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  1. Got one for $20,000 Canadian this winter. That converts to under $15,000 US right now. Its old but in decent shape with decent sails. Is that what you are looking for? Where are you? Another one I know of in Boston that might go for cheap.
  2. I bought hull 004 from Toronto. Old boat but in good shape. Has newish sails and rigging. Previous owner had some funny things rigged up. I've discovered a missing padeye or something on the starboard side of the mast. Couldn't understand why I couldn't figure how the Cunningham was rigged. Also the fine tune of the Main halyard has me stumped. There is something missing at the bottom end of the mast support that the fine tune hooks to. Again not sure how the previous owner had it rigged. I'll figure something out.
  3. Bottom job done. Turned out pretty well. Time will tell if I got the water line right. Anyway next questions. Getting close to putting the mast up in my yard. The rigging on the mast post has me a bit perplexed. On the port side is a stainless contraption that the jib halyard hooks to? Not sure I am understanding the point of the jib halyard being the fore stay. So what is the point? Makes changing the jib a big job doesn't it? Next. How is the Main halyard run? And what else is rigged on the starboard side of the mast post? Manual doesn't show it clearly. And again I feel the previous owner had some funny rigging there.Thanks agin. 2-3 weeks til launch.
  4. Next question: How can I find the water line for the boat? Without putting it in the water. Yes I am planning on barrier coats and bottom paint. And yes I have considered all the pros and cons of doing so.
  5. So I have the Manual. That's what alerted me to the different set up. The back stay is new already. Its the flicker that looks out of place. Longer than the normal ones I think. So I think he ran it right to the tip of the mast to compensate. In fact , in doing so, it looks like he attached a wind vane to it as well since he covered up all available space for the wind vane. Maybe its the flicker I need to replace. The top of the back stay runs through a tiny little block attached to the back end of the flicker before attaching to the pin on the under side of the mast crane. This sound right?
  6. Thought Id start a new Melges thread so I can ask questions as I get to them. I am finding that the previous owner had his own unique way of rigging this boat. I was able to download a manual from Melges and clearly I have some differences in set up. So first question. The back stay set up. I have a fibreglass batten with what i am assuming is an Amsteel line. How and where does the batten attach to the mast? The manual shows it connects with two screws to the aft half of the mast crane. But it looks like mine is attached to the mast crane AND the top of the mast. And what kind of screws are used? This one had three different screws and two of them were wood screws? Are they not threaded holes? The one machine screw I found doesn't seem to fit any of the three holes I found. The pin on the under side of the crane aft does not seem to be used with this soft back stay. That likely? All for now.
  7. Well the pole and boot could not be cleaner. I have tried a few different lubricants to no avail. I think I will replace the bungy with a line. And even then I might leave the boot off unless its blowing hard.
  8. Mine has a bungy cord in that spot. Maybe I should replace that with a proper line. Although if you didnt use the line I guess why would I bother. Might try to stretch out the rubber boot and see if that helps.
  9. Yeah it's definetly too tight. I can stand out in front of the boat to push the sprit back in and the boat and trailer move before the sprit moves in. Sprit is well clean and lubed. I may just remove the gasket and leave it off. When you say you removed the pole in line do you mean the bungy cord?
  10. Just playing around with my new to me Melges. My first sport boat. Just figuring out the rigging here in my garage as I wait for summer to arrive. Noticed today that it takes a lot of effort to deploy the bowsprit. And even more effort to bring it back in. I toosened the rubber flange and that helped emensely so I assume that's the problem. So is the flange just old and too stiff? Or is it always this tough to make the sprit slide? Do you have to use the tack line to help the pole back in? Lots more questions about to come as I get closer to launch day in May. The seller has decided he doesn't want to answer any questions now that he has my money.
  11. We pull the masts every year up here in the great white north. Lots of J35's at our club. Nothing out of the ordinary about the J35. Sounds like you have all the help you need. Careful with the furler and luff track if you have one. Have someone down below until the mast exits the cabin. I usually have a couple of lines to tie up the stays a bit while the mast is airborne. Except for the forstay with furler. Have three horses ready and lay her down gently. Piece of carpet on the ground for when the mast base touches down. Go slow!
  12. I went with a dogbone. Seems like a personal preference thing to me.
  13. Thanks guys. 37' it is.
  14. Can anyone save me a trip through the snow and tell me what I need for a tack line on the Melges 24? I don't need anything too fancy for the kind of racer I am. Is it 5/16" line? How long. Must be around 30'? What do you all recommend for line? Give me a few options please. I want to support the local shop if I can but they don't have a lot of options. Thanks.
  15. Ok. My crew consists of up to five. Including one female. All in late forties, early fifties except one in early thirties. Not entirely consistent. So I can see racing with 3-5 on any given night. I would consider us all In decent shape. They crewed on my J105 before this boat. Some on my J36 before that. We are all pretty novice sailors in my opinion. One has a Boat of his own and is quite active. One never sailed before last year. My biggest knock on my crew is that they don't take initiative. They rely too much on me to tell them what to do. So my biggest goal is to get my crew to the point where I don't have to say much of anything. Just steer. So the more info I can give them the better. The J 70 videos are a pretty good start. I think I'll forward those on.