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  1. RealEstateBroker

    SoCal Clubs to check out?

    If you are in LB on Nov 4/5, we are match racing in the Catalina 37s.
  2. RealEstateBroker

    what is it?

    Might be Catapult, the ex-Pyewacket
  3. RealEstateBroker

    Remove DSQ boat from race?

    Because you cannot DSQ a boat without a hearing. They would be scored OCS, not DSQ. If they thought they were not OCS, they could ask for Redress.
  4. RealEstateBroker

    PV Race

    Just like stacking. They made it ok because everyone does it even if not allowed. Too hard to police if people are logging in to predict wind so make it legal.
  5. RealEstateBroker

    Island’s Race Weather, discuss.

    It will be dark and cold at night. there will be no wind at sunrise for 40 miles off SD. A trimaran will be first to finish.
  6. RealEstateBroker

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Based on the WS policy, a penalty of 20-30% would seem in line with WS guidelines. WOXI elapsed time is approx. 33 hours. Therefore, a 20% penalty would be 6 hours 36 minutes. Pretty simple.
  7. RealEstateBroker

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Again, trying to cut out all the misinformation in this thread..... here you go: World Sailing published a guide to IJs for issuing Discretionary Penalties. It breaks rules breaches into 4 Bands, 1 to 4, 4 being the worst. What is rare for the RHSH race is that a breach of a boat on boat protest (Part 2 of RRS) has been subjected to the Discretionary Penalty world by the OA. The IJ is bound by the RRS , the Case Book, and the Guidelines set by World Sailing. Read and judge for yourself:[18029].pdf
  8. RealEstateBroker

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    This is fantastic armchair judging by the uninformed. If you want to learn the rules better, read World Sailing Case 50. It discusses this scenario and talks about Starboard having a "reasonable apprehension of collision". Given the speed, size of boats, sea state, etc., if you were helming Comanche, you would certainly have a reasonable apprehension of collision and you would alter course so as to not breach RRS 14. Comanche's argument for dipping their bow slightly (if they did so at all) was that they were trying to avoid a collision in the event WOXI did not tack. When it was clear that WOXI was tacking, the only way to avoid was to head up. The word arrogant seems most appropriate for the actions by WOXI during the incident, and the arrogance continues with all of the "we won, we are so great" stuff in the interviews and on the WOXI Facebook page. It is not uncommon for SOME (but not all) pro sailors to believe they are above the rules, or as MR stated in the interview, it was not a "blatant infringement". If you read between the lines there, he is not denying that it was an infringement. My guess is that the "rules experts" aboard WOXI may have misread the SIs, thinking that they would only get a 5 minute penalty if ruled they broke a rule. If the IJ rules in favor of Comanche, a time penalty of less than 27 minutes is no penalty at all. IMHO, the time penalty should be enough to drop them back to 3rd or 4th in Line Honors.
  9. RealEstateBroker

    ORR in Long Island

    It is used on West Coast for most major races. 100% measurement and no old age allowance.
  10. RealEstateBroker

    strict class

    The class has been organized specifically to exclude pro sailors (Group 3). Take your pick.....just about every other OD class from 24 to 52 feet goes way up and then way down because the owners get tired of paying for all the pro stuff. It is a moot point that a Quantum or Doyle rep won't recommend the boat to his client......he wouldn't anyways because he can't sail on it and sail makers earn very little on sail commissions. They earn their living on their daily rate sailing. If the class also disallows OTW coaching and support boats while racing, it will be even better.
  11. RealEstateBroker

    Make N2E Great Again

    Border Run is scheduled for same date and already has entries open and 50+ entries in. NOSA web site cannot enter yet. Looks like the battle between events continues. Given a choice between going to Ensenada or SD, the owners and teams will vote with their entry in either race. This will speak volumes.
  12. RealEstateBroker

    NYYC One Design

    Same concept has been working at Long Beach YC for 25 years with the Catalina 37s. Without a doubt, the closest OD racing on the west coast in 30+ keel boats......and it all happens on Wednesday nights in the summer time.
  13. I am honored to start this thread. Bring it!
  14. RealEstateBroker

    Hypothetical Rules question:  Downwind start.

    If you are outside one of the ends, yes. If you are crossing from OCS to not OCS, you have no rights until you are no longer returning to start correctly, so in this scenario, no.
  15. RealEstateBroker

    Windward Mark, Who Was Right, Who Was Wrong

    If P/L passed HTW in the Zone, they are wrong. If they did not, S/W is wrong. 30 seconds from tack to mark. First part of video clearly shows P approaching on port well outside the Zone. Easy call. S/W is wrong.