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  1. Foam deck

    Looking at putting foam in the cockpit of my Melges 24. Seems like there are options now. Since emails are returning from Raptor deck I thought I better look elsewhere.anyone know if they're still inbusiness? A kit would be great but seems it will cost over a $1000. So maybe diy might be better. Is 5mm what I'm looking for? What company. Seems there are lots now.
  2. Melges 24 delrins

    I got a reply from Harry Melges. I guess my vintage boat is as it should be . One upper delrin attached to the underside of the top plate. another one attached to the floor of the cockpit. He said if that one fits well it does not need to be screwed down. Now just need to decide if I'm going to replace any, and if so build myself or buy. He didnt give me any great hope his would fit without adjusting.
  3. Melges 24 delrins

    Thanks and perfect. Can I assume the upper Delrin should somehow be fixed down and not just floating loose?
  4. Melges 24 delrins

    I know this has been discussed a bunch of times but my boat seems to be an anomaly. Its hull 004. Currently working from top to bottom on my keel I have: Keel top plate , 1" thick delrin which is attached to the top plate, vertical delrins, and here is where it gets wonky. There is what looks like a homemade delrin (poorly made, complete with bandsaw blade marks along the inside) sitting on a lip on the floor of the boat. I discovered in lowering and raising my keel that it is just sitting in there. I was able to tease it out with my fingers and a screwdriver. Discovered that it is in two pieces so I could completely remove it. Is this supposed to be attached to the other upper delrin to make two thicknesses? I think I read somewhere in an old post that some early model boats had two thicknesses of upper delrins. Finally the lower delrin on the bottom of the boat is nicely flush with the bottom of the boat and has screws in it. Screwed to what? Not touching the lower this year so doesn't matter yet. What should I do with that loose delrin? Leave it as is, or attach it to the other upper. Last question, Another boat I looked at had a horizontal delrin about a foot or so down from the top of the keel, just above where the vertical delrin ends. Is this just another set up. It was also an early boat 1994.
  5. Is an older melges 24 competitive?

    Just about to finish my first summer on hull 004. Im still learning and wish I had another couple months but I'm very happy with the decision to buy. I'm 48. The rest of my crew are all older than me. Two in their mid fifties. The boat has been no problem for us. we've all commented that it is less intimidating than some of the bigger boats I've owned. Havent been out in a real blow mind you, but enough to get up on plane a couple races. Sail are all smaller than we are used to. No winches to grind on. Hoists and douses have been easy for the most part. I was a bit worried about yanking on a main sheet all race long since I have one bum shoulder and one bad elbow. But again has not been an issue. So Id say if you are in decent shape go for it. Its a fun boat.
  6. Help me rig my Melges 24

    Ok next issue. Previous owner has balls on any line that attaches to a sail. So HAlyards, TAck line, outhaul, etc. Ie make a loop in the line . Pass it through the grommet or loop on sail, Ball through the loop and cinch it up. works great. Except. Under tension the loop squeezes through the loops on the sail and it takes great effort to get it undone. Like twenty minutes one night. Crew doesnt want to mess with it anymore. So any reason why I wouldnt cut them off and put shackles on? Whats everyone else using? Getting the hang of racing this boat and having a ball. Moving up in the standings slowly. Finally got up on plane last week. Good thrill.
  7. Help me rig my Melges 24

    Quick and simple question. The MAin sail has one sail slug at the bottom edge of the sail. Do people just use a small line to tie that sail slug down to the gooseneck? I have had it come out of the track when hoisting the sail. No problem putting it back in but seems like it should be tied down. Anyway thats what Ive done. whats everyone else do?
  8. New to Melges 24

    If you haven't already get Melges to send you the manual. It was a good start for me when it came to rigging the boat. I'm the same as you. New to the Melges 24 and sport boats in general this year. Only difference is I did a bottom job and left mine in the water. So I have only launched once. It seemed simple. I have rigged the boat a couple of times. Once for launch and once in my yard for a trial. I recommend that. Have at least 3 or 4 people to help you that first time until you get the process down to a science. Any questions about details pm me.
  9. Melges 24

    Could you all who are in the know tell me what I have for sails for this boat. Besides my practices sails I have two North jibs. They are labelled : J-Zero -C. The other J-7. What's the difference. Wanted to try one or both out this week.
  10. Help me rig my Melges 24

    So when are most tightening the back stay? I understand having it on downwind in a big breeze to prevent a catastrophe but I would of thought I needed it up wind as well. Without it I seem to have a lot of sag in the forestay / jib luff. A previous post suggested no backstay up wind. Whats everyone else doing?
  11. Timer

    New boat didn't come with any instruments but a Velocotek Puck. So now countdown timer to use for the starts. Yeah I know we can just use our wrist watches but I seem to be the only one of my crew who brings a watch with a timer. I'd like to have a bigger timer I can Velcro somewhere on the boat. Any name make and models you've seen out there? One of my crew was going to bring an old cell phone and use the timer on it. Not a bad idea. But what else?
  12. Help me rig my Melges 24

    Im thinking now I have Vang that doesnt belong on the boat. My vang has an internal spring. No cyclinder. So did Melges ever use such a vang or did the previous owner just put a generic vang on that fit. Anyone have a picture of theirs?
  13. Help me rig my Melges 24

    Have some Boom vang questions. Trying to figure out if mine is worn out. Wondering how much adjustment or travel the vang has. Mine doesn't seem to have much. I've been out four times so far. All four times in wind under 12 knots but haven't once touched the vang. When do you experienced Melges 24 sailors make Vang adjustments. Any simple way I can tell if my vang is fully functional? I'd like to know when going down wind in a blow I can release the vang to dump some air.
  14. Where do all the old Melges 24(s) go to die..

    Got one for $20,000 Canadian this winter. That converts to under $15,000 US right now. Its old but in decent shape with decent sails. Is that what you are looking for? Where are you? Another one I know of in Boston that might go for cheap.
  15. Help me rig my Melges 24

    I bought hull 004 from Toronto. Old boat but in good shape. Has newish sails and rigging. Previous owner had some funny things rigged up. I've discovered a missing padeye or something on the starboard side of the mast. Couldn't understand why I couldn't figure how the Cunningham was rigged. Also the fine tune of the Main halyard has me stumped. There is something missing at the bottom end of the mast support that the fine tune hooks to. Again not sure how the previous owner had it rigged. I'll figure something out.