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  1. Brent Cummings

    Recognize this?

    I know a free boat is never free. But thinking about going to see this anyway.
  2. Brent Cummings

    Looking For a J36:

    Check Kijiji Nova Scotia. Used to be one for sale there for the longest time. Almost giving it away. Also there are two at my club that would probably sell.
  3. Brent Cummings

    Are Canadian Boats' Cores Wetter?

    In my neck of the woods boats are sailed about four months a year then covered for the rest of the time. So one could say they are only exposed to the elements a portion of the time southern boats are.
  4. Brent Cummings

    Judel Vrolijk Pro-25

    I know that boat. It was at my club for a year and as far as I know has not been sailed in a few years. The current owner did an overhaul on it. Added a bowsprit and square top Main. Pretty sweet paintjob. The owner Sailed it a few times one summer and havent seen him out since. I think hes just too busy. He works for a local Doyle sail loft, so its got many brand new sails. I inquired about it a few years ago but ended up with a Melges 24. I was able to track down the original owner but I cant remember who that is now. Just google it. I believe only three were made.
  5. Brent Cummings

    Flying Tiger

    I may took a look at one not too far from me. Can you all list the usual suspect areas on this boat for me to look at? Or the questions to ask as to upgrades.
  6. Brent Cummings

    J35 Anarchist

    I made some out of Starboard. Seems to work well but I sold my boat two years later so can't comment on how it's making out.
  7. Brent Cummings

    Flying Tiger

    Not sold yet. It's a J105. A prospective buyer had it surveyed this weekend. So might lead to something. But yes can't buy anything until current boat is gone.
  8. Brent Cummings

    Flying Tiger

    Anyone know of any others that might become available sometime soon nearer the east coast than west.
  9. HI -go to to order one. If you want to talk through it give me a call at 216-701-4204