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  1. Sheesh. This time the release is by "Amanda" from Marketing and Sponsorship. I'm getting really cynical about these 'reports'--especially when the other 60s with issues seem so open. The only mention of the initial problem is written off as "whilst travelling south west the yacht incurred some structural damage." After the openess of Mark Turner's team management of Dongfeng in the VOR, HB's team management is really a letdown. I've been interested in AT's story for a few years, but maybe pominfrance wins this one. come on, they brought the boat in to the dock today. it's late evening here in our part of the world (10.15 pm at the time of writing) , do you expect them to deal with news reports before anything else? Clean already said he has an interview with Alex scheduled for tomorrow morning. And yes that would be a French morning, not your morning.
  2. By the way, auto death rates are way way mis-understood . . . . in 2011 in the USA there were only 1.10 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled in 2011. Read that again . . . . 1 death per 100 Million miles. The auto fatality rate is incredibly low. I am not sure that we have a 100 million miles sailed even in the entire history of sailing. And for further perspective, skydiving has roughly a .001% fatality rate per jump (eg roughly 1 fatality per 100,000 jumps) I just have to argue a bit here... Statistics is a bitch... "skydiving has roughly a .001% fatality rate per jump (eg roughly 1 fatality per 100,000 jumps)" 1 fatality per 100.000 jumps means that in the active skydiver collective I guess they perform at lest somewhere between 500-1000 jumps in a lifetime. So one fatality in 100-200 active skydivers. That's pretty bad right? Like one or several in every club. But as have been written before. You simply can't use statistics at all on a small selection. It just does not work.
  3. Yesterday, in a swedish newspaper, there was a full page ad using half the page with a picture of Artemis sailing. To me that just didn't look or feel right at this time.