunk" or "You print bad stuff in your newsletter" are likely not sufficient reasons to discriminate. 3. The correct procedure for Scot is to file a Request for Redress claiming an improper action by the OA/RC. 4. It would be prudent for SCYA and SWYC to secure a jury panel that are all NJ or IJ and none are members of SWYC. This will be a very interesting hearing if it happens.
  11. 2017 Rules Conflict of Interest

    Even more significant to the 2017 RRS is the removal of the word "gross" breach of manners from RRS 69. Now, a PC is obliged to act on a simple "breach of manners". The judging and umpiring community is already anticipating a large increase in RRS 69 protests over issues and actions that were previously under the radar. Buckle up and get your popcorn.
  12. Rules Question - Hunting?

    Rule 16.1 requires a ROW boat that alters course to give Room to keep clear. Regardless of the reason, conditions or strategy involved in ROW altering course, it comes down to a judgment call by a jury or umpire to determine if Room was given. ISAF Case 50 is used over and over in protests and umpiring to define this situation and to help decide what Starboard should do. The typical scenario with Port trying to cross is that there is a point when they are committed and tacking OR ducking will result in a collision. If Starboard makes an initial change of course (before the collision avoiding change of course) they must give Room to Port to keep clear. Practically speaking, if Port is crossing Starboard and Starboard alters up (and then admits that they altered up in the hearing, or the umpires see this), and there is contact, Starboard will likely have broken RRS 14 and RRS 16.1
  13. Keelboat vs Multihull Match Racing

    At the recent World Sailing Conference, the organizers of Match Race Germany made a presentation to obtain World Championship status for keelboat match racing in addition to the current WMRT World Championship which is held in M32 Catamarans. Some would argue that much of the current Match Racing Call Book is irrelevant to multihull match racing and that the current regime at World Sailing has effectively downgraded the status of keelboat match racing to something other than World level. There is obviously a huge world-wide infrastructure of events, sailors, umpires, equalized fleets of boats all based on keelboat match racing. Do you think WS should: 1. Continue the path towards multihull match racing as the standard? 2. Create an additional World Championship for keelboat match racing? 3. Alternate back and forth year by year? Some other idea? .......very interested to hear the rants, debates, arguments and banter on this one. I have my popcorn.
  14. Delivery from San Francisco to Ensanada"

    potential for late winter storms. Choose your weather window very carefully.