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  1. Slowboat

    Where to buy Teak Strips?

    Oak. Teak has a much different grain.
  2. Slowboat

    Gelcoat - what am I doing wrong?

    I have learned the hard way, of doing gelcoat over epoxy, all of the amine blush must absolutely be removed for the gelcoat to harden. warm water and plenty of soap is the best way to do this.
  3. A Swede 55. Relatively fast, very easy to sail single handed, not many systems, looked great doing everything!
  4. Slowboat

    Swede 55

    It actually adds a couple of feet of waterline - especially down wind or reaching. I would think it is definitely a performance hit.
  5. Slowboat

    Swede 55

    Great job on the website! Awesome update.
  6. Slowboat

    12-meter rig dimensions

    Wow, a Titanium mast - I didn't know there was such a thing, but I suppose it makes sense.
  7. Slowboat

    Swede 55

    Wow, I didn't really fathom how much they chopped off the back - looks like a substantial amount. I would miss that healed waterline aft... and the change in lines.
  8. Slowboat

    Swede 55

    Hi Kraftwerk, That is my Swede 55 (Rosina) that someone posted - feel free to ask any questions about the boat. As for single handing, the Swede is a great single handed sailboat. 95% of the pleasure sailing/cruising that I do on Rosina is single handing. For the first 8 years I did it without an autopilot, but now it has one which makes things slightly easier. I have very comfortably single handed in up to about 35 knots without concern, but I do reef a bit early if I'm alone. I rarely start the engine, but prefer to sail on and off the mooring - it is just nicer that way. Why is it such an easy boat to sail alone? I think it is because it is extremely well behaved - it can turn quickly when you turn the helm over hard, but otherwise it stays where you want it to for enough time do what you need to do. It has very good directional stability, and low windage, so you can park the boat head to wind while you handle sails, etc. It is easy to judge how much speed you need to carry into a mooring, and it gives you plenty of time to walk up and grab the pennant before the boat starts going somewhere you don't want it to. I don't have lazy jacks or roller furling, and still have no problem. I fly the spinnaker alone in winds up to about 16-17 knots. After that you might want a second hand to get it down... On a long course point to point race we once got 2nd place in the spinnaker division sailing against fully crewed boats, and have won the doublehanded race a couple of times - basically because the boat does what you want it to. You can take your hands off the wheel and it will keep going where you want it to. No nasty weather helm, no round-ups, etc. Just always balanced and in control. I'm sure that others who have sailed them will agree.
  9. Slowboat

    Diesel has me stumped....

    I like this idea. Could the fuel stop cable been tweaked a bit? Disconnect your throttle cables from the engine, and see if you can manually get full power. Otherwise it is probably injectors being rebuilt wrong.
  10. Slowboat

    Swede 55

    Yep, Rosina was launched today after putting in a new Sole in the galley area. Hard to tell from the pictures, but it tapers and curves up the side of the hull with a rolling bevel. Hell of a job to make sure all 6 pieces line up perfectly. 4 coats of clear epoxy to make sure water doesn't get the best of it. Last thing I wanted to get done before I list it for sale. Been an awesome 11 years, but I think I'm ready to try something different.
  11. Slowboat

    Swede 55

    Sweet new lid for the locker! I was able to rebuild mine and get it up to snuff, but they live a hard life - especially racing.
  12. Slowboat

    Is A Melges 24 GOOD FOR RACING lis light air?

    We did very well in 2-6.5 knot conditions in an M24. 6.5-12, and the big genoa boats power up and can take off, water lining your ass. Like others said, you can tack very efficiently, and accelerate quickly in light air, giving a tactical boost - lots more options.
  13. Slowboat

    Swede 55

    We race PHRF, and our rating has moved between 72 and 85
  14. Slowboat

    Swede 55

    We race my Swede 55 here on Lake Champlain, and have had some success. It really depends on the conditions. Heavy wind, downwind and we fly. I have many videos showing us first around the mark on a long downwind leg - beating J-122, J-111, 36.7's, J-109's, etc. We have won our fair share of races... In reality we are just a bit slower on our light wind lake than the J-109, and generally can beat the 36.7 often boat for boat. This is short course, W/L light wind racing - not the strongest for the Swede. Like I said earlier - the Swede can be very fast, and sometimes slow against modern race boats. Anything with a reach or downwind and we are gone - even against very fast modern boats. Upwind in light air can be very challenging. Changing directions and getting back up to speed is challenging, so sometimes your options are limited.
  15. Slowboat

    Swede 55

    No! They couldn't be more different. The Swede 55 has a classic design heritage dating back to the 20's, and was very well built in Sweden. It is long and narrow, but has a deep hull. The Mc65, not so much...