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  1. Furkolkjaaf

    New wireless wind transducer from B&G

    I have been struggling for years with Tacktick T120 wind transmitter, and am exhausted of sending the unit to repair countless times. So I was too wondering whether this could be a more reliable unit that could be interfaced to the existing Sea talk network. Any thoughts ?
  2. nice video gjbike - boat & sails look good. Are those North 3Di's ? max
  3. Furkolkjaaf

    Ubi Maior Jiber

    Another advantage of the continuous line type is the lower drum ==> lower tacking point/less end plate effect
  4. Furkolkjaaf


    Honestly I do not understand either why such a price differential between the J/88 and the J/92s (although the latter is not being built anymore). I understand the carbon rig makes some difference, but 50% difference of boat price is hardly justifiable...
  5. Furkolkjaaf

    Tacktick Analog Wind

    Great ! Much appreciated WHK...it sounds like a fun winter project
  6. Furkolkjaaf

    Tacktick Analog Wind

    Thanks. I do have the NMEA interface. My system also has the NGW1 Name converter (Sea Talk NG - Nmea 0183). Not sure what the NMEA2000 bridge is ? By the way I also have this : https://www.painestore.it/raymarine_stng/nmea_2000f_cavo_spur_400_mm?gclid=CjwKCAiA9rjRBRAeEiwA2SV4ZYQG6Hq7HS2BKQQkz7QRCJ2-ut0UxlJ-lHHKUvevIrVZQXY_V_MnORoC6s0QAvD_BwE Is this the one ?
  7. Furkolkjaaf

    Tacktick Analog Wind

    Having experienced multiple situations like the one described in this thread (I am at my 3rd wind transmitter...do not trust it anymore) I was thinking of throwing away the Tacktick T120 and replace it with a wired Garmin gWind. Any idea on whether this can work in a Tacktick system (speed/depth transducer, NMEA interface, hull transmitter, electronic compass, and EV100 autopilot) ? Has anyone tried it ? Thanks
  8. Furkolkjaaf

    3Di Nordac

    got a quote from North and it came with sacrificial cover as standard - price is interesting, almost 20% less than a pentex string sail from one sails
  9. Furkolkjaaf

    3Di Nordac

    For a 30' boat (J92S) would you recommend a Nordac 3Di for racing ? Compared to the more traditional kevlar or carbon / kevlar film/film membranes...I'm wondering if there is that much difference in terms of stretch at this relatively small size...
  10. Furkolkjaaf

    J70, cheating and pros

    who knows if the guy (Carlo) did not think of the opportunity of "killing two birds with one stone"...i.e. repairing the keel after the little damages AND altering the keel shape to get an advantage...you never know with italians (myself being proud of my nationality )
  11. Furkolkjaaf

    I'm considering buying ONE new sail ...

    you said ONE new sail ? www.onesails.it
  12. Furkolkjaaf

    iRegatta - anyone use it, recommendations?

    tried it...and it looks very nice and simple...better than iRegatta in my view. I just need a better GPS - the one that is built-in in the iPad is totally inadequate for starting line definition (I guess)
  13. Furkolkjaaf

    Fareast 28R photo album

    I have taken it out single handed and managed OK . Only difficulty is you can't reach the jib winches while holding on to tiller extension- at least with stock handle. The rudder hung from the back can swing almost 180 degrees so if you let go during a tack it will go full over quickly. An autopilot or even a tiller tamer type device would make tacking ok for single-handed. Two up is easy to about 8 kts wind when the boat is fully powered up and starts to heel. It's not a tippy boat with the 1300lbs in the keel bulb and with the chines. In gusts it may go to 30 deg heel qiuckly but then it takes very big gusts to heel further. Even in 30 kt gusts it will go to about 40 deg heel but it feels very controlled. The big rudder has a lot of bite and gives you a lot of confidence. Like any sportboat with large sail area you have to use the sails to steer - you're not going to easily round a mark to port without easing out the main first. I think it could be a good 2-up daysailor but you can't be competitive in high wind without another 3 persons for ballast to minimize heeling and allow for greater boat speed. Thanks! ciao max
  14. Furkolkjaaf

    Fareast 28R photo album

    Hey gjbike how does the Farest 28R go shorthanded. I mean, can you comfortably daysail it two people or singlehanded...how tippy is it