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  1. Furkolkjaaf

    Garmin Quatix 3/5 vs... ?

    Great, thanks Locus
  2. Furkolkjaaf

    Garmin Quatix 3/5 vs... ?

    How does the “burn time” feature work in the Quatix 5 ? I am curious if its calculated based on current approaching speed, or rather on target speed....guess this makes a ton of difference
  3. Furkolkjaaf

    New wireless wind transducer from B&G

    In my experience Tacktick system is OK (10 years of use now) EXCEPT for the wind transducer. Any new one I had installed doesn't last more than 6-10 months.
  4. Furkolkjaaf

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

  5. Furkolkjaaf

    J/99 anyone have info beyond the teaser?

    any news from insiders ? they should be close to splashing the thing...
  6. Furkolkjaaf

    New wireless wind transducer from B&G

    I have been struggling for years with Tacktick T120 wind transmitter, and am exhausted of sending the unit to repair countless times. So I was too wondering whether this could be a more reliable unit that could be interfaced to the existing Sea talk network. Any thoughts ?
  7. nice video gjbike - boat & sails look good. Are those North 3Di's ? max
  8. Furkolkjaaf

    Ubi Maior Jiber

    Another advantage of the continuous line type is the lower drum ==> lower tacking point/less end plate effect
  9. Furkolkjaaf


    Honestly I do not understand either why such a price differential between the J/88 and the J/92s (although the latter is not being built anymore). I understand the carbon rig makes some difference, but 50% difference of boat price is hardly justifiable...
  10. Furkolkjaaf

    Tacktick Analog Wind

    Great ! Much appreciated WHK...it sounds like a fun winter project
  11. Furkolkjaaf

    Tacktick Analog Wind

    Thanks. I do have the NMEA interface. My system also has the NGW1 Name converter (Sea Talk NG - Nmea 0183). Not sure what the NMEA2000 bridge is ? By the way I also have this : https://www.painestore.it/raymarine_stng/nmea_2000f_cavo_spur_400_mm?gclid=CjwKCAiA9rjRBRAeEiwA2SV4ZYQG6Hq7HS2BKQQkz7QRCJ2-ut0UxlJ-lHHKUvevIrVZQXY_V_MnORoC6s0QAvD_BwE Is this the one ?
  12. Furkolkjaaf

    Tacktick Analog Wind

    Having experienced multiple situations like the one described in this thread (I am at my 3rd wind transmitter...do not trust it anymore) I was thinking of throwing away the Tacktick T120 and replace it with a wired Garmin gWind. Any idea on whether this can work in a Tacktick system (speed/depth transducer, NMEA interface, hull transmitter, electronic compass, and EV100 autopilot) ? Has anyone tried it ? Thanks
  13. Furkolkjaaf

    3Di Nordac

    got a quote from North and it came with sacrificial cover as standard - price is interesting, almost 20% less than a pentex string sail from one sails
  14. Furkolkjaaf

    3Di Nordac

    For a 30' boat (J92S) would you recommend a Nordac 3Di for racing ? Compared to the more traditional kevlar or carbon / kevlar film/film membranes...I'm wondering if there is that much difference in terms of stretch at this relatively small size...