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  1. It is a Mini Sail, not a Topper. They were quite popular before the Topper came out, but I guess the Topper's roto-molded economics and durability killed them Some history here: http://minisail.org.uk/
  2. I've got a nearly new 29er cover made by Banks from blue PVC coated that was lengthened to fit a 29erXX. It is blue and in Seattle. It would not take much to return it to original -- just some sewing!
  3. Reclaiming her mojo - how Annelise Murphy got back from non-medal contender to Silver in Laser Radial in Rio WITH the help of her country MNA who still believed in her; http://afloat.ie/blogs/sailing-saturday-with-wm-nixon/item/33435-annalise-murphy-gives-ireland-s-olympics-the-silver-sheen The irony here is her coach was a non-supported New Zealander ...
  4. This post made me think of this: I don't think lightning was involved. Basically you capsize a dinghy in such conditions and sit it out.
  5. Take home builder's laser, remove some (boat) builder's tolerance associated with centerboard and rudder alignment and psyche yourself on the basis that you've done everything you can ...
  6. It's obviously a double edged sword to have government funding in sport especially when their metrics do not consider the 'Olympic Spirit'. As someone now resident in a country whose government doesn't fund sport (USA), it means raising money is a life skill for anyone who wants to sail at top levels internationally, unless they are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. That alone is an Olympian effort given all the competing, worthwhile causes.
  7. If I'd dedicated a couple or more years of my life, many 10s or several 100s of thousands of dollars only to be kicked in the teeth by my country, having qualified, I'd be pretty upset. It's not a good message to Tess & Caitlin, or the youth of the country. As I originally asked but nobody answered, I wonder how much the Australian sailing authority think they saved (short term)?
  8. I disagree. At 21 and 23 (which is young for this fleet), Tess and Caitlin finished 14th out of 40-odd at the 2016 49erFX Worlds in Clearwater and have been rapidly improving over the past couple of years They are punching above their weight/age, especially as they were up against a remarkable set of sailors with more experience in a sport where experience counts, and of which at least 5 teams are easily capable of winning the gold. If a country organization wants to support its pipeline in readiness for 2020, it should not kick them in the teeth., Needless to say I follow this class pretty closely.
  9. It's a pity their standards do not recognize that you need to cultivate the pipeline. As I understand it, very few sailors medal at their first Olympics, and if you don't get the experience ...., or if you are denied the experience will you try again? Will this put others off from trying? Personally, I feel any metrics should be focused on the rate of improvement, as well as the absolute standard attained -- and on that basis Tess and Caitlin were on-track.
  10. It's difficult to say for sure, but it's a lot more than most would think. I suspect that with coach, training partner and everything like accommodation and transport, you are heading well north of $100,000. I seem to rememebr recently that one of the US teams said that once selected, they needed another $150,000 for the rest of their campaign, which I assume included the Olympics I know the aspiring team's numbers intimately -- what I do not know is the sending country sailing authority's costs as charged by the Rio organizers. I assume the aspiring team had done their budgeting but had their hopes dashed by their country sailing authority.
  11. From my perspective, the difference between an Olympic medal and a World/Gold Cup win is pretty real. While competitive race sailors probably acknowledge the depth of Worlds fleet over a one-boat per country Olympic fleet, the non-sailor/resume-reading potential employer/sponsor really recognizes the world Olympian and the determination of anyone that finally makes it. I feel very sorry for Tess and Caitlin that despite being ranked 13th or so in the world and having no doubt having put massive amounts of their money and time in, their country chose not to pay the last installment. I would be intrigued to know what the financial cost is to the sending a team to Rio? I can estimate the accommodation, coaching, airfares etc, but what does the host country charge for a two person team? Perhaps it is a nit on the cost of Tess and Caitlin's campaign costs to date?
  12. I understand you can reinforce a carbon mast section internally with some carbon fibre braided sleeve and an inflated, severed bicycle inner tube with a knot at one end. Not sure what to use for mold release though.
  13. We've got a complete, used XX rig (incl. 2x spi) and extended Banks cover including rail extensions & gantry plus a few other 29er spares available in Seattle. No foils though. PM me for details.
  14. I'd be very impressed with anyone single handing a 49er, especially if they'd managed to rig and launch it alone I'd always recommend learning on a 29er first. If you buy carefully and trade up later, you won't lose any money on the hull value and the only cost will be wear and tear on the sails.