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  1. Sal Minella

    Best Place to Live for a Sailor in the USA

    So I'm a native, but Newport RI makes all the sense in the world if you like to sail, or live. You don't necessarily have to live in town, it's a big enough island and the prices vary greatly. If that's too much, there are very cheap places to live within 30 minutes of the center of town. Weather is pretty consistent (or as consistent as you can get in New England), generally very good to great sea breeze from May thru September. During that time, you don't have to go anywhere, all the major regattas come to you. What other site in the US can claim the number of World, NA and National championships that have been run out of Newport the last two decades? And there's plenty of big boat sailing, NYYC puts on their annual, their OD weekend which had big boats as well and the summer regatta, Sail Newport has OD events non-stop across the summer, Ida Lewis sponsors a very popular distance Race, and Newport YC is home of the Bermuda One-Two and Solo-Twin. If it's a regular day, you go 35 minutes out of Newport proper and you're on the Ocean. If it's blowing dogs off you go up the Bay. Current makes everything tricky but doesn't dominate the course like many other areas. And screw getting cold. Frostbiting starts all over the Bay by the end of October and is fantastic until the middle of January when the water starts getting really cold, then from mid-March on the cycle starts again. And from Newport you're within 2 hours of spring and fall sailing on LIS (the only time to sail there, really), Buzzards Bay or up in Marblemouth. There's very active evening racing all over the Bay, it would be easy to sail every night of the week except Friday. So yeah, California and Miami have year round sailing but who goes out in Miami in the summer, and who can afford to live in California. Look at the turnout for the regattas in Newport and you'll see why it's the place to sail.
  2. Sal Minella

    Newport: on a rainy afternoon

  3. Sal Minella

    Annapolis vs. Newport Boat Shows

    I live in Newport and have been going to the show since 1972. I'm in the marine industry and have been doing Annapolis for the last 25 years. The Newport show is a joke, half and half with powerboats which are taking up more and more of the dock space yearly. Fewer good suppliers. It is God's country but there's a good chance you'll get a hurricane or major front that makes it crappy. Annapolis has serious business being done, sells way more boats and is called a Sailboat show for a reason, no powerboats to be seen. I've seen it be 120 degrees in the tents and have seen my breath in our tent while there was a monsoon on the docks. Still a better show. The only real knock is that it's in Annapolis, not Newport
  4. Sal Minella

    Nautical names for dogs

    A friend had a little mutt called Blooper.
  5. That boat was legend on Narragansett Bay. Charlie Larue, one of the best sailors the Bay has ever seen (he won in every class boat he sailed over his ~60 year racing career, with that boat he dominated MORC and PHRF in the 60-80's), sailed out of Tiverton, he cleaned up for years with it, and lived on it for a while after his wife dumped him (the Jenna that's on the life ring). Not sure if this boat means much to anyone other than those who viewed it's transom but it would be a cool boat to own.
  6. Sal Minella

    Betsy DeVos to Dept. of Education

    Well, aren't the car companies and financial institutions private? They seem to have gotten a lot of government funding.
  7. Sal Minella

    America One Website Time Capsule

    The major reason that the kites blew out is they were almost all .5 oz. The heaviest kite was all .75, next weight down was .75 head and clews with .5 middle, next was .75 on the leeches with .5 for the rest, and all the A-Sails and lighter Syms were 100% .5. The theory being that lighter was faster. Not so good when sailing in big chop, the shock load on a 135' lever arm was pretty violent. The fact that they were pulling a 55k lb. boat through the water put them beyond their threshold.
  8. Sal Minella

    Tom Clancy Books

    Clancy was good until he got divorced, his wife got the rights to any Jack Ryan character books so he dropped that and went with Jack Jr., nice way to get around it all. But everyone is right, when he got into the same rut he became Stephen King, totally predictable and boring. The Crichton stuff is all edge of the seat stuff, interesting research into a lot of different topics, I find him really interesting though someone once pointed out to me that although his stuff is well researched, it only holds the views he likes (like the one about global warming). Still liked it though, no two books are alike and makes you think.
  9. Sal Minella

    My New Favorite Shows

    If you can bear to watch a really creepy Kevin Spacey (all that stuff he's been accused of sort of bears out in this show), House of Cards is unbelievable. The amount of pure evil throughout the entire series for individual gain is a combination of drama and humor that isn't seen anywhere else on the tube.
  10. Sal Minella

    Being Melania – The First Lady

    That's Steve Carrel playing Pence, right?
  11. Sal Minella

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    And price in relation to standard crosscut? Just curious, have heard widely differing costs.
  12. (716): Oh? And how would you explain this to your kids? (1-716): "Well pumpkin, when mommies and daddies have loved each other so much for a really long time, sometimes they trade off with other mommies and daddies"
  13. Sal Minella

    Happiness is ....

    a warm gun?
  14. Sal Minella

    Bente 39 splashed

    It's only ugly if you're looking at it. If you're sailing on it, you're thinking about how the chines create more room below, the uncluttered deck is easy to traverse and the main salon has a large, open entry. Think about the Mermaid AC boat, the guys sailing had no idea it looked so weird, they were always looking away from it.
  15. Sal Minella

    what is happening?