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  1. Sal Minella

    New Mainsail - what sailmaker What Type

    And price in relation to standard crosscut? Just curious, have heard widely differing costs.
  2. (716): Oh? And how would you explain this to your kids? (1-716): "Well pumpkin, when mommies and daddies have loved each other so much for a really long time, sometimes they trade off with other mommies and daddies"
  3. Sal Minella

    Happiness is ....

    a warm gun?
  4. Sal Minella

    Bente 39 splashed

    It's only ugly if you're looking at it. If you're sailing on it, you're thinking about how the chines create more room below, the uncluttered deck is easy to traverse and the main salon has a large, open entry. Think about the Mermaid AC boat, the guys sailing had no idea it looked so weird, they were always looking away from it.
  5. Sal Minella

    Not to hijack ...but you favorite 3 quirky movies

    The Sorcerer: William Friedkin's first movie after the Exorcist, incredibly suspenseful story about criminals trying to transport unstable nitro to cap an oil platform fire Run, Lola, Run: three different endings from the same scenario of a girl with a drug dealing boyfriend Body Heat: when Kathleen Turner was hot, Ted Danson wasn't a caricature of himself and William Hurt wasn't full of himself
  6. Sal Minella

    what is happening?
  7. Sal Minella

    it had to be Florida.....
  8. Sal Minella

    Yeah he did it

    The benefit of being the sole supplier for a round the world race is all the sails have to be is equal, they can be equally slow. If you think that those were the best sails available, think again. I went aboard one of the boats, the mains were incredibly heavy, but then again, they all were, they had to sail around the world. The jibs were the same, the A sails as well. Ask any other sail maker what the sails should have weighed, were they doing competitive bids, and it would have been a far different story.
  9. Sal Minella

    "National Cleavage Day"

    IIRC, she was the partner's sister, and she never became a nurse, it was the brother's hope that she would. Still hot.
  10. Sal Minella

    Reducing Anchor Swinging

    it is that take the tail of the anchor rode forward and drop the line off the stern, the boat swings around and you power forward. Have done it singlehanded multiple times. Have you ever anchored?
  11. Sal Minella

    Reducing Anchor Swinging

    Anchor stern to, no swinging at all.
  12. Sal Minella

    Asian female driver

    not being racist but how do you blind an Asian? Put a windshield in front of them.
  13. Sal Minella

    Favorite Larson Cartoons

  14. Sal Minella

    More Teachers Behaving Badly

    These things pop up on my Yahoo home page all the time, and I was always amused by the sheer volume of incidents. Now I'm actually starting to wonder about the American school system as a breeding ground for sexual predators.
  15. Sal Minella

    More Teachers Behaving Badly

    Is Texas the new Florida?