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  1. hrothgar

    West Michigan Thread

    Headed out to race on a Wednesday night tonight for the first time in several years! Looking forward to it! Hroth
  2. hrothgar

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Its about halfway in between the 0 and a normal kite. We have always had a bobstay. I think its a good precaution no matter what you are running. Hroth
  3. hrothgar

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Yes Yes Its a North Helix luff system. Sailcloth is Aramid Laminate Code Xi06 CDT. (whatever that is!) Hroth
  4. hrothgar

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Yes, we have a bobstay. Totally necessary for a code sail because of the halyard tension required to establish a firm luff entry. Hroth
  5. hrothgar

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    PHRF and ORR. For PHRF, its a 3 second hit on the DHCP, no hit on the regular handicap for TOD or TOT though we wouldn't be using the sail in course races anyway. For ORR, we run two races. For the BV Mac it will be about a 3 second hit. For Chicago, we race under one-design so the sail won't be used and all boats will conform to the rating rule. In both cases, the staysail is not penalized but we can't use it in one-design. Hroth
  6. hrothgar

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    New Code 65 with a staysail up too. Pretty quick combination.
  7. It will be interesting to see if cases spike in Emmet County, MI in the few weeks. I have been tracking the data up there at they have been sitting at 21 cases and 2 fatalities for weeks now. Total population is 33,308. Hroth
  8. Good article. Most of what we did I would classify as low-medium risk. We were maybe slightly high-risk at one bar we were at but the tables were spaced and it wasn't jammed. Overall, good times. Felt more normal than in months! Hroth
  9. Onto more civilized information... I spent the weekend in Northern Michigan which has "reopened" with restrictions. Bars and restaurants are at 50% capacity and servers (most of them anyway) are wearing masks. What we did was the following: Friday night went for pizza at our favorite joint. Place was mostly empty by the time we left but was doing a great takeout business. Saturday went for drinks at two of our favorite places. Sunday went for drinks at two of our favorite places. Monday came home. We also did a little shopping and many of the stores were practicing social distancing and staff had masks. Before you accuse me of being a drunk and stupid for driving we were riding bikes most of the time! Overall, seemed like a reasonable accommodation to the current situation. Looking forward to moving up for the summer on June 5. Hroth
  10. The only thing I'll say is that she is reopening according to the plan her team put together. Not the Federal plan (if there was one) and not the plan of the crazies you see on the capitol steps. I, for one, I am looking forward to a Vivios Pizza in Indian River on Friday night. Dine in. And then sunset cocktails with a few friends on the front porch. A minor return to normalcy will help us all. Hroth
  11. hrothgar

    Hey America

    I thoughtfully debated whether or not I should get in on this thread. Then I decided, what the fuck? 1. Mid, hard to tell where you are from from but if you are from the U.S., why do you hate your country so much? 2. Mid, if you are not from the U.S., go fuck yourself! Hroth
  12. She has manipulated the crisis for political purposes...but she has also done a good job of managing it. Can't your simple mind understand that? Doubtful...there is no emoji that goes with being an idiot. Hroth
  13. Whitmer (D) of Michigan yesterday reopened parts of the state--the Upper Peninsula and Northern Lower Michigan (which happens to be where we are headed this weekend!). Restaurants and bars will be open at 50% capacity. Non-essential retail (e.g., clothing boutiques) will be open. Gatherings of 10 or fewer are permitted. Face coverings are encouraged. Social distancing is expected. As I've said repeatedly on this forum, she is doing a decent job of handling the crisis. It will be fun to be able to go sailing up there once the boat is in the water. Hroth
  14. hrothgar

    Vaccine? what Vaccine?

    Pfizer Vaccine Stuff... Promising enought that Pfizer is already gearing up to manufacture millions of doses. One place it will be done is in Kalamazoo, MI! A friends wife is working on the automation! Hroth
  15. hrothgar

    The 2nd Amendment

    I think the term you are looking for is "incorporation." Most of the protections of the Bill of Rights eventually would be extended to state infringements as well federal infringements though the "doctrine of incorporation" beginning in the early to mid-1900s. Hroth