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  1. Brent Cummings

    Are Canadian Boats' Cores Wetter?

    In my neck of the woods boats are sailed about four months a year then covered for the rest of the time. So one could say they are only exposed to the elements a portion of the time southern boats are.
  2. Brent Cummings

    Judel Vrolijk Pro-25

    I know that boat. It was at my club for a year and as far as I know has not been sailed in a few years. The current owner did an overhaul on it. Added a bowsprit and square top Main. Pretty sweet paintjob. The owner Sailed it a few times one summer and havent seen him out since. I think hes just too busy. He works for a local Doyle sail loft, so its got many brand new sails. I inquired about it a few years ago but ended up with a Melges 24. I was able to track down the original owner but I cant remember who that is now. Just google it. I believe only three were made.
  3. Brent Cummings

    J 70 PHRF

    Thanks folks. I’m gonna go back to an asymmetrical spin boat. Back to square one with adding and training crew.
  4. Brent Cummings

    J29 or J27

    Not sure then what they are. 3 are rated 114. 1 is rated 120. The other isn’t in the water yet. Just assumed the mastheads were rated lower. But maybe it’s because they have outboards and the one rated 120 has the inboard.
  5. Brent Cummings

    J29 or J27

    Might as well throw me a number then. Might be worth my while waiting for it.
  6. Brent Cummings

    J29 or J27

    Well you've brought up some good points. But, I dont sail in a breezy venue. And I dont have 7-8 guys for crew. More like 5. Hoping to snag at least one more regular for next year. I believe all or most of the 29's have come from that Nova Scotia fleet. And no they are not all the same configuration. There is one more left for sale there but it did not survey well. I've inquired about a few in New England including Big TAz but have gotten no response from any brokers. Business must be good I guess. And as I said in the original post. I put a decent value on being able to tow my boat to my house. Cant do that with the J29. So call me crazy but Im leaning to the J27.
  7. Brent Cummings

    J29 or J27

    Our little club is establishing a small J29 fleet. Five so far. Maybe a sixth. I guess it makes sense for me to get one too but it doesn’t really excite me to. The boats are all old and gross that I’ve seen. Seems like little chance to resell when the time comes. I almost get the impression they are disposable boats. And with the different configurations they’re not exactly one design. Plus they’re just big enough I may not be able to legally tow the boat home to my yard at season end which I’d really like to do So what about a J 27? Does it sail to its rating well enough to compete with the 29’s? It’s lighter and has a beam of 8.5 feet. So I can legally tow her home myself with a half ton truck. They’re also a bit newer so I assume in a bit better shape. Maybe easier to resell when time comes? Also hoping to get away with 5 or 6 crew for racing. I figure I’d need at least one more on the 29? Anyway, your thoughts? Stupid consideration if the club has five 29’salready? Do any of my reasons carry enough weight to consider the 27? Any other good PHRF boats to consider that would match up well against the J 29’s. Thanks folks.
  8. Brent Cummings

    J 70 PHRF

    Any hope for a J 70 in PHRF fleets? Especially in lighter winds.? I suspect not. Anyone have any real experience? How about any J sprit boat? Up against J29's and J 35's. Windward leeward always. Light wind almost always.
  9. Brent Cummings

    Flying Tiger

    I may took a look at one not too far from me. Can you all list the usual suspect areas on this boat for me to look at? Or the questions to ask as to upgrades.
  10. Brent Cummings

    Alternatives for teak for structural wood?

    White Oak.
  11. Brent Cummings

    Melges 24 turnbuckles and tuning

    Ok thanks. So does that make for a very loose stay at base?
  12. Brent Cummings

    Melges 24 turnbuckles and tuning

    Setting the base setting for the lowers still has me miffed. Im new to the boat so be gentle. Ive read a couple threads somewhere where you tension them to 15 on the PT 10 and then back off 15 full turns for the Ronstan turnbuckles. So when I do this the stays seem very loose. Like flop around loose. Does this sound right. The other method they suggest is to go sailing and sight up the mast and look for 3/4 inch of mast sag. I dont know what kind of eye sight combined with coordination you all have, but to sight up the mast while sailing and sight 3/4" of bend in the mast seems a bit hokey to me. How is everyone else getting base setting for the lowers?
  13. Brent Cummings

    Melges 24 turnbuckles and tuning

    Not to highjack the thread but have a related question. Been out enough times where the wind has exceeded my expectations and the Main sail inverts quite a bit going up wind. Is that typically a sign that all shrouds need to be tighter or just the lowers? On the fly, is cranking the backstay, then the Cunningham and Vang the solution?
  14. Brent Cummings

    Atomic 4 Wanted

    My buddy just took one out of his boat and is for sale up here in east coast Canada. Where are you?
  15. Brent Cummings

    Foam deck

    Looking at putting foam in the cockpit of my Melges 24. Seems like there are options now. Since emails are returning from Raptor deck I thought I better look elsewhere.anyone know if they're still inbusiness? A kit would be great but seems it will cost over a $1000. So maybe diy might be better. Is 5mm what I'm looking for? What company. Seems there are lots now.