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  1. What about the Chicago boat Lucky Dubie? Can't seem to find a picture, but they had Bob Marley on the chute.
  2. I home you are right that it ends up at $35K. My guess is that it will be close to $50K out the door. The "$70K" Model S grows to over $100 very quickly with pretty desirable options. I would not bet against Musk on this one... He is trying to change the entire auto paradigm and might actually get away with it. Read yesterday that his plan from the beginning, like 2000 ish, was;1. Build the tesla sportscar - $100,000+, use proceeds to fund development on "affordable"sedan. 2. Build and "affordable" sedan/car and use the proceeds to fund development on "everymans electric car". 3. Build "everymans electric car" and make it affordable to the masses. In the article Iread, he said that the 35,000 price would include all app upgrades(self driving, safety, etc.) so I assume that means that some bells and whistles will be included at that price... so the dream might be coming true...... If he can get the charging infrastructure going he might be able to pull this off. My local mall has 3 tesla charging stations already, and if you can get 200+ mi out of a charge ya never know... I'm with you. I lust for a P90 but the numbers don't work out when I look at the limited number of East Coast charging stations and price. Without 220/50A, you are not going to recharge overnight. At $35K, the Model 3 would fit as a "second car" for mostly local driving where 200 mile range works fine. Realistically, you are going to see about 70% of advertised range at current highway speeds and AC or winter heating in use (required in the Mid Atlantic) so 200 will become 130-140 and my place to Dulles and back is more than that. Airports with chargers exist but demand already outstrips supply so you can't rely on charging while you are gone. Notable that Tesla's stock picked up a "sell" recommendation. Between the battery mega-factory and the Model 3 development, they are seriously in teh red and there is some conjecture they will face a cash crisis before the M3 starts delivering in 18-20 months. I agree that betting against Musk is usually a bad idea. I hope investors see it that way because investors falling out of love with the stock could be devastating. Orders for Model 3 top $1B and will reach 300,000 by June. Tesla will need cash to build them and analysts are mixed as to what the ramp up will do to the company. They have built a total of 110K cars since day 1 and now have a elephant sized backlog and the scaling will be a challenge. Innovators don't always have the discipline for production lines. Even at current rates, they are not meeting schedules. Tesla parts shortages. They are going to have to change the manufacturing side culture to swallow the Model 3 orders. Nice problem to have but it is going to strain their resources and management. Probably pretty safe to assume that half of the deposits end up getting refunded. With delivery pushing to 2019/2020 for a lot of them, and most not getting the $7,500 federal tax credit due to phase out, a lot of people will look elsewhere.
  3. Sorry to hear of Chris' passing. Condolences to you and the rest of your family.
  4. Signed up with them a year or so ago, but haven't taken any projects that have come over since they were out of the realm of experience/comfort level. You are basically in their database, and they match a company's need with you, send a link to answer some experience questions, and the company decides if they want to have a call with you.
  5. Other options? I have an '02 with the 5.9L V8 (gas mileage of about 14-15mpg highway), and 155,000 on the clock. Electronics are a weak point, as well as some sensors in the transmission for overdrive. Aside from that, and the fact that a friend's '15 fullsize Ram quad cab with the 5.7L Hemi gets better mileage by about 25%+, it isn't a bad truck...
  6. This is the reason for all the BS. Insurance company will not pay if you said that it happened at so-and-so's place. They will insist on sueing to collect from the homeowners insurance. They are as bad as the lawyers.
  7. The lines look like it is.
  8. We have had a couple through the years. Regarding oil change, yes, they are more expensive, but also only once a year (or 15k miles), so really not too bad. Great handling cars and a fun summer toy. If in the colder climates, then add winter tires and you have a great sled. Also check out the Cayman if the open top isn't a requirement. DrewR--I have been looking at getting another 993 as well (have a cab currently)--agreed, prices have become crazy. What was a $50k car 3 years ago is now $90k...
  9. Fired of mine refuses to do the Mac on anything smaller than a boat whose length in feet is no less than 1.5 times his current age. I have also heard of "no slower than the negative of my age"... Been a few years since I have been able to do the race--hope to get back into it again soon.
  10. So the quotes from the aritcle state that the crew saw him waiving and assumed that meant he was okay. They then heard the whistle and assumed that he was blowing it to further tell them he was okay. Sorry, but the only way that can be interpreted wrong is if the quote is completely wrong (which isn't out of the question). Also, as has been stated, why the delay in him falling over and a call being made?
  11. I thought that you had to finish with everyone you started with to avoid these things happening. In cases of someone being airlifted off due to injury, there was precedence of redress to retain a finish time though.
  12. Sorry, but if someone thinks that a person in the water who is waving their hands and blowing a whistle signifies that the person is okay, then I I do not want to be on a boat with them for fear of being left if in a MOB situation.