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  1. incahoots

    Manhasset Fall Series

    Good luck at manhasset bay fall series, maybe next year. I'm moving a boat in open ocean. Even though its gonna be nice tommarow, I'm bustn out down jacket, down sleeping bag and every piece of rain gear I have for when it pours monday .
  2. RELEASE THE KRAKEN! If it bleeds we can kill it

  3. If it bleeds we can kill it.


  5. incahoots

    newbie bowman tips

    In sailboat racing as in life "business" It's the front or the back. In the front you see everything windshifts, waves ,current and competion of what is going on up or down the course. You can learn alot and anticipate what to do next and relay some of the most important information that will play a tactical role. You will learn where to place a boat up wind if you are paying attention.If you are luckly enough to sail with and for great crews big oppurtunities will come.For starting out a boat that is one design with a good class organiztion will be your best bet. Pick your dates so you sail consistantly with the same people. Allways sail with other people as well this will help style, build your inventory of moves,build your reputation and allow you to assimulate and navigate boat politics(self important ego driven people) Thats whats great about this sport it;s money politics skill and equipment. Just like car racing. Remember the bigger the boat the bigger and costly mistakes can happen. Mistakes will not be tolerated. . Always find the grear that works to keep warm dry and agile. Don't spend to much because foul gear is disposeable you will be lucky if it lasts one season. At night allways have a led around your neck so your hands are free to work when going aloft if nessasary. Lastly piss all over the foredeck to mark your territory. Don't take shit from the number two or three guy in the back. And when nessasary let them know you right their wrong and they can go fuck them selves because they can't do it.