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  1. This one would have to be a contender? https://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/northshore-nsx36/199607
  2. p5527

    Farr 1/2 Tonner

    Sistership to this one? https://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/farr-1-2-tonner/227743
  3. Not much water for a P40.... http://www.rmys.com.au/start-linebay-soundings.html
  4. I have the Adams Yacht Design book, 3rd edition 1994. There is a simple lines drawing of Helsal, a sail plan, and some basic dimensions. The book makes mention of a (now defunct) website www.adamsyachtdesign.com , an email address adamsyachtdesign@bigpond.com.au, and a Sydney phone number 02 967222441 (which has too many digits, odd). The name of the guy who at that point had the plans was Tony Kavaliauskas.
  5. Or there's this: https://www.yoti.com.au/listing/j35-soundtrack-2
  6. p5527

    HI RACE WEEK 2018

  7. For primarily offshore and longer inshore races, thoughts on https://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/nelson-marek-46/220127 vs https://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/cookson-12/205576 vs https://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-monohulls/cookson-12/220538 ?
  8. p5527

    ........ to Noumea

    Pic from the start, cockpit looks busy!
  9. Tim Lackey is doing something interesting with a 14' Handy Cat he has and an electric trolling motor - might be of interest. See http://www.lackeysailing.com under the "Project Logs" section.
  10. Article here which has a little information about the Inglis designs, also pictures of "Matrix" currently at RMYS when it went onto the beach at St Kilda in about 2005, damaging rig, keel etc necessitating a full rebuild. Might now have a Sydney 38 rig? http://www.orcv.org.au/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=745:2009m2abkaos&catid=20:apollo-bay&Itemid=512
  11. p5527

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Seems to have lost a mast somewhere along the way? I guess that explains the "Misson mast" line in the specs...
  12. http://www.centralyachts.com/listings/sail/lyons65.html Somewhat better built than Excalibur was by the same builders, one would hope.
  13. Is that the same yacht which raced as "Wild One" in the 2000 Melbourne-Hobart and cracked the hull during the race? Apparently a 1m crack and a large amount of water in the hull. From memory might have dropped the rig off St Helens on the way back. Think it later entered a Melbourne-Osaka but failed the entry requirements and was put up for sale.