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  1. 3Di Nordac

    got a quote from North and it came with sacrificial cover as standard - price is interesting, almost 20% less than a pentex string sail from one sails
  2. 3Di Nordac

    For a 30' boat (J92S) would you recommend a Nordac 3Di for racing ? Compared to the more traditional kevlar or carbon / kevlar film/film membranes...I'm wondering if there is that much difference in terms of stretch at this relatively small size...
  3. J70, cheating and pros

    who knows if the guy (Carlo) did not think of the opportunity of "killing two birds with one stone"...i.e. repairing the keel after the little damages AND altering the keel shape to get an advantage...you never know with italians (myself being proud of my nationality )
  4. I'm considering buying ONE new sail ...

    you said ONE new sail ? www.onesails.it
  5. iRegatta - anyone use it, recommendations?

    tried it...and it looks very nice and simple...better than iRegatta in my view. I just need a better GPS - the one that is built-in in the iPad is totally inadequate for starting line definition (I guess)
  6. Fareast 28R photo album

    I have taken it out single handed and managed OK . Only difficulty is you can't reach the jib winches while holding on to tiller extension- at least with stock handle. The rudder hung from the back can swing almost 180 degrees so if you let go during a tack it will go full over quickly. An autopilot or even a tiller tamer type device would make tacking ok for single-handed. Two up is easy to about 8 kts wind when the boat is fully powered up and starts to heel. It's not a tippy boat with the 1300lbs in the keel bulb and with the chines. In gusts it may go to 30 deg heel qiuckly but then it takes very big gusts to heel further. Even in 30 kt gusts it will go to about 40 deg heel but it feels very controlled. The big rudder has a lot of bite and gives you a lot of confidence. Like any sportboat with large sail area you have to use the sails to steer - you're not going to easily round a mark to port without easing out the main first. I think it could be a good 2-up daysailor but you can't be competitive in high wind without another 3 persons for ballast to minimize heeling and allow for greater boat speed. Thanks! ciao max
  7. Fareast 28R photo album

    Hey gjbike how does the Farest 28R go shorthanded. I mean, can you comfortably daysail it two people or singlehanded...how tippy is it
  8. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Same over here in south europe (northern adriatic sea)...Js are real all-around boats that beat modern state-of-the-art fat asses more often than not
  9. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Blur No.1 as usual
  10. Garmin gWind or Raymarine Wireless wind transducer

    reliability of tacktic wind transmitter is VERY questionable - I'm at my fourth unit - world record I believe. Do not recommend it.
  11. J/88

    are most using roller battens on jibs ?
  12. J/88

    We all know that IRC is not kind at all with the 88. But in a light air venue (6-12 knots) I'm guessing that the boat would be quite competitive under this handicap rule too. What would be your best IRC pick between the J/88 and the J/97 (= proven IRC killer) for light air racing. I know we are talking of totally different animals, but to me the comparison makes sense with an all up cost in the same ballpark... max
  13. J/88

    there is no rating hit in IRC if at least 75% half-width and if you already have a gennaker with more square meters (easy)
  14. J/88

    What is the mid-girth measurement of this sail? Here on Long Island Sound there is a PHRF rule that states a Spinnaker must be at least 75% of foot length to measure as a spinnaker. With a straight luff, as shown in picture, it is difficult to have a rounded leach without battens. No idea as it wasn't my sail or boat, but there weren't any battens. It was on a furler though, making handling easy peasy. I do know there was no rating change with the Code 0 where we are, J/88 with 3 OD sails rates the same as another with 7 sails including a Code 0. Same with other J/Sprit boats in our area. I'm told many ratings committees "still just don't get it" when it comes to Code 0's. Maybe because most other sails don't make any difference racing W/L, it's only in port-to-ports that a Code 0 helps, barring a massive shift during a W/L race. http://www.northsails.com/tabid/27323/Default.aspx This article is interesting as far as "IRC Code Zeros" are concerned. These are sails that measure in as spinnakers, having mid-girth at 75% of foot length and as such not impacting rating (talking IRC but apparently PHRF looks the same on this regard). Great for distance racing. http://www.yachtsandyachting.com/news/170651/Choose-Your-Offshore-Weapon
  15. New J designs

    That may unfortunately not be very likely to happen - far better business for them to push out mediocre performers since people buy them in droves. True performance boats are not sold in high numbers - they require skill to sail well. Not everyone likes a single purpose stripped out racer, furniture boats have their appeal :-)