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  1. Uhh, you could start with: www.northsails.com www.quantumsails.com www.doylesails.com I'm sure there are others, but I'm guessing you'll find what you're looking for at one of these places.
  2. Agreed. Thanks, Graham, AKA Doghouse. This may be THE most useful thread in these forums in quite sometime...maybe ever. If you can't learn something from this dialogue and discussion and take it with you to future events, then maybe you should stop sailing. thanks again, and glad the outcome turned out the way it did.
  3. Thank you for your openness and willingness to share your experience: what worked and what systems you'd change in the future. I think we all can learn from this. Words can't even begin to express how amazing it was that you were able to get him back aboard after being in the water for that long, at night, and in those conditions. Great job. Cheers. David
  4. Natalie J is also heading south now. Several boats in Muskegon and Milwaukee. Guessing 10-20 retirements at this point. Higher than expected gust front due to outflow from the storms that came down the Wisconsin shore last night ahead of the cold front. Also saw several questions on CYC RTM Facebook page regarding Imedi, but they appear to still be racing. Quite the crowd along the Michigan shore between Little & Big Sable Points. Good luck and stay safe to everyone out there pounding into this mess today.
  5. This is a Wednesday night race, correct? Who cares?
  6. The forecast is always wrong. The flies will always bite. The weather briefing will always recommend getting north as fast as possible. There will always be fudge and puddles on the Island. Did I miss anything?
  7. This place used to be a wealth of knowledge where a question like this would be answered directly by people in know. Now it's just innuendo as to why you may want to think twice about it. "You may want to call So-and-so." "You may want to buy your local expert some beer first." What exactly are the issues with Melges 24's that were raced hard that causes them to deteriorate to a point that makes them a 'buyer beware' commodity?
  8. Gotta wait for Prozak to chime in again I guess.
  9. She's bound for Detroit.
  10. Match racing format.
  11. The wheel pedestal whipping around like rubber is pretty wild also. It's pretty amazing how much elasticity is built into that steering pedestal. From the looks of how far the boom travels when they tack, the main was eased. Didn't dump enough mainshret or ease it soon enough. Can't imagine what the damage to Gladiator would have been like had they not hit right at the runner winch.
  12. You guys are lost. Scot is the biggest PUSSY in sailing ever. He has never competed in a OD dinghy or done anything on his own. Everything he has done is on the backs of others..................PERIOD. He bitches and offers nothing. He is much like Trump only, Scot has no money, just a history of fucking others in the ass. As for Clean, I've never had a word with the guy but he seems to like Scot more than anything else, sailing included. I guess it's good to ride on the backs of others......................isn't that what lawyers and grifters do? Grifter: Someone who cheats others out of money. Grifters are also known as chiselers, defrauders, gougers, scammers, swindlers, and Flim-flam man. And next week Dawg will have a new screen name and a different IP address after Scot and/or Clean gives him the boot again.
  13. Not sure where you heard that rumor but IL mostro is most definetley not for sale and winndquest is been launched this year "Is been"? I'm so fucking confused now. Did you mean that Windquest "is being" launched this summer, meaning she'll sail 2-3 races and then back in the shed, or did you mean "has been" meaning she's sitting in the water now which would make for some pretty chilly crew practice?
  14. It is in the chapter on Amusement Taxes. Just wait. I'm sure once this passes the state legislature, the city of Chicago will be next to tax your dues.
  15. Kind of ironic to read such defamatory remarks from someone who bashes conservatives and claims to support gay rights. Didn't know the Editor was a bigot. Just whenever it suits his own agenda...or if you disagree with him and call him out for it.