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  1. hrothgar

    BVI News

    Apparently Willie T's has relocated to Great Harbour on Peter Island from the Bight at Norman Island. Headed there in March for the BVI Spring Regatta and then a week of cruising. Any first-hand knowledge about how things are proceeding with the reconstruction. Particularly interested in Anegada, Jost Van Dyke, and Spanish Town on Virgin Gorda. Peace. Hrothgar
  2. hrothgar

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Already blocked.... Hroth
  3. hrothgar

    West Michigan Thread

    Bummer dude Hroth
  4. hrothgar

    West Michigan Thread

    Another great weekend up north for West Michigan Boats: Hat Trick 4th at the J 35 NAs Bad Dog 8th at the J 35 NAs Mystic 1st at Ugotta Regatta Usual Suspects 2nd at Ugotta Sufficient Reason 3rd at Ugotta Variance 3rd at Ugotta (out of 4! Ha ha) Good times had by all. Wish more boats would travel to some of these great events! (Arma? Anyone seen Arma?) Hroth
  5. hrothgar

    Sprit seal for J/125

    I just had mine replaced. Torresen found a supplier as well. Hrothgar
  6. We are currently planning on the BVI in Spring 2019 for the Spring Regatta then a week of cruising...I am anxious for any first hand accounts of how things are proceeding from people who have been there recently. Hrothgar
  7. hrothgar

    West Michigan Thread

    I KNOW they don't like you... Hroth
  8. hrothgar

    West Michigan Thread

    They must not like you. Ha ha. Hroth
  9. hrothgar

    West Michigan Thread

    I've had mine for a while now... Hroth
  10. hrothgar

    West Michigan Thread

    Is there a presentation from the meeting last night? I couldn't make it and would be interested in the content... Hroth
  11. hrothgar

    July 2017 J/111 Great Lakes Racing

    As of this morning... Chicago Mac 18 boats LTYC 6 boats Nationals 7 boats Come on guys! We can do better. (Though it is early and there is still snow on the ground all over the midwest). Hroth USA 100
  12. hrothgar

    July 2017 J/111 Great Lakes Racing

    Awesome! The more the merrier! It'll be sort of a J-Fest with all the 70s and 105s too. Recommend that people register early as the harbor is limited to 100 boats. Hroth
  13. hrothgar

    FP: Another “tumultuous relationship”?

    Just remember, any attention, good or bad, is still attention. Don't you think that's what the Ed craves most of all? Just sayin... Hrothgar
  14. hrothgar

    July 2017 J/111 Great Lakes Racing

    5 J111 not for LTYC means a one design start on Friday. Hopefully a few more will join.... Hroth Variance USA 100
  15. hrothgar

    J 105 charter for Chicago mac

    J 105 NAs. Already 18 boats signed up. Should be a blast for you guys. I will be there at Ugotta Regatta with my 111. Yachtscoring registration here: Hroth