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  1. STIX or LPS for *f5

    Thanks - perfect helpful answer.
  2. STIX or LPS for *f5

    Does anyone have STIX and/or LPS (or even AVS) numbers for a Beneteau 45f5 or 53f5 that they could post here please?
  3. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    To finish first, first you have to finish...
  4. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Similar to the National Gallery of Victoria?
  5. Paul Whiting designs

    Is this the same Apache that was rolled and later abandoned during the return from the 1995 Melbourne-Burnie race?
  6. today's cockup

    Coming back from Hobart one year we stripped the key out of the prop so it was freewheeling on the shaft. No big deal, we just sailed on. A day or so later the spinning prop had worn the nut down far enough that it was now starting to hit the hull as it spun. Prop is in an aperture so there was plenty to chew on, but the noise was getting annoying. Tried many times to deliberately foul the prop with an old line - anything to shut it up - but to no avail. I realized later we should have used a spinnaker sheet - they never have a problem getting wrapped.
  7. Aussie pocket maxis

    The sled is indeed out of the shed and now called Whitebirds. Schmicko paint job and black rig, but strictly a cruising toy these days.Abbo will have more details. Cool, thanks. I found one pic online but it's a pretty distant shot. As an aside, I found this blog on converting the old Elliott 56 "Rager" to a cruising boat a while back. They've actually not done a terrible job. It's one hell of a cruising boat. http://hopinaround.blogspot.com.au/ Nice find. She certainly kicked ass back in the day and agree they've done a good job of the conversion. 23 metre stick and 235nm days with the cruising fitout is dam cool. Sitting on a swing mooring near Southport Yacht Club these days, not looking like it's used a lot. Recently relisted for sale, asking $145,000. Details on BoatPoint. Future Shock also listed there, $150,000.
  8. Don't eat the crew - you'll get sued

    The book "The Custom of the Sea" by Neil Hansen is a good read on this topic. Based on a true story from 1884.
  9. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Calm just popped up for sale through 38 South - $599,000 ono.
  10. So what news of Syd's new ride?

    Another report: http://www.mysailing.com.au/news/loyal-is-syd-fischer-s-weapon-of-choice-for-sydney-to-hobart
  11. So what news of Syd's new ride?

    A little more information here: http://www.boatingoz.com.au/website/story.asp?story=37783
  12. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Just a victim of circuspants....
  13. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    http://rolexsydneyhobart.com/yacht_details.asp?raceEntryID=12841 Valheru now withdrawn as an entrant.
  14. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    I saw her in Newcastle on Saturday night / Sunday morning so she must have left after that... Mex Was moored off Cobblers Beach in Sydney (below HMAS Penguin) this morning. Headed around into the main harbour about 3pm.
  15. Aussie pocket maxis

    Been tied up down at the Spit for months if not longer she has been sold.... staying in the harbour but not racing... may get a new lease of life as a cruising boat Just before Shorty died he was in serious dicussions with a possible new owner of Brinda's, well beyond tyre/fender kicking stage. Not sure if it's the same guy that has bought her but Kaveman & I had a chat with this guy at the CYCA after Shorty's funeral, he was still keen and said he would be renewing discussions with Kylie and Matt Short after a suitable time of grace. Same guy that has bought Broomstick, perchance?